15+ Best Sites To Hire Node.js Developers: In-demand 2024

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The integration and adoption of open-source technologies have led investors to pour in record-breaking investments, especially in application delivery technologies like Node.js. As a result, there is more demand than ever for Node.js developers to build real-time applications, such as chat applications, online gaming platforms, or stock trading platforms.

However, finding a skilled Node.js developer is no walk in the park. They are the rarest of the breed and a treasure worth their weight in gold. These Node.js developers are the masterminds behind some of the most complex and innovative applications on the web today. The Node JS developer salary is high, they are difficult to find, and they are even more difficult to hold on to.

But don't let all these things discourage you. Some highly reliable IT outsourcing companies can help you find competent Node.js developers.

In this article, we will help you unearth the 16 best websites to hire Node.js developers. We have also highlighted each company’s strengths in terms of track record and experience. By the end of this article, you will find the most suitable company that can fulfill your Node.js development requirements.

16 Best Companies To Hire Node.js Developers For Building Data-Intensive Apps

Here’s our list of the top 16 Node.js development services to hire your next team.

  • Aloa - Overall best site to hire Node.js developers
  • Softweb Solutions - Industry-best offerings
  • Sapphire Software Solutions - Quickest onboarding time

Let's move forward with a detailed review of the 16 best companies to hire Node.js developers.

1. Aloa - Top Pick


Aloa takes the lead by a mile when it comes to Node.js development and let us tell you why. We have strict recruitment policies that let us hire only top-class software developers. Unlike development companies which rely on freelancers and students, we only let bachelor's degree holders with a computer science academic background join our team.

That’s why our hired engineers have outstanding coding abilities with all major programming languages. Aloa continuously provides them with training and development sessions to sharpen their skills for building competitive products. So whether you hire an individual JavaScript developer or an entire team of professionals in different domains, Aloa is the de facto choice of companies all across the globe.

Aloa believes in 100% client satisfaction. We have a transparent development process where we provide you with regular updates. We assign you a dedicated project manager who keeps you informed and monitors the progress of the development team.

We also give you access to a suite of our project management tools so you can track the progress in real-time. You can use our special platform to track progress, provide feedback, and message the team members directly. Our engineers never let down any of our clients. However, in a rare case where you feel your full-stack developer is not delivering as expected, Aloa will provide a free replacement.


We at Aloa offer customized plans at highly competitive rates. You can reach out to us to get a free quote.

2. Softweb Solutions - Industry-Best Offerings

Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions Inc. builds high-standard AI software solutions for IoT applications using Node.js. This company serves its clients from its offices in 3 locations, including Ahmedabad, Dallas, and Chicago. Softweb Solutions has over a decade of experience working with startups and Fortune 100 companies. The company has served 600+ customers including some of the big names like SIEMENS, Pepsi, and Bosch.

Softweb Solutions has 500+ Node.js developers who have delivered 1,400+ projects. Their developers have a vast knowledge of JavaScript libraries to develop Node.js applications. They are best at adding customized functionalities according to your requirements and can build high-performance microservices APIs.

The developers at Softweb Solutions are also skilled at integrating Node.js solutions with your current enterprise system. You can also rely on them for developing real-time, cross-platform, and responsive mobile application services. You can also hire Softweb’s Node.js programmers to develop chatbots, portals, content management tools, and shopping carts.


You can contact Softweb Solutions customer support to get a custom quote.

3. Sapphire Software Solutions - Quickest Onboarding Time

Sapphire Software Solutions

Established in 2002, Sapphire Software Solutions is an ISO 27001:2013-certified mobile and web application development company. Over the years, they have completed over 15,000 projects for 2,800+ clients in 30+ countries. Their impressive 95% client retention rate is a testament to their exceptional work.

Sapphire Software Solutions has a team of 200+ Node.js professionals working for them. The company uses cutting-edge Node.js development tools like Node Package Manager and Grunt. They have high relevance in building tailor-made, feature-rich, and high-performance solutions.

