How to Vet Developers

This playbook will identify the difficulties of vetting developers, and highlight our 5 step process of vetting firms that we used to build a network of the most qualified partners.

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Proper vetting of software outsourcing partners takes a lot of time, energy and technical knowledge. Even if you don't have a technical background, this guide can get you started on vetting your new development partner and help you know whether they're the right one for you.

We'll Cover:

  • An in-depth 5 step process to vet any development partner
  • Suggestions for how to tackle the more technical aspects of vetting — even if you're non-technical
  • More than 20 pages of our findings on vetting developers, so buckle up!

Following this playbook has allowed us to personally vet thousands of firms and choose the handful of outsourcing partners that we're proud to accept into our network. When you take the time and effort to properly vet your development team, it will pay dividends that are evident in the quality of your development experience.

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