11+ Best Sites To Hire Android And iOS App Developers: 2023

It can be difficult to find a competent developer or engineer to work on your mobile app or project. It's especially challenging when you're unaware of all your options. But when you have accurate information and resources at your disposal, finding the best sites to hire Android and iOS app developers for your projects becomes a lot easier.

Business owners are in a pickle since there aren't many skilled engineers available and too many companies are vying for their attention.  Developer hiring sites guarantee you access to highly skilled Android or iOS developers and will reduce the difficulty in recruitment.

But how would you assess whether the website is capable enough? To help you with this, we compiled a list of the 12 best sites to hire Android and iOS app developers along with their pros and cons.

By the end of this guide, you can choose the best sites to assist you in hiring the professionals you need in creating apps for different mobile operating systems that are fully connected with cutting-edge technology.

12 Best Sites To Hire Android And iOS App Developers

Here are our top 3 picks for the best sites to hire Android and iOS developers to work on your next app idea:

  • Aloa - Top Pick
  • Toptal - Complete Project Management Solutions
  • Micro1 - Ideal For Scalability And Adaptability

Let's now examine each of the software development companies in more detail.

1. Aloa - Top Pick


Overall Best Site To Hire Android And iOS Developers Offering Greatest Transparency & Control

Aloa is an IT outsourcing company that makes use of rigorous screening processes, a custom-made project management platform, and a strict development process to deliver a seamless and consistent iOS and Android app development experience.

We provide teams of highly skilled developers to work on your app development projects on short or long-term contracts. Aloa will make the development process efficient and painless with cutting-edge technology and a strategist by your side.

Our unique technology enables you to collaborate with expert developers who have been hand-selected especially for your project. And regular training sessions ensure that the developers remain updated with the latest programming languages. We monitor procedures and standards to make sure that only top-notch products are created and delivered as scheduled.

To provide you with greater transparency and control, our data-backed insights are shared with you regularly. Cost efficiency and timely deliveries are our forte and choosing us for your app development project will give you an advantage over your rivals.

Pros Of Aloa

  • 100% risk-free quality services
  • On-time deliveries - every time and all the time
  • We provide you with both remote and on-site developers to work with
  • Our platform can be customized, making it the ideal tool for managing outsourced projects
  • We carry out research ahead of time and create development strategies that will work for your project

Cons Of Aloa

  • The issue of time zone differences may arise for some clients

Aloa Pricing

Aloa offers personalized pricing for the services, and you may request a quote by completing the form on our website.

2. Toptal - Exceptional Project Management For App Development


Ideal Site To Hire Android And iOS Developers That Can Deliver Customized Solutions

Toptal is a platform where tech talents are matched with business owners to bring ideas to life. Hiring Android and iOS developers from Toptal is a great option because it's considered to be one of the biggest and most widely-distributed networks of mobile application developers.

They have a special group of mobile app developers who join the platform after passing different levels of screening tests. The Android and iOS app developers are directed to apply a methodical process to comprehend your company's objectives and then construct strategies in line with those objectives.

The app developers on Toptal are skilled at utilizing cutting-edge frameworks and technologies to assist you in meeting high standards.

Pros Of Toptal

  • Their services are budget friendly
  • Ability to shift the gears when required
  • Special focus on soft skills when selecting talent
  • Teams are trained to ensure seamless communication and collaboration
  • Free trial period to assess the compatibility and expertise of the resources
  • Skilled and experienced developers are readily available that can get to work on the app development process right away

Cons Of Toptal

  • Toptal requires all their clients to pay an initial deposit of $500, to guarantee the client’s genuine interest in hiring a developer

Toptal Pricing

The prices vary depending on the nature and complexity of the mobile app development project. Options are available to hire app developers on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. You can get in touch with them to get exact rates for your project.

3. Micro1 - Scalability And Adaptability At Its Best


Award-Winning Site For Android And iOS App Development

With awards like Best Web Developers in Los Angeles under its belt, Micro1 provides highly skilled developers for Android and iOS development. The Micro1 team will assist you in finding and hiring the top app developers best suited to your needs.

The process starts with information gathering about your project requirements. They’ll then match the ideal candidates with your requirements and provide you with a pool of talent. And before you onboard a developer, you can conduct interviews to assess them for a range of skills, including analytical and soft skills.

On average, the hiring procedure takes 9 days. They recruit for diverse industries like healthcare, financial institutions, real estate, and others so you can have the right expertise to reach your target audience.

Pros Of Micro1

  • No hidden fee
  • They allow clients to test developers for one week for free
  • Month-to-month contract with the option of canceling it anytime
  • They ensure that all remote developers go through a 5-step screening process before they can be visible to potential clients

Cons Of Micro1

  • There is a project minimum of $15,000

Micro1 Pricing

The average rate for a developer is $34 per hour.

4. Upwork - Globally Renowned


Website With The Largest Network Of Android And iOS App Developers

Upwork is a popular freelance platform that unites freelancers and clients. A wide range of Android and iOS developers converge to offer their services. Their site has a sorting algorithm that helps apply specific filters so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

So whether you are looking for app development freelancers to work independently on your project or an individual who can support your in-house developers, Upwork gives you the liberty to pick the skill level of the developer you hire, from entry-level to expert.

