11+ Best Sites To Hire Frontend Developers: 2023 Comparison

With the rapidly growing digitalization trend, the demand for front-end developers is at an all-time high. This has led companies to continuously seek for the best sites to hire front-end developers to scale their business. Whether you are looking for freelance developers or full-time resources, these platforms are beneficial in providing the talent of your preferred tech stacks.

Finding an expert front-end developer is challenging and hiring platforms have given a trustworthy, efficient, and simple solution with a wide array of choices, which has contributed to a recent rise in their popularity. Choosing the most efficient website, however, is no easy task given the mushrooming of these platforms.

Fortunately, we’ve put together an extensive list of sites to hire remote front-end developers so you can easily find one that suits your front-end development needs. At the end of this article, you’ll be clear on the best company to choose by looking at its unique features, pricing, and advantages. Let’s get started.

12 Best Sites To Hire Front-End Developers in 2023

Here are our top three picks for the best sites to hire front-end developers:

  • Aloa - Overall best site to hire front-end developers
  • Upwork - Offers the largest pool of front-end developers with great flexibility
  • Toptal - World-class platform for an elevated experience

Let's take a closer look at each of the 12 websites for finding front-end developers to see which one best suits the requirements of your project.

1. Aloa - Top Pick


Overall Best Site To Hire Front-End Developers For All Project Types

Aloa is a cutting-edge platform that provides a safe, transparent, and human method for companies to find front-end developers with lower risks. Our custom-made project management platform helps startups and large corporations to grow online.

Our hiring strategists ensure you get the right front-end developers with full support throughout the project. You’ll get quality senior and junior developers that can ease communication and project management and develop top-tier products with responsive designs.

The Aloa front-end development team incorporates innovation in providing first-grade development outcomes for software, websites, or mobile applications. Companies can leverage our platform to launch projects or enhance their existing online products.

With Aloa, you get a seamless onboarding experience with the global standard. We have a preventative process working with verified firms, tailored strategies during the development process, and biweekly audits to ensure best practices and quality performance.

Our world-class development team provides comprehensive solutions like artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, and blockchain. We have years of experience working with a wide range of industries, equipping our talent with the expertise to build software for any company.

Aloa carries out a rigorous vetting process to keep a pool of top-notch front-end developers. You get peace of mind working with these skilled developers, besides our qualified resources that support technologies like iOS, PHP, Java, Python, Django, and JavaScript.

Here are the main reasons that set us apart from the competition:

  • Highly valued quality assurance and timeliness
  • Customized development based on your needs
  • A strict screening process to ensure quality talent
  • Comprehensive solutions that support a wide variety of technologies


We offer customized development plans according to your project requirement. Get in touch with us now for a pricing quote.

2. Upwork - Industry Leader


The Largest World-Class Platform For Hiring Front-End Developers

Established in 2013 and rebranded in 2015, Upwork is the best world’s work marketplace with G2’s 2021 Best Software Awards. It has the largest network of independent professional front-end developers with a full suite of hybrid workforce management tools for innovative development.

Businesses worldwide use it to get things done - from small project turnarounds to big transformations and from a junior front-end developer to a team of senior developers. Upwork makes it easy to control the workflow throughout your project.

You can easily hire, categorize, and pay the developers through Upwork, resulting in a more organized recruitment process. It gives you access to an immense pool of international talent to fill your skill gaps, whether remote front-end developers, back-end developers, or full-stack developers.

What’s better? You only pay when you get work you approve. It allows you to interview experienced front-end developers, negotiate rates, and discuss work requirements before hiring. This platform also provides identity verification, client reviews, and proof of quality to give you peace of mind in hiring developers.

Companies need not worry about data and privacy issues as Upwork has high-security measures for all information discussed. There is a 24/7 support team, community, and blog to answer your queries.

