Laravel Developer: Skills, Salary & Ad Templates For 2024

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Clean coding, simple yet elegant syntax with no compromise on the functionality – welcome to Laravel. You’re probably wondering what makes Laravel and Laravel developers so special when there is a galore of frameworks and tools available for web development in 2024.

Laravel is what we would like to call a progressive framework that becomes the optimal choice for full-stack web development. Since Laravel has proved itself as one of the most in-demand frameworks for web applications in 2024, the quest for a seasoned Laravel developer automatically surges.

We can almost feel your apprehensions about going through the tedious process of finding a fine Laravel developer. Fortunately, the solution is simple.

So stay with us as we will be listing down the set of skills a Laravel developer should own. Our article also promises to deliver the salary situation of a Laravel developer for the year 2024 across the globe and their job description templates.

By the end of this 7-minutes read, you’ll know exactly how to hire Laravel developers that are best suited for your company or project.

What Is Laravel?

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source framework for PHP language that eases the development process like routing, authentication, caching, and more. Over the years it has gained immense popularity due to certain specifications that include:

  • Uncomplicated and easy to learn
  • Artisan Console
  • Collaboration with the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Fast, reliable, and cost-effective
  • Build on Model View Controller(MVC) architecture
  • It follows security standards to deal with cyber threat vulnerabilities
  • Works on Object Relational Mapping(ORM)
  • Offers multilingual support

Cost-savvy, efficient and optimal – the main threes that are thought to be necessary for the success of any business or project in today’s world. And when it comes to web development, Laravel ticks all three of these qualities.

Remember that there are incalculable programmer brains behind this evolving and scalable framework. And you have to make your best pick out of the lot tactfully.

7 Skills To Look For When Hiring A Laravel Developer

With the immense gain in popularity, everyone wants to try their luck with Laravel development job opportunities but only a considerable few qualify as competent enough to know it well. So how do you distinguish between the competent lot and the not-so-competent lot?

There are certain prerequisites that an ideal candidate must have under one's belt. You have to have an understanding of these prerequisites/skills before you go on to the interview phase.

Remember, focusing on the hard skills of a Laravel developer might not be enough for working in an organization. Soft skills define an employee's personality. You get the ideal candidate for an organization when you amalgamate both of these skills.

For your ease, we have listed down the top 7 skills that a Laravel developer must own and you should know about.

1. Web Development Skills

The proficiency of a Laravel developer in most programming languages is essential. Deploying and building apps is not possible without good know-how in front-end as well as back-end languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and other PHP frameworks.

If any of the mentioned languages do not make it to the resume of your candidate, it's time to think twice before hiring them.

Here is why expertise in these languages is important for a Laravel developer.

1.1 CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS is best needed for a good web design. It is very helpful for Laravel developers to control the design of the display. Working on CSS becomes easier with Laravel’s strong features. Laravel provides scaffolding using Bootstrap, ReactJS, or Vue for CSS.

1.2 HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

CSS headings, body text, or subheadings are essential parts of a website. Laravel developers mostly use HTML for differentiating these parts of the website. HTML lays the foundation of website development. Your applicant’s resume should confirm expertise in it.

1.3 JavaScript

Javascript is needed by Laravel developers for creating a robust user experience. Most of it is used by a Laravel developer to control how the application responds to its users. Laravel provides a basic starting point to write code in JavaScript.

2. Database Management Skills

Skills needed to manage a database

Your candidate should have proficient database management skills. Structuring and organizing data helps in more streamlined usage across the whole organization. This is particularly useful for end users to efficiently share the data.

Here are the five most popular databases enlisted below. Check to see if your desired Laravel developer is an expert in using them or not.

  • MySQL
  • Oracle 12C
  • Microsoft SQL
  • SQLite
  • Postgres

3. Project Management Framework Skills

When a developer starts a development project, selecting a project management methodology is the first step to take. It is a simple way to organize your app development project.

Agile and Waterfall are the two most commonly used project management framework methodologies for Laravel developers.

Waterfall methodology is a straightforward process and is more common with Laravel developers. This starts with a complete layout at the beginning of the project and moves in a systematic way forward.

Agile is the choice of the newer lot of Laravel programmers as it is more flexible. Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming are three types of preferred agile frameworks.

If you want successful results for your projects, your hired Laravel developer should focus on using the project management framework skills. This skill comes in handy especially when a Laravel developer collaborates with other team members for building a future project.

4. Cloud Computing Skills

Skills needed for cloud computing

Cloud computing tech is “the thing” now. The big names in the tech industry like IBM, Google, and Microsoft are heavily investing and focusing on cloud technology.

