How to Hire A Brilliant Web Developer In 2022

A company’s website or web app will be as crucial as ever in the year 2022. It’s important to hire web developers that will be on the same page as you. They also need to have the technical and creative skills to provide a good user experience.

It is the web developer’s responsibility to check the website’s technical aspects such as:

  • Speed 
  • Compatibility 
  • Optimization
  • Capacity

Web developers also need to look at the web app's overall design to see if it is perfect for the website's target audience.

If you value your website and other web applications, you shouldn’t just hire any web developer! Given that their responsibilities and duties play a significant role in your digital presence, you shouldn't settle for average developers. 

This post will discuss the characteristics that one should look for in a brilliant web developer in 2022.

Define The Scope Of Your Project

Before finding the right web developer for your business, you need to define the needs of your project. The first step entails answering the question: Does the web developer need to work on functionality? Design? Or both?

Answering this question will make this whole process easier. This will allow you to speed up the selection process since you’re set on what characteristics you are looking for.

For example, you need a web developer for functionality reasons. If you’re browsing different profiles and have narrowed it down to several prospects, you already have an idea of what you’re looking for. You’re searching for a web developer with a skillset that leans more toward having a specialty in website functionality.

What Kind Of Web Developer Do You Need

kinds of web developers

At a high level, there are three types of web developers that can fulfill the unique needs of website creation. Namely, these are front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers.

To help you know which one your website needs, let’s define each type.

Front-End Developer

front-end development

The front-end web developer is mainly responsible for establishing the look and feel of the website. They also manage the website’s interactive features to make it engaging for website visitors.

It’s the job of the front-end developer to make the user experience as seamless and pleasing as possible. It’s an essential factor in keeping a website visitor engaged and focused.

The responsibilities and duties of a front-end developer are important since what they create is the visitor's first encounter with your business. If the developer has done a terrible job on the website, visitors bounce off quickly.

However, if you want to grab the attention of your visitors through your overall web design, hiring a great front-end developer is needed. An excellent front-end developer knows: 

  • how to make a website interactive
  • what graphics to use
  • how to make color palettes
  • how to make the overall layout appealing.

Back-End Developer

back-end development

There are a lot of differences between a back-end developer and a front-end developer; however, their roles work hand-in-hand in creating a functional website. The back-end developer is focused on the server-side of things.

These developers are responsible for the code, server state, and databases that work directly with what the front-end developers do on their end.

Website visitors may not see the results of what back-end developers do. Still, back-end developers are responsible for keeping the website running and ensuring that every feature delivers its functionality.

These developers use PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, and many more languages and frameworks. They also use tools like Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. Not just any person can execute the responsibilities done here. This job needs someone who has excellent knowledge of the required technologies and has experience applying their knowledge in various scenarios.

A great back-end developer is someone who: 

  • has deep knowledge of at least one back-end programming language
  • is knowledgeable on the accessibility and security features involved in web development
  • is capable of scaling applications to manage load changes
  • has an excellent understanding of processes, structures, and algorithms.

Full-Stack Developer

full stack developer

A full-stack developer is a developer who works both the front-end and back-end duties in web development. They have a versatile skill set and they use them to create exceptional web projects. The skills mentioned here are useful for coding activities, databases, graphic creation, and overall UI design

Since full-stack developers carry the role of both front-end and back-end developers, they are knowledgeable on:

  • server-side duties
  • database management
  • building the layout
  • responsive website design

Unlike front-end and back-end developers, most full-stack developers are not necessarily masters of every single one of their chosen technologies. They're often proficient enough in a few front-end and back-end technologies to deliver a project from start to finish. These developers have dedicated a lot of time to excel on the job which requires a lot of determination and working experience in various environments.

Important Skills To Look For In A Brilliant Web Developer

There is no reason for you to settle for an average web developer. The excellent and dedicated ones are just waiting to be discovered on various websites. But for you to quickly recognize what makes a brilliant developer, take note of these things below. It will help you weed out the weak candidates in your selection process.

1. Knows HTML/CSS

html and CSS

Understanding HTML and CSS is one of the fundamentals of web development. Knowing these languages allows any person to create and design a basic website. It enables you to make your website stand out from the pool of competition in your niche.

The standard markup language for creating websites is the HyperText Markup Language (HTML). This language is widely used in the industry to create web pages. It is also the same language used by web developers to develop advanced and unique features of a website.

As for CSS, it is used to create the website’s overall design. These designs could be a page layout, color, fonts, and style. CSS is used to make a website look unique and pleasing for visitors. It is also used to make websites responsive for mobile users.

If web developers know these languages,  they have a good sense of the fundamental blocks of web development. This makes them proficient in solving basic problems and issues of a website. Knowing these languages allows a person to transition to more complex languages and functions.

