Software Developer: Skills, Salary & Ad Templates For 2024

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We take our digitized world for granted. Only a few decades back, life was not this easy—all hail to the digital tech that revolutionized everything. But let’s not forget that these are just machines and the real brainbox behind this revolution is a software developer.

They design, they code, they execute. Some specialize in developing computer applications while some take on underlying setups which become the basis of these applications. And this reveals how sought-after these software developers are at present.

Our objective is committed to helping you hire skilled software developers to meet your project needs. Alongside that, we will enlighten you with skills to look for in a software developer and perfectly curated ad templates for junior and senior software developers. We have also put in the global salaries for software developers for the year 2024 in this wide picture.

Ultimately by the end of this article, you will ace in finding the most effective way to attract an expert software developer for your company.

Who Is A Software Developer?

Software development is a computer science-based activity. Computer software is a set of instructions that make the machine work regardless of the hardware specs. A person who specializes in these complex instructions and makes the machines work like human brains is a software developer.

Software development is branched out into:

  • System development
  • Application development
  • Web development
  • Mobile application development, and more.

This operating system is so extensive and is branching out more and more causing the hike in the quest for good software developers.

There is an abundance of software developers trained in iOS development, Android development, website development, system development, and application development. But that simply doesn't imply that it is easy to find the right one.

Finding the right developer is hard, especially when you really need it. We, at Aloa, bring solutions to fulfill your need for the right software developer for your organization. Our meticulous vetting process is a promise for providing the best out there.

8 Skills To Look For When Hiring An Exceptional Software Developer

Infographic of software development career

With the integration of new apps and more electronic computer systems surfacing every now and then, the software development career path has become one of the most desired. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), software developer jobs are expected to hike by 22% over the next decade.

But hiring software developers may not be an easy task. You need to be inquisitive about certain skills they possess to fulfill their responsibilities needed for your software project. An all-rounder should have proficient tech skills and soft skills.

These soft skills will prove to be extremely beneficial for your organization as they help your appointee to fit in a working environment easily and work efficiently as a part of a team.

Here we listed 8 skills that an ideal software development candidate must possess.

1. Tech Expertise

First and foremost, a software developer should have complete technical know-how in the relevant field. We have subdivided these tech skills for your ease.

1.1 Mastering Coding Languages

Proficiency in computer programming languages is the fundamental skill a programmer should own. Not all, but familiarity with at least two most commonly used is a go-ahead for employment opportunities. SQL, Javascript, C++, Mean, Ruby, and Python are most in demand. So find the candidate who is proficient in any of these two languages.

1.2 Familiarity With Git And Github

A computer programmer must be familiar with version code tools like Git and Github. These tools are great for managing any changes made to the source code, especially when the code is being written down for large-scale projects in big organizations. Git is immensely popular with most organizations for its version control solutions.

1.3 Cloud Computing Skills

Modern times call for modern measures. If you are looking to hire software developers in 2024, they must be familiar with cloud computing skills.

Most organizations are switching to cloud computing as this slashes costs, improves scalability, and is essential for data science/machine learning.

If your candidates are familiar with tools like Amazon Web Service or Google Cloud Platform, they are a keeper.

Cloud computing skils

1.4 Mathematical Skills

Programming is about building logic with numbers. So your candidate needs to be quick in mathematical skills. Aptitude in algebra and arithmetic will give you a lead in problem-solving. A 3D graphics and gaming programmer must have an understanding of trigonometry.

1.5 Object-Oriented Design Skills

Object-oriented design is a major part of the program development lifecycle. At present, one has to work with the object-oriented approach because languages like Java and Python are used in abundance. So object-oriented computer systems design skills are essential skills for any software development candidate.

1.6 Software Testing And Debugging

Testing and debugging are essential parts of the software development process. They take up a major chunk of project time and cost. We do agree that with the advancement in AI, software testing and debugging are becoming automated, but it still has its current limitations for verifications. So this skill set is essential for any software developer.

2. Problem-Solving Skills

A programmer having great problem-solving skills will always be more beneficial for the organization than one having mediocre ones. Writing code is following a straight path. The real challenge arises with the program showing problems.

This distance can only be covered by a person who is proficient in deductive reasoning. So yes, problem-solving skills are crucial for any developer to own.

3. Analytical Skills

This is where the term “thinking outside the box” applies. Logical thinking, critical thinking, data analysis, research, brainstorming, forecasting, and creativity are modules of analytical skills. This is very important for programmers to possess this skill not only for successfully analyzing and understanding user needs but also for the organization's improved productivity and success.

