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What Is a Software Bug?

What Is a Software Bug? Bugs in Software Are Extremely Common and Should Not Cause Alarm. With Proper Debugging and Planning Ahead, Your Team Can Crush Any Bug.

What is MongoDB? Simple Pros and Cons

MongoDB Is a Popular Non-Relational Database That Is Flexible and Scalable. Read About the Pros and Cons of MongoDB and Decide If You Should Use MongoDB.

QA Testing Overview

QA Testing Is Essential to Ensuring Your Software Functions As Intended. Read Our QA Testing Overview to Learn About the Different Types of Testing to Perform.

PHP vs .NET Pros and Cons

PHP And .NET Frameworks Are Both Great for Web Apps, but Your Choice Depends on Your Specific Needs. Learn How to Make Your Decision in Our Comparison.

Top Web Development Languages 2020

Choosing the Right Web Development Language Can Be Difficult. Read About the Top 5 Web Dev Languages in 2020 and Choose the Best One for You.

Amplitude vs. Mixpanel: Pros, Cons and Pricing in 2020

Amplitude and Mixpanel Are Both Amazing Solutions for Analyzing User Behavior and Retention on Your Product or Site. However, One Emerges the Clear Winner When It Comes to the Free Plan Offerings.

As a Startup, Should I Use Firestore For My App?

How Do You Choose The Right Database For Your Startup? Learn Why Firestore Is a Great Database for Startups, and When You Might Want to Consider a Different NoSQL Database Instead.

What Makes a Great iOS 14 Widget (WWDC 2020)

iOS 14, Announced at WWDC 2020, Brings a New Feature - Homescreen Widgets. Learn How to Meet Apple's Guidelines for a Good iOS 14 Widget While Increasing the Chances That Users Will Install and Use Your Widget.

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