Here are some of the most notable highlights of this platform:

  • 24/7 support team
  • Tiered-system fees which you pay by milestone
  • Professionals of many skills categories and levels
  • Hire for project segments instead of the entire project


The freelance front-end developers on Upwork bid rates anywhere from $8/hour to over $100/hour.

3. Toptal - Global Solution Provider


High-End Hiring Platform That Ensures Smooth Development Process

Toptal is a first-rate professional freelancing platform that builds bridges between skillful front-end developers and global businesses. It is trusted by companies worldwide, from Fortune 500 businesses to leading-edge startups. You can get an exclusive network of world-class talent distributed worldwide to build excellent teams when you need them.

Whether part-time or full-time, Toptal has an extensive list of outsourcing developers. These experts have specialized development skills embodied in integrity, communication, and professionalism. Besides hiring front-end developers, you can also look for different development talent for your project that includes:

  • Animators
  • Illustrators
  • UI Designers
  • UX Designers
  • Data Scientists
  • App Developers
  • Software Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Interaction Designers
  • Full-Stack Developers
  • Digital Project Managers

All the front-end talent undergoes a stringent screening process with a 98% trial-to-hire success rate. Its multi-stage evaluation process comprises portfolio review, code review, real-time testing, and English language skill tests. You’ll get the top 3% of talent that Toptal has vetted for you, saving you a bunch of time in recruiting front-end development professionals.

Furthermore, this platform has a fast placement process to hire quickly within 48 hours, giving you high scalability and flexibility in running your business. It also has personalized recommendations, so you find a qualified front-end development team based on your timeframe, budget, and requirements. With its no-risk policy, you get a free two-week trial and pay only when satisfied.

Their salient features worth mentioning are:

  • Trusted by Fortune 500 businesses
  • Free trials to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Fast placement process to save your recruitment effort
  • A stringent screening process to provide the top 3% of talent


Toptal charges an hourly rate (starting from $60/hour) depending on the freelance developer’s qualifications. You need to deposit a refundable $500 deposit before searching for freelancers here.

4. Gun.io - Exceptional Front-End Development Platform


Trusted By Fortune 500s To Hire World-Class Front-End Developers

Founded in 2012, Gun.io is a fast-growing yet easy-to-use freelance matchmaking platform. They carefully vet and verify all their front-end candidates based on endorsements from previous employers, technical evaluations, and other screening criteria. The purpose is to give the best hiring experience for both talented developers and innovative companies.

Gun.io focuses on a talent-first approach to give the utmost excellence to its clients. Their over 25,000 fully-vetted and highly collaborative engineers provide over 1,000 skills and technologies to meet your development needs. You can get various flexible hiring choices to fulfill your unique project needs.

You can automatically match and start communicating with suitable freelance front-end developers by posting your job listings on Gun.io. This platform offers free trials to find the right fit for your software development projects. With its comprehensive analytics, you’ll be able to track their progress throughout the collaboration period.

This platform also has a competent customer service team with a 100% money-back guarantee for high customer satisfaction throughout the hiring process. Numerous famous brands and notable businesses trust Gun.io as a reliable tech hiring platform.

Here are the characteristics that make them take the third spot on our list:

  • Vigorous vetting process
  • Free trials period is available
  • Support thousands of skills and technologies
  • Excellent customer service team with a 100% money-back guarantee


Gun.io offers customized packages for each project instead of standard rates. You only pay the fees set by developers when you start the projects, and there are no other extra charges.

5. Fiverr - Best for Startups


The Best Front-End Developer Marketplace For Businesses With Changing Needs

Fiverr is a famous order-based freelancing platform that supports over 250 categories of services, from content writing to software development. Despite the wide variety of services offered, Fiverr is equipped with simple tools to help you filter applicants that suit your front-end development needs.

The platform’s name was based on the core idea – $5 per gig, but it has grown rapidly today, and people pay hundreds of dollars for an experienced front-end developer. However, the rates on Fiverr are still considered reasonable and have helped numerous companies build amazing projects. There are three price points, and front-end developers can price their services based on the job’s complexity.

