Top 7+ Property Tech Companies for Property Management

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Property tech companies are an incredibly crucial software development system that allows buyers and sellers to connect, manage, operate, and buy properties. Efficient utilization of property tech software enables users to transact and communicate with one another in an effortless and streamlined system.

We at Aloa understand the value and significance of well-developed property tech management solutions. Our team makes a great effort to ensure all our clients can be partnered with a software company with deep knowledge of the complex nuances of the real estate market.

This blog post will look at the top 7+ property tech companies specializing in managing properties for commercial real estate businesses. We'll also discuss the common trends incorporating a successful property tech company. 

Let's begin.

Best Overall Property Tech Companies 2023

The best overall property tech companies of 2023 provide essential services that streamline property management processes and enhance the overall efficiency of real estate businesses. These companies offer a range of innovative solutions that cater to the diverse needs of property owners, investors, and tenants.

1. Aloa - Top Pick For Property Tech Company 2023

Aloa - Top Pick For Property Tech Company 2023

Aloa is a software development company based in the United States with experts in various industries worldwide. Our team empowers clients to disclose every requirement, from development goals to company culture. We will take that information to ensure we can match you with offshore developers who can meet every expectation you demand. 

Our services include end-to-end development with the added benefit of using our vast technological knowledge to match your needs with top-notch advice to better streamline your business. Each client partner also receives our guarantee of ensuring that your projects are met with detailed and consistent reporting for you to monitor and make adjustments at a moment's notice. 

Notable Features of Aloa

  • Top Offshore Developer Options: Every offshore development partner under Aloa comes fully equipped with all the necessary resources and technical skills to achieve your project goals. 
  • Exact Matching: We ensure that all clients are content with the developers we hire by matching both technical skills and company culture to provide a smooth working experience at all times. 
  • Global Reach: Our list of developers and research team extends far above basic local market data to ensure that you gain a strong understanding of current trends from across the globe. 

Aloa Pricing Plans

Aloa offers tailored solutions for custom software development, including solutions for PropTech and real estate. Each solution builds on the specific requirements of our clients. With that, reach out to us at [email protected] for a consultation and a breakdown of expected expenses for your project.

Our team at Aloa works with business and startups large and small to create the ideal solutions that address the needs of professionals in the real estate industry. We’ll work closely with you to outline the best solutions and create an MVP (minimum viable product) that caters to your specific needs. 

2. Asendix - Custom-Build Proptech Software

Asendix - Custom-Build Proptech Software

Asendix is a real estate software development company created by real estate professionals catered to formulating the most optimal custom property tech system for their clients. With 16+ years of hands-on experience developing different software tools to optimize their craft, Ascendix has the necessary skills to ensure they can craft a well-formulated property tech for your company.

Detailed features of Ascendix software solutions include floor plan design, document generation, property management and reporting, and many more. Established real estate companies with a pre-made proptech system can also benefit through automation and modernization upgrades to ensure your database receives the best software development to give you an extra edge in the industry.

Notable Features of Asendix

  • Fully-Built Custom Software: Experience a top-down approach to all aspects of real estate software development to have the best chance at selecting the exact features your company needs. 
  • Software Consultation: Have a dedicated developer ready to provide the best advice while improving your proptech system and focusing on scaling your services. 
  • Cross-Platform App Development: Reach as many people as possible by allowing users to access your software through multiple devices and platforms. 

Asendix Pricing Plans

Ascendix provides a quote after answering their form and sending your company's details. Each interested customer can also request a free software consultation to better understand which services should be prioritized with your property tech development. 

Companies looking to have a fully-formed property technology solution or custom software made precisely for their real estate business can easily find Ascendix as a great option to utilize their services. With highly reliable software developers at their disposal, companies can easily have their most complex requirements met regarding proptech development.

3. Taazaa - All-Round Proptech Development

Taazaa - All-Round Proptech Development

Taazaa takes great strides to have a strong foothold in every industry that their team of software developers undertakes, especially as a proptech startup. This focus includes the real estate market and developing tools and programs to make the working experience easier for all types of businesses within the same trade.

Some of the property tech solutions include focusing on commonly overlooked sectors such as tenant management and construction management. Each project is treated as a full production, with every component of the system treated equally with full attention to ensure that every step is carefully managed and developed.

