Effective Outsourcing

We set out to change the way companies outsource software development. Learn about what it takes to effectively outsource and what to expect before you begin.

How to Onboard Software Developers

Onboarding New Software Developers to an Existing Project Can Be Difficult. Read Our Guide on How You Can Transition to Your New Team Smoothly.

What Is a Software Bug?

What Is a Software Bug? Bugs in Software Are Extremely Common and Should Not Cause Alarm. With Proper Debugging and Planning Ahead, Your Team Can Crush Any Bug.

Outsourcing Amidst COVID-19: Launching Your Startup

Entrepreneurship During a Pandemic Comes With a Lot of Uncertainty and Risk That Can Be Hard to Swallow. Digitizing Your Business Can Help You Not Only Survive but Thrive During the Current Times. Work With Aloa to Take Your Business to the Digital World.

Ensure Code Quality with Overseas Software Developers with CI/CD

CI/CD Tools Might Look Daunting, But They Are Easy to Set Up and Can Be Help Startups Have a More Structured Development Process.

4 Reasons Startups Should Outsource Software Development

Software Outsourcing Is Becoming More Easy and Accessible With New Technology. Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource in 2020.

Vetting Your Software Outsourcing Team - 5 Key Steps

Vetting a Software Outsourcing Team Is Extremely Difficult. Here's a Checklist You Can Follow to Properly Vet Your Overseas Team.

What to Expect: Software Development - Part 1

Effective Collaboration During Software Development is Key for Ensuring a Smooth Process. Our Goal is to Make the Process of Collaborating on your Project Development as Seamless and Painless as Possible.

What to Expect: Software Development - Part 2

Every Software Development Project Comes With Concerns About Code Ownership, Development Process, and System Administration. Read About How We at Aloa Do Everything in Our Power to Make Sure You Know What to Expect When It Comes to These Issues.

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