9+ Best Laravel Development Companies & Services For 2024

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The online and digital space is the kingdom of websites and web applications, and powering these technologies is Laravel. Learning how to code in this language isn’t too big of a task, but selecting a Laravel development company for your development requirements can be the biggest decision you have to make.

Fortunately for everyone involved, some great Laravel development companies exist to narrow down your woes and begin any website or web app development on, arguably, the best PHP framework currently available.

Since it can become quite puzzling for first-timers when they’re looking for the best companies for the job and the internet is awash with options, here’s where we’ve made things simple for you.

We’ve carefully curated a list of the best Laravel development firms available today so you have a great place to outsource your software development projects. Our list is based on value, quality, and reliability.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear idea of the best available options and know exactly which company to hire for your developmental needs in the Laravel framework.

What Are The Best Laravel Development Companies & Services For 2024?

Here’s a quick rundown of our top three picks:

  • Aloa - Top Laravel Development company for scalable, efficient, and radical enterprise solutions.
  • InnoSource Technology - Best for Laravel-based web solutions with a capable development team.
  • KDG- Best solution provider for unique development requirements. Ideal for non-profits and educational institutions.

Let's go over the top ten Laravel development companies and services for 2024 and see which one best fits your project’s requirements.

1. Aloa - Top Pick

Aloa homepage

Laravel Development Company Renowned For Excellent User Experience

Aloa is a global leader in helping businesses scale their Laravel development teams. Whether you are looking to staff multiple developers or build out a specific product, Aloa ensures that you are working with the best development talent from around the world.

At Aloa, your software experiences will be on time, on budget, and high quality.

Notable Features

  • Extensive Partner Network: Aloa has vetted 10,000+ software agencies around the globe to identify and hire the best Laravel development company.
  • Rigorous Vetting Process: Every Laravel development company undergoes a thorough evaluation, ensuring they meet Aloa's stringent quality and proficiency standards.
  • Transparent Performance Reports: Aloa ensures consistent updates on the project's progress and lets clients stay informed and confident with every step.
  • Dedicated Support System: Aloa offers continuous support throughout the software journey, from initial consultations to project completion. We’re here for you.


When hiring Laravel developers, hourly rates tend to range from $40-$75 depending oncountry and seniority. Hiring on retainer? Let’s chat about monthly discounts. Have a fixed scope of work? Let’s get you a detailed estimation. Schedule a call or reach out to [email protected] for a consultation.

2. InnoSource Technology - Scalable Development Process

InnoSource homepage

Ideal Laravel Development Company For App Development

Based in the UK and Albania, InnoSource is one of the best companies one can reach out to for their Laravel development needs. Backed by a highly-qualified team of Laravel developers, the company can effectively handle all aspects of web and mobile app development and has the expertise to provide the best backend options for complex Laravel eCommerce websites too.

The teams at InnoSource help you transition easily to Laravel and you will find the whole process of switching prompt and substantial. The company aims to facilitate its clients completely, so availing their application development services is not burdensome.

You can hire dedicated Laravel developers through InnoSource for all your frontend and backend development requirements or build heavy and feature-rich web apps that perform well.

The Laravel development team at InnoSource is highly flexible and they go to any extent for a smooth development process for their clients. The company offers scalability according to your business needs by offering expert Laravel developers that work remotely. This can prove to be a big help to your company’s economic infrastructure.

Hiring their services for Laravel projects is a bump-free process:

  • The process starts by analyzing your business requirements and developmental scope.
  • The second step is the provision of resourced Laravel developers who are apt for handling your development needs.
  • After finalizing, the team at InnoSource is available for consultation during the whole project till it finishes.

These highlighted services make them take the second spot on our list:

  • Offers customized plans
  • Cost-effective solutions for startups and SMEs
  • Complete ownership rights of the code (no hidden clauses)
  • Artificial intelligence and machine language-related Laravel solutions


Project evaluation and custom prices for Laravel development are available on request and are based on your project needs.

3. KDG - Professional Development Solutions

KDG homepage

Best Laravel Development Company For Complex Projects

KDG (Kyle David Group) is another software development company that specializes in Laravel products and has a skilled team at the helm of all of its projects.

