Hire Android Developers with our outsourcing infrastructure.

You focus on innovating – we take care of continuous vetting, a project management tool, technical audits, and international payments to your Android development team. Hire now to learn why startups choose Aloa for their Android development needs.

The products we've built have impact

Our clients' products have been used by some of the biggest brands.
How It Works

Outsourcing Android Development, minus the risk

We've delivered over 100 successful projects across 30+ industries.

1. Browse our network

Thousands of developer agencies have applied to join our network—we've handpicked the best ones. We've done all the vetting so you don't have to.

2. Manage your project

Our custom project management platform gives you radical transparency into the status of your project; never be in the dark again.

3. You're never alone

We provide you an Outsourcing Strategist to make sure the project is going smoothly and everything is fair. Our platform does a lot of the heavy lifting, but they are here if you need them.
"Whether you’re a full stack developer with years of experience or in sales with no tech background, Aloa is the platform for your business."
Makenzie Stokel, EVAmore COO / Co-founder
"Working with Aloa the last several years has been tremendously rewarding. We highly recommend Aloa to any organization in need of project management, product/technical development or full-stack Agile system build/release."
Mike Kneeland, COO, VideoBomb
"With my background I never dreamed of being able to create in the ed-tech space. Aloa made the impossible possible and brought my ideas to life with an efficient and enjoyable process."
Kirk Ziemke, CEO, Restore, CARE
"Choosing Aloa has been one of the most prudent decisions I have made. Aloa rethinks how app development agencies, freelancers, and startups can, and should, work together."
Davis Grubman, CEO, Gimme

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Change the way you hire Android developers, change the way you scale

We believe that outsourcing Android development shouldn't be a shot in the dark. You don't have the capital to spend 6 months and 6 figures building a product that you didn't ask for. We created a platform to help you build smarter.

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