15+ Best Sites To Hire Android Designers In Under 48 Hours

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Android designers are one of the most sought-after talents in the world of Android app development. These designers do not just make an app look pretty; they create an experience that users will enjoy and want to come back to. They play an important part in building brand credibility and show that you care about your users' experience and that you take your app seriously.

But finding an exceptional Android UI and UX designer needs a lot of digging especially if you are on a tight schedule. Most renowned software outsourcing companies are either expensive or take a lot of time to match you with the right people for the job. While those that actually check these two boxes often renege later.

In today’s article, we’ll uncover the names of the 16 best sites to hire highly skilled designers in under 48 hours who can create appealing Android mobile applications. By the time you are done reading this guide, you’ll know which doors to knock on to get the best mobile application design talent.

16 Best Companies Of 2023 To Hire Android Designers

Here are our top 3 picks for the best websites to hire Android designers:

  • Aloa - Overall best website for hiring Android designers
  • Source Soft Solutions - Mobile designs that reflect business goals
  • Sevenstar Websolutions - Result-oriented Android app designs

Now, let’s explore all 16 companies and see what they have to offer.

1. Aloa - Top Pick


Aloa is the number 1 choice for companies looking to hire Android designers for interactive mobile applications. Since 2017, we have been designing world-class mobile applications for Android users. Our crafted apps perform exceptionally on all Android devices and screens and all the credit goes to the highly experienced professionals in our talent pool.

We scout talented software developers and designers through our rigorous vetting process. Each designer holds at least a bachelor’s degree and graphic designing certifications, allowing them to create advanced-level UI and UX designs. They use industry best practices to develop user-friendly mobile apps that win the target audience's attention.

At Aloa, we keep no secrets from our clients and ensure complete transparency in the design process. We assign you a dedicated project manager who acts as a traverse between you and the design team. The PM will provide you with regular updates throughout the development and deployment phase.

We also give you access to our project management tools to help you track progress in real-time. These tools also allow you to communicate with your dedicated team of designers and web developers without any hurdles.

We don’t take your time and resource for granted and always ensure high-quality work from our creators. If you are not satisfied with any of our provided Android designers, we guarantee to provide a replacement at no cost. All these at an affordable price compared to our competitors without compromising on the quality.


We have customized pricing plans tailored to your needs. Get in touch with us to hire first-rate mobile designers in less than 48 hours.

2. Source Soft Solutions - Mobile Designs That Reflect Business Goals

Source Soft Solutions

Source Soft Solutions has been serving its clients since 2007 through its digital services. The firm has gained several certifications, including CMMI-DEV level 3 and ISO 9001:2015. To date, they have delivered over 1,250 projects from their delivery centers in India and the US. Moreover, this company has serviced 750+ clients with a 30% retention rate.

Source Soft Solutions has 150+ Android designers specialized in designing visually appealing, highly functional, and user-centered apps. The majority of designers have more than 10 years of experience designing apps that work smoothly on tablets and smartphones.

Source Soft Solutions designers are also renowned for app design prototyping and eCommerce mobile applications. Some of their services include:

  • Brand building
  • UX design and testing
  • Cross-platform app design
  • Complete application redesign

Source Soft Solutions designers have mastered design tools like Adobe Photoshop, MockPlus, Origami Studio, and Adobe After Effects. Additionally, the company guarantees 100% results with on-time delivery.


You can send your project requirements through the contact form for a free consultation and quote.

3. Sevenstar Websolutions - Result-Oriented Android App Designs

Sevenstar Websolutions

Established in 2011, Sevenstar Websolutions is a mobile app designing company from India with an office in the US. The company has been featured on Forbes India and SiliconIndia and has delivered more than 200 projects to 120+ clients across the globe. Some of the leading Android mobile apps that they have designed include Fynd, Just Eat, and DailyRounds.

Sevenstar Websolutions has a skilled team of Android designers and each member has at least 8 years of industry experience. From crafting unique mobile app icons and themes to Android UI design, their designers have a proven track record and can design apps for different platforms and devices.