Notable Features of Taazaa
  • Multiple Real Estate Solutions: Businesses looking to focus on a specific sector or expand their real estate business to new avenues can entrust their services with Taazaa's expert solutions.
  • In-Depth Software Analysis: Have Taazaa's experts closely examine each component of your proptech software and develop systems to ensure that every component operates at peak optimization.
  • Flexibility to Changing Courses: Adapt to changing trends and developments at any point with Taazaa's flexible course changes at your request. 

Taazaa Pricing Plans

Taazaa offers users looking for proptech solutions the option to call their direct line or send a message directly through their website. 

Companies looking for specific avenues in their real estate business can find Taaza as a fantastic option for those specific niche developments to help improve their stake in the industry. With a complete focus on improving individual components for each client, your particular needs will have a better chance of reaching the right target audience.

Best Property Tech Companies For Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate operates on consistent large-scale investments followed by consistent long-term returns. Investors looking to diversify their portfolios by investing in commercial properties will find that partnering with the right property tech companies can help expand their potential earnings. 

4. Cadre - Value and Long-term Returns

Cadre - Value and Long-term Returns

Cadre is a proptech company that ensures long-term returns based on the initial value invested. This business enables its clients to choose their investment structure based on the needs of each user. Cadre makes it easier for the proptech market investors to fit their specific investment goals. Customizability and flexibility are the main strengths that make Cadre an excellent choice for users looking to start with commercial real estate management.

Every potential client gains a dedication to providing unique strategies to make your portfolio. Users looking to expand their horizons can find many more manageable options by utilizing one of their core three investment offerings. Cadre's long-term returns' main goal is to ensure its clients have a hands-free experience with their services. 

Notable Features of Cadre

  • Value-Oriented Approach: Cadre works with you to build the best opportunity to expand your commercial real estate listings in optimal solutions to increase the total value.
  • Cadre Funds: Spread your investment funds on Cadre's diversified list of multiple assets to grow your portfolio while minimizing the risks of declining revenue.
  • Community Growth Investment: Invest in reliable properties to ensure that you can maximize each listing while clearly stating which options offer the best returns. 

Cadre Pricing Plans

Cadre offers a detailed financial reporting plan with its company's platform for wealth management that is open for individuals and financial advisors in the real estate sector looking to scale their portfolios for larger firms. Interested parties would need to create an account on Cadre's homepage to start utilizing their services in the proptech industry.

Investors wanting a safe and stable approach to investing their funds in reliable commercial real estate can look to Cadre for a varied approach to get users started on growing their portfolio. Larger real estate agencies can also maximize their potential by investing in the same properties that Cadre has on their private listings. 

5. VTS - Data-Driven Management

VTS - Data-Driven Management

VTS emphasizes keeping all relevant information of every commercial property invested in a simple-to-understand data sheet. Companies seeking an efficient portfolio of all profits, costs, and projected revenue can use VTS' all-in-one software to format all business dealings online. 

With a highly customized VTS platform integration with their services, businesses can integrate marketing and leasing capabilities while having a data-driven property management system to ensure all assets are well-maintained. VTS data also allows companies to track market data on which industries are growing and immediately gain a pulse on market trends. 

Notable Features of VTS

  • VTS Platform: Property management is made simple with VTS platform. This comprehensive tool allows users to keep track of every portfolio data for detailed analytics available at all times.
  • All-in-One Dashboard: Keep track of all critical information on every property listing, potential growth, charts, and more under one simplified dashboard to help make real estate management easier to track.
  •  Real-Time Market Monitoring: Get the latest information on all market shifts in the real estate industry with VTS custom real-time supply and demand monitoring. 

VTS Pricing Plans

Businesses looking to invest in VTS' services must go on their website and directly request a quotation. However, VTS also offers a free demo for clients to determine if their solutions fit your needs.

VTS is an excellent choice for businesses and organizations needing professional tools to take their commercial real estate investments to the next level. With top-level market and research teams, users will have real-time monitoring for the largest property listing investment opportunities.

6. Keyway - AI-Driven Research

Keyway - AI-Driven Research

Keyway is a real estate company devoted to leveraging market trends using real estate technology for businesses looking to maximize the potential and scalability of each investment using their sophisticated proptech. This AI-powered research utilizes technology and data sciences information to help companies find prime investment opportunities in highly fragmented and volatile markets.

