Gathering US-based references

You've seen the development firm's work, now it's time to understand how they treat their clients. Just because you're good at writing software does not mean you will be a good developer for a US-based client.

How many US-based references do I need to vet a firm?

We always request at least three US client references at this step. If they can't provide more than three, then they probably aren't experienced enough in the market and will still have kinks in their process or gaps in their competency for which you will serve as the guinea pig.

Gathering US-based references is a crucial step of the vetting process

You don't want a development partner that's learning on your dime. By speaking to US-based references, you'll be able to:

  • get a feel for how well the development firm can hit deadlines
  • ask about how fair the development firm's pricing is throughout the engagement
  • gauge the development firm's understanding of US business and culture
  • understand the development firm's general business acumen
  • get an opinion of the development firm's responsiveness and work ethic.

The process of verifying references is also a great way to verify the truthfulness of the development firm's website and portfolio. Websites can make all sorts of claims about transparency and quality of work but in the end, a website is a marketing tool for the development firm. Unless they are truly committed to transparency, there's little chance they'll include their shortcomings on their website. By speaking to their past US-based clients, you can get a more unbiased view of the firm's capabilities.

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