7+ Game-Changing Proptech Startups to Watch in 2024

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The Proptech industry is experiencing rapid growth in 2024, fundamentally altering the landscape of real estate processes. Technology has become a pivotal force, reshaping how real estate professionals manage properties, engage with clients, and make strategic decisions. Amid this transformation, the spotlight is on game-changing Proptech startups pushing innovation's boundaries.

Businesses and startups face challenges in adopting and implementing the latest Proptech solutions in this dynamic environment. Aloa, an expert in software outsourcing, plays a crucial role in helping them navigate these challenges, specializing in developing solutions and ensuring seamless integration of innovative technology into their operations. With a focus on user experiences, machine learning, and business intelligence, Aloa empowers real estate companies to stay ahead in the competitive market.

In this blog, you will gain insights into the most promising Proptech startups in 2024, reshaping the real estate industry. These startups are at the forefront of technological innovation, from revolutionizing property investment to optimizing commercial real estate. Explore their notable features, pricing plans, and critical skills that make them stand out in the Proptech landscape.

Whether you're a real estate professional, property owner, or investor, this list will guide you through the transformative journey of Proptech.

Let's dive in!

8 Game-Changing Proptech Startups to Watch in 2024

In 2024, the Proptech industry stands at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing the traditional real estate paradigm. Technology is a driving force, shaping how properties are managed, investments are made, and transactions unfold. Keeping an eye on the game-changing Proptech startups set to redefine real estate's future is essential.

Here, we unveil eight such startups leading the charge in 2024, each bringing unique and impactful solutions to the Proptech industry.

1. Avatour - Best for Virtual Property Tours and Remote Inspections

Avatour - Best for Virtual Property Tours and Remote Inspections

Avatour excels in virtual property tours and remote inspections, providing unparalleled solutions for the real estate industry. Avatour's innovative 360° remote collaboration platform is best suited for proptech startups aiming to revolutionize property showcasing and inspection processes. With Avatour, stakeholders can virtually explore properties in real-time, overcoming geographical barriers and enhancing efficiency in property transactions.

Avatour offers a comprehensive 360° experience, allowing remote participants to explore properties as if physically present freely. Unlike standard videoconferencing, Avatour allows users to choose their point of view, fostering a more immersive and engaging property inspection. This unique feature sets Avatour apart in delivering a true-to-life virtual experience.

Notable Features of Working with Avatour

  • Advanced 360° Technology: Avatour's real-time 360° platform enables users to share the context of real-world spaces during virtual meetings.
  • Freedom to Choose POV: Unlike traditional videoconferencing, Avatour empowers users to independently control their point of view within the 360° environment.
  • Global Collaboration: Avatour brings people together, allowing up to 20 guests to experience remote locations collaboratively.
  • 360° Recordings: Users can record sessions for collaborative review, enhancing post-inspection analysis.
  • Secondary Camera Sources: Avatour supports additional shared 2D camera feeds, providing detailed capture within the 360° context.

Avatour Pricing Plans

Avatour offers flexible pricing plans based on the needs of businesses. The pricing is competitive, ensuring cost-effectiveness for companies of various sizes. They also provide different hiring models, allowing businesses to scale their usage according to their requirements.

Avatour caters to businesses in the real estate sector, especially proptech startups and property management firms. Their platform is designed to facilitate virtual property tours, remote inspections, and on-site meetings. It is an ideal solution for real estate professionals aiming to enhance collaboration, reduce travel costs, and provide an immersive experience for clients and stakeholders.

2. Home365 - Best for Property Management Services and Maintenance 

Home365 - Best for Property Management Services and Maintenance

Home365 offers hassle-free property management services, streamlining the investment process from advertising to rent collection and repairs. Focusing on predictability, their OneRate plan ensures a steady income for property owners, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a hands-off investment experience.

Home365's unique selling point lies in its OneRate plan, which guarantees a steady income while eliminating unexpected charges. Unlike competitors, Home365's comprehensive approach covers all aspects, from maintenance to evictions, providing financial peace of mind to property investors. This innovative model sets Home365 apart in delivering a transparent, stress-free property management experience.