Before hiring a freelance app developer on this freelance marketplace, you can review their sample works and customer reviews, which will give you a good sense of their qualifications and previous experiences. Upwork also offers you the liberty to negotiate the rates with application developers and pay for the work that you approve.

Pros Of Upwork

  • Safe and secure payments
  • Provides you with a huge pool of app developers
  • Provides you with a suite of management tools for easy communication and collaboration
  • You can hire developers for both short or long-term app projects, and also full-time employment
  • They give you full access to a large audience of qualified freelance developers if you properly apply the search filters

Cons Of Upwork

  • Highly skilled developers on Upwork tend to overcharge

Upwork Pricing

Rates depend on the developer and their skill set, but you can get developers that charge as low as $10 per hour and as high as $150 per hour.

5. Gun.io - Swift Development


Android And iOS Developers That Deliver Enterprise-Grade App Solutions

Gun.io makes it simple to hire elite developers who have a long list of completed projects and a lot of practical experience. They actively monitor the performance of the talent they provide and ensure that they remain dedicated to every job they receive.

Gun.io is trusted by companies of all sizes due to the flexibility it offers. It assumes complete responsibility for every project and guarantees an open working environment, which enables people to have faith in its expertise.

You won't be left in the dark during the hiring process when you opt for Gun.io. Their advanced algorithm and expert engineers will assist you in vetting the candidates for you until you find the one you’re looking for. They also refund their clients if they aren’t satisfied with the services provided by any developer

Pros Of Gun.io

  • Custom packages tailored to your needs
  • Option of talent swap at no additional cost
  • They provide their clients with safe payment methods, using stripe connect API
  • They carry out a strict screening process and only developers that pass this screening can be hired
  • They always connect their clients to senior developers or staff to help you handpick candidates for your project

Cons Of Gun.io

  • Their rates are high and might not be viable for small business owners that are on a tight budget

Gun.io Pricing

Their developers charge from $75 to $150 hourly, depending on the expertise of the individual and the scope of your project.

6. Fiverr Pro - Certified Hand-Picked App Developers

Fiverr Pro

Best Site For Growing Companies To Hire Android And iOS Developers

Fiverr Pro is a better and more advanced version of Fiverr. The app development services you receive on this popular marketplace are of the highest quality possible because the Android developers on this platform have been carefully screened and validated.

The software developers at Fiverr Pro have experience working with some of the top names in the industry, which gives them a competitive advantage. Additionally, the Fiverr Pro team gives top priority to app development life cycles and makes sure that each project is delivered on schedule and to the best possible standards.

Pros Of Fiverr Pro

  • Responsive customer service
  • Easy and direct communication channels
  • Only highly skilled developers can be found on the Pro version of Fiverr
  • You can browse through developers' profiles and hire anyone you want instead of posting vacancies

Cons Of Fiverr Pro

  • The mobile application developers at Fiverr Pro tend to charge high rates

Fiverr Pro Pricing

The app development cost depends on the project's scope and varies from developer to developer.

7. Newxel - Top Skills For Digital Transformation


Offers Android And iOS Developers With Extraordinary Expertise

One of the most formidable mobile app development service providers on our list is Newxel. Over the years, Newxel has assisted numerous businesses and creative start-ups in app development processes.

To reduce downtime and delays, the company strives to offer the most skilled app developers while also maintaining a tight-knit project management methodology. The app developers at Newxel combine advanced technologies and a business-oriented development methodology to create sturdy apps that have a lasting impact.

Pros Of Newxel

  • App developers are available on short notice
  • Tailor-made hiring solutions customized to your needs
  • They help businesses out with the training and onboarding of recruits
  • They develop your application using the best coding practices to reach your target audience
  • They use the proper language to communicate project needs and will carefully screen developers to ensure that your team only includes top-tier expertise

Cons Of Newxel

  • Their prices are not budget-friendly for small business owners

Newxel Pricing

The prices depend on the level of proficiency in development you require for your project. You can get in touch with them to get exact quotes.

8. Fiverr - Fast & Agile App Development Solutions


Best With Android And iOS Developers That Ensure Manageability & Optimization

Fiverr is one of the most sought-after online platforms for app developers of all levels of expertise and experience. Whether you're looking for a beginner or a seasoned developer, Fiverr's global network of freelance mobile app developers can satisfy your digital needs.

The cost-effective project-based pricing model of this freelancer marketplace guarantees that you never overpay and that you only pay for what you receive. Fiverr also offers the services of a customer success manager who will help you connect with the right freelance developers.

Pros Of Fiverr

  • You can hire a developer within minutes
  • They give you access to professionals at budget-friendly rates
  • Their customer support works round the clock to attend to complaints
  • Provides a customer success manager who can match you with the ideal candidate
  • They have a refund policy for clients that are not satisfied with the developers they hire

Cons Of Fiverr

  • They are mainly good for hiring developers to work on small-scale projects

Fiverr Pricing

The rates depend on your project and the skill level of the app developer.

