7+ Sites To Hire Healthtech Developers: An A+ Curated List

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With healthcare being a rapidly evolving industry, healthtech developers aid in creating software solutions, managing patient care, and data security. These developers also provide the software systems hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and smaller clinics use while improving administrative and staff productivity. 

Our team of outsourcing experts here at Aloa understands the fundamentals of hiring the right healthtech developers and the necessary skills needed to adhere to a fast-paced environment. We empower our clients to find software developers that match the tasks assigned and the company’s beliefs and practices perfectly.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the 7+ healthtech companies to use to find the right healthtech developers that your company needs. We carefully evaluated from the most reliable healthtech developers that offer the high-quality standards required for the healthcare industry in this list. 

By the end of this blog, you’ll have a clear understanding of the standards and values needed by your company to easily match with the right healthtech developers that you know will work best with the expectations set.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

7+ Best Healthtech Developers in 2023

Hiring healthtech developers is a crucial process involving careful vetting and consideration. Choosing a healthtech developer that knows your company goals aid in improving your software systems while developing more efficient tools for the future.

Here is our list of 7+ best healthtech developers in 2023:

1. Aloa - Top Pick

Aloa offers extensive software development capabilities by matching and collaborating with the best healthtech developers with the right technical expertise. We have healthtech developers from various countries such as India, Ukraine, and Latin America. In addition, Aloa handles all the necessary tools needed to outsource to other locations, such as time and financial payments.

Aloa’s curated approach to finding the best healthtech developers for your industry allows for seamless communication and planning. Our partner network also ensures you follow required standards like HIPAA. We’ll also work with you to leverage APIs that make engaging with your developed solution easier for your users. 

We have a proven track record of empowering our clients to find the perfect developers that match their digital health project goals and company policies and protocols. Our team performs regular performance reviews to ensure steady and consistent progress. 

Notable Features of Working with Aloa

  • Daily Standups: Receive updates and information on the progress and workflows of your healthcare software as you go through the product development process.
  • Custom HealthTech Development: Create software solutions for a diverse range of healthtech projects that directly address your goals, whether it be a database for patient health information or for healthcare professionals.
  • Empowered Matching With Developers: Align your company with a development team that meets all your expectations through our placement assessment program. 
  • HIPAA Compliance: Our teams understand the importance of industry standards like HIPAA compliance in medical software development and healthcare app management.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Manage and scale up or down your projects at your own pace and control. We’ll consider the unique challenges to your project and offer solutions that compete in the market.
  • Extensive Onboarding: Ensure all partnered outsourced healthtech developers receive the comprehensive onboarding necessary to fulfill your specifications.

Aloa Pricing Plans

Aloa pricing can vary depending on the scope of your industry’s needs. Businesses can utilize our project-based work, staff augmentation, or dedicated team option based on how much work your company needs to develop the right healthcare software system.

Healthcare providers and businesses, including startups and large-scale operations, can greatly benefit from Aloa’s dedicated and flexible outsourcing programs. The curated approach ensures all your needs are met before partnering with developers. You can be sure to find an option that perfectly meets your standards.

2. Binary Studio - Building award-winning Healthtech products since 2012

Binary Studio - Building award-winning Healthtech products since 2012

Binary Studio is a values-driven company specializing in custom healthcare software development. They are committed to partnering with startups and SMBs, from building an MVP to extending product's functionality.

Binary Studio creates mobile healthcare applications from idea to MVP to a full-fledged product and web apps as well — from system architecture and database design to cloud integration and legacy modernization. They have the expertise to create an exceptional user experience implementing advanced AI/ML-powered features and seamless integration with other services. Binary Studio also covers all layers of software testing to make client’s healthcare application as close to perfection as possible. 

Notable Features of Working with Binary Studio

  • Ownership and initiative: They are accountable for the project’s results and bring their experience to the table instead of just executing the vision.
  • Leadership and expertise: Their engineers are well-known for their full-stack mindset and competency in driving complex processes.
  • Driven by revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered remotely: Binary Studio ensures creation of secure telemedicine apps and eTherapy platforms along with the integration of essential features like video consultations, prescription management and more.
  • Unique approach to hiring and training: Their engineering team is made up of the top 0.5% international tech talent with a product-oriented mindset, that’s why every team member exceeds customer expectations from day one.
  • Cutting-edge solutions: Taking advantage of machine learning, image and video processing technologies, Binary Studio builds cutting-edge AI clinical applications and solutions for radiology.  

