Work with Skilled Angular Frontend Developers: 7+ Providers

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The tech industry constantly seeks skilled Angular frontend developers due to their crucial role in building dynamic web applications. As businesses increasingly rely on sophisticated web technologies, the demand for professionals skilled in this JavaScript framework continues to rise. Angular’s capabilities in data binding and DOM management make it an ideal choice for developing complex web applications that are efficient and scalable.

Aloa, an expert in software outsourcing, specializes in matching businesses and startups with top-tier Angular developers. We understand the intricacies of project management, dependency injection, and unit testing within the Angular ecosystem. Our approach ensures that every Angular project is handled precisely, following the best frontend development practices. Leveraging our global network, we provide access to developers proficient in creating high-performance single page applications using Angular.

Informed by extensive research and our hands-on experience, we've compiled this guide to select the best Angular frontend development teams. We'll thoroughly evaluate providers and their essential Angular development tools, such as Angular CLI and npm. By the end, you’ll gain insights into managing an Angular project, from setting it up in the src folder using the build command to deploying dynamic applications.

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8 Best Overall Angular Frontend Developer Companies

Selecting the best Angular frontend developer companies is crucial for innovative and high-quality web development. These top firms are renowned for their expertise in Angular, delivering exceptional user experiences and robust applications. Their proven track record in Angular development sets them apart in the competitive tech industry.

Here, we highlight 8 leading firms renowned for their prowess in Angular development.

1. Aloa - Best Site to Hire Angular Frontend Developers


Aloa facilitates the seamless integration of top Angular frontend developers into businesses worldwide. Recognized as a global leader in software development outsourcing, Aloa simplifies hiring skilled Angular developers. Whether you need to staff an entire development team or find a specialist for a specific project, Aloa offers a streamlined solution tailored to your business needs, ensuring high-quality, on-time, and on-budget delivery.

Aloa’s services stand out due to their rigorous vetting process. Each developer or team undergoes a detailed evaluation to meet Aloa's high standards of proficiency and quality. This process ensures clients receive the best talent for their Angular frontend development needs. Furthermore, Aloa’s platform provides transparent performance reports, informing clients about project progress and outcomes, ensuring confidence and satisfaction.

Notable Features of Working with Aloa

  • Comprehensive Development Services: Aloa provides end-to-end solutions, from initial consultation to project completion, encompassing all phases of software development.
  • Robust Vetting Process: This process ensures that only top-tier Angular developers who are well-versed in the latest industry standards and technologies are selected.
  • Transparent Project Management: Regular updates and clear communication ensure that all projects remain on track and aligned with client expectations.
  • Dedicated Support: Aloa’s commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond project completion, offering ongoing assistance to ensure continued operational success.

Aloa Pricing Plans

Potential clients can initiate a consultation by providing project details via email or directly through Aloa’s website. Within 24 hours, Aloa will respond with a tailored proposal based on the project's specific needs and goals. This approach allows for customized pricing that matches the scope and scale of the development requirements.

For businesses seeking to hire top-tier Angular frontend developers, Aloa is the premier choice. They provide a seamless, efficient, and transparent outsourcing experience. Whether for project-based work or long-term team development, Aloa adapts to each client's specific needs, ensuring their software development is nothing less than a success.

2. BairesDev - Best for Key Role Filling


BairesDev provides specific niche services that can help businesses create new and sophisticated mobile and web apps. This company focuses on providing platform and infrastructure services to keep applications secure using fault tolerance with a dedicated DevOps and security team. 

Companies partnering with BairesDev can use their “key role” filling functionality to ensure that the application development includes all necessary roles, including project managers, QA engineers, and DevOps engineers. Every developer on their team specializes in niche Angular services such as RxJS, state management libraries, Angular Universal, Angular Schematics, and more. 

Notable Features of Working with BairesDev

  • Niche Angular Solutions: All additional in-house specialty services are required to maximize the efficiency and performance of Angular applications. 
  • Key Role Filling: Companies that lack a full-stack developer team can offset their services with BairesDev’s key role-filling system. 
  • Two-Week Onboarding Process: Expect a fast time to market production with BairesDev’s guaranteed two-week onboarding process. 

BairesDev Pricing Plans

Potential customers interested in BairesDev’s services can send a form alongside the type of service needed. Once the details are sent, an email will be provided to schedule an official meeting call, containing the price point and strategizing needed for the project goal.

