Modules, Features, and User Stories

Outlining modules, features, and user stories is the most important part of scoping a product. It's one of the best ways to clearly communicate your idea to a developer. Constructing an outline of modules, features, and user stories isn't hard and doesn't require any technical knowledge beforehand. Below is a very simple example of how you can construct such an outline for your product:

The goal of these user stories is to give your developers and Quality Assurance (QA) resources, if any, a description of what actions users should expect to be able to perform. If a developer has a comprehensive list of user stories, they can develop the right functionality. If a developer has a short list of vague user stories, they will build what they think you want.

Don't take that risk of leaving room for interpretation—be thorough in your user stories. Remember: most teams will build the minimum solution that satisfies all the given requirements. If you are clear and specific with your requirements, then you can be sure that the product delivered will meet your needs.

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