15+ Best Sites To Hire .NET Developers [2024 Guide]

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It can be challenging to hire .NET developers despite the popularity and utility of the framework since the pool of qualified developers is relatively small compared to other more widely-used open-source technologies. Add to that the fact that the demand for application development specialists continues to rise.

Even though many websites and job boards claim to provide highly-skilled programmers but they either have complicated procedures or the candidates might not be actively looking for new job opportunities. Likewise, some websites don’t have a strong vetting process which results in a waste of resources and time.

So to help you with this, we have compiled a list of the 16 best websites for hiring professional and highly-qualified .NET developers. And not just that, but by the end of this post, you will also know all the essential skills a .NET developer must possess and will be familiar with the steps to hire top-quality talent.

Let’s get right to it.

16 Proven Sites To Hire .NET Developers In 2024

These 16 websites can help you hire top .NET developers with extensive work experience and impeccable skills.

1. Aloa - Top Pick


Aloa is an outsourcing company that connects clients with developers for emerging technology development like IoT and CRM. Whether you need a single .NET developer or a full .NET development team, we’ve got you covered.

We provide vigorously vetted .NET developers with US-based references. Our talent-acquisition experts screen our recruits through a series of technical interviews and skill tests. To ensure there’s no communication gap between you and your hired team, we also scout candidates through interpersonal interviews.

Find the perfect .NET developer to hire from our network of tech experts and manage your project on our platform as well. Not just that, to make things easier for you, we provide you with an outsourcing strategist to ensure your project is going smoothly. We also give you access to our customized tool for monitoring your project and communicating with your recruited team for updates.

2. BELITSOFT - Secure Cloud-Ready .NET Solutions


BELITSOFT is a recognized custom software development and staff augmentation service provider. They have a highly skilled team of .NET engineers ready to build fast and user-friendly cloud-native .NET-based products. BELITSOFT’s team of .NET developers includes project managers and system administrators for providing end-to-end project development and monitoring.

BELITSOFT onboards only top .NET programmers with 10+ years of experience and a track record of successfully completing projects using the .NET frameworks. Additionally, they have established processes and methodologies for managing and executing projects like creating real-time applications, scaling complex solutions, .NET migration, or testing, as well as a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

3. Iflexion - Process Oriented .NET Development


Iflexion is another renowned .NET development company that offers .NET services to build solutions catering to your business requirements. They offer 3 different ways to work with you so you can get started on the project right away.

  • You can hire .NET developers working at Iflexion at fixed pricing
  • You can opt for the SLA model if you desire to go forward on multiple milestones
  • You can also onboard a dedicated development team on a time and material basis

The Iflexion team is picked after a thorough screening process and comprises Microsoft-certified .NET developers capable of converting your requirements into highly scalable and flexible solutions. It's a reliable company to get custom .NET development, .NET integration, and .NET migration.

4. Velvetech - Highly Engaging B2B And B2C Development


Velvetech is a team of 150+ software engineers offering different custom development services. This company is a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner with a specialty in building .NET applications. The company provides on-demand programmers and dedicated teams that have years of experience in the field.

You can also onboard Velvetech as your technology partner where they will offer assistance with everything from idea validation and market analysis to development and launch.

Regardless of your hiring choice, Velvetech gives you the finest .NET development services, such as porting and third-party customization, desktop software, mobile apps, IoT systems, cloud apps, and machine learning-based products.

5. GitHub - Real-Time .NET Development Projects


GitHub is a popular platform among developers for sharing and collaborating on code but it is also a great place to hire .NET developers. Whether you're looking for a junior developer or a senior developer, you'll find a wide range of qualified candidates on GitHub.

Developers are active on the platform and they are always sharing their projects, contributing to open source, and participating in discussions. This makes it easy for you to find the right developer for your project, no matter what your specific needs are.

Another reason why GitHub is a great place to hire .NET developers is that you can easily see the work of potential candidates. Developers use GitHub to share their projects and code, which makes it easy for you to see the quality of their work.

You can see how they structure their code, how they write comments, and how they document their projects. This allows you to get a sense of the developer's skill level and how they would fit into your team.

