Data Structure


What is a data structure?


A data structure is a particular way of organizing data in a computer so that it can be used effectively.


A data structure is like a filing cabinet.

You first have to open the filing cabinet to see how all the files are structured.

Inside the cabinet, all of the files are organized in a specific way (alphabetical, chronological, etc.) that allows you as the user to easily access the files in the most efficient and compact manner.

In other words...

A data structure is the way your data and information is organized.

Pre-Product Score


Your data structure is really important to think about. Before you launch your product, you need to be sure you are collecting your data in the most efficient way. For example, imagine you launch a product that collects data in a word document rather than a spreadsheet, that would make things very difficult. So be sure to plan ahead with your data structure.

Live-Product Score


This term is important once your product is live because it is important to understand how you are currently pulling data in. The more you understand how your data flows, the better you can manipulate it and learn from it.

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