Python Developer: Skills, Salary & Ad Templates For 2024

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Python is arguably the most dynamically growing and widely used programming language. This language is easy to learn and use. And it's no surprise that thousands of companies are using Python to develop applications, APIs, and software programs. This makes Python developers the most sought-after people in the programming world.

Finding a developer who best meets your requirements, however, is a considerable challenge. You must be very sure of the requirements for your preferred Python developer.

In this article, we’ll cover the skills that you should look for in a Python developer. We will also leverage our expertise to provide you a sample of a  perfectly constructed job ad if you are looking for one.

By the end of this 5-minute read, you’ll be on the right track to finding the best Python developer for your business.

What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is used in most projects in today's world. Over time, Python has become the de-facto standard for data science and machine learning. Why has it gained immense popularity? Simply, because of its easy-to-learn syntax, observant debugging, and increased productivity.

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When a language has extensive libraries, it enhances the efficiency of task execution. This aspect is a big help for developers as well. Thanks to substantial Python libraries that have answers to almost every request, processes are sped up.

Python is highly compatible and runs on all major platforms including Windows, Linux/Unix (including Mac OS X), Solaris, and HP-UX.

Python provides a large set of built-in data structures and functions. It supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles. That is why developers need to be acquainted with its data structures.

8 Skills Look To For When Hiring A Python Developer

A graphic of must have skills for a python developer

A Python developer should have expertise in components like the core libraries, frameworks, and tools used in developing web applications, data science, business analysis, and machine learning. They should possess advanced skills when it comes to handling scalability issues.

Python developers are in high demand. It’s one of the most sought-after skills in the software development world. A global market share of over 28% shows its immense popularity. And with an average growth rate of nearly 11% over the last 5 years, it is pretty evident that Python developers are in high demand.

Grasp over data structures, file handling generators, OOP concepts, and exception handling are the basic skills a developer owns. Needless to say, a developer with additional skills will give you an edge over the one who is less familiar with these inner working hacks. The more coding experience they have, the more control they will have over the language.

Here is the list of attributes that a Python developer must possess.

1. Understanding The Python Frameworks

A graphic of python frameworks

A framework for programming languages is customized support that enhances the whole development process. A good understanding of Python frameworks is crucial when hiring a developer. This helps in understanding the core logic of the language and helps in fully grasping the skills.

Here is a list of Python frameworks that are important for any Python developer to know

  1. Django - open source, great for beginners, lesser code requirement.
  2. Flask - easy to get started with, lightweight, and modular.
  3. Kivy - open source, great for iOS development of multi-touch apps and 2D games.
  4. Pyramid - minimal complexity, runs on Python 3, offers text-based templates.
  5. Turbo gears - ideal for full-stack developers, excellent ORM, highly flexible.
  6. Cherry Py - has a unique multi-threaded web server, the oldest in the running.
  7. Sanic - offers fast HTTP response, read and write cookies, offers plugin support.

While programmers need to be familiar with frameworks, that does not imply that they know all. Here are additional tech skills a highly-capable Python developer possesses.

2. Understanding Of ORM Libraries

Any programmer is a keeper if they have a complete understanding of ORM libraries in their skill set. An ORM bridges the gap between database tables, Python objects, and everything in between.

This speeds up web application development. And reduces the dependency of code writing in SQL. A few mentionable ORM libraries are SQLAlchemy and Django ORM.

3. Familiarity With GUI Tech

Frontend vs backend development

HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 are some of the front-end technologies that a Python programmer must be familiar with. This helps in synchronous working conditions between the backend and the front-end team.

Usually, bigger organizations or software development companies that provide outsourced development have an independent GUI team. So this skill is not a compulsion for a Python programmer but some extra knowledge never hurt anyone.

4. Knowledge Of Built-in Libraries

When a developer claims to have profound know-how about the language, it becomes necessary that they own all the extensive knowledge. One such is knowing the ins and outs of Python libraries. Libraries like TensorFlow, NumPy, and Keras help speed up the process of web development. Therefore, be sure to verify this aspect when looking for the appropriate Python candidate.