The developers are efficient at developing both client-side and server-side mobile, web, and desktop applications. The company also provides Node.js consulting services for your business vertical and specifications.


You can share your project details through their website to get a pricing estimate.

4. MMC Global - On Time, Every Time

MMC Global

MMC Global is a preferred tech partner for some of the world’s leading organizations. Based in the US, MMC Global is known for delivering outstanding results and has served over 300 customers during the last 10 years. This company has completed 200+ projects since its inception and received 4+ appreciation awards.

MMC Global has created its name by providing highly skilled Node JS developers who are capable of building an extensive range of solutions. Its professionals are well-known for designing winning Node.js development strategies and on-time project delivery. They can build Node-powered web applications, APIs, and custom products.

Their engineers have great experience creating Node.js-based:

  • Online chatting apps
  • I/O-intensive web apps
  • Single-page applications
  • Video streaming platforms

Most importantly, the company signs NDAs to ensure the client’s confidentiality.


You can send your inquiries to receive a free quote from MMC Global.

5. Elluminati - Most Diversely Experienced Node.js Developers


Elluminati has been providing world-class Node.js development services since 2012. The company has completed 1200+ projects for over 800 happy clients from 100 different countries. Elluminati leverages feature-rich Node.js solutions for various industries, including healthcare, logistics, and education.

Elluminati has a team of professional Node.js engineers with an unmatched execution track record. They have the right talent and experience to integrate and create complex APIs. They are well-trained at building faster apps through the V8 JavaScript engine, enabling them to efficiently address any custom software development needs.

The company also offers other services, including:

  • Serverless microservices
  • Upgradation and migration
  • Testing, support, and maintenance
  • Consultancy and audit services

Elluminati lets you hire Node developers through the full-time, custom, and hourly engagement models.


Contact the company with your preferred hiring model and project requirements to get the exact quote.

6. Clustox - Ideal For Framework Migration


Established in 2012, Clustox offers a broad range of services through its Node.js expertise. During this time, the company has served over 100 clients from 8 industries, including fintech, healthcare, and transportation. Clustox has offices in 4 different locations.

Clustox houses 110 in-house engineers with 25% senior-level Node.js developers who are skilled at developing high-performing, UI-rich, and customized Node.js applications. They can also migrate your existing framework to Node.js smoothly.

Clustox offers advanced-level Node.js development services to craft different web, cloud, and mobile applications. You can trust them to build:

  • Single-page apps
  • Data storage apps
  • Enterprise app development
  • Real-time collaboration apps
  • Image-processing applications
  • User authentication functionalities


Contact the sales team at Clustox for a free quote.

7. Hidden Brains - Turning Visions Into Apps

Hidden Brains

Created in 2003, Hidden Brains offer a complete range of Node.js development services. The company operates from 6 global locations. So far, they have served 2,400+ clients across the globe. Their high-quality work and commitment have earned them 13 excellence and innovation awards.

Hidden Brains has a team of 700 highly qualified developers who can communicate with their clients in 12 languages, ensuring seamless communication. They can cater to all your requirements with secure, fast, real-time custom Node.js mobile and web apps. The team is also proficient at Restful API and plugin development.

Hidden Brains also developed several intelligent and unique AI Chatbots. Their developers can create a wide range of solutions for different niches such as gaming, social media, and discussion platforms using NestJS and Express frameworks.


You can contact Hidden Brains to get a free quote.

8. Enlab - Superior Cost-Efficient Products


Enlab is a Vietnam-based offshore software development company that has made its name for on-time project submissions without compromising on quality. Incepted in 2019, this company delivered over 50 Node.js-based projects to 25 clients. The company ensures delivering high-functionality digital products tailored to your business needs.

The Enlab team uses a JavaScript runtime environment for developing networking and server-side applications. Its Node.js developers can also make cost-efficient and light web applications.

You can rely on Enlab for creating MVPs in the shortest possible time using Node.js web services. They also offer a broad range of support and maintenance services, including optimization assistance and bug fixing.

