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Where To Find Good Developers For Your Startup (11 Sources)

Finding good developers for your startup can be a daunting task, especially you don't have the funding of large enterprises. We compiled 11 sources for finding good startup developers.

Staff Augmentation Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide for 2022

Staff augmentation is a great for businesses that aim to strike a balance between productivity and profitability. Read our guide on staff augmentation in 2022.

How to Hire A Brilliant Web Developer In 2022

Hiring a web developer goes beyond HTML and CSS skills. Learn what to look for in a candidate, and what interview question immediately qualifies a developer.

Nearshore Software Development: Most Eye-Opening Guide for 2022

Nearshore outsourcing mitigates many of the factors that make outsourcing so risky, such as time zones, cultural barriers, and distance. Read our 2022 guide to nearshore outsourcing.

User Interface Design: 4 Key Elements to Consider for Every Project

User interface design goes beyond making an app look pretty. UI can drive loyalty & retention, brand recognition, and more. Learn 4 key elements of a great UI.

Frontend vs. Backend Development: What's the Difference?

Software development is often broken down into two categories: frontend and backend development. We explain the difference in the context of web development.

What is a User Story?

A User Story is a concise description of a software feature told from the perspective of the end user. Learn to write a user story with just five components.

What Is A Software Development Framework

New to concept of software development frameworks? Learn what abstraction and frameworks are, as well as 7 of the most popular frameworks out there.

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