Outsourcing On Your Own

Finding and vetting developers is hard

We heard from our clients who previously tried outsourcing that it can be hard to find and vet a development team. It takes time, effort, and technical knowledge to do so properly. How can you trust their website and portfolio? Do you have the time to verify every project reference listed?

Outsourcing across borders

Once you've found your development team, figuring out international payments can be difficult, especially if you want to minimize the amount of fees you'll pay. Not to mention legal and tax implications that you'll have to consider. It is also important to negotiate a favorable payment structure that lets you pay at certain milestones.

Table of Contents

Why Outsource

How to Vet Developers

How to scope a software project

How to establish your project structure

Our development process

How to manage your relationship with your outsourcing firm

How to manage expectations with your outsourcing firm

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