5. Ability To Keep Up With The Dynamics

One of the noteworthy demands of the developer's skills is the ability to move with the changing versions of the source code. This is not something unusual and most experienced developers are familiar with distributed version control.

Version control will keep track of every modified version of your code. And this code is saved in a special database.

How is it useful? You can easily make changes to your code or correct mistakes by simply turning back the clock. This is especially useful when working as a team as this act doesn't cause any upheaval amongst the team.

6. AI Machine Learning

A talented Python developer with an adequate understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning will have added benefits for you. How? Everything is automated based on artificial intelligence gradually.

AI is a human learning and decision-making process now. Python is a favorite programming language for machine learning and data science, with 57 percent of developers and data scientists using it. That is why you should always favor a programmer with good knowledge of AI automation.

7. Analytical And Design Skills

A Python developer with robust analyzing skills can take you places. When they have an eye for detail, they’ll have a better understanding of the algorithm. Optimized and non-redundant coding is the result. Also visualizing data sets can help in better web development.

Designing scalable products while implementing the servers in a way that they are not completely occupied is a sought-after skill. This gives Python developers an edge over others. And that person is the one recruiters want on their team.

8. Communication Skills

While working in organizations, writing codes is not the only job a coder has to do. A great set of communication skills take you a long way especially if you have to work in a team.

Half of the frustration and misunderstandings are a result of poor communication. Documentation is an essential part of programming. That comes off easily if one has admirable communication skills.

5 Tips For Hiring The Best Python Developer

Things to consider in hiring a python developer

Hiring a Python developer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your company. The right fit can help you achieve business goals and grow your brand, while the wrong one can have serious consequences.

Right fit is when the ends of both the puzzles fit in perfectly with each other. And this is where we can help you out. We will assist you in figuring out your project scope and the complexities that come with it. Here at Aloa, we implement a strict vetting procedure to make sure the entire process is efficient in terms of both time and cost.

Here are some more aspects that will help you find the right person for your project:

I. Experienced Python Developer Matters

Look for a Python developer with experience in the language/technology used throughout their career. If they've only been programming since last year, then they're still learning new skills. This isn't ideal when working on complex projects where time matters most.

II. Carry Out A Screening Test In The Preliminary Stages

A Python coding test for a potential candidate will help reveal the natural aptitude for the language. Keep the test short but ample to weigh out the skills and credibility of the candidate. If you want to assess further for advanced skills, you can conduct a debugging test.

III. Consider Hiring A Remote Python Developer

What we are going to reveal at this point is a hack to finding an apt Python developer. Ever heard of remote developers before? Companies like Aloa have a pool of competent back-end and front-end developers at hand. When you take the help of Aloa for hiring remote developers, a smooth process is guaranteed which ensures that you get high-quality Python programming resources.

IV. Always Select Python Developer With Diversified Experience

A Python developer who has already worked at least in one company using said technology is a potential candidate. But it would be even better if it is more than one company your candidate has experience of working with using various technologies. This experience exposure is always a good thing to be welcomed and acknowledged.

V. Verify The References

When there is a mention of previous experience, it is always great to dig into previous company references.

Python Developer - Roles And Responsibilities

So far we have covered the kind of skills a Python developer should have. Here are some responsibilities a Python developer is liable for in any organization.

  • Co-working with other developers to design and build software applications.
  • Plugging away with the product managers and designers to develop new features and functionality. Also maintaining and debugging existing code.
  • Day-to-day tasks for this post include using version control systems like Git or Mercurial.
  • Synchronizing data storage solutions.
  • Writing unit tests for your code; working with customers directly to identify issues or ways to improve their experience using the application.

Python Developer Salary

Python programming language is diverse and so are its developers. While working with the multi-purpose programming language, there are oodles of opportunities in the tech industry for them. From data science to back-end web development or any other software engineering, these programmers are in high demand.

The Average Salary of Python Developers in the US

Average US python developer salary

The US pays the highest grossed salaries for Python developers as compared to the rest of the world. Python developer salaries are on the higher side of the average professions.  If you look at the entry-level salaries paid in the US, they will be twice as much as the mean US salary.