Because of the company’s focus on non-profits, educational institutions, and small to mid-market businesses, they are the prime candidate for any unique developmental requirements. They have solid expertise in handling projects of different scales and complexities.

Founded in 2001 and based in the USA, the company has some of the most skilled teams of developers and designers to help clients bring their software ideas to life. KDG specializes in:

  • Design
  • CRM consulting
  • Mobile app development
  • Sales intelligence services
  • Custom software development

The company also emphasizes heavily on customer-company relationships and aims to build a stronger communication basis so they understand the project and its requirements better.

Here are some of its practical services for Laravel development that help make it to our top three list:

  • It offers affordable cost solutions
  • Unique solutions for every business demand
  • Offers safe keeping of your intellectual assets
  • Best Laravel tech offering for startups and niche projects


KDG offers a custom plan for your needs and charges accordingly. The pricing quote is available on demand.

4. Fingent - Trusted By Big Brands

Fingent homepage

Best Laravel Development Company For Startups

Fingent is one of the best Laravel development companies worldwide. Headquartered in India, the company has offices in the UAE, USA, and Australia.

It is also ISO 27001:2013 certified and has proficient expertise in web and mobile custom software development as well as SaaS and enterprise software development.

Fingent has solutions based on the open-source Laravel framework and has over 300 experts working at the company to make every project as personalized and top-notch as possible. This Laravel development company has 17+ years of experience.

It boasts of having a high-tech savvy team capable of meeting the requirements of diverse industries for businesses of different sizes, from start-ups to enterprises on the Fortune 500 list. As a SAP Silver Partner, Fingent delivers SAP solutions and provides consulting services. Other services include:

  • Personalized consultation during the project
  • In-house automated QA testers for debugging
  • Offering complete Laravel development solutions
  • Offering expertise in Laravel-based AI, data science, and IoT projects


The cost of the project depends on your specifications. Fingent can provide Laravel website development quotes on request.

5. CuttleSoft - Robust Laravel Solutions

CuttleSoft homepage

Ideal Laravel Development Company For eCommerce Solutions

According to the company’s ethos, the main focus of Cuttlesoft is both beautiful design and scalability for web, mobile, IoT, and the Cloud. And that’s how it is. This creative product development agency thrives as an agile software consultant.

Its main competencies are:

  • Laravel development
  • Product management
  • Web and mobile development
  • Custom software development

As one of the top Laravel development companies in 2020-2021, Cuttlesoft manages to create an engaging atmosphere of creativity, collaboration, and excellence to make sure all the experts on the team are functioning at their best.

Cuttlesoft is an expert in Laravel tech consultation and development. They have multi-zone teams that are readily available to fit your needs. Also, the teams at Cuttlesoft are flexible and offer onsite, hybrid, and remote staff augmentation solutions.


All Laravel queries can be asked directly through the company. You can request a free estimation for pricing on your required project.

6. Caxy Interactive - Precision Laravel Development

Caxy Interactive homepage

A Bit-Sized Laravel Development Company For Expansive Projects

Caxy Interactive is an incredibly successful, yet small Laravel development company with a team of fewer than 50 employees. The company has built its reputation as a web design and development firm focusing on UX and agile-driven technology as well as software development.

With the application of a user-centered design in every project, Caxy Interactive’s core competencies include:

  • CMS
  • Custom web development
  • Mobile applications development
  • Database management solutions
  • Ecommerce development solutions

The company makes a statement that it’s not the technology but the UX, valuable user feedback, and machine learning that will shape the future of human-computer interaction. And they have been doing their best to make it possible.

The company has a unique approach to starting new web development projects, all to make them more accessible and time/cost-effective.

The company thrives on robust communication between the team and the client. This methodology ensures the project's completion without any hitch or bump, and complete transparency in the middle.

  • Around-the-clock availability
  • Offers full stack Laravel development
  • Offers a small but dedicated team to take on any project regardless of complexity


All quotes on development projects are customized and available on request.

7. Woodridge Software - Unmatched High-Quality Results

Woodridge Software homepage

Best Laravel Development Company For Small To Medium Enterprises

Woodridge Software has excellent capabilities and vast expertise in building custom mobile and web apps for businesses of different scales. Its services also include UX/UI design and Laravel development for web apps and website backend development.