Sevenstar Websolutions professionals also have a deep understanding of niche-specific designs. They are also reliable at creating and implementing the latest strategies for app design. Their designers are highly skilled at using tools like Android Studio and Android SDK for creating customized Android-based apps. The company matches you with a suitable designer in less than a day.


You can contact Sevenstar Websolutions to get a quote.

4. RubyGarage - Adhering To The Highest Quality Standards


Founded in 2011, RubyGarage is an Estonian app design and software engineering firm with offices in the UK and the US. So far, it has developed 160+ projects and owns 4 profitable digital products. The company builds secure, efficient, and reliable apps by adhering to the CISQ quality standards for different niches, including travel, eCommerce, social networking, and Fintech.

RubyGarage has 150+ in-house Android designers who can create simple and catchy mobile application designs catering to your business needs. Their experts use a research-based method to craft effective apps by establishing design ideas. Then the team converts ideation into solid clickable prototypes and takes your product to review user interaction through usability testing.

RubyGarage also ensures that its Android applications have clear layouts and intuitive navigation and that the user interface designs are according to Google design guidelines. Moreover, the company also helps you identify and remove UX issues for a streamlined product through its UX audit services.


Get in touch with RubyGarage through the contact form or schedule a call to get an estimate.

5. Intellectsoft - Visionary Android Designs


Since 2007, Intellectsoft has been providing its state-of-the-art Android UX and UI designing services. It is headquartered in the US and has branch offices in Norway and the UK. The company has helped many Fortune 500 companies in the digital landscape by creating outstanding mobile designs.

Intellectsoft’s Android designers have a decade-long experience crafting a robust design process that ensures powerful results. They guarantee to deliver mobile designs 30% faster than their competitors. The team is proficient in full-cycle UX/UI mobile design and integration.

In the user experience domain, they can help you with analysis, interface architecture, wireframing, and dynamic prototyping. Similarly, the team uses different design references and graphic interfaces for the UI design process and creates animation prototypes. All of this is to get you a powerful and user-friendly mobile application.

Apart from simple mobile app design services, Intellectsoft also deals in a wide range of services, such as:

  • Cross-platform design
  • UI and UX consultancy
  • Android app design for wearable technology


You can contact Intellectsoft to get their custom pricing quote.

6. Android Developer - Full-Cycle UX/UI Android Design

Android Developer

As the name suggests, Android Developer is a dedicated Indian company that only designs and develops Android apps. It is known for making app designs that load fast on all Android devices. The company has worked with 115+ clients globally and delivered over 163 applications.

Android Developer has a team of 63+ Android designers, best for carving niche-based app designs. Their team has extensive experience designing engaging and eye-catching application interfaces catering to various business requirements. They are well-versed in creating functional and valuable designs to enhance usability.

Additionally, their app designers keep photo-best, load performance, design detail, and all other UI elements in mind to create convertible designs. They have experience using all trending mobile UI/UX design tools, including Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.


You can submit your project description to get a price estimation.

7. 9series - App Designs For Lasting Impression


9series is a custom software development company based in India and has 8+ years of experience in this field. With Android app designing as one of its core specialties, the company has delivered over 120 apps and overall served more than 250 clients. One of the best things about this firm is its guarantee of keeping your information 100% secure.

9series crafts the most appealing and feature-rich mobile applications through its team of 100+ creative Android designers and software developers. The team includes Android design experts to create user-friendly and scalable apps through stunning designs. The UI and UX skills of their designers are unmatched and strong enough to attract and convince users to install your mobile app.

9series can also help you with your existing app’s support and maintenance.


You can contact 9series to get a price quote.

8. TECHVED - User-Centric Android Designs


TECHVED is one of India's leading mobile app designing companies with a specialization in Android design. Appreciated worldwide and a clientage including Fortune 500 companies, the company has provided its next-gen services for over 2 decades. So far, TECHVED has delivered 500+ projects to more than 200 global clients and designed solutions for companies like Flipkart, Quikr, and Kotak.