6. Wellfound - Ideal For Startups


Previously known as AngelList Talent, Wellfound is a valuable platform for finding startup-ready candidates from different parts of the world. This website registers around 8 million top tech talent, including project managers and .NET programmers. This company is a great platform for startups because the majority of developers associated with it are interested in working with emerging businesses.

Wellfound allows you to post free job listings and search for high-class engineers. You can respond to applicants or reach out on your own to suitable candidates without any restrictions. The company also gives you access to its free ATS tracking system to schedule interviews and manage multiple .NET developers.

7. WeWorkRemotely - Hiring Remote .NET Developers Made Easy


WeWorkRemotely is the largest job board to help employers find remote talent. Unlike other hiring sites, they don’t scrape job listings from other platforms, which ultimately increases your chances of meeting authentic professionals. You can hire .NET developers through this website after choosing a paid membership plan.

In return, your listing appears as a “pinned ad” for an entire week. At the same time, your posting is distributed to their partner networks and niche websites. Moreover, WeWorkRemotely even uses its Slack channel and official social media accounts to share your listing. All these ensure that you get the maximum reach which increases the chances of finding talented .NET developers.

8. Stack Overflow - Transparent .NET Talent Acquisition

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow has a large and active community of developers who regularly ask and answer questions and share their expertise. But it is more than just a Q&A forum. It receives millions of visitors each day and has over 50 million registered users. So the chance of finding the right developer for your project is high.

You can find .NET experts by creating your employer brand by signing up for “Talent” - one of Stack Overflow’s services for companies. You get access to a dedicated dashboard where you can post questions and advertise your job campaign, reachable to the entire community.

Although there’s no straightforward job board, this feature is a great way to attract and hire .NET developers. Stack Overflow has a reputation system that rewards users who consistently provide helpful answers, which means you can find individuals based on their contributions.

9. Competenza Innovare - Cost-Effective .NET Staff Augmentation

Competenza Innovare

Competenza Innovare is a renowned web development agency that delivers high-end .NET web applications. Competenza Innovare has an experienced team in all .NET domains to provide the best development services for building engaging .NET solutions.

In fact, they only recruit certified experts capable of implementing upgraded strategies to accomplish your business goals. Competenza Innovare is known for on-time delivery and budget-friendly services. Moreover, they also provide a free consultation to entertain your queries about .NET development.

10. Scalable Path - Stress-Free Hiring

Scalable Path

Scalable Path is another great site to hire freelance .NET developers from their pool of talent through a unique hiring model. The company assigns a software architect to understand and translate your requirements into a detailed job description. They then invite experienced .NET developers to apply for your job and screen them all to find the best match.

While all applicants need to answer role-based questions, Scalable Path also takes a 30 minutes video interview with the promising candidates. Once the English communication skills, personality, and availability assessment are complete, the short-listed candidates are further assessed through coding tests. After multiple screenings, Scalable Path allows you to choose the best talent to start working on your project.

11. Radixweb - Growth-Driven Outsourcing


Radixweb is committed to delivering high-quality software development services using .NET platforms combined with agile methods. The company leverages the newest technologies and deeply understands all .NET technical aspects to build feature-rich enterprise solutions. They are proficient at .NET app development, cloud integration, CMS building, and maintenance.

Besides, they are best at gaming, eCommerce, social networking, and industry-related administrative solutions. They only hire the cream of .NET professionals after a stringent vetting process. You can pick .NET dedicated teams or transfer your project to Radixweb in-house experts to develop flexible and scalable products.

12. Aspire Software Consultancy - Affordable User-Friendly Products

Aspire Software Consultancy

Aspire Software Consultancy focuses on providing IT outsourcing services. They acquire an innovative, experienced, and dynamic team of professional programmers and are ready to offer services to small and medium-sized corporate clients. Aspire Software Consultancy is also an ISO-certified service and a member of NASSCOM.

You can hire .NET developers for universal application development, WPF framework, Azure development, and .NET mobile configuration. Aspire Software Consultancy provides you with .NET solutions with less coding, hassle-free deployment, and robust security. Moreover, they are ideal for designing simple and user-friendly digital products at minimal pricing.