Leveraging AI-driven research is the main bread and butter of Keyway. This unique approach makes all relevant information affordable to receive while still quick enough that it beats out most other companies in research gathering speed. This highly fragmented data research allows users a guarantee of transparent information at all times. 

Notable Features of Keyway

  • Efficient Market Research: Investors no longer need to wait for market research to trend before they receive critical information with fast-moving artificial intelligence.
  • Multiple Partnership Offerings: Users looking to invest have various methods available, ranging from a deal-by-deal basis to long-term strategic programmatic partnerships.
  • Easy Access to Debt Management: Keyway leverages its close relationships with multiple banking firms to allow users easier access to debt management services to further increase investment opportunities.

Keyway Pricing Plans

Keyway offers different investment opportunities for buyers, sellers, and investors. Each service requires interested clients to contact them directly on their website to begin the process. 

Companies or individuals seeking consistent and transparent investment market data can rely on Keyway's AI-driven systems. With specialties in multi-family, net lease, and healthcare properties, investors can take this opportunity for rapidly shifting and growing listings to help speed growth potential for their portfolios.

Best Property Tech Companies For Buying and Selling

Users who are interested in the buying and selling market should always consider utilizing the services of a reliable property tech company. Managing potential clients, deals, and other critical aspects of buying and selling are all parts of proptech design. 

Here is our list of the best property tech companies for buying and selling: 

7. Orchard - Premium Convenience Service

Orchard - Premium Convenience Service

Orchard is a property tech company that puts convenience as their highest priority. Users interested in keeping all their properties in peak condition while ensuring the highest possible offers can utilize Orchard's Move First specialized service. This service guarantees all its users that they can have a relaxed approach to both buying and selling.

Personalizing the buying and selling experience is at the forefront of Orchard's capabilities. Clients who utilize their expertise can experience comforts such as integrated mortgage services, buy before sale, and an option to skip property showings for users who want to focus on making the most of each real estate opportunity.

Notable Features of Orchard

  • Stress-Free Home Prep: Clients can list their properties for free while enabling their real estate to shine with Orchard's stress-free home prep option.
  • Move First: Maximize the opportunity to bid on prospective properties without initially selling any current real estate. 
  • Skip Needless Showings: Move in and let Orchard's talented representatives handle all your current home listings for you.

Orchard Pricing Plans

Orchard offers an extensive service extension with all the necessary questions to ensure you get the best price plan based on your exact requirements and specifications. 

Interested customers looking to have a simple, hands-free experience buying and selling properties will find no better property tech company to partner with than Orchard. Convenience and simplicity are their primary bread and butter to ensure that each listing will move as quickly as needed for seamless revenue and property movement. 

8. Homelight - Personal Agency Management

Homelight - Personal Agency Management

Homelight understands that each user has a different way of buying and selling real estate. As a property tech company, Homelight ensures its clients that its expert listing agents will scour all the necessary information to provide the best possible listing prices on all competitive real estate markets. 

With an extensive focus on simplifying the buying and selling process, users can easily take advantage of Homelight's numerous services catered to aid in making the process as simple as possible. Homelight's agents can help prospective sellers with different options, which can help improve the likelihood of maximizing the price points through an all-cash investor solution.

Notable Features of Homelight

  • Talented Listing Agent: Have your real estate listings handled with a dedicated expert Homelight agent trained to manage your property's location market data.
  • 7 Simple Questions for Property Value: Answer only 7 simple questions to receive a detailed analysis of current real estate trends in your location for easier evaluation.
  • Detailed Step-by-Step Process: Users will have the full support of Homelight's agents to help guide them through the start of the buying and selling process down to the final papers.

Homelight Pricing Plans

Users looking to buy, sell, or do both will be happy to undergo a simple yet detailed step-by-step process on the different services and types of agents you require. Each step is carefully evaluated before a representative personally handles your specific needs, all done on Homelight's web page.

Buying and selling are made accessible even for users new to the real estate market, who will find Homelight's attentive real estate agents a great source of information for any necessary changes or developments in a property. Clients will be guaranteed a detailed research market based on their local market, including any shifting trends to possible prices.