4. Evolving Skills

Every day new frameworks, languages, and libraries are being introduced or the existing ones are being evolved. A programmer cannot advance by remaining unmoving.

This quality to move with the pace of the changing information technology world keeps one right on track. Staying updated with the new software trends, upgrades, and cybersecurity practices is the demand of this profession. You snooze, you lose.

5. Teamwork Skills

Teamwork is crucial for new ideas, optimization, and great learning opportunities. This list can go long. When the experiences and skills of the teammates combine, the result is a positive outcome for any project. So good teamwork skills of an employee should never be underestimated.

6. Writing And Documentation Skills

Documentation is a part of software programming. The code is written down in a special language. Decoding and understanding it is impossible for a layman. That is why looking for a programmer who owns competent writing skills for conclusive and extensive documentation of the code is important.

7. Communication Skills

Every human should have good communication skills to interact with other humans. When working in an organization, a software application developer has to interact with team members and clients.

Good communication skills provide the ability to explain technical work to a non-technical person. A software developer with fluent communication with clientele and co-workers is always healthy as an employee.

Skills needed for a developer

8. Experience

Experience is one of the most important aspects to bring into account when hiring a software developer for your company. There is a reason software developers’ salaries vary with their experience level.

A senior-level developer is the highest paid, while a junior level (usually an entry-level) is paid the most basic salary designated for software developers.

Valuable Insights For Hiring The Best Software Developer

Effective hiring of a software developer is not less than the engineering itself. A common pitfall is relying more on tech skills and ignoring soft skills. But how do you evaluate the soft skills of a developer for effective project management?

With innovative and stringent methodologies, this evaluation process can be made bump-free and fruitful. We have collected some best practices that prove to be highly effective for screening to find the best software developer.

I. Your Requirements

You should be crystal clear about your requirements and why you are hiring a software developer. Your job requirements should include your project’s goal, technical mastery, level of seniority, and project demands.

The experience level of software developers is one of the key requirements. Ask yourself if your project needs a senior-level developer or if a mid-level should be apt for the job.

II. Market Research

Study the market trends. This will give you an idea about the uproar for specific technologies in the market. This will further lead you to the insights of available engineers and their pay scales. Market research will also reveal the preferable trend in working styles like remote working or on-site.

III. Job Post

A precisely curated job post will make the whole hiring process uncomplicated. Your main screening starts here. That is why

we emphasize posting a job description that is apt and straightforward, along with the mention of expected salaries.

Most importantly, the job post should be a reflection of your requirements.

Languages jobs require for developers

IV. Evaluating Strategy

This is the most important part of the hiring process. And it begins with referrals. You can find the most competent and perfectly suited ones through personal networking. Online job posting sites like LinkedIn and Indeed, conferences, or open source sites can also be very helpful.

The next in the evaluation funnel is a technical screening test; this includes a timed algorithm test and a mini-test project. Conclude this evaluation with a personality and communication interview.

V. Avoidable Apprehensions

There are some apprehensions that should be avoided to gain fruitful hiring results. First and foremost, your bookmark definition of an ideal candidate has to be lowered down to come to reality.

Look for most of the qualities that will be fertile for your company but compromise on the ones that you can do without. Second, a common pitfall is to overlook soft skills and focus more on technical expertise. Analytical skills, teamwork, and creative thinking are equally important, if not more.

VI. Open To A Hybrid Working System

Sometimes, some of the best talents could be miles away from you. Having an open mind for onboarding remote developers can be profitable for the company as well as cut down project costs.

And this is where Aloa comes in. Our team offers an accomplished pool of remote developers that have already been vetted through and through to save on your hiring budget and time.

How Much Should A Software Developer Be Paid?

Have we mentioned before that software developers are one of the most sought-after professionals as of right now? They are in demand; that’s an understatement.

But an ideal salary of a developer is based on numerous factors like market value, location, skills, and experience owned by the programmer. There is a great variation in software jobs and so do their salaries.

The Average Salary In The US

The estimated total pay of a software developer in the United States is $108,866 per annum.

Average base pay is about $85,500 per annum, with an estimate of $23,316 per annum accounting for additional pay. This may include bonuses, commissions, profit sharing, and more. The above estimate is the median of the total range of estimated salaries of a developer.

Average software developer salary

To quote a few examples, Oracle pays $149,842 per annum to its software developers. Bloomberg pays $147,455 while an IBM software developer grosses at $105,454 per annum.

A further breakdown, according to PayScale, a junior or entry-level developer earns around $64,000 per annum. While a mid-level (5-9 years of experience) software developer's average annual salary is around $84,000.

