What is an algorithm?


An algorithm is a procedure used for solving a problem or performing a computation.


An algorithm is like a cooking recipe.

In order to complete a recipe to perfection, you must follow a specific set of steps.

Some recipes are more complex than others. Some recipes are proprietary whereas others are more common knowledge.

In other words:

An algorithms is an exact list of instructions that conduct specific actions, step by step, in order to accomplish a specific task.

Pre-Product Score


An algorithm is only relevant for you to know if your product is dependent on one. So, if you are building a marketplace, for example, then this term isn't as important. If you are building a listings site, then maybe it is more important because the way you list your content can have proprietary value.

Live-Product Score


This term is important to understand when your product is live because you should know how all aspects of your product works. Even if the algorithms you use aren't proprietary, you should still understand where they are being used and how they work.

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