Internal API


What is an Internal API?


An internal API is an interface that enables access to a company's backend information and application functionality for use by the organization's developers.


The communication between a waiter and the Chef in a restaurant.

When you are in a restaurant, a waiter must communicate to the Chef what your order is. In order to facilitate that communication, they may submit the order on an internal system or just rip the piece of paper off and stick it up on the Chef’s queue.

However the waiter communicates this, the method of communication is performed by the waiter, an employee of the restaurant, to the Chef, an employee of the restaurant.

In other words...

An Internal API allows developers at a company to access information from their company.

Pre-Product Score


As a founder, an Internal API is not too relevant if you don’t have a product yet. You should learn about the functionality of an API, but the actual type of APIs is more relevant once you actually have a product and need to understand how your site should function most effectively.

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As a founder, an Internal API is fairly relevant if your business model requires you to interact, via software, with exclusive partners. For example, if you are Bank of America, then knowing that your application has an internal API to allow ONLY your internal developers to access certain data is very important because it is pivotal to your business model that nobody else can access that data.

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