The total pay for a Python developer per year is estimated to be $113,326. This includes the base pay plus the additional perks. Python Developers have an average base salary between $79K-$99K  per year depending on their experience level, skill set, and location. Additional pay of $14,881 is estimated which comes in the form of bonuses, profit sharing, commissions, and more.

The Average Salary of Python Developers Around the World

Here is a listing of the average salaries of Python developers around the world:

  • Switzerland: $103,55
  • Norway: $70,590
  • Denmark: $78,770
  • United Kingdom: $54,780
  • Germany: $65,020
  • Australia: $61,980

Python Developer Jobs - Ad Templates

We have compiled two classic job post templates for Python developers. See what is in demand and what is not through this ad template. This will give you an idea of the qualities of a Python developer that you cannot forgo when hiring one.

Python Developer Job Ad Template 1

Job Title:  Full-time Senior Python Developer

Company Name and Niche: Data Analysis company in the Pharma field

Job Location: New York City, NY

About Us:

We are a pharmaceutical company working in the US with a head office located in New York. Established in 1997, we are the exclusive distributor of ophthalmology products in North America and Canada.

The aim of our company is to work on the development of ophthalmic solutions. With the help of our qualified team, we deliver the highest quality products in the market. Our team and clients have always benefited from our continuous devotion to the medical field.

Technical Skills:

  • Proficiency in SQL queries and handling SQL database administration.
  • Experience in working with Java, CSS, PHP, and HTML.
  • Acquaintance with creative web designing. UX development of websites.
  • Full knowledge of Django, Flask, and Cherry Py framework.
  • Experience with Big Data analysis.
  • Full-on experience in Linux administration.
  • Communication and analytical skills should be top-notch.

Roles And Responsibilities:

  • Should be experienced with front-end integration.
  • Should be efficient in building back-end features.
  • Debugging and testing management skills should be top-notch.
  • Should be fluent in preparing technical documents.
  • Mentoring junior programmers with best practices for internal coding.
  • Should always be on the lookout for improvements and enhancements.
  • Should develop integrations with third-party applications.
  • Code reviewing should be prompt and efficient.
  • Should be a quick learner and must have an eye for detail.


Engineering in computer science or any relevant field.


This position is paying a competitive salary.

If you are a well-practiced developer with a profoundness for back-end development, we would like to get to know you.

Python Developer Job Ad Template 2

Job Title: Python Developer

Company Name and Niche: Silicon Valley-based startup

Job Location: San Francisco, CA

Job Description:

We are looking for an experienced Python Developer who is passionate about building tools that help people make better decisions. You will be working on a team focused on creating data visualizations using D3 and React to improve the user experience.

This role will be responsible for helping us refine our current product offerings and build new products from scratch. The package is competitive and open for negotiations.


BSc in computer science or any other relevant field.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Writing scalable and methodical codes
  • Incorporating UX features in applications.
  • Testing and debugging and experience with version control like Git
  • Implementing data security solutions.
  • Synchronous working with team members to deliver technical solutions.
  • Should have a good experience with client dealing, especially helping them improve the application experience.

Job Requirements and Skills:

  • Must have 2 years of experience with Python 3+ programming language.
  • Proficiency in SQL and Linux.
  • Knowledge of relational database concepts (e.g., normalization).
  • Strong understanding of MVC frameworks (e.g., Django or Pyramid).
  • Experience in machine learning will be considered a plus.
  • Experience with D3 visualizations is preferred but not required.
  • Experience in teamwork.
  • Good analytical and communication skills would be a plus.


Python developer is “the man of the hour” for businesses in today’s world. Although it is easy to learn and use Python, finding the right candidate is not. With this guide, finding a Python developer that precisely suits your bracket must have been made much easier for you. And if you still think you might use some advice from professionals, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We can offer professional help and advise on selecting a suitable and highly-qualified Python developer, from analyzing your requirements to offering support at every stage of the process.

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