Notable Features of Working with Home365

  • Predictable Income: Home365's OneRate plan ensures a steady and predictable rental income for property owners, minimizing financial risks.
  • Complete Transparency: The online owner dashboard provides real-time visibility into property conditions, history, projects, and financial statements.
  • Rental Guarantee: The OneRate plan includes a yearly rent guarantee, offering 12 months of full rent, regardless of circumstances.
  • Preventative Inspection System: Home365's system detects maintenance issues early, allowing for timely fixes before they escalate.
  • Local Expertise: With local teams across various locations, Home365 ensures efficient property management, focusing on tenant comfort.

Home365 Pricing Plans

Home365 offers two property management plans:

  • OneRate: This plan provides a performance guarantee with a steady income and customizable fees based on property management needs.
  • OnDemand: A cost-effective full-service management plan suitable for those looking for a comprehensive property management service at an affordable price.

Home365's services are tailored for property investors seeking hassle-free and transparent property management. Their target audience includes individuals and companies looking to invest in real estate without the stress of day-to-day management. The OneRate plan is mainly suitable for those prioritizing predictable returns and minimal involvement in property operations.

3. Stessa - Best for Rental Property Management and Financial Tracking

Stessa - Best for Rental Property Management and Financial Tracking

Stessa excels in providing a streamlined approach to rental property management. Landlords benefit from features such as automated rent collection, tenant screening, and real-time dashboards, ensuring efficient and hassle-free property management. Stessa's focus on simplicity and automation makes it the optimal solution for maximizing returns and minimizing administrative burdens.

Stessa has a comprehensive suite of tools, particularly its Cash Management feature. Stessa integrates seamlessly with dedicated bank accounts for each property, offering a high-yield banking solution with a 5.08% APY. This unique integration simplifies financial tracking, making Stessa a standout choice in rental property management platforms.

Notable Features of Working with Stessa

  • Mobile App Management: Stessa provides the #1 mobile app for landlords, enabling on-the-go management, transaction categorization, and portfolio overview.
  • Automated Accounting: Stessa eliminates manual bookkeeping with automated accounting, organizing transactions accurately and efficiently.
  • Real-Time Dashboards: Focus on performance with real-time dashboards and reports, including a proper Income Statement and Net Cash Flow report.
  • Tenant Screening: Stessa's integrated RentPrep screening reduces risks by conducting background and credit checks, enhancing tenant quality.
  • Cash Management: Stessa offers a high-yield banking solution with a 5.08% APY, allowing landlords to open separate accounts for each property.

Stessa Pricing Plans

Stessa provides two pricing plans:

  • Essentials (Free): Elevate property investment with basic features.
  • Pro ($20/month): Take rental business to the next level with advanced tools, including unlimited property tracking, real estate document storage, and advanced ownership reporting.

Stessa caters to landlords and property investors, offering a solution tailored for those seeking efficient rental property management. Landlords with one or multiple properties benefit from Stessa's user-friendly interface, automated processes, and advanced financial tracking. The platform is particularly suited for those prioritizing simplicity, real-time insights, and financial optimization in their property management endeavors.

4. Roostify - Best for Streamlining the Mortgage Application Process

Roostify - Best for Streamlining the Mortgage Application Process

Roostify is best for streamlining the mortgage application process, offering a unified digital platform that simplifies the home-buying journey. Roostify transforms the traditional, time-consuming mortgage process into a streamlined, modern experience for borrowers and lenders from application to closing.

As one of the first to market, Roostify stands out, helping some of the largest banks in the world transform their lending operations. The platform's modular design provides built-in flexibility, allowing businesses to choose specific solutions or connect to the entire platform based on their unique needs. With a team of industry experts focused on housing finance and security, Roostify delivers a transparent experience that inspires confidence.

Notable Features of Working with Roostify

  • Automated Lending Journey: Roostify accelerates the lending process by automating essential tasks, allowing lending teams to focus on borrowers.
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: The platform offers a user-friendly experience, allowing the creation of personalized workflows tailored to meet both borrower and lender needs.
  • Total Visibility with Advanced Data: Roostify provides detailed views of all loans, enabling better customer understanding and personalized experiences.
  • Pipeline Expansion: Clients experience a 35% expansion in the pipeline within 90 days of go-live, showcasing Roostify's efficiency.
  • Application Submission Rate: With an 85% application submission rate, Roostify ensures a high engagement throughout the lending process.