13. Appsvolt - Ideal Cross-Functional Collaboration


Appsvolt is a cost-effective custom software development company that is one of the best IT consultancy. It has a team of programmers with 20+ years of technical background in the IT industry. This company provides both onshore and offshore staff augmentation services.

Appvolts applies well-defined methods to build your .NET websites and apps. They have a skillful team of .NET developers with knowledge of advanced frameworks to help build desktop software and web applications. Its .NET engineers are also excellent at developing AI and machine learning platforms powered by .NET backend programming.

14. DotNETCrossing - Largest Dedicated .NET Job Board


If you’re looking for a job board to hire .NET developers, DotNETCrossing could be the answer. Although this job site collects vacancies from different resources, you can also post your job details to find a suitable candidate. Since this platform is limited to the .NET domain, recruiting the right talent is relatively fast.

Some of the perks of using DotNETCrossing is that your single job posting is shared on 500+ job boards. It is also emailed to thousands of qualified .NET developers for greater outreach. DotNETCrossing also gives you access to its database of resumes to find the most suitable programmers through keyword research.

15. IT Job Pro - 2nd Largest IT Job Board In The US

IT Job Board

IT Job Pro is another job board on our list where you can find thousands of IT experts. Compared to other job sites, this has an uncomplicated interface and allows you to post your job listings at affordable charges and in a few simple steps.

However, IT Job Pro is not responsible for vetting the applicants and you are solely responsible for screening them yourself. This may sound like a bit of an effort, but with its greater reach, you will end up finding a .NET specialist through this website.

16. Nexxt - Tailored .NET Solutions


Nexxt is a recruitment firm that supports and makes your hiring journey effortless. The company offers different hiring solutions to help you find the best recruit. They give you multiple options to search for the right talent, including job listing promotions, display advertisements, and email and text campaigns. Nexxt has over 100 million job seekers registered on their network and 12+ million text subscribers.

With Nexxt, you don’t have to do the hard work, as the recruitment team takes care of the entire process. All you need to do is tell them about the traits you’re looking for in .NET developers and the top talent will approach you.

Now that we know the best sites to find and hire dot NET developers, let's take a look at their roles and responsibilities.

What Does A .NET Developer Do?

When looking to hire a .NET developer, it’s always helpful, even if you’re a startup, to know at least a basic understanding of the platform to make a good hire. Simply put, a .NET software developer can be described as a programmer specializing in the .NET CLI (common language infrastructure) framework.

A .NET developer or .NET development team (for larger and more complex .NET projects) uses the .NET platform to create applications. This means they have expertise when it comes to high-level programming languages like Visual Basic, C#, and F#.

Because of the large compatibility with other systems and applications this platform offers, .NET can be used for various types of projects ranging from websites, website apps, iOS and Android phone and tablet apps, and other kinds of applications, and the maintenance of each project mentioned.

What’s great about developing a tech project in the .NET environment is that it’s cost-effective. If you’re looking to maximize your tech development budget without compromising quality, .NET is the platform to go for. It’s a basic platform that makes tech development affordable and fast. Additionally, it can run on any platform so the skills can be reused with other familiar environments.

Moreover, .NET developers can enhance an application's security. The information remains safely protected since Microsoft, a tech giant supports this platform. They take security seriously and so are on the constant lookout for threats and regularly release updates when risks are discovered.

Also, .NET apps are known for being high-performance apps. The overall performance rates of tech projects running in this environment are technically higher than others. Lastly, .NET developers can create highly-scalable apps.

To recap a .NET engineer’s basic roles and responsibilities:

  • .NET developers design and write codes in the .NET environment
  • Improve and upgrade existing .NET software functionality
  • Testing and debugging .NET applications
  • Supplying technical support for web services dynamic websites, and apps in the .NET environment

That’s the basics for a .NET developer, let’s dive a little deeper and know more about the skill requirements for different competencies for each level of .NET experts.

