Outsourcing 101

Aloa has helped hundreds of startups and small businesses leverage software development outsourcing to grow their business while minimizing risk. This is our playbook.

Outsourcing gives you more free time

Everyone from founders to managers want to free up more time to focus on running their business by outsourcing. They have a vision and need the talent to make that vision a reality. Outsourcing lets you dedicate less time and fewer resources to your software needs.

Outsourcing is more cost effective

When salaries for software engineers in the US often start at six figures, outsourcing can be a more cost-effective option. A good outsourcing partner isn't cheap, but you can hire a full outsourcing team for the price of a single US-based software engineer.

Many companies are outsourcing

Companies all throughout America are outsourcing at least some part of their software development. This includes big name brands like Google and IBM as well as successful startups like Slack and Basecamp.

And yet, founders and managers still hesitate to relinquish control to an external engineering team 🤔

Table of Contents

Why Outsource

How to Vet Developers

How to scope a software project

How to establish your project structure

Our development process

How to manage your relationship with your outsourcing firm

How to manage expectations with your outsourcing firm

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