Introduction to Vetting

Welcome to the world of vetting developers. It's a tough, intensive task to vet a software development firm and will consume a lot of time, but you want to be sure that you fully trust your development partner.

Why do startups and small businesses struggle to outsource?

The most important thing when it comes to outsourcing software development is making sure you are working with the right people. Although there are over 100,000 software development firms around the world and an estimated 20 million software engineers in the market, startups and small businesses still face difficulties with their software development.

Oftentimes these difficulties arise because startups and small businesses aren't properly vetting the developers they chose to work with, either because of time or technical expertise.

How can I successfully outsource?

In the next 5 articles, we outline our 5 step process in vetting overseas firms that ultimately allowed us to personally vet many firms and narrow it down to the ones that made it through the entire process. Thanks to our strict vetting process, we can be certain that our hand-picked development partners meet our high standards for working with our clients.

Table of Contents

Why Outsource

How to Vet Developers

How to scope a software project

How to establish your project structure

Our development process

How to manage your relationship with your outsourcing firm

How to manage expectations with your outsourcing firm

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