Roostify Pricing Plans

Roostify's pricing plans are tailored to the specific needs of clients. The platform offers flexible options, ensuring businesses can choose the features that align with their requirements. Pricing models are designed to be transparent, providing clarity for clients on costs and benefits.

Roostify is an ideal solution for banks, credit unions, and independent mortgage banks. Their platform creates a simple, secure home lending experience for borrowers and loan teams. By delivering an ideal lending experience for partners, Roostify accelerates the entire home lending journey. The platform's flexibility suits businesses of varying sizes, providing a turnkey solution for optimizing their lending operations efficiently.

5. Rent. - Best for Rental Property Advertising and Marketing Solutions

Rent. - Best for Rental Property Advertising and Marketing Solutions

Rent. excels in rental property advertising and marketing solutions for proptech startups, making it the go-to choice for property owners and managers looking to maximize their reach and lead quality. With a focus on attracting high-quality leads and increasing visibility, Rent.'s solutions are tailored to help property owners get the most out of their advertising budget.

Rent. has a comprehensive solution, such as RentMarketplace, RentSocial, RentSearch, RentEngage, RentRep, RentTarget, and more. These offerings provide a multifaceted approach, combining fair-housing-compliant social ads, targeted Google search campaigns, and streamlined communication tools to ensure a property's online presence is effective and efficient.

Notable Features of Working with Rent.

  • RentMarketplace: Access to 350M+ visits monthly, enhanced filtering, and AI-driven matching for optimal lead quality.
  • RentSocial: Fair-housing compliant social ads on popular platforms, driving high-quality renter leads with rapid deployment options.
  • RentSearch: Award-winning Google search campaigns boasting 3X higher click-through rates and transparent pricing.
  • RentEngage: Specialized call center services, online chat capabilities, and automated two-way communication for stress-free leasing.
  • RentRep: Reputation management with personalized responses, content management, and a focus on boosting renter engagement and SEO.

Rent. Pricing Plans

Rent. offers transparent pricing plans tailored to the specific needs of property owners and managers. With flexible hiring models, clients can choose from various packages that align with their advertising and marketing goals.

Rent. is ideal for property owners and managers who seek efficient advertising solutions, targeting high-quality leads while minimizing ad spend. This platform is especially beneficial for those looking to enhance their online reputation, engage with renters effectively, and optimize their marketing strategies.

6. HomeLight - Best for Finding Top Real Estate Agents

HomeLight - Best for Finding Top Real Estate Agents

HomeLight offers the best solution for finding top real estate agents in the United States. Their platform employs advanced algorithms and real estate expertise to match clients with the perfect buyer or listing agent, ensuring a seamless and satisfying real estate transaction.

HomeLight helps users find the right agent and offers services like HomeLight Cash Offer through HomeLight Home Loans, Inc. This allows users to sell quickly without the hassle of repairs, listing, or showings, providing a modern alternative to traditional real estate transactions.

Notable Features of Working with HomeLight

  • Agent Matching: Utilizes home sales data to find top real estate agents based on client needs and local market data.
  • HomeLight Cash Offer: Provides a swift, all-cash offer through HomeLight Home Loans, Inc., ensuring a quick and hassle-free selling process.
  • Closing Services: Offers modern title and escrow services to simplify closing.
  • Agent Help Center: Provides comprehensive support for agents through an accessible online help center.
  • Bridge Loan for Lenders: Facilitates a 0% bridge loan to remove a client's home sale contingency and unlock their equity.

HomeLight Pricing Plans

HomeLight's pricing plans are tailored to the specific needs of clients. With transparent and flexible pricing models, users can choose from various packages to match their requirements, making HomeLight an accessible and customizable platform for individuals and real estate professionals.