TECHVED focuses on 3 aspects when it comes to designing apps for Android:

  • User-centric design
  • On-time delivery through agile methodology
  • Religiously following the design specification sheet

TECHVED’s Android designers have the right set of skills and hands-on experience in making the user interface and user-experience design strategies. They are also familiar with the principles of interaction design and design prototyping.

The designers at TECHVED are well-versed in information architecture to ensure your users find the information without struggling between features. They make it happen by structuring, organizing, and labeling all design elements to eliminate confusion.


Connect with TECHVED through the contact form to know their design charges.

9. MindSea - Award-Winning Designers


MindSea has been designing world-class mobile applications since 2007. The company is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with major clients in Canada and the US. MindSea claims to impact over 10 million lives by creating top app designs. Additionally, MindSea received the best company award in 2023.

The MindSea designers are committed to ideating and implementing mobile app designs that fit your business needs. They are specialized in creating Android applications from scratch according to the Google Play Store guidelines. The team profoundly uses Material Design principles to ensure a smooth user experience.

From designing application prototypes to validating core features, MindSea uses real-world user information to help you avoid expensive mistakes. Their award-winning UX designers create seamless and strong user experiences through real-world scenarios. Their designers are great at producing product roadmaps to estimate your app's technical specifications, estimated cost, and expected launch time.


You can contact MindSea with your project requirements to receive a quote via call or email.

10. West Agile Labs - Crafting Unforgettable Brand Image Through Impactful Designs

West Agile Labs

West Agile Labs has been making digital products since 2012. Based in the US and a delivery center in India, the company has completed 400+ projects for its worldwide clients. It has generated an approximate revenue of $400 million in its 10+ years by delivering outstanding app designs to Fortune 500 companies.

West Agile Labs aligns your company’s goals with its Android app design services. Having a decade-long experience, their designers create an impeccable brand image by adding a captivating appearance, simplicity, intuitive feel, and functionality to your app design.

West Agile Labs offers a broad range of Android mobile application design services, including:

  • Tailored mobile UI design
  • Support and maintenance
  • User-friendly interface design

The West Agile Labs team starts by designing a responsive prototype to gather user feedback for identifying your application’s feasibility. Their UI and UX experts also have a rich background in usability testing to resolve users’ problems.


The pricing plan is available on demand.

11. Outsource2India - Most Experienced Designers


Outsource2India was established in 1999 and covers all design and development needs. It is an ISO 9001-certified outsourcing firm having a team of designers and app developers in India, Columbia, Bolivia, and the Phillippines. The company has helped 18,000+ clients from 167 countries by designing meaningful and catchy apps.

Outsource2India has more than 5000 verified Android designers in its network. They are experts in researching and implementing creative UI and UX designs into apps. Their professionals have strong command over data structuring and are well-versed in assimilating the essential information in the app design’s components.

Some of their services in the Android app design domain include:

  • Mobile UI and UX designing
  • Pre-launch trials and testing
  • Interactive elements and prototyping


You can contact the company for a free quote within 24 hours.

12. Bosc Tech Labs - Most Methodological

Bosc Tech Labs

Bosc Tech Labs has over 10 years of experience in designing mobile apps. It has successfully launched 100+ Android applications that have more than 1,000,000 downloads. With over 50 happy clients in more than 10 countries, Bosc Tech Labs scores a 99% client satisfaction rate with 95% customer retention.

The company has 30 highly skilled Android designers capable of adding eye-catching and interactive UI design. They also have the expertise and in-depth knowledge of UX design. Bosc Tech Labs professionals use industry-best design software and also have hands-on experience with the famous collaboration tool Whimisical to create high-quality and interactive Android app designs.

Bosc Tech Labs has a strict design process, including

  • Design research
  • Wireframing
  • Structure designing
  • Response testing
  • Support and maintenance


The company provides tailor-made plans based on project requirements.