9. Espeo Software - Simplified Solutions


Best For Hiring Android And iOS Developers For Fintech Products

Espeo app development company was established in 2008 and since then has offered clients end-to-end expertise for both new and scalable mobile app development projects. Whether you are looking to hire a full-time dedicated team of app developers or looking for augmented app developers to support your existing in-house team, Espeo has solutions for every need.

Each app developer is taught to take a customer-centric approach and ensure transparent communication regarding the development project. It's not only the development that Espeo offers, they also excel in maintenance and support, giving customers a sense of security that their project is in safe hands even after development.

Pros Of Espeo Software

  • They offer app management after the launch
  • They are capable of developing native and cross-platform applications
  • They take full responsibility for everything related to the development of your product from production to launch
  • Unlike other mobile app development companies, they offer consultation sessions for business owners to go through their options properly before making decisions

Cons Of Espeo Software

  • Some may find customer support not vigilant enough

Espeo Software Pricing

Espeo offers a custom pricing plan according to the company's requirements. It is available on request.

10. Pentalog - Multidimensional Development Approach


Best For Future-Proofing Android And iOS App Development

Named a 2022 IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 leader for excellence in development services, Pentalog is one of the biggest and most established IT companies where you can quickly find experienced developers for your project. Whether you need to build a new squad for your mobile application development project or extend an existing app development team, they can help.

Pentalog has the top 3% of software engineers and senior developers that have been picked from a community of over 1 million developers. This means that when you pick this app development agency as your service provider, you will only work with the app development team who can spur growth and accelerate change.

Your road toward developing and scaling apps is made easier by working with Pentalog's agile, lean, and growth teams.

Pros Of Pentalog

  • 9 delivery centers across the world
  • A proper hierarchy in the teams ensures smooth operations
  • A rigorous product testing mechanism ensures that only top-quality products are delivered to the clients
  • They provide CTO services for improved agility which is not offered by many software development companies
  • Expertise to cater to a vast array of industries including retail, sound recognition, FinTech, MedTech, EdTech, etc.

Cons Of Pentalog

  • The entire process of onboarding may take time for some clients which can affect the app’s development

Pentalog Pricing

The average developer rate for Pentalog ranges from $25 to $49 hourly.

11. Peerbits - One-Stop Solution For All App-Related Needs


Android And iOS App Development Solutions For Long-Term Success

Peerbits is one of the very few mobile app development companies that is ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001: 2015 certified. The company has over 11 years of experience in the development field. Peerbits' iOS and Android developers adhere to distinct workflows for each assignment while keeping an overall perspective on the projects.

With their committed, experienced, and professional team of hand-picked developers, they improve your app development capabilities. A clear channel of communication guarantees that projects are completed without any unexpected hazards or last-minute surprises.

Peerbits starts by analyzing your app development requirements. They vet and pick out the best candidate based on your project details. They carry out strict screening and training procedures to ensure that only the most relevant app developers work on your project.

Pros Of Peerbits

  • Free trial periods
  • Easily adaptable team to fit into any company culture
  • Value-centric development approach with a special focus on transparency and responsiveness
  • Regular updates to the clients on app development progress are an essential part of their workflow
  • Their app programmers are trained to develop and use extensively used technology solutions for diverse businesses

Cons Of Peerbits

  • Possible delayed deployments for large-scale or complicated apps

Peerbits Pricing

Peerbits charge an average of $25 to $50 per hour, depending on the scope of your project

12. People Per Hour - Most Secure Platform

People Per Hour

Offers The Best Value For Hiring Android And iOS Developers

People Per Hour is a freelance platform that is trusted by over 1 million businesses across the world, making it an ideal choice for companies looking for talented developers. It gives you the option to select from pre-set bundles (fixed price) offered by the developers or you can post your own requirements and hire the mobile developers at an hourly rate.

People Per Hour offers easy-to-use Project Streams for better organization and manageability. It allows you to review, communicate, and pay from one place. Companies and organizations that require specialized on-demand mobile app development teams have found remarkable success with People Per Hour.

Pros Of People Per Hour

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Offers Escrow protection
  • Mobile app developers can be found in all niches
  • Account management dashboard with an easy user interface
  • The state-of-the-art AI-based algorithm guarantees that you get only the most qualified app developers

Cons Of People Per Hour

  • Lacks adequate customer support for technical issues

People Per Hour Pricing

Rates vary from developer to developer and are based on the scope of the project.


Finding the best candidate to develop your app idea can be difficult, especially if it has very specific needs. Sites to hire Android and iOS developers are great for the quick recruitment of programmers to work on your project.

However, if you’re looking for something more stable and reliable, Aloa is the go-to platform. We provide more support, a skilled team of developers, and guided access needed for your projects.

Customers prefer working with Aloa above any other firm for app development, and we have always been a favorite of our clients. We exclusively choose and employ the best mobile developers for our teams, thanks to the stringent and rigorous vetting process we employ.

To get help from us on your app development project, you can reach us via mail at resources@aloa.co or visit our website.

The views expressed in this post are the writer's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Aloa or AloaLabs, LLC.
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