About Us

Our why

In 2017, we were a software agency with too much demand and not enough developers
(a great problem, but still a problem)

We needed to scale but ran into hiring issues...


They cared more about exams than deadlines
(so valid)


They wanted to own their schedule, that's why they freelance

U.S. Agencies

Way too expensive, we might as well hire an in-house team


We couldn't afford the cost of hiring and maintaining a team

So we tried outsourcing outside the U.S.

We heard horror stories but felt experienced enough to succeed

We were dead wrong.

Communication issues

Many (bad) surprises

So. much. firefighting.

We became obsessed.

If we (as a technical team) were struggling, how is anyone else supposed to do this?
And so we started our journey: to solve outsourcing and truly make it accessible to everyone.

To our surprise, we found the answer...

a solution that the Fortune 500s use but the every day company can't "afford"

Well, now you can

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Running a business is hard,
Software development shouldn't be ✌️