15+ Best Sites To Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers [2024]

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Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks and is widely used by developers to build robust and high-performance web applications. As a business owner or a project manager, you may be looking to hire dedicated Laravel developers to help you build your next web project. But with so many options available, it can be tough to know where to start.

Finding authentic experts with years of industry experience takes a lot of time. Many companies claim to provide skilled Laravel developers, but only a few have a proven track record. This is what today’s guide aims to do.

We've compiled a list of 16 proven sites to help you find the perfect Laravel developer for your project. By the end of this post, you’ll not only discover the best places to hire dedicated Laravel developers in 2023 but will also be familiar with the most important factors to look for when hiring them and a step-by-step recruitment process.

Top 16 Websites Of 2024 To Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers

Sit tight because we’ll be taking you through our top 16 picks to help you hire dedicated Laravel developers for your current and upcoming projects.

1. Aloa - Top Pick


Aloa is an outsourcing firm best for handling all your Laravel development projects. We have what it takes to make your project successful and provide highly qualified teams at market-competitive pricing. Our skilled programmers are experienced at backend Laravel coding to build modern web applications, websites, and enterprise-level products.

Aloa never compromises on work quality because that’s how we deliver high-end solutions.

We trust our capabilities as each squad member undergoes a rigorous vetting process. So whether you onboard an individual developer or an entire team from us, you can expect impeccable outcomes.

Once you hire dedicated Laravel developers from us, we allow you to scale up and down members per your requirements. To bridge the communication gap, we also give you access to transparency control tools to help you monitor the entire process. Moreover, to save time, we also handle your international payments, so you don’t have to face complexities.

2. Toptal - Globally Distributed Network Of Top Talent


Toptal is more than just a freelancing platform to find first-rate Laravel developers. They only pick 3% of professionals from 200,000+ applicants each year. When you choose Toptal, the company assigns you engineering experts. They understand your requirements and business goals and find the vetted talent to assist you in your development voyage.

Within 48 hours, Toptal introduces you to a group of the most suited Laravel developers. They then allow you to handpick the best expert that matches your needs. Moreover, the company even offers a no-risk trial period of 2 weeks, so you can analyze if the collaboration is successful.

3. Arc - All-in-One Remote Hiring Platform


Arc is a leading industry name that lets you connect with all types of software engineers. They help you hire dedicated Laravel developers for full-time employment or project-based contracts (freelancers). Developers are only permitted to join the company's network after passing many requirements, including tests of their technical knowledge and soft skills analysis.

Arc allows you to post unlimited job listings after choosing a paid monthly plan. However, the basic subscription gives you access to limited vetted developers. In comparison, their premium model ensures 90 days pay-back guarantee and unlimited access to the entire vetted community.

4. Turing - Intelligent AI Vetting


Turing is a world-class platform known for assigning enterprise-level remote software engineers. The platform helps you hire dedicated Laravel developers with robust technical expertise and communication skills. They have a complex vetting process that includes Silicon Valley-standard interviews and seniority tests.

Each year Turing receives 2 million+ applications, of which only 1% of candidates qualify to join this company. They also export talent, all set to work at your preferred time zone for reasonable pricing. Additionally, the company gives you access to its special Workspace where you can attend daily virtual stand-ups and see time tracking.

5. 10Pearls - Seamless Laravel Web Development


10Pearls is an award-winning and well-reputed software design and development company. They have highly skilled and experienced developers for visually-remarkable and intuitive Laravel web app development. Besides, 10Pearls programmers also have strong knowledge of popular frontend technologies, like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to provide you with a complete solution.

You can hire dedicated Laravel developers from 10Pearls for a variety of services. That includes:

  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Maintenance
  • API development
  • CMS development
  • Laravel customized apps

6. Adeva - Fast-Track Laravel Hiring


Adeva helps startups and corporations to recruit and manage talented Laravel software developers. The platform has a large pool of experienced coders and architects having expertise in Laravel development with a 98% engagement success rate. Through their outsourcing model, you can hire dedicated Laravel developers or individual experts for 20 to 40 hours per week.

Adeva is home to 10,000+ professions and it takes up to 72 hours to find a perfect Laravel programmer. The company also allows you to scale up or down the hired workforce to meet your requirements.

