Technical concepts for non-techies. Plus, our favorite products that have driven our development process. Never be in the dark about your development again.

What is Angular?

What's the difference between Angular & AngularJS? Should you create your web app using Angular? Read our take on Angular vs. AngularJS and Angular pros & cons.

Why Does a Server Crash?

A server crash is never fun to deal with. Read about some common causes of crashes and how you can prevent them.

How Trello Changed Their Onboarding in 2020

Trello's onboarding changed significantly in 2020. See our comparison of their onboarding flow before and after their recent teams transition.

Unit Testing Overview

Unit testing can help you discover bugs or catch flaws in logic early as you're building your software project. Learn about unit testing pros and cons.

How to Onboard Software Developers

Onboarding new software developers to an existing project can be difficult. Read our guide on how you can transition to your new team smoothly.

Why We Switched To Webflow As A Tech Company

In 2019, we switched to Webflow for our website despite being a tech startup with web devs. Read why we consider Webflow superior to other website builders!

What Is a Software Bug?

What is a software bug? Bugs in software are extremely common and should not cause alarm. With proper debugging and planning ahead, your team can crush any bug.

What is MongoDB? Simple Pros and Cons

MongoDB is a popular non-relational database that is flexible and scalable. Read about the pros and cons of MongoDB and decide if you should use MongoDB.

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