You can check the front-end freelancer’s status based on the ratings, reviews, performance, and quality of past work to decide which to choose. They also have a helpful customer service and resolution center to get support whenever you need help.

Here are the characteristics that make it stand out from the competitors:

  • Affordable rates set by freelancers
  • Easy-to-use functions to filter the right developers
  • A large pool of developers that support a wide variety of services
  • Protected payments that are released only when you approve the tasks


Fiverr prices range from $5 to $995 based on the complexity of the task.

6. Guru - Most Cost-Effective


Hiring Platform With The Highest Customer Satisfaction Rate

Guru is a pure freelance marketplace with millions of freelance developers, mainly focusing on affordability and volume. With Guru, you can easily find the profile and portfolios of each freelancer before proposing to, discussing with, and hiring a front-end web developer. This information helps you vet the freelancers properly to make a well-informed decision.

With its secure SafePay function, you get peace of mind in processing easy and safe payments. It offers four payment terms with agreements, including fixed-price, hourly, task-based, and recurring payments, so that you can hire front-end developers based on your budget and project needs.

Guru has gained a 99% customer satisfaction rate from over 800,000 notable companies worldwide. It brings its clients exceptional value and high credibility with custom-built solutions and compliance benefits.

These are the exceptional services that set their league apart:

  • Notable global clients
  • Easy and secure payments with SafePay
  • High flexibility in terms of pricing and quality
  • Only charges processing payments and not project-related charges


On Guru, you can choose from cost-effective to high-quality resources, and the costs are determined by your project and the front-end developer's level of expertise.

7. Hired - Hiring Front-End Developers Simplified


Cloud-Based Platform Setting New Benchmarks In Hiring Front-End Developers

Hired works with millions of vetted candidates and provides its services to over 10,000 innovative companies like Dropbox and Fitbit. It combines unique matchmaking technology and human empathy in building excellent connections within companies and talents. You can source professionals from various industries here, including:

  • Data Engineers
  • AR/VR Engineers
  • Security Engineers
  • Full-stack Engineers
  • Front-end Engineers
  • Blockchain Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers

There is a complete guide on how to look for talent and make offer negotiations using proprietary data. It means you can find the right front-end development talent quickly and precisely based on your needs, giving you an excellent user experience.

Hired scrutinizes the front-end candidates strictly based on their technical skill levels, experience, and other additional assessments. It eases companies to hire talent according to their location, language, programming language, preferred skill sets, and required experience level.

They have these features setting them apart from the rest:

  • A vast pipeline of vetted developers
  • User-friendly talent matchmaking services
  • Ability to manage all interviews on the same platform


Hired charges from 0% to 15% commission on the base annual salary of the front-end developer. You can opt for a lower commission by paying a monthly or annual subscription fee.

8. People Per Hour - Effortless Processes

People Per Hour

Hiring Platform That Provides Front-End Developers For Every Scale

Over 1 million small and large businesses worldwide trust this platform because of its ease of communication and effortless hiring processes. It gives you access to global talent, with which you can match in minutes. Businesses can also browse and hire fixed-priced and ready-to-work freelance front-end developers on this platform.

With People Per Hour, you can better manage your custom projects because of the greater control over the developer’s quality, budget, and progress. It also offers you high flexibility and quick turnaround options in hiring, whether full-time, part-time, or flexi-time. With its anti-fraud protection and a money-back guarantee, you’ll get a safe hiring process.

Let’s see what makes People Per Hour stand out from the rest:

  • Trusted by millions of businesses globally
  • High flexibility and quick turnaround option
  • Easy-to-use account management dashboard
  • Anti-fraud protection and money-back guarantee


The rates for People Per Hour vary based on the developer’s experience and the scope of the project. Some freelancers with more experience and skill sets might charge higher rates.