2. Understands Javascript

Any top web developer knows how to use Javascript. It’s a high-level programming language that web developers widely use to integrate complex features onto a website. These complex features could include interactive buttons and graphics, moving maps and elements, search bars, and video integration. In general, a site will require JavaScript if it has dynamic content that will change or react to user input.

This coding language helps developers achieve complex website functionality. It's also important for JavaScript to learn front-end frameworks, the most popular of which are React and Angular. You'll also hear the term "node" or "node.js" quite often, which refers to the most popular JavaScript runtime environment, Node.js. An experienced JavaScript developer will have working knowledge of both Node.js and your chosen front-end framework.

3. Knows the importance of testing and debugging

Any brilliant web developer knows how important it is to test a web app for possible errors from time to time. Testing simply checks if your code is doing what it is supposed to do. 

Testing is a way for developers to see if website features are working and functioning correctly. This is a skill a web developer needs since testing is important before any changes or addition to a website goes live.

Debugging, on the other hand, is the process of detecting and removing errors that are causing some features on a website to not fully function. These errors can lead to unresponsiveness and error pages. It's important that your web developer is good at debugging, otherwise they may take too much time chasing down the causes of bugs.

Testing and debugging work hand-in-hand because the testing phase checks whether something is wrong with a website while debugging is used to narrow down the exact cause of a bug.

4. Analytical skills

Analytical skills play a vital role in web development and web application. It is used in web design to analyze what the website’s market wants. They also need to be analytical to new trends to hook the attention of web visitors.

Additionally, analytical skills are also used in debugging errors. Debugging is a necessary process that needs to be addressed quickly because a website serving a big market can’t afford any downtime. When some businesses experience this, they lose money every second that the website is down.

As you’ve read, analytical skills can be applied to various aspects of web development. It’s an essential skill that all web developers need in 2022. So if you’re looking for a brilliant web developer who needs little to no supervision, hire someone with excellent analytical skills.

You can ask the candidate to go through a series of analytical skill tests or ask them a specific scenario and listen to what they would do. These are good ways to gauge the analytical skills of a web developer.

5. SEO skills

SEO web development

SEO doesn’t just involve producing content for social media; it’s also about creating and structuring a website or web app to make it efficient. A brilliant web developer understands that SEO is essential for a website to rank on search engines and get the website more visitors and exposure. A web developer with SEO skills can bring a lot of value to a business by helping it scale faster.

One aspect of having SEO skills means that the web developer knows how to increase website speed. In this day and age, speed is the name of the game for all things online. Website speed is even considered a ranking factor by Google as well.

Unbounce reported that 70% of consumers admit that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer. TowerMarketing mentioned that the average attention span of a website visitor is only around 8 seconds. If your website doesn’t load during that time, they are quick to close it and move on to the next business.

Other than speed, having SEO skills mean that the developer is capable of creating a seamless user experience. A seamless experience encourages people to revisit your website frequently. Great user experience can be manifested in blog posts, purchase processes for eCommerce, delivery of products, customer service, and marketing campaigns.

Another important aspect of SEO is website structure. A web developer with good SEO skills will ensure your website is structured in a way that Google and another search engines can easily understand. This means grouping similar pages together like putting all blog pages on, or choosing good and descriptive URLs for important pages.

6. Constant improvement and learning

What separates brilliant web developers from mediocre ones is that brilliant developers are always looking to improve and learn. They always have a thirst for learning, keeping them updated on the best frameworks and innovations in the space. This results in producing high-quality results that exceed their client’s expectations.

Technology is a dynamic industry. A web developer needs to be on top of their game and be on the lookout for new technologies that can position the business to be at a great advantage.

In a survey done on 2,000 Java developers, 53% of the respondents said they only adapted new things once the industry accepted them. 44% mentioned that they are “early adopters” to new developments before they were considered industry standards. This shows that an average web developer only learns something new in the industry once everybody uses it. This ideology doesn’t put a business first; instead, it places it behind the first movers.

Other than being on top of the latest news in the industry, web developers need to have this particular skill because it allows them to be valuable. Coding itself is a skill - a person who aims to improve daily will surely bring more value. They will be able to debug issues faster. These types of developers can bring something new to the table and execute it flawlessly.

Where To Find Web Developers

Website development is a big and thriving industry which means there are a lot of web developers that you can choose from. However, you can’t look at every website and check each freelance web developer — that is time-consuming and inefficient.

Another thing to consider is the job board you’re going to use. You just can’t choose any job site and hire from there. Some of those platforms have bad policies and may not care enough about their users. So to help you with this process, below are three legitimate websites where you can start your search for a brilliant web developer.