7. Proxify - Transparency At Its Best


Another worthy contender on our list is Proxify. It provides you with professional and communicative Laravel programmers of the highest quality. This platform allows you to hire dedicated Laravel developers on part-time and full-time agreements. You also get access to their unique step-by-step hiring procedure to help you find the most appropriate personnel.

Most of Proxify’s Laravel developers have hands-on experience with the latest Laravel versions. They know the newest features like anonymous stubs migration and query builders to build contemporary solutions. The best thing about Proxify is they don’t charge anything until you are fully satisfied with your hired Laravel engineers.

8. Elsner - Active Communication For Timely Deliveries


Elsner is a Laravel development firm with top-level expertise in all PHP-based frameworks. They have the right qualities, experience, and skills to build highly creative and engaging mobile and web applications. Their budget-friendly solutions let you hire experts to develop simple products to complex CMS without overpaying.

Elsner Technologies also offers different Laravel development services, including:

  • Enterprise products
  • Customized solutions
  • Third-party integration
  • eCommerce development

Currently, the company has 250+ developers who are always ready to build powerful and cutting-edge digital products. You can begin immediately with dedicated Laravel developers by choosing Elsner’s time & material, fix-scope, or dedicated business models.

9. iSyncEvolution - Certified Laravel Developers


iSyncEvolution is one of the leading IT consultancy and enterprise software development companies. The company manages your projects through its in-house, solution-oriented, and highly-experienced developers. Their transparent development process helps you get accurate details about the progress at every stage.

With iSyncEvolution, scalable and feature-packed solutions with high returns on investment are a given. It offers a broad range of Laravel development services, including website creation, RESTful API development, and migration. They are also known for Laravel extension development and building Laravel-powered AI-based web applications, plugins, and social networking platforms.

10. Concetto Labs - Confidentiality Assured

Concetto Labs

Concetto Labs is a popular Laravel development platform known for providing top-rated services at affordable rates. One of the best features of their services is 100% confidentiality. Once you give your project, the company signs an NDA to ensure your business information and project details stay under legal protection.

Concetto Labs creates Laravel solutions, like:

  • Spark development
  • Angular development
  • Framework development
  • Custom web development

Concetto Labs delivers on-time projects through an agile approach. They also provide highly affordable post-development services for all Laravel projects.

11. LaraJobs - Exclusive Laravel Job Board


LaraJobs is a dedicated Laravel job board that helps you connect with 40,000+ registered candidates. LaraJobs boasts a large and active community of developers who are constantly looking for new job opportunities. This means that when you post a job on LaraJobs, you'll have access to a pool of highly-skilled and qualified candidates who are specifically interested in working with Laravel.

The platform facilitates you to post a job listing to hire Laravel-dedicated developers for remote, part-time, and full-time positions at all levels. It's a paid website that enables you to list your single listing for 30 days.

You can customize your advertisement by adding your company logo and even upgrading your plan to show your job post at the top of the page. LaraJobs also shares your listing on its official Facebook and Twitter accounts for better reach.

12. Coding Pixel - Professionalism At Its Best

Coding Pixel

Coding Pixel is a superior Laravel software development enterprise popular for providing seamless apps, websites and software solutions. Coding Pixel employs 100+ expert professionals to help you achieve your business goals. Since its existence, the company has served top-tier global organizations by building online dating, health, fitness, blockchain, and eCommerce platforms.

Coding Pixel also offers Laravel development services to create innovative digital products. The company is specialized in the following:

  • Customized Laravel solutions
  • Laravel application development
  • Template design through Laravel
  • PHP Laravel framework installation

13. RemotePlatz - Satisfaction Guaranteed


RemotePlatz is another well-known name in the Laravel software development landscape. The company has a thorough screening method that allows them to pick and refer perfect candidates for your job. All Laravel developers go through a wide range of assessments to analyze their aptitude, communication, and technical skills.

Through RemotePlatz, you can search for and hire dedicated Laravel developers in a few simple steps. The 14-day free trial is the best thing about the whole process which means you only pay if you are fully satisfied with the results. To simplify the hiring process, the platform enables you to schedule and conduct multiple video call interviews of different candidates right from the website.

14. Asterdio - Research-Oriented Product Development


Asterdio is a renowned leader in Laravel development that has been helping companies across the globe turn their dreams into reality. They have a team of well-experienced engineers who are passionate about building remarkable Laravel-based applications. You can hire Laravel developers from any part of the world and they ensure providing you with an exceptional level of service.

