11+ Best Sites To Hire Android Mobile App Developers (2023)

Finding the best sites to hire Android mobile app developers is one of the most crucial aspects of creating a successful Android app. The right company will provide you with developers who can guide you through the app development process and make it a success.

However, the market for Android mobile app development companies is extremely competitive, and it's getting more so every day. If you don't hire the right ones from the start, it can be difficult to meet the deadlines or deliver what is required.

This is what today’s post is about - finding the best site to hire Android mobile app developers. In this guide, we'll go through the 12 leading software development companies, along with their pros and cons. After reading this, you can select the finest website to help you find and hire the experts you need to bring your app idea to life.

12 Best Sites To Hire Android Mobile App Developers In 2023

Here are our top three choices for sites to find and hire skilled developers:

  • Aloa - Overall best site with the most experienced Android developers
  • Fiverr Pro - Fast and effective for hiring freelance app developers
  • Upwork - Offers most options for hiring Android developers

Let's take a closer look at each of the 12 online platforms for finding Android developers to determine which one best suits your project requirements.

1. Aloa - Top Pick


Overall Best Site That Provides Customized Android Solutions At Affordable Rates

Aloa is the best site to hire Android Mobile App Developers because of its wide range of cost-effective hiring options. You can hire Android mobile app developers at your own convenience and at the best rates to get the best quality work done for your app development project.

We have a multi-stage vetting process that ensures that our Android developers have the right combination of skills and expertise you need. And that's not all. We regularly conduct workshops and boot camps to keep our developers updated with the latest developments.

Our Android developers are familiar with the Android SDK (software development kit), Android Studio, and other tools available on Google Play Store that make it easy for them to build apps. We also have experience working with development programming languages like Java & Kotlin which allows us to create high-quality software applications more quickly than other platforms do.

We also provide an honest and transparent platform where clients can communicate directly with the developers so that they can understand their app development requirements better. Weekly audits ensure that the application developers are on the right track.

Our team of competent developers understands how people use their phones differently and know what features consumers want when they're buying an application or game for their devices.

Our design philosophy centers around making sure that users get exactly what they need out of every feature we develop - whether that means creating minimalistic interfaces or incorporating elements like Material Design guidelines into our projects.

Pros Of Aloa

  • 24/7 post-hire support
  • Cost-effective hiring solutions
  • Guaranteed on-time deliveries
  • Specializes in the Android app development field
  • Ability to work on multiple projects at the same time
  • An effective management control system that guarantees transparency and control
  • Highly skilled and experienced professionals who can deliver high-quality services at affordable rates

Cons Of Aloa

  • Might not be a great option if you are looking for remote Android app developers

Aloa Pricing

Aloa offers tailor-made pricing plans for its Android development services and you can get a price estimate by filling out the form on our website.

2. Fiverr Pro - Guaranteed Quality

Fiverr Pro

Top Freelance Platform That Provides Unparalleled High-Quality Services

It is easy to use, fast and efficient, making it one of the best freelance marketplaces to hire Android mobile app developers. It has a large community of Android app programmers and you can find the right developer in a matter of minutes. And once hired, they'll get started immediately on your project.

Fiverr Pro has strict vetting processes when choosing who can join its community of developers. This means that before allowing anyone into its system, certain requirements must be met by each applicant before being approved as part of its app development community.

It curates the best experiences so you don't have to waste time searching through endless listings on other websites. Their freelance app developers have experience working on some of the most challenging mobile app development projects, which can be helpful for your business.

Pros Of Fiverr Pro

  • The interface is easy to understand and navigate
  • You can hire excellent app developers from all skill levels
  • Everything about this platform is designed to save time and money
  • Provides a wide selection of highly qualified mobile app developers
  • Gives the option of hiring Android developers who specialize in different technologies

Cons Of Fiverr Pro

  • App programmers on Fiverr Pro have higher rates as compared to other mobile app development companies

Fiverr Pro Pricing

App development cost depends on the project requirements.

3. Upwork - Flexible Platform


Best Android Developer Recruitment Platform That Drives Big Transformations

Third on our list of best places to hire Android software developers is Upwork. It is one of the most popular marketplaces to consider when searching for a new developer. It was established in 2013, which means it's been around long enough to know what works well and how things should be done better next time around.