13. Neuronimbus - Designs For All Android Devices


Neuronimbus is a renowned app design company based in India with offices in Australia and the US. Since 2003, the company has delivered over 150 projects for 100+ global clients. It has designed high-performance mobile applications for organizations like Panasonic, Revlon, and Mahindra.

Neuronimbus’s Android designers create user-interface designs by studying customers’ habits, preferences, and demands. They craft apps that run flawlessly on all Android devices, including tablets, Smart TVs, smartphones, and smartwatches.

The Neuronimbus Material Design professionals follow Google standards to add visual elements to the app and focus on user engagement by including user elements such as:

  • Predictive text
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Self-explanatory menus

The design team also creates Android UI designs that provide suggestions through visual indicators like auto-selecting dates and prefilled forms.


You can contact Neuronimbus to get their price estimate.

14. ZestGeek - Imaginative App Designs For Increased Engagement


ZestGeek has been in the business for 5 years and has gained a solid position in the IT industry within this short span. The company has a skillful design and development team with sound knowledge of building mobile apps. It has delivered 500+ projects to over 500 different clients all over the world.

ZestGeek has an in-house team of 50 designers with a high prowess in designing Android apps. You can rely on them to create:

  • UI/UX upgrade
  • New UI/UX design
  • Design improvement and maintenance

Their talented designers have mastered different design software, including Adobe Illustrator, XD, and Sketch. They also use the Balsamiq design tool for wireframing Android mobile applications.

ZestGeek's unique Android application design process includes UI research to reveal themes and colors for building an emotional connection with the audience. Their designers are also experts in creating UI designs with catchy buttons, shapes, images, complex animations, and typography.


The pricing plans are available on demand.

15. Paras Technologies - Most Cost-Effective

Paras Technologies

Paras Technologies was founded in 2010 and over time, the company expanded across 3 different locations, including Singapore, Indonesia, and the US. Paras Technologies has delivered 300+ cost-effective and innovative Android app designs to 200 clients in 80 countries. This company specializes in designing educational, pet care, and dating app interfaces.

Through its 50 ingenious Android designers, Paras Technologies is committed to designing native and cross-platform applications. To ensure your application signifies your company’s identity, their UI/UX specialists use fonts and color schemes that match your users' preferences.

Paras Technologies' mobile design services also include:

  • Usability testing
  • Feature-rich design
  • Easy-to-use interfaces
  • Visual layouts supporting multi-screens

The company also offers a deep competitor analysis to give your apps a competitive edge. Paras Technologies also provides free post-launch technical support for an entire month.


You can schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss your project details and get a free estimate.

16. Quokka Labs - Quickest Turnaround Time

Quokka Labs

Since 2014, Quokka Labs has been delivering scalable app designs specifically targeting the Android community. The company has a head office in India with a branch office in the Netherlands. Until now, it has successfully designed and submitted 200+ Android and iOS apps and has a 99% client retention rate.

Quokka Labs has one of the finest Android app designing teams recruited after a strict screening process. So far, they have designed apps catering to several industries, including retail, education, travel, and real estate. They provide:

  • Design prototyping
  • Application redesign
  • Custom mobile UI design

Quokka Labs shapes products using design tools like Figma and Mockplus. They can design Android-powered, highly interactive mobile apps in 40 to 100 hours.


Contact their sales team to get a free price estimate.


Highly engaging Android applications are a work of marvel in which Android designers play an important role. A good and experienced designer ensures building feature-packed solutions by taking care of both UI and UX aspects. Most importantly, they design apps according to the standards set by the Play Store.

The 16 platforms we have covered in this article proffer some of the most accomplished designers. But they are far from the services provided by Aloa.

At Aloa, we offer unrivaled Android design talent to create digital products that run on all Android operating systems. We have a culture of innovation that is unparalleled in the Android design world. Our Android designers are constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities.

The designers at Aloa are not working in silos but rather are constantly bouncing ideas off one another and working together to create truly exceptional designs. To know more, reach out to us for all your Android design needs.

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