Why to Learn Python in 2021

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In 2021, software programming continues to be an increasingly useful skill that everyone can, and should learn. The digital era brings technology to more and more every day products such as phones, laptops, medical devices, etc.

When starting to learn about the world of software, there are many potential routes a beginner can take. Some might begin by learning HTML for web development or learning Swift for iOS applications.

But one option rises above the rest as the best language and tool to learn right now: Python. Python is a programming language with a wide variety of uses. Python can be used for data science and visualization, machine learning, web development, game development, and quantitative finance. The best part is that the list continues to grow as more libraries and tools are created.

Overall, there are three key reasons why anyone trying to learn software programming should pick up Python.

Python is The Most Used Programming Language

A Northeastern University study on the best programming languages to learn in 2021 found that Python is the #1 most popular language to learn. The research finds that the variety of applications for Python and its adoption by large companies contribute to its popularity.

Another key sign of Python's popularity comes from a recent survey from Stack Overflow, an online community for software engineers. The study found that Python-related questions comprised the highest percentage of questions each month for the last 4 years.

Stack Overflow Graph showing Python related questions are more popular than C#, JavaScript, Java, PHP, and C++

Python Has Easy to Learn Syntax and Logic

Compared to other popular languages such as Java and C , Python has a much easier syntax to learn and is called a readable programming language.

This is really helpful for those who are new to programming and have no background in understanding programming syntax. There's also plenty of online resources, such as Codecademy, Udemy, and YouTube that teach Python. Many of these resources are free!

Python Supports Many Needs and is Very Powerful

Python is extremely popular for data science, including machine learning and data visualization. Libraries like Scikit-learn, NumPy, and Pandas are popular tools that support data analysis.

Python can also be applied to many platforms, unlike languages like Swift, which is used only for iOS development.

Python isn't just for data science. Frameworks and libraries such as Django, MongoDB, and Firestore allow Python to also be a powerful web development and database tool.

Get Started with Python Development

Overall, it's clear that Python is a rapidly growing language that has many use cases. Many developers are using Python thanks to its easy-to-learn nature and powerful applications. Python is definitely the best language to learn if you are starting software development in 2021. We even have a guide on hiring Python developers.

Otherwise, if you're looking for Python development but don't want to learn it yourself, feel free to check out our services!

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