With Upwork, you have a wide range of options when it comes to finding app developers. Upwork is a freelancer-friendly platform where clients can post a project for freelance app developers to bid on and discuss.

The platform also allows you to search for high-quality Android developers based on their portfolio, development experience, and analytical skills. And since the rates are reasonable, you don't have to pay top dollar for freelance developers.

You can see previous successful projects and analyze their previous experiences so you know that the applicant you're about to recruit has the necessary qualifications and expertise needed to launch your mobile app project.

Pros Of Upwork

  • Ideal for all business sizes
  • Lets you get started immediately
  • Option of hiring full-time, part-time, or freelance mobile app developers
  • The in-app chat feature allows you to increase efficiency and close the communication gap
  • Proprietary hybrid workforce management tools for increased engagement and better teamwork

Cons Of Upwork

  • In case of any dispute, the mediation can take a long time

Upwork Pricing

Rates vary depending on your project and the app developer's level of expertise.

4. Authentic Jobs - Trusted By Global Brands

Authentic Jobs

Leading Job Board To Hire App Developers With Money-Back Guarantee

Authentic Jobs has been in business since 2005 and it has developed a reputation as a reliable job board for hiring Android mobile app developers. It specializes in hiring full-time, part-time, or freelance Android developers.

The site provides businesses with access to a large pool of highly skilled developers who are already registered on the site and looking for opportunities. The site also offers resources to help the mobile application developers on their list to improve their skills.

This allows you to hire qualified professionals who have experience working on various projects and will deliver results on time and within budget.

Authentic Jobs is one of the best websites to hire Android mobile app developers because it offers you a team of developers you can trust. The company vets every applicant before they are given access to the platform, so you’re assured that the applicants you choose will be able to do their job well and on time.

Pros Of Authentic Jobs

  • Responsive customer service
  • Advance filters that make search easy
  • A clear and easy-to-use interface that makes the whole process easy
  • A large pool of developers increases your chances of finding the right person
  • Offers money-back guarantee or free reposting if the desired results are not achieved

Cons Of Authentic Jobs

  • Pricey option as compared to other options on the list

Authentic Jobs Pricing

Authentic Jobs offers two packages:

  • Standard Job Listing: $149/month
  • Featured Job Listing: $199/month

5. Arc - Fast And Effective


App Development Agency That Offers A Hassle-Free Hiring Experience

Arc is one of the most renowned software development companies in the mobile application development landscape. It has a team of in-house developers that are hand-picked and pre-vetted and can create an app that truly fits your needs and requirements quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

For each position, Arc provides a pool of application developers that are tailor matched for that particular role. This means you will spend less time and money finding and hiring advanced app developers for your project. In fact, you can hire a freelance developer in as little as 72 hours, and a full-time remote developer can begin their work in as little as 14 days.

Their developers are well-versed with the latest technologies, so they can provide you with solutions that are not only appropriate for your project but also cost-effective. The expert developers focus on user-driven designs and structured approaches that help them create fully customized mobile applications that can generate more revenue for your business.

Pros Of Arc

  • Flexible hiring models
  • 90-days risk-free guarantee
  • Live pitching by the candidates during online job fairs
  • Provides a dedicated recruiter to help you with the hiring process
  • Provides critical information about the candidates up-front for transparency

Cons Of Arc

  • Some of the most useful features are available only with expensive custom plans

Arc Pricing

  • Basic ($249/month): Offers unlimited job postings and candidate messaging
  • Premium (Custom pricing): You pay per hire and come with a dedicated recruiter and custom candidate sourcing.

6. LinkedIn - Largest Professional Network


Top Hiring Site That Gives Your Job Post The Most Exposure

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms used to hire elite developers. It has a large user base and helps you find the best match at affordable costs. You can search for talented developers based on their location, education, skills, and experience.

LinkedIn has a network of over 875 million professionals. This means that your job post can be seen by thousands of people and can reach even more people when it’s promoted. Your job post will also be pushed to the top of relevant searches, groups, and companies to get more exposure than ever before.