Other organizations and startups follow suit and are rapidly switching to cloud computing services like Saas, PaaS, and IaaS. Why? Because it is more time efficient and budget savvy.

So having a good knowledge of cloud computing is extremely important for a Laravel developer. Look for a candidate who knows how to work with Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Being an expert in this skill may increase the value of an employee for an organization.

5. Grasp Of MVC And OOP

Laravel is based on model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. It is a methodology commonly used for relating user interfaces with underlying data models. That is why a Laravel developer should have a complete grasp over MVC as together they are used in web app structuring. And that is extremely helpful for maintenance.

Similarly, Laravel adopts the Object-oriented programming (OOP) approach as with most frameworks. All Laravel techniques are based on it. Hence having a strong grasp of the fundamentals of object-oriented methods is important.

6. Knowledge Of Version Control Tools

Database version control for Eloquent models (a default ORM for Laravel framework) is available on version control tools like Git and Github. Having the knowledge of how to use these tools helps in efficient project completion, may it be a small or a big one.

You can save different versions of your project at various stages of completion and share them with your team easily. Having a Laravel developer who is apt at using them is very helpful for managing the source code especially when changes are made to large-scaled programs or applications.

7. Soft Skills

Soft skills that a developer needs

Here is a list of soft skills that any Laravel developer must possess.

7.1 Communication Skills

Communication skills help developers explain the technical aspects to a layman. From documentation to explaining your stance to stakeholders; good communication reduces errors, saves time, and creates a better work environment.

7.2 Teamwork

Teamwork helps in dealing with complex projects. Teamwork skills should not be neglected even if you hire a remote developer to work for your organization. It brings people together and joins the skills to achieve big.

7.3 Analytical skills

Analytical skills are extremely important soft skills that a Laravel developer must possess. These skills pave the way for forward thinking. Website development is not just writing code. An impressive web developer shows traces of good problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

7.4 Experience

Developer experience might not be a skill but one of the most weighed attributes when it comes to hiring someone for your organization. Experience is an overview of your applicant's expertise in the relevant field. The number of projects to the tech he has worked on tells so much about the maturity of a developer.

4 Proven Strategies For Hiring An Exemplary Laravel Developer

We have given you insights on the adequate skills a Lararvel developer should possess. Now it's time to look into some recruitment best practices. To streamline your hiring process, you should be crystal clear about your company's needs and wants.

Given below are some leads that will help you out in finding an applaudable Laravel developer.

I. Referrals

Here is something we both can agree on – referrals give you quick and effective results. It is because they are sourced through personal connections, may it be from the employee circle or some tech community that you have joined.

They can save you from the pain of the long hiring process, hiring costs, and the time spent on the whole cycle.

II. Rock Hard Hiring Approach

If referrals don't work for you, it's time to move on to the next approach. Prepare a robust hiring cycle that includes a curated job post, interview session, technical screening tests, and aptitude tests.

Linkedin, Meetup, and Xing are professional network platforms where you can post your job ad reach out to the maximum number of high-quality Laravel talent.

III. Hiring Remote Laravel Developers

You don't want to miss this part as this may be one of the most useful hiring strategies. Be open to hiring remote talent. The pandemic 2020 taught us well.

Talent is not restricted to borders. There are many service providers who can help you find top Laravel developers across the globe who are willing to work remotely for you. This can save up on company costs as well.

We can help you if you are looking for an exceptional remote Laravel developer. Both cost-efficient and effective, our team at Aloa will find one that will fit your company's needs perfectly.

IV. Recruitment Software

Modern recruitment tools can make your life easier. These AI-powered software handle everything while trying to find the best talent for your company. This is a very efficient way of sourcing and hiring candidates. And they are not complicated to use at all.

You can share your job openings on a huge number of recruitment channels. Manatal and TalantLyft are one of the most in-demand software for hiring these days.

Worldwide Laravel Developer Salary

While PHP web development is gaining rapid popularity, Laravel has become the most preferred PHP framework with more than 700,000 live sites currently using it. The given stats indicate how many people are into Laravel development which results in the surge of demand for dedicated developers.

The salary of a Laravel developer has a varying range. And that depends on important factors like the country where the company is based, market value, expertise, experience, and more.

US-Based Laravel Developer Salary

So a million dollar question – how much do you have to pay to a Laravel developer in the US?