Must-Have Skill Set For .NET Developers To Hire

Hiring anyone claiming to be an expert .NET programmer is a recipe for disaster. Whether you’re looking to hire a part-time or full-time .NET developer, a freelance or in-house team member, or a set of dedicated team members, here’s a list of .NET developer skills you should look for when hiring one.

More than just looking for years of experience, a claim to be creative or innovative, and whatever they put on their resume, you should also be on the lookout for their abilities, or specific tech skills and soft skills.

Generally, the .NET developer candidate should have these basic skills:

  • A strong command of C# and other basic programming languages like HTML and CSS
  • Can read, write, and modify codes in a clean manner
  • Proficient with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Proficient with the .NET framework and updated with its new features
  • Has experience in object-oriented programming
  • Has great communication skills and can easily explain technical points about the .NET project to team members and clients
  • Excellent time and cost management abilities
  • Proficient with planning and error fixing
  • Has an analytical mindset
  • Credible
Visual Studio .NET

Again, these are just the fundamental skills each candidate should possess when you hire developers in the .NET specialization. Difference length of expertise also entails different competencies and that’s what we’re going to look at right now.

I. Trainee

  • Must at least have 0-3 months of experience
  • Must be proficient in C#, .NET with its internals (CLR, JIT, GAC)
  • Understands OOP principles

II. Junior Beginner

  • Must at least have 3 months of experience
  • Proficient in the skills already mentioned plus HTML, CSS, VB.NET, ASP.NET

III. Junior Upper

  • Must at least have 9 months of experience
  • Proficient in the skills already mentioned plus LINQ, SQL, JavaScript, Visual Studio, JQuery, Angular JS

IV. Junior Advanced

  • Must at least have 1.5 years of experience
  • Proficient in the skills already mentioned plus Entity framework

V. Middle Beginner

  • Must have at least 2 years of experience
  • Proficient in the skills already mentioned plus experience working with SQL server, front-end, and back-end

VI. Middle Upper

  • Must at least have 2.5 years of experience
  • Proficient in the skills already mentioned plus experience working with database queries optimization, Bootstrap experience, and XML

VII. Middle Advanced

  • Must at least have 3 years of experience
  • Proficient in the skills already mentioned plus GraphQL, and REST APIs best practices
  • Has strong debugging skills

VIII. Senior

  • Must at least have 5 years of experience
  • Proficient in the skills already mentioned plus a thorough knowledge of C#, Visual Basic programming, Docker, and web development for apps
  • Comprehension of Agile environment, architecture patterns for app development, and cloud development

IX. Tech Lead

  • Should also have at least 5 years of experience
  • Proficient in the skills already mentioned
  • Has expertise in mentoring ASP.NET developers
  • Has experience with developing high-load systems, automated unit testing, and Scrum methodologies
  • Familiarity with MSSQL
  • Has strong management and organizational skills

X. Architect

  • Should at least have 6 years of experience
  • Has the capacity to architect complex web applications through the .NET framework
  • Has exceptional expertise with ASP.NET, developing .NET core applications, and ASP.NET MVC
  • Can create data access components with Entity Framework and LINQ and build web APIs

XI. Senior Architect

  • Should at least have 8 years of experience
  • Should also have at least 3 years of senior programming experience
  • Has exceptional expertise with .NET tech stack, creating large enterprise solutions, uses and proficient with front-end frameworks
  • Has substantial experience with Jira, tech writing skills, metric collection tools, and debugging


  • Should also have at least 8 years of experience
  • Has a deep ability in understanding deep tech trends and knowledge of .NET programming
  • Proficient in planning and budgeting
  • Has strong leadership abilities

With that is a list of additional soft skills .NET developers from any competency should have to keep pace and position an edge in with the rate of technological innovation. These include:

  • Quick learning adaptation to tech developments also means unlearning obsolete techniques, tools, and platforms
  • Out-of-the-box creativity to come up with groundbreaking .NET solutions for complex business concerns
  • Acumen in determining which legacy systems to employ
  • Full discernment in comprehending business requirements and needed software functionality to address them
  • Credibility to fulfill non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and prior creative brainstorming outputs made with a specific client
  • Ability to design functionality-rich mobile apps using .NET technology

5 Steps In Hiring The Perfect .NET Developer

Here’s a fool-proof hiring process to maximize your chances of finding the best-fit .NET developer for your web or mobile application needs.