Their developers are also skilled at integrating NoSQL and SQL databases with Node.js solutions. Enlab offers 3 different engagement models to hire a Node web developer that include a fixed price, time and materials, and dedicated team engagement models.


You can contact their support team to get a customized pricing plan.

9. Angular Minds - For Guaranteed Improved Results

Angular Minds

With 10+ years of experience, Angular Minds has been providing innovative Node.js solutions to customers all across the globe. To date, the company has successfully delivered over 1,000 strategically planned projects. Additionally, the company has been recognized for its best practices by various platforms, including GoodFirms and SoftwareWorld.

At Angular Minds, they produce Node.js solutions that guarantee 2X increased results compared to their competitors. They have a small yet highly skilled team of 30 Node.js-certified developers, best at creating JavaScript APIs for mobile apps, back-end plugins, and UI/UX.

Angular Minds can help you achieve scalable and secure web solutions for industries like eCommerce, payment processing, and social networking. They also provide Node.js maintenance and consulting services. The company offers 3 different hiring options, such as fixed time, hourly billing, and dedicated teams.


You can request a custom quote on Angular Minds website.

10. Vsourz - Harnessing The Power Of Innovation


Vsourz began providing software development services in 2004. It is a UK-based firm with offices in 5 different countries, including Spain, India, UAE, Canada, and the US. Vsourz has delivered more than 1,000 successful projects. To date, they have served 300 clients and are well-known for driving millions to their client’s revenue through their Node.js products.

Vsourz has over 250 Node.js experts who can build high-performance solutions with a quick turnaround time. Their skilled and highly qualified team members are capable of producing best-in-class and feature-rich web applications customized to your needs.

The company also specializes in building microservices APIs to boost server-side application performance. Their integration experts can connect your current Node.js product with a wide range of plugins and tools. Moreover, they can also provide you with cross-platform user-friendly mobile app development services for Android and iOS platforms.


You can share your project details with Vsourz and they will provide you with a tailor-made pricing plan.

11. Devox Software - Where Quality Meets Affordability

Devox Software

Established in 2017, Devox Software provides high-end solutions to its clients using popular development frameworks, including Node.js. The firm has offices in multiple cities in Ukraine and the USA. They are best known for building complex web apps and conducting full-cycle testing. In a short span of time, they have gained experience in over 7 industries, including logistics, healthcare, and retail.

Devox Software offers various Node.js development services, including:

  • API development
  • Migration and maintenance
  • Web and mobile application improvement

Their team of 50+ Node.js developers has deep knowledge of the latest JavaScript technologies which enables them to provide world-class product development services to companies of all sizes. Their professionals are skilled in using different tools, including Hapi, Express, and NestJs.

Devox Software won’t leave you high and dry after the project is completed. Their developers provide post-project support and maintenance services to troubleshoot and fix bugs that may arise. The company lets you hire a single resource or an entire team of software engineers with a dedicated project manager.


Devox Software provides custom quotes on demand.

12. Intuz - Transparent Workflow With Quick Turnaround Times


Intuz is a leading tech company that has been providing designing and coding services since 2008. This India-based firm, with 2 offices in the US, has delivered 1,500+ projects across 16 diverse industries. It provided Node.js digital solutions to several well-known organizations, including JLL, Bosch, and Holiday Inn.

Intuz comprises a team of 50+ passionate Node.js experts for creating next-generation apps. They can build and launch high-performing mobile applications driven by the newest Node.js databases and frameworks. Its Node.js specialists are also capable of producing scalable and highly-secure server-side APIs to boost your applications’ quality.

Microservices architecture design and development and efficient and flexible content management platforms are other specialties of Intuz. Intuz is also an excellent choice for developing Node.js plugins and real-time apps and can carry out successful framework migration.


The company provides tailored pricing plans for its services.

