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What is Elementor?


Elementor is a powerful, user-friendly page builder plugin for WordPress that allows users to create visually stunning web pages without any coding knowledge.


Think of Elementor as a set of building blocks, similar to LEGO bricks. Each block represents a different design element, such as text, images, or buttons. You can easily stack and arrange these blocks to create a beautiful, customized web page without having to know how to write a single line of code.

In other words

Elementor is a tool that helps you build visually appealing web pages on WordPress without needing any coding skills.

Why is Elementor important?

It's one thing to know what Elementor is, but that is worthless if you don't know why you should know what a code repository is in the first place. Let's break down the importance of this tech term based on two high-level categories. We'll walk through an explanation as well as provide a score, 1-10, that shows you how much you should care about Elementor.

Pre-Product: 1/10

If you do not have a product yet, Elementor may not be as important to you. At this stage, you might be focusing on ideation, market research, or developing your startup's foundation. However, it's still good to be aware of Elementor as a potential tool for building your website once your startup is ready to launch.

Live Product: 4/10

If you have a live product, Elementor becomes more relevant. A visually appealing and user-friendly website can significantly impact your startup's success. Elementor allows you to create and maintain a professional-looking website without hiring a developer or learning to code, saving you time and resources.

Details on Elementor

So you know what Elementor is, by definition. You know if you should care about it or not depending on your situation as a business/company/product. To dig in deeper, we will walk through some tools and processes so we can make sure you really have a solid grasp on Elementor.

Elementor Widgets

Elementor comes with a variety of pre-built widgets, such as headings, images, buttons, and forms, that you can easily drag and drop onto your web page. These widgets make it simple to add and customize the content and design elements of your site, even if you're not a designer or developer.

Elementor Templates

Elementor offers a library of pre-designed templates that you can use as a starting point for your web pages. These templates are fully customizable, allowing you to change colors, fonts, and layout to match your startup's branding and style.

Elementor Theme Builder

With Elementor's Theme Builder, you can create custom themes for your WordPress site without touching any code. This feature allows you to design and customize your site's header, footer, and other global elements, ensuring a consistent look across all your pages.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Elementor is a user-friendly WordPress page builder that helps you create visually appealing web pages without coding knowledge.
  2. If you do not yet have a product, Elementor may not be as important, but it's good to be aware of it for future website building.
  3. If you do have a product, Elementor is more relevant, as it helps you create and maintain a professional-looking website without hiring a developer.
  4. Elementor offers widgets, templates, and a theme builder to help you easily design and customize your website.
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