What Is A Web Developer? The Complete Guide (2024)

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Remember the last time you bought something online without a hitch? From exploring items to finally making the purchases just happened in a New York minute, making that eCommerce store your favorite. That was only possible because somewhere a highly-skilled web developer took charge of making things easy for you.

Now you can imagine how essential a competent web developer is for effective web development. But finding an extraordinary genius for developing and maintaining web applications in 2024 is no picnic.

Having said that, it doesn't mean it's impossible. All you need to do is understand your project's requirements and know what kind of developer would be best for the job. And we are here to help you with this.

In this article, we will tell you all the necessary information in 2024 about web developers and their types, the roles they should conform to, and the hard and soft skills they must possess for delivering the best product for your business. And once you've finished reading this book, you'll know exactly the kind of web developer you should hire and the qualities you should search for.

Who Is A Web Developer - Roles & Responsibility

Roles and Responsibilities Of A Web Developer

A web developer is a programmer who knows how to build applications through different programming languages mostly related to the World Wide Web. While most people confuse web designers with web developers, the reality is that both walk on different paths.

Web developers are usually concerned with the front-end and back-end programming of a web app or website. But don’t be surprised if you find designing skills in some of them since companies nowadays prefer hiring web developers with an understanding of graphic design.

You can find web developers working in different organizations - small, medium, and large-size corporations. And web developers can be your most important pick because they will be responsible for shaping the face of your company online. Most importantly, they will make virtual communication easy between you and customers.

Web developers will code everything for you, from static pages to responsive ones. They also help build a great user experience for customers or prospects who visit your website by providing website styling using readable fonts and adding page features.

Furthermore, they will harmonize the layout and functionality and add interactive elements to your sites, such as chat modules and payment gateways. Now let’s jump over the general roles and responsibilities of a web developer:

  • Understanding of design specs
  • Taking responsibility for scaling the website
  • Ability to develop and test websites/web pages
  • Creating and updating software documentation
  • Troubleshooting website problems as quickly as possible
  • Integrating data through different databases and web services
  • Cooperating and collaborating with graphics and other designers on the team
  • Knowledge of trending coding languages like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Python, and PHP
  • Ensuring all the changes are applied smoothly without disrupting the operations or functionalities
  • Learning and adapting to emerging technologies and implementing them into activities and operations
  • Working closely with project managers to ensure everything stays within the scope and a predetermined budget

With this knowledge of their duties in hand, keep in mind that there are different types of web developers. You need to know who you’re looking for to get the result you want. Now let's take a look at different types of web developers.

3 Types of Web Developers

Frontend and Backend Developers

Many people outside of the information technology industry are unaware that there are various kinds of web developers. The reality is there are many different web developer types but generally, they can be divided into three main categories.

I. Front-End Web Developers

A front-end web developer builds applications and websites using common programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These languages permit users to interact with websites or apps.

This means whenever you visit a site, the design element that you see is created by the front-end developer. These people are also referred to as “client-side developers.” So does that mean a front-end developer only knows the typical coding languages which run on web browsers, like Chrome and Safari? No, they are also familiar with headless browsers.

These are similar to a typical web browser but have no graphical user interface. It is controlled through a command line interface for web page automation. A front-end web developer uses this headless browser for functional testing, unit testing, or scrapping of a site.

The most popular headless browsers are:

  • SlimerJS
  • Zombie.js
  • Headless Chromium

II. Back-End Web Developers

So who makes the front-end job possible? Where does all the data go? This is where the back-end web developer comes in. The back-end developer creates and upkeeps the technology that allows the user-facing part of the site to exist.

To ensure the application, server, and database are properly connected, back-end developers code to build a website with server-side languages, such as:****

At the same time, they use developer tools like SQL and MySQL to find, store, or change user data and send it back whenever the command comes from the front-end side. Furthermore, by collaborating with other departments to understand their requirements, back-end developers use these tools to develop or update web applications by writing clean and well-documented codes

III. Full-Stack Web Developers

Full-stack developers

Full-stack web developers have experience in both front-end and back-end development. In other words, they are experts in architecting technology from the client and server sides. They know front and backend frameworks and languages and have practical knowledge of hosting and network environments.