Binary Studio Pricing Plans

Binary Studio focuses on working with startups and SMBs, providing their clients with unmatched dedication and superior quality for a reasonable price. They offer a free 1-hour consultation to define all project requirements and discuss the timeline and budget.

3. Agile Soft Systems - Custom Software Development

Agile Soft Systems - Custom Software Development

Agile Soft Systems specializes in developing custom software that adheres to specific industries. This custom software extends to their highly-qualified team of healthtech developers. With each software tailor-made to match their client’s particular industry standards, their team can have a better domain-centered approach to software development.

Clients of Agile Soft Systems’ healthcare expertise can expect benefits such as data integration, automated backups, extensive QA & testing, and mobile solutions to help expand software capability to its maximum potential.

Notable Features of Working with Agile Soft Systems

  • Custom Software Development: Every partner client starts with custom software solutions, complete with a unique UI/UX design that works with the industry applied.
  • Domain-Driven Approach: Ensure high-quality standards that fit precisely to your company’s ideals, design, and platforms
  • Data Integration and Backup: Seamlessly share sensitive information for both administrative and patient care easily using secure data management solutions.
  • QA & Testing: Robust and thorough QA development and testing before any software changes are implemented to ensure stability upon release.
  • Mobile App Adoption: Expand healthtech development to mobile platforms and devices while keeping the same integrity of the standard system in place.

Agile Soft Systems Pricing Plans

Agile Soft Systems does not disclose its pricing plans directly on its website. However, scheduling a meeting is fast and straightforward using their website. With a 24-hour customer support service, responses are both quick and responsive.

Since Agile Soft Systems focuses on creating custom software development, businesses of all sizes, such as clinics or even large-scale hospitals, can take advantage regardless of their reach. Their team of healthtech developers accommodates all healthcare needs with ease.

4. EMed Healthtech - Healthcare-Focused Industry

EMed Healthtech - Healthcare-Focused Industry

EMed Healthtech is a healthcare-focused business that has had dozens of clients throughout its company history. The company specializes in innovating industry trends to bring their users the best software solutions experience. Their expertise in this industry has garnered accolades such as the “Best E-healthcare Solution Designing Company in 2017”.  

With EMed Healthtech’s strong foothold in the healthcare industry, they specialize in providing extensive background for emerging startup businesses as well as understanding the changing healthtech trends. Tools such as IOT implementation, online pharmacy integration, mobile integration for users and administrators, and lab information management software can all aid in developing well-rounded healthcare software.

Notable Features of Working with EMed Healthtech

  • E-Pharmacy Integration: Manage, optimize, and track all pharmacy-related transactions to easily streamline inventory management while also reducing risks of errors.
  • Lab Information Management: Keep track of all samples and information and seamlessly provide information through integrated reporting and data analysis.
  • Extensive Case Studies: Learn about healthcare software development and optimization from a library of case studies. 
  • All-Round Hospital Management Service: Get detailed reports at every aspect of the hospital, from report management to financial assessments, in one platform.
  • EHR & EMR Solutions: Manage patient records, medications, and finance reports to improve communication between doctors and patients for seamless data exchange.

EMed Healthtech Pricing Plans

EMed Healthtech can offer an estimated pricing plan after setting a personalized meeting with customers. Selecting from their curated list of healthtech development products and services is easy using their website. In addition, you can also request additional healthtech products that are suited to your company’s needs. 

Their custom healthtech software development designs are best for small to medium businesses that want a detailed system made from scratch. EMed Healthtech’s extensive portfolio makes it a safe and reliable choice for companies looking for healthtech developers with experience under their repertoire. 

5. Radix - Technical Expertise

Radix - Technical Expertise

Radix is excellent for companies looking for extensive coding and software knowledge. Their expertise in SaaS and full stack development makes them an ideal partner for businesses that have particular detailed needs with how their healthtech software is developed. 

Radix benefits companies looking for specific tech stack integration to their healthtech software. With 23+ years of experience when it comes to outsourcing software development, they have healthtech developers that can specialize in components such as telemedicine development, remote patient monitoring, and HL7/FHIR Integration.

Notable Features of Working with Radix

  • Telemedicine Development: Provide contactless communication and diagnostics between patients and doctors in a seamless application software.
  • Software as a Medical Device (SaMD): Monitor medical equipment and easily communicate with insurance claims for a more streamlined payment approach.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: Keep track of all patients using wearable IoT-driven devices while managing vital reports in one platform. 
  • HL7/FHIR Integration: Data-driven repository aimed at improving patient care by valuing patient values, hard data, and informed metrics.
  • Medical Imaging: Apply the best healthcare technology to improve medical imagery performance using DICOM and PACS software.

