Add a User to Google Play

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How do I add a user to Google Play?

Google Play is the app store for Android devices. There are over 3 million applications available for download via Google Play.

Adding users and team members to your account can be a bit confusing, especially if you aren't familiar with Google Play. Follow these steps below to get the job done!

Step by Step: Add a Team Member or Developer to Google Play

  1. Be sure that the user that you want to add has a Google Play set up, with two-factor authentication verified.
  2. Open Play Console
  3. Click Users and Permissions on the menu on the left side.
  4. Enter the new user’s email address. If necessary, you can set an access expiration date so they will only have access for a certain period of time.
  5. You need to decide whether the user you are adding needs access to all apps in your developer account (Account access) or only a selected app (App access). If you want this user to have specific app access only, proceed to step 6 in order to add the app to the permissions table. If you grant Account access, skip step 6 and go to step 7.
  6. To add an app to the permissions table, go to Add app under the App permissions tab, and then go to Apply.
  7. Select Invite user.

Congrats, you've done it!

It's one thing to know how to add a user to Google Play, but that is worthless if you don't know when you should do it. Let's break down the relevance of this question based on two high level categories. We'll walk through an explanation as well as provide a score, 1-10, that shows you how relevant this question is whether you do or don’t have a product.

Pre-Product: 2/10

The first scenario we will walk through will be if you do not have a product yet. Whether it is a website or a mobile app, you are still in the ideation or planning phase and have not yet built anything. Maybe you have started development but just aren’t finished with your first version. Whichever it is, we'll get into why this question is or isn’t relevant and why you should or shouldn't care about it if you do not have a product.

If you don't have a product yet then you don't need to be worried about this. Just know that you need an account if you want to publish to the Google Play store, so go create an account!

Live Product: 7/10

The second category is if you do have a live product. Maybe you just launched your business or maybe it's been live for years and you're continuing to improve its quality and release new features. Regardless of the scenario, if your product is live, this question carries a different weight of relevance.

If you want to publish to the Google Play store then this is important to know as you will need to add your developers to your account so they can publish it.

All you need is an account - it's your lucky day!

  1. Google Play is the Android app store.
  2. If you don't have an app, you don't need to add a team member to your account.
  3. If you do have an app, you should add your developers to your Google Play account.
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