Similarly, full-stack developers have a great understanding of user experience and business requirements. That means they are not just capable of developing web applications but can also develop winning strategies. They can work on different technologies ****including Scala, Android, iOS, and more. The person is like a one-man army who can:

  • Build server-side APIs
  • Connect applications with MySQL
  • Write codes in HTML5, Python, and other frameworks

At Aloa, we have teams comprising these three types of web developers and are ready to provide top-notch development services. Aloa is a one-stop shop for building high-quality and interactive websites, making us the ideal choice for IT staff augmentation or outsourcing your web development projects.

Finding the ideal web developer for your project may need more than simply being aware of their different types. When selecting a web developer for your company, there are several qualities you should consider. Let's look at some of the most important ones.

8 Must-Have Skills To Look For In A Web Developer

Here are some of the most important web developer skills you should look for when hiring one:

1. Coding With Common Languages

A web developer must know how to use common computer programming languages like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for front-end development as all these languages play a primary role in developing websites. But the question is, why these three languages?

It is because HTML is considered the standard language for developing web pages and provides instructions on how the entire data will be seen on the web browser. CSS works side-by-side with HTML and its main focus is to offer style elements like color, fonts, and layout on web applications to make the platform unique.

Similarly, JavaScript is the most commonly used language to include interactive website features, making them more engaging and dynamic for the end users. Since these three are the most popular and extensively used programming languages, it’s always best to choose a web developer that is proficient in all three of them.

2. Proficiency In Source Control

Source control also called “version control” is a way to manage and track changes through software code. It is another must-have skill in a web developer. Source control is usually done with the help of tools designed for specific tasks. While few options are available to developers, the most popular source control systems are Git, GitHub, and Azure DevOps Server.

The web developer you’re going to hire must know how to use these version control tools for monitoring changes and fixing mistakes. With proper use of these tools, web developers can identify and fix mistakes quickly, rather than look for the problem in the entire coding.

3. Familiarity With Frameworks And Libraries

A web developer must know how to work on different frameworks and libraries. Although these two terms are used interchangeably, they are different from one another. While a framework is a foundation that allows web developers to create applications for a particular platform, open source libraries provide web devs with predefined classes and functions to simplify and accelerate the development process.

Of course, it is humanly impossible for an individual to learn and use every single framework and library. However, a web developer must know common front-end libraries like React and front-end frameworks like Angular. On the other hand, a back-end developer must know some most prominent frameworks, including ASP.net and Django.

4. Web Testing And Debugging

Another important skill all web developers must have is code validation. They must know ways to ensure that the codes are free of bugs. But it is only possible if they are proficient in running tests and debugging applications to fix errors.

It is true that testing and debugging are complicated and time-consuming processes. But they are the authentic ways to identify and clear bottlenecks by debugging the code and making the website smooth and functional without complications. A web developer with these skills is one of the greatest assets for any company.

5. Understanding User Experience

What is even the point of making a website if it doesn’t meet users' needs and expectations? That’s why a successful web developer gives importance to user experience and adds functions to the final product by understanding user demands.

A developer must know how to create an engaging website that is also user-friendly. Although the aesthetic part falls under the responsibility of a web designer, it is still vital for a web developer to build applications from a UX mind.

And for this, collaborating with designers and the R&D team is of utmost importance for understanding the requirements and working on code accordingly to improve the user experience.

6. Interpersonal Skills

 Interpersonal skills

The right web developer should be ready to communicate with the internal staff and clients. Why so? Because sometimes they are also responsible for presenting clients with a website prototype or you might need your web developer to explain details about the current state of the project.

And a developer with great communication and interaction skills can save you from woes. They will deliver the correct information to the client as well as understand the requirements from the development mindset and implement solutions accordingly.

7. Problem-Solving And Self-Learning Skills

A web developer must have the ability to identify problems and know ways to solve them. However, it is difficult to attain such skills without continuous learning.

A web developer must have an interest in absorbing new information about technologies and should have an eye for attention to detail. This will help them solve problems quickly and help them grow since they probably have to offer solutions every day.

8. Teamwork Skills

Whether an in-house setup or a remote company, it is essential for the workforce to work as a team. And web developers are no exception. They must be team players as it aids in building high-end solutions and solving problems.

The right candidate for your company should feel comfortable working with different departments and people to develop a super awesome website.