The peculiar feature of mobile and web apps that Woodridge Software develops for enterprises is that they integrate multiple third-party systems, can easily scale to millions of users, yet are still secure and stable.

Being a company on the Inc 5000 list, Woodridge Software has a small team of developers, designers, and analysts, but don’t let their numbers fool you. The company is made up of the best talent in the industry with some of the most skilled professionals in their fields.

Look out for these superior services that set their league apart:

  • Offers staff augmentation
  • A small and dedicated team offers custom solutions with greater visibility
  • Expertise in Laravel development for web applications and SEO-optimized websites


All project estimated quotes are available on demand based on your specifications and requirements.

8. Zfort Group - Most Innovative Solutions

Zfort homepage

Best Laravel Development Company For Offshore Projects

Zfort Group prides itself on creating innovative, world-leading software for companies of all scales and sizes. Their primary focus is on finding solutions to business problems instead of just building software in their pet programming language or being distracted by trends and buzzwords.

They’re also noteworthy because of their unique approach to development, which relies on their proven methodology tailored to sixteen of the primary industries that they work within. The result is a reliable development service that delivers on time and within budget.

Founded in 2000, this gives the company over twenty years of experience. It has been helping its clients across a range of important industries including retail, healthcare, and finance – with 1500+ projects completed for over 250 US clients.

They have four international data centers to ensure the fastest possible load times for the websites and applications that they create. This is just one of the many reasons they’re a trusted development partner for both startups and international corporations.

Here are some of the services worth mentioning:

  • Offers in-house QA and unit testing
  • Laravel development with Restful API and SQL implementation
  • Full stack Laravel development is supported by various frames including the MVC architecture


All project development cost estimation and quotes are available on request.

9. Promatics - Efficient Capabilities

Promatics homepage

Laravel Development Company Bringing Customizability & Innovation

Promatics is a PHP specialist and has a special focus on Laravel, though they’ve also been known to work with other frameworks.

Founded in 2008, the company has built up a pretty good reputation for creating high-quality Laravel builds at reasonable prices, and while they may not exactly be the most skilled developers on the market, their testimonials are flooded with positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Perhaps the biggest claim to fame for Promatics is its custom builds. If you’re looking for a standard Laravel build with no major modifications to the source code, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

But if it’s a bespoke, competitive build that you need and you are looking for a team with years of experience and a bunch of industry-leading builds beneath their belts, Promatics could well be the company for you.

Here are some of the offerings to look out for:

  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Dedicated skilled teams for project needs
  • Bespoke and custom Laravel development


All development quotes are available directly from the company.

10. Highland Solutions - Ideal For Diversity

Highland Solution homepage

Laravel Development Company Backed By Professional Teams

Highland Solutions is a Laravel specialist development company and is headquartered in Chicago. They use Laravel as a base to create a variety of different digital products and applications and are great collaborators with companies from different industry backgrounds and sizes.

They were founded around twenty years ago and have a multidisciplinary team consisting of developers, designers, marketers, strategists, and more. Everything that they do is designed with the end-user in mind, but they also partner with clients as an extension of their team to grow as their partners succeed.

  • Offers powerful Laravel development solutions
  • They offer a long list of in-house developmental products
  • Long-term maintenance and support for applications and custom CRM


You can fill in the quote form on their website to get in touch with the project manager for details on pricing.


Laravel development is by far the best option for most people looking for the most robust methodology with complete functionalities and control. Being the most popular PHP development framework today, it is a no-brainer why most companies opt for it when looking to develop their websites and web apps.

Selecting the right Laravel web development company for the job can be a tricky task, but we hope that after going through this article, the selection process for the apt Laravel web app development company has been simplified for you. Now you just need to scrutinize your demands and check what best suits you.

Aloa has a stringent vetting process for developers, and we can understand and bring your Laravel development explicit needs to the forefront. Quality, time, and scalability are never compromised when experts at Aloa handle your project.

We are always reachable and approachable with just a mail away. Contact us at [email protected] for further queries.

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