Even if you don’t post a job, you can still contact Android developers via InMail, which are private messages that are sent to premium members irrespective of their privacy settings. It also provides hiring managers with a suite of management tools that can help them during the hiring process.

Pros Of LinkedIn

  • Offers a free trial of the premium account
  • Comprehensive candidate search mechanism
  • Ideal for senior Android app development roles
  • Largest professional network which provides access to a large pool of Android app programmers

Cons Of LinkedIn

  • There are a lot of passive candidates among Android developers on LinkedIn who may not be actively looking for a job

LinkedIn Pricing

LinkedIn offers both a free and a custom premium plan for posting developer positions.

7. Toptal - Access World-Class Talent


Hiring Platform Ideal For Dedicated Team Extension To In-House Team Of Developers

Toptal is a platform that connects companies and startups with top Android developers. Toptal provides its clients with an experience they can trust and guarantees the highest quality of work by hiring only the best developers based on their skills and experience.

A rigorous screening process ensures that each developer working at Toptal has been carefully vetted by customers before being hired by a company or startup. There is a thorough interview process that each developer has to go through before they can be a part of the company.

This interview is designed to test their analytical skills, personality, and communication skills. The interviewers are experienced and qualified professionals who have been working in this field for years.

This means that only the top 3% of freelance developers get to work with them which leads to a 98% trial-to-hire success rate. Its privacy and security guarantee ensures that everything will be done right—from creating custom apps through coding them up to deploying them onto your device or server.

Pros Of Toptal

  • No hidden fee
  • Zero termination cost
  • Offers no-risk trial to test the developer’s potential and expertise
  • Effortless communication and hiring process saves time and money
  • A rigorous screening process gives you access to the top 3% of the talent

Cons Of Toptal

  • All of Toptal's clients are required to make a $500 starting deposit

Toptal Pricing

Rates are determined by the developer's skill level, the project's scope, and other factors.

8. Dice - AI-Driven Platform


Recruitment Platform With The Most Advanced Set Of Hiring Solutions

When you're looking to hire developers, Dice is one of the best Android mobile app development companies you can go to. It is a trusted development agency that makes it easy to find and recruit dedicated developers. Its database of more than 5.1 million professionals is unparalleled, and its system for matching them with companies makes finding the right fit simple and fast.

Companies also love Dice because of its ease of use and the range of mobile app development services it provides. It also provides managed hiring services where you can provide the app development requirements to Dice hiring specialists and they’ll take care of the whole hiring process.

Dice’s proprietary fraud detection system makes sure that you access only the real talent and saves you valuable time and effort. Its AI-powered tools simplify customized sourcing and connect you only to those talented developers that are likely to switch.

Pros Of Dice

  • Extremely easy-to-use job platform
  • Option for managed hiring services
  • Highly effective fraud detection mechanism
  • A host of advanced features to ensure a seamless hiring process

Cons Of Dice

  • The lack of a mobile app makes it difficult to keep track on the go

Dice Pricing

Dice costs $495 for each job listing.

9. Algoworks - Interactive And Secure Android Solutions


Award-Winning Hiring Platform Known For Building Most Comprehensive Android Apps

Founded in 2006, Algoworks is a top-tier Android app development company that has an experienced in-house team of engineers and software developers who are ready to help you with any project and provide the highest quality services at affordable prices.

Their Android developers have experience in developing mobile apps for various industries, including travel, healthcare, education, entertainment, and more. At Algoworks, the latest technologies and tools are used to build android apps that are secure, reliable, and bug-free. They also provide support after launch to ensure that you get help in case of any code glitches.

Algoworks also has expertise in building turn-key enterprise solutions which means that they can provide your business with an efficient, cost-effective solution that will help boost productivity and enhance efficiency across the board. Clients have the freedom to choose between hourly rates or fixed prices depending on their preferences and budget.

Pros Of Algoworks

  • Highly experienced developers in almost every sector
  • Uses a consultative-driven methodology to provide complete solutions
  • 99% customer retention rate reflects the company’s customer-centric approach
  • More than 500 certifications have been attained by the app development team and consultants

Cons Of Algoworks

  • Complex app projects can take longer than anticipated

Algoworks Pricing

Algoworks provides custom plans that can be requested through their sales team.

