Design goes beyond just looking good - it can change how your users interact with your product. Read about our favorite tools and some designs that have inspired us.

What is UI/UX Design?

UI and UX, while often used together, mean very different things. In this article we cover what UI and UX design are, and why both are important.

What is a Wireframe? Popular Tools in 2021

Learn about what a wireframe is and why you should start making wireframes. Also, check out the top free wireframe tools of 2021.

What is a Prototype? Popular Tools in 2021

Take your prototypes to the next level with Figma, InVision, and Marvel, the 3 best prototyping tools of 2021.

UI/UX Inspiration featuring Airtable's Setting Page

Airtable's setting page is carefully crafted to make it easy for users to customize their workspaces while drawing attention to their calls to action to entice the user to upgrade. The emphasis on referral credits entices users to upgrade their workspaces and invite more people to collaborate and use Airtable.

How to Make a Great SaaS Pricing Page in 2020

Don't overlook your pricing page. Learn about how to create a great pricing page with best practices and examples, and how you can better convert potential leads.

Why You Need a Design System

Design systems help you standardize your design around a set of guidelines, helping you iterate faster, collaborate effectively, and create a brand identity. Learn about some design systems and how to get started on your own.

How Trello Changed Their Onboarding in 2020

Trello's onboarding changed significantly in 2020. See our comparison of their onboarding flow before and after their recent teams transition.

How to Create iOS 14 Widgets for iPhone

iOS 14 brings a new feature - iPhone home screen widgets. Read about how to create great iOS 14 widgets while increasing the chances that users will install and use your widget.

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