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What is a daily standup?


A daily standup is a short, time-boxed meeting where team members provide updates on their progress, discuss any obstacles, and align on priorities for the day.


Imagine a basketball team huddling before a game. Each player shares their game plan, discusses potential challenges, and aligns on how to work together effectively. This huddle ensures everyone is on the same page and helps the team succeed.

In other words

A daily standup is like a team huddle, where members share updates and align on priorities to work together effectively.

Why is a daily standup important?

It's one thing to know what daily standup is, but that is worthless if you don't know why you should know what a daily standup is in the first place. Let's break down the importance of this term based on two high-level categories. We'll walk through an explanation as well as provide a score, 1-10, that shows you how much you should care about daily standup.

Pre-Product: 2/10

If you do not have a product yet, daily standups may not be as crucial. However, it's essential to understand the concept as it can help streamline communication and improve collaboration once you start building your product.

Live Product: 8/10

If you have a live product, daily standups are crucial. They help ensure that everyone is aligned on priorities, aware of any obstacles, and able to collaborate effectively. This leads to increased productivity, faster problem-solving, and ultimately, a better product.

Examples of daily standups

So you know what daily standup is, by definition. You know if you should care about it or not depending on your situation as a business/company/product. To dig in deeper, we will walk through some tools and processes so we can make sure you really have a solid grasp on daily standup.

Daily Standup Formats

  1. In-person standups: Team members gather in a designated space and take turns sharing their updates while standing up. This format encourages brevity and helps maintain focus.
  2. Virtual standups: Remote teams can conduct daily standups via video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet. This ensures that everyone can participate, regardless of their location.
  3. Asynchronous standups: Team members can post their updates on a collaboration platform like Slack or Trello. This allows for more flexibility and enables team members to catch up on updates at their convenience.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Daily standup is a short, time-boxed meeting for team members to share updates and align on priorities.
  2. Pre-product importance: Understand the concept of daily standups to improve collaboration once you start building your product.
  3. Live product importance: Daily standups are crucial for alignment, productivity, and problem-solving in a live product environment.
  4. Examples of daily standup formats include in-person, virtual, and asynchronous standups.
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