How It Works

The Gold Standard in Software Outsourcing

Aloa uses a vigorous vetting process, a custom-made project management platform and a strict development process to deliver a seamless and consistent outsourcing experience.

We provide outsourcing infrastructure for the modern company.

A Selective Network of Outsourcing
Software Partners

Selecting the Top Firms

  • Firms, not freelancers
  • Portfolio deep dive
  • Verified US-based references

Technical Review

  • Code reviews
  • Developer interviews
  • Best practices for development process

Interpersonal Interviews

  • Behavioral interviews with PMs, devs, designers, etc.
  • Good listening skills
  • Ability to explain technical concepts
Every 2 Weeks

Consistency Check

  • Constant re-evaluations
  • Successful track record of projects with Aloa
  • Evolving standards to keep up with new practices

Aloa is preventative, not reactive

We are defining the global standard for outsourcing.
Here is our project process at a high level.

1. Performance Reports

By default, we'll review your project every 2 weeks based on our custom development benchmarks. This report ensures that best practices are being used at all times.

2. Tailored Strategies

Every project is unique, the development strategy should be equally unique. Based on best practices, we tailor a development strategy specifically for your project.

3. Quality Performance

We work with our partners on a weekly basis to ensure high quality performance. We do this through regular feedback sessions, constant training and workshops.

Step 1: Selecting the Top Firms

Currently, Aloa works with firms/agencies and not freelancers to ensure accountability, teamwork and scalability. The first step in our vetting process is to look at how the firms represent themselves. We take a deep look at the firm's portfolio of work to make sure they have a successful track record.