Step 1: Craft A Detailed Job Offer

One of the first things you need to do in the hiring process is to clarify your requirements for the .NET developer you're looking to hire. The competencies above will give you a solid idea of the requirements you can ask from potential .NET developer candidates.

For example, if you’re looking for a programmer that’s proficient in front-end and back-end development, you can name your job ad “Looking for Middle Beginner .NET Developer to handle front-end needs of a business solution” or if you’re looking for someone who can handle a complex eCommerce solution, your job ad can be named “Looking for .NET Architect who can developer a complex eCommerce solution for a growing fitness apparel brand”

You can then expound on the requirements in the description section mentioning the years of experience needed to qualify as well as the tech skills and soft skills needed. It’s also important to give a brief overview of your organization so the candidates will have an initial idea of what solutions they can offer you.

You should also mention your preferred work arrangements. Are you amenable to remote workers or do they have to report physically to the office? Are you looking for a freelance developer who gets paid by the project phase or a full-time employee that gets paid by the hour?

Clarifying your job offer right from the title will help you filter out qualified ones from those who aren’t narrowing your search to save their time and yours.

As a recap, the job offer should have:

  • Detailed job title
  • Brief description of the role and responsibilities
  • Required tech skills like programming languages, experience, and methodologies
  • Required soft skills
  • Brief description of the organization or company

Step 2: Post The Job Offer

Sometimes you won’t be provided with enough space to explain the job. In cases like this, you can write your job ad in a document, save it in cloud storage, and provide a brief description and the link in the platform chosen.

If you hire a developer from us in Aloa, you just have to click on the “Hire Your Team” button and answer a few qualifying questions so we can provide you with the best candidates to build your .NET project.

How to hire on Aloa

Then set an acceptance period for applications before you start reviewing them.

Step 3: Review Applications

When the acceptance period is over, you should now have an ample list of candidates to choose from.

It’s best if you have a checklist handy so you can sort through the applicants and tick under an applicant what requirements they passed with. Those with the most ticked boxes should then be shortlisted for an interview.

Step 4: Interview

Going through an interview whether face-to-face or using video calling platforms like Skype is a necessary step to take. It’s best to ask the same questions to all candidates to be as consistent as possible. It’s also good to watch out for the inquisitive ones because this is an indicator of a potential asset for your .NET project. Those who ask questions show their interest and willingness to learn more about the job at hand.

You should also ask questions that test their resume claims and questions that determine their suitability to the company culture.

During the interview stage, you can also ask the .NET developer for a skill test for final verification of their qualifications.

Here are some sample questions you can ask to test their tech knowledge:

  • What’s the difference between managed and unmanaged code?
  • How will you execute managed code?
  • What’s the difference between Int32 and int?

Step 5: Onboarding

The interview stage should give you convincing insight into which .NET candidate to go for. After choosing the final .NET developer or team of developers to work with, it’s also a good practice to inform those who were not chosen so they won’t be waiting in vain. You can also opt to give them a timeline mentioning that if you don’t call back in say, 5 days, it means they were not chosen for the job.

During the onboarding stage, tell them more about the company and the team they will be working with. You should also explain better the details of the project, the timeline you set, and the existing work processes.

Lastly, confirm their work schedule, meeting schedule, and expected deliverables.

Wrapping Up

Following the details mentioned in this guide should help you find the best .NET developers to work on your .NET project. When it comes to hiring the best .NET developers, there are two primary considerations: knowledge and communication. As the one responsible for hiring .NET developers, you should have a substantial idea of what you’re looking for and where to find them.

Communication is also vital. The job offer can be as detailed as it can be but there will be bound to be some information that will need clarification during interviews. Communicate the project and requirements clearly, this way both you and the candidate will be on the same page.

Aloa provides you with the most eligible team of .NET developers to make successful digital products. Our dedicated teams have exemplary technical skills, experience, and experience, enabling them to work on your goals. Contact us at [email protected] to hire professional .NET engineers today.

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