HomeLight is most beneficial for individuals and real estate professionals in the United States seeking simplicity, certainty, and satisfaction in their real estate transactions. Whether you're a buyer looking for your dream home, a seller aiming to maximize returns, or a real estate agent striving for a straightforward and efficient process, HomeLight's modern solutions cater to a diverse audience.

7. Showdigs - Best for Scheduling and Managing Property Showings

Showdigs - Best for Scheduling and Managing Property Showings

Showdigs excels as the best solution for scheduling and managing property showings with its innovative features tailored for efficient and worry-free leasing. Whether you're a property manager or owner, Showdigs simplifies the process, seamlessly taking you from listing to leasing.

Showdigs exclusively provides on-demand showing agents, a feature not commonly found in other property management software. Showdigs allow property managers to stay off the road and away from the constant coordination of showings, offering a convenient and time-saving solution. Their self-scheduling tool further sets them apart, giving users the flexibility to handle showings best suited to them.

Notable Features of Working with Showdigs

  • On-Demand Showings: Showdigs provides access to professional agents who handle in-person showings, whether properties are occupied, vacant, or virtual, ensuring a streamlined leasing process.
  • Condition Reports: Offering comprehensive condition reports for property turnover or periodic check-ups, saving property managers valuable time in the field.
  • Marketing Photos: Showdigs' agents can capture professional marketing photos, enhancing property listings and reducing the time to go live.
  • Marketing Automation Platform: Seamless integration with existing tools for improved website conversions and increased guest cards.
  • Self-Scheduling: Showdigs' scheduling software lets property managers forget about the hassle of manually scheduling tours, letting the operations team handle logistics.

Showdigs Pricing Plans

Showdigs operates on a transparent pricing model. For a monthly subscription of $100, users gain unlimited access to advanced scheduling automation and workforce management tools. This includes five free monthly listing activations, with additional activations available for $20 each. Service add-ons, such as on-demand condition reports and marketing photos, are available per service, offering users flexibility based on their specific needs.

Showdigs caters to property managers and owners looking for an efficient, cost-effective solution to streamline their leasing process. It is ideal for those seeking to reduce vacancy times, manage showings effortlessly, and enhance the overall day-to-day operations of their property management business. The proptech startups' platform is designed to accommodate a range of property portfolios, providing a valuable resource for those with 200 doors or more, ensuring maximum benefit from the subscription.

8. LoopNet - Best for Commercial Property Listings and Investment Opportunities

LoopNet - Best for Commercial Property Listings and Investment Opportunities

LoopNet offers the best platform for commercial property listings and investment opportunities. With a focus on delivering exposure to millions of prospects, LoopNet is the most heavily trafficked commercial real estate marketplace, making it an ideal choice for those seeking maximum visibility.

What makes LoopNet unique is its unrivaled online presence. Boasting 13 million monthly global unique visitors and ranking #1 for over 136,000 commercial real estate search terms, LoopNet provides unmatched traffic and connectivity. This platform ensures that your listings reach a vast audience, enabling quicker connections with potential prospects and reducing time on the market.

Notable Features of Working with LoopNet

  • Market Dominance: LoopNet ranks #1 for numerous commercial real estate search terms, ensuring your listings get noticed.
  • Global Reach: With 13 million monthly visitors, LoopNet connects you with a massive global audience.
  • CoStar Group Integration: As part of CoStar Group, LoopNet benefits from being associated with the global leader in commercial real estate navigation.
  • Extensive Industry Campaigns: LoopNet runs extensive campaigns, reaching almost every tenant and investor through various channels.
  • Sophisticated Presentation: LoopNet enhances property visibility with professional photography, 3D virtual tours, video tours, and drone footage.

LoopNet Pricing Plans

LoopNet offers various advertising packages:

  • Diamond: Up to 1150x more exposure than basic listings.
  • Platinum: Up to 300x more exposure than basic listings.
  • Gold: Up to 56x more exposure than basic listings.
  • Silver: Up to 12x more exposure than basic listings.
  • Basic: Essential exposure on CoStar for commercial property professionals.

LoopNet caters to commercial real estate professionals, owners, and brokers seeking to maximize exposure for their properties. It is particularly beneficial for those wanting extensive online reach, from small business owners to Fortune 1000 companies, aiming to connect with a global audience.

