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What is TestFlight?


TestFlight is an Apple-owned platform that allows developers to distribute and test their iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps before releasing them on the App Store. This helps developers identify and fix bugs, gather user feedback, and improve app performance.


Imagine TestFlight as a private movie screening before the official release. The movie director invites a select group of people to watch the film, gather their feedback, and make any necessary changes before the movie hits the theaters. This helps ensure the movie is well-received by the general audience.

In other words

TestFlight is like a private screening for apps, allowing developers to test and refine their apps before releasing them to the public.

Why is TestFlight important?

It's one thing to know what TestFlight is, but that is worthless if you don't know why you should know what a code repository is in the first place. Let's break down the importance of this tech term based on two high-level categories. We'll walk through an explanation as well as provide a score, 1-10, that shows you how much you should care about TestFlight.

Pre-Product: 5/10

If you don't have a product yet, TestFlight is still important because it helps you understand the app development and testing process. By learning about TestFlight early on, you can plan your app development with testing in mind, ensuring a smoother transition from development to launch.

Live Product: 6/10

If you have a live product, TestFlight is important because it allows you to test updates and new features before releasing them to your users. This helps maintain app quality, minimize negative user experiences, and protect your app's reputation.

Use cases of TestFlight

So you know what TestFlight is, by definition. You know if you should care about it or not depending on your situation as a business/company/product. To dig in deeper, we will walk through some tools and processes so we can make sure you really have a solid grasp on TestFlight.

Inviting Testers

With TestFlight, you can invite up to 10,000 testers to try your app. You can add testers using their email addresses or by sharing a public link. This allows you to gather feedback from a diverse group of users, helping you identify and fix issues before your app goes live.

Testing Different Versions

TestFlight allows developers to distribute multiple builds of their app simultaneously. This means you can test different versions of your app with different groups of testers, allowing you to compare performance and gather feedback on various features.

TestFlight App on iOS Devices

Testers can download the TestFlight app on their iOS devices to access and test the apps they've been invited to. The TestFlight app makes it easy for testers to provide feedback, report issues, and stay up-to-date with the latest app builds.

Key Takeaways:

  1. TestFlight is an Apple platform that allows developers to test and refine their apps before releasing them to the public.
  2. For startups without a product, TestFlight is important for understanding the app development and testing process.
  3. For startups with a live product, TestFlight helps maintain app quality and protect your app's reputation by testing updates and new features before releasing them to users.
  4. TestFlight enables inviting testers, testing different versions, and providing an easy-to-use app for testers to access and provide feedback.
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