What is a server?


A server is a computer program or device that provides a service to another computer program and its user, also known as the client.


A server is like an apartment building. It is the infrastructure that allows the apartment to exist. The building provides lighting, gas, electricity and occupancy space to each apartment.

If everyone who lives in the apartment building tries to enter the front doors at the same time, the apartment building may not be able to handle that as well as another building with larger doors. If each apartment is over maximum occupancy, the apartment building may not properly serve its people.

So, as the building owner, you either need to improve the building infrastructure to accommodate the quantity of people or you buy a new building to serve more residents.

As the building owner, you need to know the limitations as to what your apartment building can serve.

In other words:

Servers are the physical computers that allow your websites to live on the internet. When something lives on the cloud, that just means that it is not on a local or private server and instead is on a server that is shared by numerous others.

Pre-Product Score


It is important that you are familiar with what a server does and why you need one. In order to launch a product, you need to connect to a server. You can use one of the standard options (AWS, GCP, Azure) but you should plan ahead to determine which server you will be using and understand why you have chosen that provider.

Live-Product Score


Once your product is live, it is important to know what server you are using as you will be paying for its services! Server costs can get expensive if you don't maintain them, so ensure that you keep an eye out on your server, have optimized it properly, and are keeping your monthly costs down as much as possible (TIP: shoot us an email for insights as to how to get free server credits).

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