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How to Create iOS 14 Widgets for iPhone

iOS 14 Brings a New Feature - iPhone Home Screen Widgets. Read About How to Create Great iOS 14 Widgets While Increasing the Chances That Users Will Install and Use Your Widget.

Why We Switched To Webflow As A Tech Company

In 2019, We Switched to Webflow for Our Website Despite Being a Tech Startup With Web Devs. Read Why We Consider Webflow Superior to Other Website Builders!

What Is a Software Bug?

What Is a Software Bug? Bugs in Software Are Extremely Common and Should Not Cause Alarm. With Proper Debugging and Planning Ahead, Your Team Can Crush Any Bug.

What is MongoDB? Simple Pros and Cons

MongoDB Is a Popular Non-Relational Database That Is Flexible and Scalable. Read About the Pros and Cons of MongoDB and Decide If You Should Use MongoDB.

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Jamm Review - Video Collaboration While Working Remotely

Jamm Is a Remote Working App That Helps Teams Collaborate Better, Have More Efficient Meetings, and Work Across Time Zones.

Working Remotely: Guide to Success

Working Remote Can Be Difficult. With More Workplaces Moving Toward Long-term Remote Working, Working Effectively Is Important. Read Tips From Our Fully Remote Team on How to Improve Your Home Working Environment.

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