9. Aalto - Self-Service Platform

Aalto - Self-Service Platform

Aalto is a one-of-a-kind real estate platform that allows buyers and sellers to handle property changes without needing traditional agents, complicated paper processes, and hidden fees. Each listing is processed without requiring interested sellers to sign an exclusive contract of commitment to use their services, which can save upwards of 80% on total costs.

It's easy for users to track interested potential buyers in their properties all over the platform by testing the market with their data-driven home interest program. Sellers also gain more revenue in return by only needing to pay Aalto's 2% total commission for the entire property sale. On the other hand, buyers also gain access to all dates available for any property showing to help make scheduling a breeze.

Notable Features of Aalto

  • All-in-One Platform: Say goodbye to traditional agents and lengthy contract conversations. The company's platform allows scheduling and price management in one place for an easy buying and selling experience. 
  • Low Commissions: Buyers and sellers looking to make the most out of each sale will easily find Aalto's traditional agent service a massive benefit for its 2% commission rate.  
  • Simple to Use: Users of all technical backgrounds can efficiently utilize Aalto's platform to help make the most out of their real estate buying and selling needs. 

Aalto Pricing Plans

Aalto does not offer a direct pricing plan for their services. Buyers and sellers get a flat cap of 2% commission for every sale on their platform. 

Potential buyers and sellers seeking complete independent freedom using a proptech service will find Aalto an excellent option for a service that relies on not having traditional real estate agents. Standard market data research on local markets to adjust prices based on current trends is still included with their platform, as well as the opportunity to handle showcase schedules.

Common Trends That Property Tech Companies Follow in 2023

Property tech is a constantly evolving system that follows the current trends that shape the real estate market today. Businesses need to use this opportunity to look for proptech companies that utilize these trends to their advantage, as it can potentially lead to a more future-proof solution to conducting business in today's industry. 

Common Trends That Property Tech Companies Follow in 2023

Virtual Reality

Visiting showcases can require a lot of planning for both buyers and sellers. A growing number of property tech companies are integrating virtual reality programs with their service for interested customers to get a first-hand look at various properties without spending much time scheduling a visit. 

This growing market trend enables sellers to spend less time managing their properties consistently from prospective buyers while also helping buyers get a glance at the property's location and feel. The integration of virtual reality also offers a better look at the property that most simple images fail to put into perspective. 

With VR technology, the proptech industry creates a seamless experience for those looking into investing or buying residential property, commercial property, or private offices. VR also makes an online marketplace for real estate a more viable way of searching for a new home or investment, making it easier to get a feel for a property's square feet, spacing, and potential.

Machine Learning Data Collection

Machine learning allows proptech companies to get a closer look at market research changes, enhancing their capabilities to give a more streamlined look at whether a property is currently climbing its stock value. This process typically involves taking into account the value of the location and any increase in visitors as well as businesses and other establishments opening up in the area. 

Having market insights works towards improving user experiences across the board, making the real estate marketplace more efficient and informed. Proptech companies can gather valuable information on market trends and property values in real time by collecting machine learning data. This helps buyers and sellers make more informed decisions, as they can access up-to-date data that can impact their investment choices.

Furthermore, this technology enables proptech companies to provide personalized recommendations based on individual preferences and requirements. By analyzing a user's search history, previous property interactions, and other relevant data points, machine learning algorithms can identify patterns and suggest properties that align with the user's interests.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Real estate management is all about how you can distinguish a good property from a terrible investment. With steadily growing numbers of utilizing generative artificial intelligence such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, investors can draft images to help shape a property under their ideals to determine if the listing fits their standards. 

Nearly every player in the industry, such as property managers, renters, asset management professionals, home sellers, and brokerages, can use generative AI to enhance their decision-making process and make more informed choices. This technology analyzes vast amounts of data, including market trends, property features, and buyer preferences, to generate customized property recommendations that align with specific criteria.

Key Takeaway

Property tech companies are integral for companies and individuals looking to claim a stake in the real estate industry. Whether buying, selling, or opening your own real estate agency, success heavily relies on the quality of proptech service you receive. 

Market research, access to different real estate solutions, and fund management are all components that can help scale the potential of your portfolio.

If you're interested in learning more about property tech companies and the complexity of the real estate industry, contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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