Asterdio uses the latest technologies and tools for project management to assure you of timely deliveries. With this company, you don’t have to make much effort, as they brainstorm ideas and choose the most suitable developers as per your requirements document. Their development philosophy reduces the overall cost of the project and generates better ROI.

15. CodingChiefs - Ideal For Creating Intelligent Products


CodingChiefs is a great option to find and hire dedicated remote Laravel developers. Their Laravel programmers are well-versed in all packages and libraries to create reliable, modern, and bug-free interfaces. Upon receiving your requirements, they build teams for you as per the specifications. After hiring Laravel developers, CodingChiefs introduce and share your expected results with them.

Moreover, your hired programmers also share progress updates regularly. They have an internal monitoring system that enables them to evaluate whether the development is producing the results you were hoping for at each stage of the process. They charge you based on the turnaround time, FTE numbers, work complexity, and required skills.

16. Techcronus - Best For Automating Business Processes


Techcronus fills your company’s skills gap by providing Laravel engineers through its staff augmentation service. They offer flexible models to hire a dedicated Laravel developer for your projects. With its exposure to a variety of sectors and years of experience, the company guarantees a 60% cost reduction.

Techcronus ensures recruiting and allocating certified and technically vetted professionals to work on your tasks from scratch. To make sure your hired developers stay focused, the company settles them in a separate infrastructure and gives you complete control over them in a dedicated environment.

What Makes Laravel The Most Sought-After Framework

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. Laravel rises to be one of the best PHP development frameworks that come with APIs, templates, and libraries to produce quality performance and functionality making application development easier.

It practices the MVC or Model-View-Controller pattern. Code logic and presentation logic are put separately to make security management easier and make Laravel features much more responsive.

Simply said, Laravel uses straightforward and readable PHP coding to create complex apps. This makes it a great framework to develop futuristic projects as well as software in the spaces of:

  • Science and technology
  • eCommerce development
  • Complex application admin dashboards
  • API development, plus ticket and ordering systems

Since it can create elaborate projects relatively easier, it follows that it makes less complex projects easier and faster as well.

Over time, the easy-to-use nature of Laravel for developing complex app projects resulted in a steep rise in demand. By putting a strategic Laravel developer hiring process in place, you’ll be able to work with skilled Laravel developers that can deliver Laravel web solutions the way you conceive them to be.

6 Reasons To Hire A Dedicated Laravel Developer

Hiring expert Laravel developers allows you to create not just futuristic solutions, but scalable Laravel web applications and mobile applications as well. It’s deeper than it looks. Here is a list of reasons why hiring a Laravel developer or working with a Laravel development company is a good project development choice to make.

1. Build Scalable Modern Web And Mobile Applications

It’s been said over and over that Laravel can create complex mobile apps or web apps that are future-ready. But expounding on that benefit a bit, the scalability of this framework creates a growing customer base as the demand for projects using this continues to rise.

By hiring an expert Laravel web developer, you’ll be certain that your software project will stay up-to-date and continuously upgraded along with future trends in the field. This way, you can focus on other aspects of your business and rest assured that as cutting-edge features are made available for this growing framework, they’ll be promptly applied to your software thus quickly modernizing your solutions as your business expands.

2. Uses State-Of-The-Art Tools And Technology

With the modern-centric nature of this framework are the future-ready tools and technology that make the development process easier. Expert Laravel developers who keep up with the trend are highly aware of cutting-edge tools and technologies that they can utilize so they can work more conveniently and efficiently.

With this, experienced Laravel developers tackle various aspects of an app and web app solutions project with ease, perfection, and maximum attention. With years of expertise coupled with mastery over modern tools and technology, skilled Laravel developers can match any kind of requirement needed for the development project.

Additionally, Laravel developers are equipped with templates so they can create a great user interface using dynamic layouts. They also have handy built-in object-oriented libraries to add premium project features. Because of this, they can achieve the best level of integration with their Laravel solutions.

3. Enhanced Management

Web app users continue to grow by the day, while modern software projects are designed to handle heavy simultaneous traffic effectively, the cost of hosting will greatly increase as the number of users grows.

Additionally, if the hosting server crashes or experiences long periods of downtime, you’ll lose significant user traffic. With this in mind, hiring expert Laravel developers will help you manage concurrent heavy traffic with ease to limit the loss of traffic and maximize usage making it more cost-effective.