I. Aloa

Aloa is one of the leading outsourcing platforms in the market today. We know how risky outsourcing is and we understand that there are a lot of issues that businesses face when it comes to this part of their process. But our company is here to change all of that. We ensure that outsourcing is a process that is effective and painless for both the client and the developers.

Although we are not a marketplace, we partner with hand-picked and vigorously vetted development firms all over the world to deliver outstanding projects. Our clients can outsource talent for software development, hire Android and iOS developers, and create teams to work on UI/UX design. The teams in our network are well-versed in various programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, .NET and PHP, and you get the benefit of working with a cohesive team rather than individual freelancers.

II. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the most popular question-and-answer website for professional, intermediate, and beginner programmers alike. This website is used as a resource by programmers, web developers, and coders.

With over 14 million registered users, Stack Overflow’s job board is a great place to look for outsourcing opportunities to hire freelance, full-time or part-time developers that can work on your project. You’ll have a pool of qualified developers that are well equipped with knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other languages.

III. Hired

Hired is considered by many as a great platform to find excellent web developers with experience. This platform has a wide range of developers knowledgeable on every possible technology stack.

The selection process is quite easy compared to other platforms since the Hired profile displays the candidate’s background, job history, job interest, skillset, and resume. The candidates can show their experience in mobile app development, creation of web apps, and working with web services.

Setting A Web Development Budget

Setting a web development budget beforehand is important because this prevents overspending on a project. The budget typically revolves around how fast you want the website to be finished, the quality of the finished project, and the price set by the web developer.

You can ask for an estimated rate when you’re in talks with your chosen web developer. If the developer is paid by hourly rate or on a full-time or part-time basis, this gives you an idea of how much the whole project will cost.

The figure that you come up with or estimate should be run through the stakeholders in your business. Let them know what you think and take note of their opinions. Setting a budget is always good when done collaboratively.

Posting Your Project

When posting your project or a job posting, you need to be as detailed as possible. List all project requirements, features, and small details you want the project to attain. Include the timeline as well on how fast you want it to be done. If you are looking for certain web developer skills, add that information too.

Being detailed with your project also helps expedite the selection process since posting what you’re looking for invites the right people for the job. This also attracts the people willing to take on the challenge of creating your desired website.

How To Interview

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices of web developers, it’s time for the interview part of the process. An interview will allow you to know more about the candidate.

This is your chance to go deeper in their resume and LinkedIn profile, talk about their years of experience, and allow the candidate to explain in detail his experiences and issues he has encountered. It’s also an excellent time to explain how they solved those web development problems.

Here are some of the questions you can start with to help you get some ideas on what questions to ask in interviews.

  • What is your biggest accomplishment in your career?
  • What was the most challenging problem you’ve encountered?
  • How did you solve it?
  • How much time did it take you to resolve the issue?
  • What’s hard about web development?
  • What do you like about it?
  • Are you on top of the latest developments in the field?
  • How do you do testing? And improve QA?
  • Can you describe your workflow when creating a project?
  • What content management system do you use?
  • Have you tried working with startups?
  • How do you handle project management?
  • How well do you work with a development team?
  • How do you communicate with other developers?

You can start with these general questions but you shouldn’t be limited to these types of questions. To find a web developer that is right for your project and business, you need to go into details of your specific needs.

The best web developer will also ask YOU questions. If your candidate peppers you with questions about your industry, why you want certain features, or asks you to elaborate on your ideas, this is a great sign. A web developer who asks these types of questions is engaged and attentive to you as a client, and is also very likely to be the type of person to want to constantly improve. If your candidate doesn't ask you thoughtful questions, that's a bad sign.


Hiring a web developer is a process that requires strategic planning and patience. The overall process starts with defining the scope of the project. This is the first thing that needs to to be done to present a defined project to the web developer candidates. 

Next up would be the skills needed that the web developer should have. Skills separate the brilliant from the average. Make sure to define what those skills are for you to pick the candidates for your project easily.

Choosing the right place to find your developer is important as well since not every website out there presents the best web developers in the market today. The budget also needs to be defined beforehand. Setting a budget prevents you from overspending and going overboard on some additional costs.

Your project posting should also be carefully thought out. Being specific and detailed attracts the right candidates, which greatly helps the selection process.

Lastly, the interview is where you get to know more of your chosen candidates. You’ll get to hear more of their experience, setbacks, accomplishments, problem-solving skills, and many more. With these tips, you should be able to hire the perfect candidate for your web development needs. If you need more information, feel free to reach out via website chat or email!

The views expressed in this post are the writer's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Aloa or AloaLabs, LLC.
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