13. COAX Software - Data Protection At Its Best

COAX Software

COAX Software is an AWS, ISO 9001:2015, and IEC 27001:2013-certified Node.js software development company. The company started its operations in 2010 with major delivery centers in Ukraine. Now they have expanded their operations to US and UK offices. To date, COAX Software has delivered 237 projects to clients in different industries, including automotive, finance, and legal.

COAX Software has a team of over 80+ skilled JS developers who have mastered the art of the Node.js framework. Whether it's about developing real-time apps, eCommerce solutions, or rich portals, COAX Software can handle all your needs. They also have great knowledge in producing complex Node.js solutions, including web enterprise apps and server-side and client-side apps.

If you are looking for more leads, tractions, and business growth, their engineers can help you with that too, and migrate your existing apps to Node.js for desired results.


You can get in touch with COAX Software to know the exact development cost of your project.

14. Chudovo - Collaborative Development Approach


Chudovo is a Ukrainian software development company that was founded in 2006 and is known for its premium quality services. With offices in 4 different locations, this company has developed and implemented 150+ projects. It has significant expertise in building digital solutions using Node.js for different industries like

  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Medicine
  • Telecommunication
  • Video security industries

Chudovo, through its 40+ full-time Node.js developers, can build a web app and custom CMS. Their developers use different Node.js frameworks such as Express, Meteor, and Keystone to develop customized Node.js plugins and RESTful API together with MongoDB. Chudovo has deployed a proprietary 6-step professional Node.js development process that gives them an edge over their competition.


Contact the sales team at Chudovo and they will provide you with a customized project estimate.

15. KeenEthics - Revolutionary Development Platform


KeenEthics is a mobile and web development company based in Eastern Europe with offices in Germany, the US, and the Netherlands. The company has been offering Node.js services since 2015 and has helped over 50 organizations by turning their ideas into successful digital products. Currently, it has 20+ active clients from various industries, including real estate and agriculture.

The company has a strict hiring process and all candidates must undergo a detailed vetting process. Most of their developers have 7+ years of experience building customized web applications using Node.js.

KeenEthics has a solid team of Node.js specialists with a deep understanding of JavaScript language. They deploy industry-best Node.js practices for code reviews, bottleneck detection, and product scaling. They also have full knowledge of design principles, allowing them to add customized functionalities with deep interactive elements. Their experts can get you ready-to-use and extremely secure REST API in no time.


Contact KeenEthics’ support team to get a custom quote.

16. Ace Infoway - Most Structured & Organized

Ace Infoway

With 24+ years of experience and 7 global offices, Ace Infoway is one of India's leading software development companies. Like its diversified corporate culture, the company also excels at using different JavaScript frameworks, with Node.js at the top of the list. It has an impressive 93% client retention rate and a 40% client referral rate.

Ace Infoway offers high-quality and cost-effective Node.js solutions. In fact, the company claims to save 63% of the development cost by implementing Agile methodologies. Its Node.js experts can create competitive UI/UX for mobile apps.

Single-page and enterprise applications are also one of the expertise of Ace Infoway’s development team. Their professional developers are well-versed in scalable and secure front-end and back-end development by combining Node.js with React and Angular.


You can reach their inbox through the contact form to get a quote.


Node.js developers can help you build real-time applications and provide simple scalability for your modern applications. Since it's an essential framework of JavaScript, these engineers must possess the right skills to develop flexible cross-platform apps with improved response time.

But finding the right Node.js developer for your project is easier said than done. Premium salaries, limited availability of skilled developers, and high competition are just some of the reasons that make it difficult to find and hire Node.js developers.

All 16 websites discussed in this article are known for providing exceptional Node.js development services and each has its own unique strengths. However, there is one company that stands tall above the rest, and that's Aloa.

At Aloa, we provide you with highly-professional Node.js programmers to help craft winning mobile and web solutions. Our hand-picked developers are well-trained, well-experienced, and extremely creative at building user-centric digital products using Node.js.

Book a free consultation with us and start your journey toward hiring the perfect Node.js developer right away.

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