How to Choose the Right Proptech Startups for Your Business

The proptech industry has seen significant growth in recent years. Whether you're a property manager, real estate investor, or a small business owner looking for office space, choosing the right proptech startups can be crucial to your success.

Let's explore steps to select the best proptech solutions for your specific needs and objectives.

How to Choose the Right Proptech Startups for Your Business

Step 1: Define Your Objectives and Needs

Clearly defining your objectives and needs is essential. Understanding what challenges you're trying to address or what goals you're looking to achieve will help you narrow down your options. Here are some key considerations:

  • Are you looking to optimize property management processes?
  • Do you want to find innovative ways to market your properties?
  • Are you a real estate investor seeking data insights for better investment decisions?
  • Is tenant experience improvement a top priority?
  • Are you interested in sustainability and ESG integration in your real estate operations?

You can better evaluate proptech startups that align with your business goals by identifying your specific requirements.

Step 2: Research Proptech Companies

Once you clearly understand your needs, it's time to research proptech companies that offer solutions tailored to your requirements. Proptech startups come in various forms, specializing in property management, data analytics, marketing automation, and more. Here are some key types of proptech companies to consider:

  • Property Management Platforms: These platforms offer tools for property managers to streamline operations, handle maintenance requests, and improve tenant communication.
  • Data Analytics Providers: Companies in this category offer data-driven insights for real estate investors and property owners to make informed decisions.
  • Marketing Automation: Proptech startups in this space provide marketing solutions to reach a broader audience and fill vacancies faster.
  • Tenant Experience Enhancement: Some startups focus on enhancing the rental experience through innovative technologies.
  • Sustainability and ESG Integration: If sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles are crucial to your real estate operations, look for startups offering ESG-focused solutions.

Step 3: Evaluate Total Funding and Market Presence

When considering proptech startups, examining their financial stability and market presence is vital. While the allure of new startups bringing innovation is enticing, it's equally important to gauge the financial support they've garnered.

Examining the total funding secured by a proptech company can serve as a valuable indicator of their growth potential and overall stability in the competitive market. Robust financial backing often translates into the ability to weather challenges and continue developing cutting-edge solutions.

Step 4: Check for Local Expertise and Partnerships

The real estate industry frequently hinges on localized knowledge, making local expertise valuable. When evaluating proptech startups, consider whether they have established local partnerships or operate at a regional level. This aspect is especially significant when targeting specific markets.

Collaborating with local partners and experts can provide insights and support customized to a given area's unique nuances and regulations, ensuring a more tailored and successful experience for your real estate ventures.

Step 5: Review Data Insights and Technology Platform

For real estate investors and property managers, data-driven decision-making is paramount. Consequently, assessing the technology platform a proptech startup offers and thoroughly examining its data capabilities is essential. Look for features like predictive analytics, AI-powered insights, and the capacity to tailor reports to your needs.

A robust technology platform with advanced data tools can offer a competitive edge in the dynamic real estate sector, enabling you to make well-informed choices and stay ahead in the market.

Key Takeaway

Proptech startups are crucial in reshaping the real estate landscape, leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive innovation. Investors and stakeholders keen on staying ahead should explore the transformative solutions offered by these dynamic Proptech startups.

In the Proptech industry, marked by advancements in artificial intelligence and data-driven platforms, the future is shaped by these trailblazing companies. With the VTS Platform, consisting of VTS Lease, VTS Rise, VTS Data, and VTS Market, every business stakeholder in commercial real estate is given real-time market information and execution capabilities to do their job with unparalleled speed and intelligence.

These solutions include property management, residential property development, and home improvement. By embracing technological solutions at both local and global levels, Proptech solutions emerge as key players in modern real estate, serving as valuable partners in navigating the complexities of real estate transactions and multifamily investing.

Collaborating with local experts and large real estate owners to harness massive data. This collaborative effort creates a competitive advantage, making Proptech startups a cornerstone to revolutionize the real estate industry. To stay at the forefront of this transformative wave, contact [email protected] for more insights and opportunities.

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