Radix Pricing Plans

Radix does not offer direct pricing options for potential customers. Companies must first send a detailed requirement list on their website, and a response would arrive within 24 hours after careful evaluation. A final estimate will be discussed after all requirements and considerations are discussed.

Radix offers extensive services in various industries, which helps larger healthcare businesses that are looking to maximize or completely shift their industry software for a more streamlined approach.

6. GraffersID - Ease of Use

GraffersID - Ease of Use

GraffersID is a software outsourcing company that keeps its business model simple and straight to the point. They promote a quick return when it comes to finding the right healthtech developers in as fast as a single day. Also, their remote tech teams allow industries to partner with teams of developers worldwide.

This company can aid healthcare industries in managing their software while managing their financial costs at a minimum through using their cost-optimized development center. Additional benefits such as a complete 100% in-house developer clientele and a “buddy system” are all designed to ensure a steady and healthy professional working relationship. 

Notable Features of Working with GraffersID

  • On-Demand Healthcare: Patients can seek on-demand diagnostics and care using a custom-made healthcare service or application.
  • Buddy System: Be assigned a personal “buddy” who can explain and inform all necessary changes or developments made to the software.
  • Automated Chatbot: Help patients connect to the proper informative care or doctor using a sophisticated AI-driven chatbot. 
  • Predictive Healthcare: Keep medical outbreaks of diseases at bay with a detailed analysis of potential patient health risks.
  • Custom Hospital CRM: Easily manage new patient information and sensitive data or consult with records to help provide better treatment faster.  

GraffersID Pricing Plans

GraffersID does not provide a quantifiable price point directly on their site. However, customers can choose three options that best suit their company’s needs. Industries can hire a direct offshore managed team for a minimum of 10 members for a 1-year contract. You can also hire direct healthtech developers or choose to turn your ideas into a fully functioning software function through a fixed-cost project service. 

GraffersID provides flexible options that apply to healthcare industries of all scopes. Hospitals or clinics with an already established healthtech system can use GraffersID’s fixed-cost project service to help improve the software without requiring a shift in developmental structure or full-time commitment plan. 

7. Tateeda - Staff-Centered Approach

Tateeda - Staff-Centered Approach

Tateeda is a high-tech healthcare company specializing in developing a custom-made software system for established businesses, transforming their legacy software programs into their new platform. From designing, coding, and testing, their healthtech developers handle all aspects of software programming.

Tateeda offers specialty programs that range from Healthcare Customer Relationship Management (HCRM) to managing medical staff and HR. These hospital information systems aid in creating a seamless and streamlined approach to healthcare management. 

Notable Features of Working with Tateeda

  • Legacy Healthcare Software Re-Engineering: Futureproof existing healthcare software and integrate it with newer tools and development.
  • Third-Party Integration Services: Integrate many third-party applications or programs into the newly developed healthtech software system.
  • Dedicated Medical Staff Portal: Medical personnel can track which doctors or nurses are available while having a dedicated location to relay important information between patients. 

Tateeda Pricing Plans

Tateeda allows customers to schedule a meeting with them through their website. Their website encourages users to set a preliminary budget alongside an ideal start date to allow for better planning and resource allotment early on. 

Healthcare businesses that want to modernize their software systems will benefit the most from Tateeda. The allowance to optimize pre-existing legacy software and information to modernize the approach is a great option to help make the transition and upgrade more seamless.

8. Capital Numbers - On-Demand Availability

Capital Numbers - On-Demand Availability

Capital Numbers is recognized for their large number of “on-demand” software development experts available at their disposal (over 750+). With a wide range of clients under their belt from Fortune 500 companies and small-scale businesses, Capital Numbers has healthtech developers that understand the importance of user experience satisfaction. 

The healthtech department of Capital Numbers uses a vast array of tech stack information from front-end to back-end development. This company also offers a full team on standby to help draft and develop comprehensive custom healthcare software with access to DevOps consulting at any point during the development.

Notable Features of Working with Capital Numbers

  • Team-Based Development: Develop the right healthcare software faster with a dedicated team focused solely on your system. 
  • Smart Search System: Help improve the overall patient experience with smart search tools to find the right doctor/s needed with a simple search using extensive keyword research.
  • Online Booking Appointment: Develop an automated online booking system that makes scheduling and planning easier for doctors and patients.

