What is hosting?


Hosting is the action that describes how storage and computing resources are provided to an individual or organization for the accommodation and maintenance of one or more websites and related services via a server.


Hosting is like an apartment building.

Imagine that you have an apartment within a building. There are tons of apartments within that one building.

The building is hosting your apartment, just as it is hosting all of your neighbors' apartments.

In other words:

Hosting is the action that gives a website a place to live on the internet.

Pre-Product Score


While you don't have anything to host just yet, you should start to plan ahead and figure out where you will be hosting your website/app/product. So, don't get stressed about it, but start figuring out which provider you want to use.

Live-Product Score


Once you are hosted somewhere, there isn't much more to do. Make sure that you are paying your bills and that you are using the right provider, but as long as that is all set, it should be able to run behind the scenes seamlessly.

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