4. Multi-Lingual Site Friendly

If you’re looking to expand your market reach across borders, hiring dedicated Laravel programmers is the right way to go. With it, you can create multilingual sites, web portals, and mobile apps with ease either by taking advantage of third-party packages or utilizing Laravel localization.

By communicating your business vision with your dedicated developer, they’ll be able to come up with the right methods to answer your requirements for this functionality.

5. High Security

As mentioned at the outset, Laravel’s MVC pattern makes it easy to manage security features. Additionally, with its in-built feature-rich security, safety and security are much more profound. If you hire a dedicated developer for your web and app development projects, you’ll take advantage of reliable websites and apps with no code vulnerability for hackers to attack.

Your business will run seamlessly and you can have fewer things to worry about so you can focus on more important parts of the business.

Laravel Security

6. Robust Solutions

Other than offering quality performance for an easy-to-create solution, skilled Laravel web developers use intuitive syntax, are eloquent with ORM, and take advantage of features from the Laravel schema builder to build robust tools. They also mastered unit testing to ensure quality and implement an authentication process and security configuration for robust security.

Seeing the advantages of hiring Laravel programmers to create solutions for your business, we’ll next consider the different Laravel development services available. In some cases, you'll only need them for specific tasks, while in others, you’ll require them to provide you with all services.

4 Services When Hiring Laravel Developers

When hiring Laravel developers you should communicate the services you want from them. This will keep you on the same page and help you move forward on how you can work out the collaboration.

You can hire skilled Laravel developers for:

  • Web Development: A hired Laravel developer will help you create credible and competent web solutions in whatever niche your business is in. Using the Laravel framework, take advantage of PHP’s power to build secure software.
  • eCommerce Services: As mentioned during the brief background of Laravel, this framework works well when developing Laravel eCommerce solutions. It can develop a robust infrastructure you can use for online selling whether at a small or large scale.
  • Customization And Integration: When you already have an exciting application in operation, Laravel developers can add optimum customization and integration to modify and upgrade components with the latest functionality and trend.
  • Support And Maintenance: After hiring Laravel programmers to build a web or app solution, you can continue to work with them for support and maintenance.

7 Things To Consider When Hiring Dedicated Laravel Developers

While you don’t have to be an expert in the framework to hire a Laravel developer that can develop your envisioned solution, you still need to know the basic considerations when finding someone to hire. This will help you narrow down your choices to the best candidates that fit your business needs.

I. Developer Portfolio

The first step to knowing if a Laravel developer is qualified for the project is to know his experience in the framework. More than just providing a list of past projects, they should also include the specific roles they play in conceiving the project. This helps you perceive the depth of their experience and understanding and also predict their performance when you push through with working with them.

There are 2 general types of developers, niche-focused developers, and multi-niche developers. The former specializes in a specific industry while the latter has a wide range of skills that can be applied in various industries, they usually offer unique designs drawing out from previous industries they’ve worked with.

To ensure credibility, they should also include samples of their past work and references to previous clients. Verifying the authenticity of what they write in the portfolio is a crucial step in hiring an expert and dedicated developer.

II. Technical Skills

Laravel Developer Skills

Other than asking for the high-quality projects they’ve worked with, you should also be aware of the full capabilities of the Laravel developer you’re looking to hire. This way you’ll know their ability to finish the project and you’ll also be able to see if you can utilize them for other projects or services in the future.

When considering candidates, you should also ask them about the different Laravel versions they know of, recent additions to the framework, and the programming languages they specialize in. This way you’ll be able to gauge if they’re technically sound and will also back up the credibility of the projects they present to have finished.

III. Project Requirements

Considering the project needs is also one of the foremost things to consider when looking to hire a Laravel developer. Taking this into account also helps create the prospective plans for the project and determine the skills required, the volume of manpower, and the timeframe needed to get it done.

Before reaching out to any prospective Laravel developer candidate, it’s best to understand the needs of the project first. Write down who the project will serve, its purpose, and the necessary functionalities needed in it.

IV. Work Arrangements Or Hiring Models

When working with Laravel developers you can either require them for an in-house arrangement, a remote work setup, or a freelance deal. For the first two options, you’ll likely hire them for a full-time role.