9. X-Team - Remote Work Pioneers


Hiring Platform Known For Certified High-Quality Performance

Established in 2006, X-Team is a leading platform that vets its talent thoroughly to ensure a high-quality pool of front-end developers. It provides these developers with a compelling work environment besides funding their learning and growth to allow continuous improvement in their skills.

Famous brands like Twitter and Dell work with X-Team to hire experienced developers to scale their tech products. It also has flexible contracts and simple billing options to ease your recruitment.

With X-Team, you get more flexibility and scalability via its pain-free solution. They have hundreds of developers and engineers that received a 98% voluntary retention rate, showing high credibility in the services provided.

Some of the key aspects to note are:

  • Screened applicants
  • Extra learning and growth support
  • Great community and support services


The X-Team rate is around $40-50 per hour based on your front-end or back-end development needs.

10. Arc.dev - Trusted Software Experts


Leading Platform Offering Silicon Valley-Caliber Front-End Developers

Arc.dev was originally established as CodementorX, where developers could look for skill improvement and problem-solving assistance. After rebranding to Arc.dev, it provides freelance solutions to help companies find the right remote developer.

This platform provides long-term remote front-end developers while handling payroll and benefits. It has high credibility due to its collaboration with brands like Spotify and Chegg.

With its stringent 6-step vetting process, you can have peace of mind about the developers’ quality. They assess each candidate based on factors like English proficiency, technical skills, and soft skills, and only 2.3% of the candidates clear the hiring process.

Features that set them apart from the competition include:

  • No hidden charges
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Worked with renowned brands
  • Free replacement within first 3 months
  • Offers tailor-matched front-end developers


Arc.dev provides fixed and hourly prices at reasonable rates. You can get quotes by contacting this company.

11. Dice - Inexpensive Solutions


Top-Notch Hiring Destination That Gives You Complete Control

Dice is a first-rated hiring platform to find front-end candidates via precisely tuned search functions. It has millions of professionals on board and is trusted by big brands like Boeing and AT&T.

With its advanced search engines, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the geographical location and skill sets of technologists, the hiring trends, and the skills being valued most. Dice has one of the most active and engaged developer communities of any comparable platform in the market which helps you find the perfect front-end developer for your project.

Dice has a wide array of useful features like email advertisements, social recruitment, and access to resumes. These make it one of the best recruitment platforms in the market.

These are the reasons that make it unique from the rest:

  • Precise searching tools
  • Informative Dice Tech Job Report
  • Handy features to screen applicants


Dice charges $495 per listing for a single job post, and the rate for each listing gets cheaper as you post more jobs.

12. Flexiple - Best-In-Class Experience


Capable Platform With A Highly Responsive Team And Prompt Support

Flexiple has a big pool of pre-screened freelance developers that undergo a comprehensive vetting process. It conducts multiple interviews and tests to choose the best front-end developers.

With their in-house solutions experts, you’ll be able to hire the best fit. They offer lists of the best developers according to your preferences so that you can reach out to your favorite candidate. This personalized approach ensures that you hire your desired front-end developer within 72 hours.

Companies can get high scalability as front-end developers on Flexiple work with an hourly rate. Flexiple is the right platform for tech companies, whether hiring for short-term or full-time projects.

The key features include the following:

  • Risk-free solutions
  • Zero termination cost
  • Pre-screened candidates
  • Excellent solution experts team
  • Comprehensive vetting process
  • High scalability for startups and MNCs


The Flexiple developers charge from $30 to $100 per hour without other recruitment fees.


So there you have it, our top 12 picks for the best sites to hire front-end developers. With our guide, we hope you can make a well-informed decision in choosing the platform that best suits your development needs.

Among all the companies discussed above, Aloa is the best option for you because our one-stop software development capabilities will help boost your business’s scalability. You’ll access a big pool of highly vetted front-end developers that can speed up your project development.

Drop us a message at resources@aloa.co to discuss your needs, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive solution.

The views expressed in this post are the writer's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Aloa or AloaLabs, LLC.
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