Capital Numbers Pricing Plans

Capital Numbers offers two options for booking their services. Potential clients can book a call to discuss time and material and formulate a price estimate based on the results. There is also the option to hire a dedicated software developer that starts at $15/hour. 

SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses) can greatly benefit from Capital Numbers’ reduced payment plan. For businesses looking to develop a software system that is affordable and reliable, hiring a dedicated developer is a great option to start the process early.

9. VegaIT - Long-Term Partnership

VegaIT - Long-Term Partnership

VegaIT is a software development company aiming for long-term client partnerships. Their work primarily revolves around their expertise in domain development, and their strong cultural work ethic allows for a better understanding of healthcare topics such as mental health awareness and emphasis on patient care. 

Healthtech developers at VegaIT challenge the market by focusing on tools that most software development companies overlook. Solutions such as mental health, physical health, and wearable apps for fitness are some of the unique expertise this company vouches for. Also, they take a deep look at ensuring complete legal compliance to work with the healthcare industry. 

Notable Features of Working with VegaIT

  • Domain Experience: An entire dedicated team of healthtech developers is ready to improve total domain experience across the board. 
  • Strict Legal Compliance: Ensure complete legal compliance in place that meets every regulation and standard set by the healthcare industry.
  • Automated Processes: Streamline data and reports using a paperless system.

VegaIT Pricing Plans

Book a call with VegaIT through their website by making an inquiry. VegaIT promises that they will contact you within 12 hours of submitting your contact information and any queries needed.

VegaIT is an excellent option for larger-scale healthcare corporations that want a dedicated team that follows strict regulations, policy, and practice with their healthtech developers. By complying with company culture and etiquette, businesses can ensure a steady and thorough development process and cycle that benefits the overall experience.  

Essential Skills of Healthtech Developers 

The best healthtech developers are the ones that can vastly improve the software of the industry to turn it into a seamless and streamlined system. As the healthcare industry starts to move towards using digitalized solutions, one way to ensure that you can find the right healthtech developer team for you is to make sure that they have these essential skills:

Essential Skills of Healthtech  Developers

Technical Skills

Technical skills refer to the specialized knowledge and ability of healthtech developers to develop or improve software related to their industry. Below are some of the essential technical skills to look out for:

Data Analytics

It’s vital for healthtech developers to learn how to read data reports and to establish a system that can make the available information easy to read for the medical personnel involved. This process extends to data processes such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and medical imaging data (DICOM), to name a few.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing ensures that all data has a safe place for the organization to have secure access. Formulating a system that can track and manage all patient, inventory, financial, and pharmaceutical information will ensure that data can be easily retrieved at any point is essential to the technical skills required for healthtech developers. 

User Interface/User Design

Developing a comprehensive healthcare software system will barely have any impact if the overall user interface is complex for patients and medical professionals. Seamless integration of user-friendly design is integral to the overall streamlining of services expected from a developer. 

Cybersecurity/Online Threat Reduction

Digital attacks are critical when dealing with the healthcare industry. Enhancing cybersecurity to deal with threats or potential leaks of sensitive company/patient data is an integral technical skill for every developer. In addition, constant software updates or patches to prevent newly developed cyberattacks should be expected as part of a healthtech developer’s responsibilities.

Machine Learning and AI Integration

Utilizing machine learning algorithms in the medical field can help develop predictive models and assist in diagnostic assessments. Healthtech developers should watch for new advancements in artificial intelligence and develop a system that benefits the healthcare industry to advance to new heights.

Soft Skills

Healthtech developers should not only expand on their technical skills but also take the opportunity to learn some essential soft skills to effectively relay information with fellow members. Here are some key soft skills to seek:

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking allows people to provide sound judgment when making decisions. This soft skill is essential when dealing with healthtech developers as the industry correlates to the hospital’s ability to provide the best care for the patient.


Healthtech developers should be open to ideas, critiques, and information sharing with other team members. This openness to communication should also be shown when discussing with various administrative members and even the medical professionals involved. 

Adaptability to High-Pressure Situations

The healthcare industry constantly relies on making crucial on-the-spot decisions. A healthcare developer must have the soft skills to adapt to high-pressure situations. A calm head is a must-have skill in this particular industry. 

Key Takeaway

Healthtech developers play a crucial role in advancing the medical industry as a whole. Their technical skills can easily formulate and adapt various systems that can streamline the medical field to new heights. Knowing which healthcare company you want to hire is a significant step in developing a system that works for your industry. 

If you’re ready to learn more about the healthcare industry and how to hire the right healthtech developers for your company, contact us at [email protected] for more information.  

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