This is usually done when working on a project from scratch. For the freelance deal, you can arrange for a per-project or per-project phase contract, this means that unlike the former where you pay them by the hour, with a freelance contract, you pay them per agreed accomplishments.

When the project is at completion, you can also continue to work with a Laravel developer on a part-time basis so they can take care of the support and maintenance of the Laravel solution as well as modifications for modern technology made available.

At the onset, you might be apprehensive about working with a Laravel developer on a remote setup, however, if you work with us at Aloa, we don’t just help you find the best-fit developers to do the job for you, we also provide you with a customer project management platform so you can seamlessly monitor the progress of your software project without having to see them working on it face-to-face.

V. Communication

A project communication tool will especially be needed when working with remote Laravel developers. They can be nearshore or offshore so you have to consider meeting schedules as well to ensure prompt response on both ends when problems arise or when clarifications are needed.

But right at the inception of the partnership, communicating the project plan, arrangements, and expectations will mean lessening the need for further inquiries about the project. Even before the developers ask for it, you should be able to provide them with a background of your company and the values you want to reflect in the project as well as the functionality you envisioned for it.

With this, they’ll also be able to gauge if they have the skills under their belt to deliver the project and give you a more accurate estimate of the budget and timeframe needed to finish the project.

VI. Testing Approach

Before submitting the final output, the Laravel developer should be able to test the functionality of the project in several ways and ensure bugs are fixed. This way, the web or app software will run smoothly and work the way it’s expected to function.

Consider too if the developer can offer a warranty on the project. Issues may arise shortly after the turnover and you should be able to have an assurance that you will get the needed support to get it fixed. Letting them sign a warranty on after-delivery support ensures they’ll be responsible to fix errors and remove bugs.

VII. Non-Disclosure Agreement

You want to be sure that your software idea or the ongoing project won’t get into the hands of others. For this, the developer should be comfortable signing an NDA to give you peace of mind that your project is safe and secure and that you can run after the developers if ever competitors get a hold of it.

Top Skills To Look For When Hiring Laravel Developers

Here is a list of skills you should look for when hiring a Laravel developer:

  • PHP proficiency
  • Database Designing
  • Write secure modular code
  • Frontend and backend skills
  • Proficiency in OOP and MVC
  • Knowledge of server tech and tools
  • ReactJS proficiency will be helpful too
  • Development plan and process documentation
  • Database management and MySQL proficiency
  • Debugging and user interface optimization skills
  • Can both develop and maintain Laravel solutions
  • Mastery of basic programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Step-By-Step Process Of Hiring Dedicated Laravel Developers

Step 1: Define The Project

Explain what the project is about and provide a brief background of the company. You should also outline the required skills and years of experience as well as long-term expectations, project timelines, and milestones. The more details you provide about the project, the better. It’ll help potential candidates to gauge for themselves if they’re fit for the job or not.

Step 2: Post A Job Ad

You can post the job ad on developer hiring platforms or you can interact with developers on other channels until you have a chance to present the opportunity to them and at the same time provide the details you would in a job ad.

Step 3: Shortlist Applicants

After defining the project along with its requirements, you’ll be able to generate a list of applicants you narrow down using the requirements set out in step 1. Afterwhich, you can then schedule an interview with them.

Step 4: Interview

Whether in-person or through video conferencing like Skype, ask the candidate about his background in the field, his years of experience, the skills he has, and the project he’s already worked on. You can also ask questions that will help you determine the depth of their knowledge about the project you’re looking to build with them.

Moreover, you can ask them to take a coding test to back up their claims of expertise that they have made. You can also ask them for references to check the past projects they’ve been part of.

Step 5: Onboarding

After picking the right candidate for the job, you can then move forward to introducing them to the development team and the company, as well as to the company culture you have practiced to ensure working relations. You should also provide them with all the information you have about the project they’ll be working on so they’ll have a solid reference to go back to as they work on the project.


If you want to hire dedicated Laravel developers, make sure that you’re opting for credible and reliable development companies. Keep in mind that the company you partner with must have a robust screening process so that you have a level of assurance that they can deliver the project as expected.

Choosing Aloa as your outsourcing partner removes all the obstacles from your way. We assign Laravel development teams and individuals to you after having them go through our multi-level vetting process. With Aloa on your side, you can stay focused on your other business chores while our dedicated programmers take care of your project.

Contact us at [email protected] to speak to our representative - that’s your first step towards success.

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