Now that we know of the qualities a skilled web developer must possess, it is time to understand the steps and procedures involved in selecting the best applicant.

4 Proven Ways For Hiring The Best Web Developer For Your Business

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developer recruitment is expected to grow by 23% between 2021 and 2031. So if you’re planning to hire an excellent developer for your company, here are 5 proven methods you should consider:

A. Know Your Project Requirements

Website development requirements

Since all web development tasks differ, it can be difficult for you to hire a candidate without knowing your project requirements. Analyzing the requirements will help you shortlist the right candidates for the job. Find out what kind of web developer your business needs by exploring the reasons listed below.

  • Small Website Project: If you are building a straightforward website or looking to upgrade the features of your existing site, These features could be a CTA button, contact form, a new template, or anything on similar lines.
  • Medium Website Project: You want to develop dynamic websites, like online stores, which require third-party integration services, such as CMS, chatbots, CRM, APIs, or databases.
  • Large or Complex Website Project: That includes developing websites with sophisticated technologies and cloud server integration, such as social media networks.

Once you have all the answers, the hiring process will become easier.

B. Look For Skills, Education, And Experience

You should always consider hiring a web developer with all the must-have skills. Next, look for people with bachelor’s degrees in computer science. Although this isn’t a mandatory trait, it is still wise to onboard software developers with good educational backgrounds.

Another essential trait is experience. A web developer with years of experience is likely to develop more effective solutions than those with only skills and education. So try to look for all three traits in a candidate when you want to hire an ideal website developer.

C. Seek Quick Learners

Apart from education, work experience, and skills, the most important feature of a web developer is the rapid adaption of new technology. Find someone fascinated by new languages – a developer who stays up to date on the latest technological happenings and is always ready to learn and implement new things.

D. Choose A Suitable Hiring Model

Aloa homepage

There are three trending hiring models for hiring a web developer:

  • Freelancer - Good For Small Projects Only: You can search on marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr or professional networking sites like LinkedIn to help you with the web developer job.
  • Hiring an In-House Team (Expensive Option): You can hire a new team member for your in-house setup. But this could be expensive, as you need to take care of the salaries, taxes, documentation, and more.
  • Remote Hiring (The Best Affordable Option for All Projects): Imagine a pool of talented web developers working together to build a top-notch website without using your office space and resources.

Well, that’s the beauty of remote hiring. And this is where Aloa takes over. We have remote web development teams with the perfect skills, education, and specialties to offer high-end solutions, thanks to our strict vetting and hiring procedures. At Aloa, delivering projects on time while keeping costs low is always a top priority.

Web Developer Salaries Across The World

We know a web developer job isn’t a piece of cake, but did we tell you the fruits are pretty sweet? Companies spend a lot of money to retain the best employees whose skillsets and work ethics are unmatched.

The average annual salary of a web developer in the United States is $78,307. Entry-level web developers with less than 1 year of experience can earn up to $70,384 a year. Similarly, a developer having 10+ years of experience as a web developer earns up to $99,563.

Web developer salary

And if you break the average salary state-wise, here’s what a web developer can earn if living in:

  • Washington DC - $78,471/year
  • California - $73,530/year
  • Massachusetts - $72,965/year
  • New York State - $72,645/year
  • Texas - $67,855/year
  • Missouri - $66,960/year

Other than the US, here are the countries with the highest web developer salaries:

  • Switzerland - 63,546 USD per year
  • Australia - 58,975 USD per year
  • Canada - 55,237 USD per year
  • Denmark - 47,775 USD per year
  • Germany - 45.108 USD per year
  • United Kingdom - 42,701 USD per year
  • France - 38,095 USD per year
  • Netherlands - 34,854 USD per year


Some web developers are great for front-end development, while others are genius at back-end development. Then some can do both and prove their mettle as full-stack web developers.

But we also know that finding any of these web developers is easier said than done. The hiring process is expensive, time-consuming, and limits you from finding the best talent. And in situations like these, Aloa is your best bet.

We are always there for you regarding remote web development by our highly-skilled pool of talent. Our experts will guide you every step of the way and will ensure on-time delivery of the products without compromising on quality. You can visit our website or contact us at [email protected] for finding the perfect web developer for your business.

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