BairesDev is a great candidate for businesses expanding their Angular-based applications to utilize niche features or functionalities. Their flexible staffing models cater to various business sizes and needs.

3. EchoGlobal - Best for Bespoke Team Augmentation


EchoGlobal primarily offers tailored team augmentation services, allowing businesses to scale their development teams with skilled Angular developers per their project requirements. Their flexible tech recruitment aims to provide critical points for completing each task based on each client's necessary limitations. 

They personalized approach to providing business partners with Angular frontend developers with the technical backbone and knowledge to maximize Angular.js into their tech stack capabilities. Their simplified pricing plans allow companies to simplify hiring without worrying about additional costs while keeping all transactions as direct and transparent as possible.

Notable Features of Working with EchoGlobal

  • Customized Team Augmentation: Each developer is carefully trained and matched with the necessary components set by the client to ensure a smooth working relationship.
  • Straightforward Pricing: Payment transactions are kept simple, with developers to be hired full-time and charged monthly rates accordingly. 
  • Probation Trial Period: Each new Angular frontend developer hire has a three-month trial period. 

EchoGlobal Pricing Plans

Companies are all guaranteed to receive a response within 24 hours after sending a request form on their website. Potential customers can also book a specific time slot or calendar date for a personalized meeting. 

EchoGlobal is one of the best options for businesses that want to hire a developer with specific requirements and skills to accomplish their project goals. Every component and company role is carefully analyzed to suit the specific needs.

4. Radixweb - Best for Full-Stack Development


Radixweb offers end-to-end full-stack development services encompassing frontend and backend technologies, including Angular framework for building robust and scalable web applications. Their comprehensive expertise in full-stack knowledge enables them to deliver integrated solutions that meet clients' diverse business needs and objectives.

Angular frontend developers are all trained to handle a project’s development cycle, from planning to maintenance and support. Day-by-day reports and optimizing the project to operate on a dependency infusion subsystem ensure they can operate with any additional AngularJS features when upgrading.

Notable Features of Working with Radixweb

  • Full-Stack Development Services: Full-stack services include domain expertise, custom application production, front-end development, maintenance, and support.
  • Dependency System: Integrate new functionalities with an AngularJS dependency infusion subsystem for future-proofing services. 
  • Flexible Engagement Models: Radixweb guides each client to utilize only software engineers who perfectly match their requirements and specifications.

Radixweb Pricing Plans

Businesses that want to partner with Radixweb’s services can send a simple business inquiry containing their project goals and the specific tasks needed from Radixweb. The primary analysis of your requirements will take 24 hours to deliberate before an official offer is presented. 

Radixweb is an excellent choice for companies hiring Angular frontend developers who can integrate full-stack development services to complete projects. Businesses without a dedicated IT team can easily supplement their needs through Radixweb.

5. Cleveroad - Best for Custom Angular Frontend Service


Cleveroad specializes in providing custom Angular frontend development services, crafting intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces that resonate with target audiences and drive engagement. Their combination of creative approach and technical expertise ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

Progressive web applications operating on Angular frameworks make it easy to optimize programs and integrate new features with deep engineering expertise from their team of Angular frontend developers. Legacy modernization also encourages companies to retain their previous software and optimize the system for new technology. 

Notable Features of Working with Cleveroad

  • Custom Angular Front Web Development: They build software from scratch to completion with full client ownership. 
  • Legacy Frontend Modernization: They rewrite the codes entirely to modernize older systems and take advantage of new features.
  • High Number of Middle and Senior-Level Developers: Cleveroad has one of the highest percentages of available Angular frontend developers, with 92% boasting middle to senior-level software engineering skills. 

Cleveroad Pricing Plans

Companies can register a request through their website to discuss project plans with Cleveroad’s sales technicians. Users can also request a full NDA to ensure that all personal and professional information is safely controlled and managed for their benefit.

Cleveroad is excellent for businesses that want a customized software solution to personalize their Angular applications. Their team of developers will adjust to the resources of each client while also providing sufficient consultation service.

6. Ideamotive - Best for Custom Angular Solutions


Ideamotive provides on-demand software development services, including Angular frontend development, to businesses seeking flexible and scalable solutions tailored to their needs. Their team focuses on providing agility, innovation, and client satisfaction while serving as a long-term strategic partner for startups, SMEs, and enterprises.