A senior-level developer earns about $98,000 per annum (this amount shows the base salary and does not include any perks).

Here is a list of the top paying states for software developers.

  1. Washington - $138,400 per annum
  2. California - $137,620 per annum
  3. New York - $122,300 per annum
  4. Massachusetts - $119,790 per annum
  5. Washing DC - $119,630 per annum

The Average Salary Across The Globe

Here is the average salary for a software engineer across the globe:

  1. Switzerland - $90,462/annum
  2. Canada - $71,193/annum
  3. United Kingdom - $68,664/annum
  4. Sweden - $66,750/annum
  5. Netherlands - $58.348/annum
  6. France - $47,617/annum
  7. Spain - $39,459/annum
  8. Germany - $61,390/annum
  9. Belgium - $54,603/annum

Software Developer Ad Template

Since the whole talk is about hiring software developers, we have created two template job posts. These sample templates will help you in finding innovative, efficient, and experienced software developers.

Feel free to use them for your convenience. Just make sure you make changes according to your suitability for these templates.

Ad Template For Senior Software Developer

Job Title: Senior Level Back-End Software Developer

Job Location: California, CA

Company Name: Lodging & Resorts (Hospitality Field)

About us: We are a US-based hospitality group established in 1999. Our head office is located in California, CA and we have a widespread network in major states. We offer travel subscription services that provide dedicated resort availability to its clients. With our forward thinking and impeccable service, we aim to enrich people's lives by contributing memorable experiences for them.

We are committed to long-term holding for the growth of our business and our team.

Job Description: We require a web back-end developer for developing new APIs to support our existing front-end features.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Full-time, on-site web back-end developing
  • Creating and sustaining our data warehouse
  • Creating new APIs for the existing front-end features
  • Conducting code and design reviews
  • Identifying and restoring problem areas
  • Teamwork and coordination with different team leads for design and code implementation
  • Technical problem solving that comes across DevOps

Job Requirements:

  • Expertise in SQL database
  • A minimum of 10 years of prior experience in web development
  • Involvement with API management, development, and integration
  • Control over source code domains such as Git or Github
  • Experience in using Symfony (PHP framework)
  • Familiarity with CRM platforms like Snowflake or RDBS
  • Should have a complete know-how of Google Cloud Platform
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Familiarity with automated QA testing tools like QA Wolf and Autify
  • Experience with travel tech will be a plus
  • Proficiency in documentation and communication skills

Education: A minimum of a Master’s degree in computer science or any relevant field.

Salary: Base salary: $115,000/annum plus bonuses subjected to year-round performance.

If you require the services of a developer for a small or part-time project, you can establish cooperation based on a software development agreement.

Ad Template For Junior Software Developer

Job Title: Entry-level Software Developer

Our Company: We are a healthcare company situated in Seattle, Washington. Our company was founded in 2001 and ever since, we have been providing numerous healthcare solutions to the world. Our company offers better care through innovation, technology, and a humanistic approach. Our team is passionate about technologizing healthcare solutions. Be a part of our development team for revolutionizing healthcare unravelment.

Our Location: Seattle, Washington

Job Summary: The team is in search of an entry-level software developer with innovative full-stack web development skills for APIs building and support.

Job Duties:

  • Writing and debugging code
  • Working under development management and teamwork with other developers to design, build and maintain applications
  • Monitoring the technical performance of the system.
  • Learning and improving coding skills
  • Troubleshooting software issues
  • Software documentation and report writing
  • Development testing
  • On-call support
  • Full-time onsite availability is required for this role

Job Requirements:

  • Full stack development
  • Experience with Java, Python, HTML, and CSS
  • Familiarity with SQL database and Linux
  • Ability to keep up with a fast-paced work environment
  • “Thinking outside the box” creative skills
  • Experience with source code management tools like Git
  • Great communication and documentation skills

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or any relevant field
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of experience

General Requirements:

  • Strong team ethics
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills

Application Process: This application process may include an online assessment for further evaluation.

Salary Offerings: We are offering $70,000 per annum with bonuses and commissions associated with company progress.


Software developers are high in demand. But that does not imply that the market has a deficit of software engineers. Looking for the one that fits your organizational needs perfectly and enhances the productivity of the project can be taxing. Assisting you in your quest to find the right software developer is just made viable through our proficient tips, ad templates, and revealed global salaries for 2024.

We’d love to help you out more, so let’s talk. Visit our website or reach us at [email protected] for all your hiring needs.

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