Average salary of a Laravel developer

According to Glassdoor 2022 survey results, an estimated total pay of a Laravel developer in the US is $111,855 per year. This holds into account the average base pay plus additional pay per year. Additional pay represents bonuses, commission, tips, profit shares, or more here.

Remember that these numbers are the median of the most likely range of the yearly salary. The median represents 75 percent of the Laravel developers working in America. The beginner level pay is estimated at $94K and the highest is $266K.

Salaries of laravel developer based on US city

Californian cities take the lead in paying the highest salaries to Laravel developers. The top paying US cities for Laravel developers are:

  • San Jose, CA - $112,565/year
  • Oakland, CA - $111,319/year
  • Hayward, CA - $109,134/year
  • Seattle, WA - $108,818/year
  • Barnstable Town, MA - $107,406/year
  • Wasilla, AK - $106,425/year

World Wide Laravel Developer Salary

Here is a breakdown of the highest paying countries in the world:

  • New Zealand - $56,000/year
  • Canada - $53,000/year
  • Germany - $53,000/year
  • Netherland - $49,000/year
  • United Kingdom - $41,000/year

Laravel Developer Jobs - Ad Templates

So far so good. Now it is time for the Laravel developer job post template. We advise you to invest in creating an outstanding job post. Half of your worries are over when you have the power of a clear and precise job post in your hand.

To ease matters further for you, we have compiled two ad templates for a Laravel developer. You are free to use them at your convenience. Just don't forget to modify them according to your company's needs.

A. Ad Template 1 For Laravel Developer

Job Title: Laravel Developer

Job Location: San Jose, California

Company Name: Elevated Healthcare

About Our Company: We are a US-based company aiming to provide modern healthcare solutions for an organization’s employees. We strive to improve healthcare accessibility by providing 24/7 in-person or virtual service. We give superior career growth with great compensation and benefits.

Job Description: We are in search of a motivated and experienced Laravel developer who’ll report directly to the CTO. This is a full-time, on-site job that requires 40 hours per week.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain progressive PHP applications
  • Leading the entire web application development cycle
  • Inculcating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript consistently across the applications
  • Collaborating with the front-end development team to build innovative UX
  • Documenting the development cycle
  • Keeping up with new trends and best practices in web development
  • Having a good work relationship with team members and project managers

Minimum requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences
  • 4 years of experience with Laravel
  • Expert in Laravel framework
  • Complete grasp of object-oriented approach
  • Involvement with RESTful
  • Should be familiar with unit testing via frameworks like PHPUnit
  • Open to improving skills/ working in teams
  • Powerful communication skills

Preferred skills:

  • Proficiency in using version control tools preferably Git
  • Expertise in the relational database, query optimization, MySQL, and Oracle 12C
  • Familiarity with third-party libraries and APIs
  • Fluency in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AJAX
  • Knowledge of user authentication for multiple systems

B. Ad Template 2 For Laravel Developer

Job Designation: Remote PHP/Laravel developer

Company Name: AJ Warehouse Solutions

About Us: We bring warehousing solutions to eCommerce businesses. Based in Seattle, WA our company has been providing services for 20 years. Direct from our warehouse to the customer’s doorstep, we aim to provide convenience to the world with our warehousing solutions.

Job Brief: We are looking for a highly-skilled, remote-based PHP developer dedicated to crafting robust codes for our warehousing IT-related needs.

PHP Developer Job Responsibilities:

  • Writing well-designed and clean codes
  • Responsible for testing, debugging, and maintaining software products
  • Communicating and documenting product details
  • Contributing to all phases of the life cycle of development

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 3 years of working experience as a PHP/Laravel developer
  • Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science or any other relevant field
  • Detailed knowledge of object-oriented PHP development along with Laravel framework
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and AJAX
  • Understanding of open source projects like osCommerce
  • Familiarity with REST API
  • Proficiency in MySQL and handling queries
  • Experience in cloud computing tools like AWS
  • Complete understanding of MVC
  • Proficiency in Git or Github


While thousands of companies strive to find the best Laravel developer out of a limited pool, finding the right one for your company's needs can be cumbersome. We do agree that it is a difficult process but not an impossible one.

When you have the fitting information at the tip of your fingers, an expert Laravel developer will be your real find and a jackpot for your company’s software development needs.

Now that we have played cupid and provided you with everything you need to know about Laravel developer salary, skills, and job description, our job is done here. It’s time for you to start your search.

Our team at Aloa is reachable at [email protected] which is always answered immediately. So don't shy away from seeking expert help regarding Laravel developers. We are here to provide prompt vetted support at every step you take towards achieving your goal.

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