Additionally, their expert consultation services extend beyond providing advice on creating a sophisticated Angular application. Companies can also work with their personalized business consultant to support development and coincide with current marketing and industry strategies.

Notable Features of Working with Ideamotive

  • Streamlined On-Demand Hiring: You can choose a selected candidate that meets all expectations to ensure a faster onboarding experience.
  • Business Consultation Services: Ideal for startups looking for a professional to guide them through proper development practices and formulate a sophisticated business strategy.
  • Custom Angular Solutions: Tailored development projects that cater to each client's unique requirements using Angular.

Ideamotive Pricing Plans

Clients can engage with Ideamotive’s Angular development services on a project basis or through dedicated team arrangements. Pricing is transparent and tailored to the scope and scale of the project, with detailed quotations provided after an initial consultation.

Ideamotive is a strategic partner for companies leveraging Angular for their web development needs. Focusing on delivering high-quality solutions and exceptional client service, Ideamotive is equipped to handle projects of any size.

7. Outstaff Your Team - Best for Building Remote Development Teams

Outstaff Your Team_homepage

Outstaff Your Team specializes in creating tailored remote development teams that cater to the specific needs of businesses across various sectors. They excel in assembling teams that integrate seamlessly with client projects, ensuring that each team is equipped with top-tier specialists skilled in the latest technologies, including Angular, React, and Node.js.

Remote development teams at Outstaff Your Team are selected through meticulous recruitment. They ensure that every professional is technically proficient and perfectly fits the client's company culture and project requirements. Their service includes continuous management and support, ensuring teams are always aligned with the client’s goals.

Notable Features of Working with Outstaff Your Team

  • Remote Development Team Assembly: Expertise in building tech teams customized to client specifications, ensuring efficient integration with existing operations.
  • Comprehensive Talent Management: Includes recruitment, onboarding, and retention, handled by Outstaff Your Team to allow clients to focus on their strategic goals.
  • Adaptable Engagement Models: Clients can choose from project-based, short-term, or long-term cooperation, providing flexibility to meet dynamic project demands.

Outstaff Your Team Pricing Plans

Clients interested in forming a remote development team can begin by submitting a detailed inquiry about their project needs via Outstaff Your Team’s website. The initial consultation to assess needs is complimentary, with a full proposal provided within 24 hours.

Outstaff Your Team is the go-to solution for companies seeking to enhance their technological capabilities without the overhead of expanding their in-house teams. Their flexible engagement models and extensive talent pool ensure that every client’s development needs are met precisely and efficiently.

8. Chapter247 - Best for Robust Technology Stack Expertise


Chapter247 offers tailored software solutions, prominently featuring Angular development services, to cater to diverse industry needs, including e-commerce, healthcare, and Edutech. With over six years in the industry, Chapter247 has established a strong presence, providing highly skilled Angular developers for hire to startups and established enterprises.

Clients have direct access to their Angular resources, receiving daily, weekly, or monthly progress reports and code deliveries, ensuring transparency and consistent alignment with project timelines. Chapter247 guarantees 176 man-hours per month, accommodating flexible office hours to match different time zones and optimizing collaboration and productivity.

Notable Features of Working with Chapter247

  • Tailored Hiring Solutions: Flexible engagement models (full-time, part-time, hourly) tailored to meet specific project demands and business scales.
  • Comprehensive Support and Strategy: Proactive support and a dedicated team strategy scale the team according to the project's changing needs.
  • Robust Technology Stack Expertise: They have extensive experience with various technologies, including JavaScript frameworks, full-stack development, databases, and mobile technologies.

Chapter247 Pricing Plans

Potential clients can initiate their engagement with Chapter247 by requesting a quote through their website, where they can also check the portfolio. This initial step involves understanding the client’s business requirements and technology challenges to offer a strategically aligned proposal.

Chapter247 is an ideal partner for businesses leveraging cutting-edge Angular development capabilities integrated with comprehensive custom software solutions. Their commitment to client success is reflected in their flexible staffing solutions and broad technological expertise.