10. Freelancer - Complete Control


Freelance Platform Suitable For All Company Sizes

Freelancer is one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world and for good reason. With more than 4 million projects posted each month, it connects over 63 million freelancers and employers.

This means that if you're looking for a dedicated developer who can build your Android app, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can find someone with a skill set that matches your needs. You'll also find mobile app development freelancers with different experience levels and many different areas of expertise.

Freelancer's intuitive bidding system gives you more control over your project budget. You can set a fixed budget for your project and make sure you don't go over it. Freelancer is the only freelance platform that charges a flat 10% fee on all payments, no matter how big or small they are.

Pros Of Freelancer

  • Easy sign-up process
  • Effective dispute resolution support
  • Excellent customer support team (24/7)
  • Competitive pricing model with no hidden charges
  • Complete control over selecting the best candidate for the mobile app development project

Cons Of Freelancer

  • Rates for freelance Android mobile developers are high compared to other platforms

Freelancer Pricing

You have the option of paying freelance software developers a set fee or per-hour rates. The costs vary according to the complexity and feature set of the app.

11. ZipRecruiter - Better Candidate Reach


Data-Driven Recruitment Platform That Provides Customized Hiring Solutions

Finding the best Android mobile developer is easy with ZipRecruiter. You can hire Android developers from all kinds of backgrounds. From cross-platform development to wearables app makers, ZipRecruiter has got it all.

It has an extensive database of top-notch Android developers for hire with technical expertise and a wide range of skills. Their on-demand hiring feature allows you to select a specific time frame during which they'll match up with potential candidates who fit your company's requirements and budget.

Whether you need a momentary developer or an entire app development team, ZipRecruiter is your one-stop shop for finding the best Android developer available to turn your app idea into reality.

Pros Of ZipRecruiter

  • Free Trial
  • Built-in applicant ratings
  • Over 80% of recruiters have been reported to find the ideal candidate within 24 hours
  • AI-driven powerful matching technology ensures only the best candidates are sourced
  • Proactive outreach approach invites the ideal app development candidates to apply for your jobs

Cons Of ZipRecruiter

  • Some may find the job dashboard complex which makes the entire process of narrowing down the contenders a little difficult

ZipRecruiter Pricing

ZipRecruiter offers custom pricing plans to post a job on their platform. You can get in touch with their team for more details.

12. Talent.com - Performance-Driven Platform


Hiring Site That Offers Optimized Recruitment Integrations For Better ROI

Talent.com offers several features that make it easy for companies to find and hire top talent at all stages of their career, from entry-level to senior Android developers. It's easy to use and you can find developers who are pros at building apps for your business or project.

For enterprise clients, Talent.com offers API integration which is highly useful when hiring a large pool of developers. The job posting process is very simple and a user-friendly dashboard makes management and control easy. The built-in analytics is very helpful when analyzing the patterns and provides the necessary data to tweak your Android job posts for optimum results.

Pros Of Talent.com

  • Offers free posting account
  • Easy workflow and tools ensure better ROI
  • Dedicated account manager for strategizing the hiring processes
  • PPC job advertising on the platform and across partner networks
  • A large pool of candidates having expertise in diverse technologies and niches

Cons Of Talent.com

  • There is no access to a resume database available

Talent.com Pricing

You can start by posting the Android developer job for free on Talent.com. However, developer positions can be promoted through the PPC model. Details can be requested from the Talent.com team.


Hiring app developers can be stressful without enough knowledge and experience, so it's crucial to go through relevant websites and check reviews before picking the best site to contract app developers. Selecting the right company is important to your business since the wrong choice can cost you time and money. So always choose wisely.

We hope you found this article helpful and are now able to make a better decision about selecting Aloa for your next Android app development project. Our team of handpicked experienced app developers will ease your app development journey and will ensure that it goes smoothly from beginning to end.

Send us an email at resources@aloa.co or visit our website to learn more about how we can assist you in creating the next Android app of your dreams.

The views expressed in this post are the writer's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Aloa or AloaLabs, LLC.
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