How To Choose The Best Angular Frontend Development Partner

How To Choose The Best Angular Frontend Development Partner

Choosing the best Angular frontend developers to partner with in 2024 accelerates your ability to create top-notch digital solutions and products that place your business ahead of the competition. As you start to explore your options, these simple steps go a long way in making sure you partner with the ideal service provider based on your needs and requirements:

Step 1: Outline Your Project Goals and Objectives

Taking the time to outline your project goals and objectives gives you a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Here are the things to consider as you scope your project in preparation for working with skilled Angular frontend developers: 

  • Scope of the Project: Define the size and scale of your project. Is it a small website, a large enterprise application, or a mobile app?
  • Target Audience: Identify who will be using your application. Understanding their needs and preferences will help in shaping the user experience.
  • Functional Requirements: List all the features and functionalities you want in your application.
  • Technical Requirements: Specify technical requirements or constraints, such as integration with other systems, specific technology stacks, or performance benchmarks.
  • Timeline and Budget: Determine your project timeline and budget to ensure you find a partner who can deliver within these constraints.

Compiling these main points into one streamlined document or reference guide will provide clarity by ensuring everyone involved in the project understands the goals and objectives. It will also facilitate communication by acting as a central reference point that can be shared with potential development partners to communicate your requirements. 

Step 2: Explore Your Options

Once you understand your project requirements, you can explore your options, starting with the recommendations listed in the previous section. As you explore the various service providers in the industry, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Experience and Expertise: Look for providers with extensive experience in Angular development and a strong portfolio of similar projects.
  • Reputation: Check reviews, testimonials, and case studies to gauge their reputation and reliability.
  • Technical Skills: Ensure the team has strong technical skills in Angular, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and related technologies.
  • Innovation and Problem Solving: Look for a partner who demonstrates a proactive approach to problem-solving and innovation.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Assess their communication skills and willingness to collaborate closely with your team.

Exploring each option's notable features will also help you determine which company best meets your needs regarding the services offered. 

Step 3: Schedule Discovery Calls 

Scheduling discovery calls with your shortlisted options aims to give you a deeper insight into how potential partners can align with project or business goals. These calls are essential for assessing compatibility and understanding each provider's approach, ensuring they have the capability and vision to meet your needs.

Moreover, a discovery call allows you to assess a provider’s portfolio and case studies, valuable indicators of their capabilities. When evaluating these, consider:

  • Diversity of Projects: Look for various projects demonstrating versatility and the ability to handle different challenges.
  • Quality of Work: Assess the quality of their previous work in terms of design, usability, and performance.
  • Client Feedback: Pay attention to client feedback and testimonials to understand client satisfaction levels.

For those who leave a remarkable impression following the discovery call, you can request a breakdown of service prices. This breakdown allows you to fully determine whether or not their offer fits your requirements, timeline, and budget.

Step 4: Shortlist Potential Partners

After conducting discovery calls, narrowing the list of potential partners is crucial. Evaluate various aspects such as technical expertise, project portfolio, client testimonials, and pricing structure. This thorough assessment ensures that each company's value is carefully acknowledged, helping you identify those that best meet your needs.

This process also allows you to rank the importance of different offerings, such as scalability, post-launch support, and innovation potential. Prioritizing these factors can help you make an informed decision and ensure a strong partnership that aligns with your project goals and business objectives.

Step 5: Select and Onboard Your Team

Once all the details have been carefully analyzed and the list of candidates has been shortened, selecting the right team to work for your company is all that remains to get started. Use this opportunity to carefully discuss the requirements and expectations with your choice of Angular frontend developer company to ensure a clear understanding of the regulations needed. 

Another essential opponent to help streamline the process of adapting a new team towards a project is through an extensive onboarding process. Most frontend developer companies will require time to adjust to the working conditions set by their partners. Secure a suitable and comprehensive learning material to address common concerns.

Key Takeaway

Selecting a skilled Angular frontend development partner can significantly improve your project's success. Understanding the core concepts of Angular, such as modules, templates, and directives, ensures that your web page functions seamlessly. Angular facilitates the development of a robust single-page application (SPA) that can handle complex routing, dynamic DOM elements, and smooth browser interactions.

When considering a partner, evaluate their experience with full-stack development and familiarity with common web development tech stacks. Ensure they follow best practices in handling source code, creating efficient API integrations, and managing different parts of your Angular app. Expertise in frameworks like Angular allows for building responsive and interactive web applications that align with the latest trends in the web development industry.

Looking for more sites to hire Angular frontend developers? Aloa will guide you through the process. We provide access to top-tier developers experienced in Angular and related technologies like Java, HTTP, and GitHub. For more information or to schedule a call, contact us at [email protected]. Hire Angular developers with Aloa and elevate your next project to new heights.

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