Top 7+ Healthcare Software Development Companies in 2024

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Healthcare software development companies are essential to the growing need for better and more efficient medical care. These businesses utilize their skills and expertise to promote better handling of internal systems and improve new ideas to ensure their partnered healthcare companies have working software to improve workflow and patient care quality.

Our team at Aloa is dedicated to partnering with software development companies from around the globe, focusing on different industries, including healthcare. We empower our clients to communicate directly with our sales team to find the exact parameters of their business needs and match them with healthcare software development companies that can program their needs based on their specifications.

This blog post will discuss the top 7+ healthcare software development companies in 2024. We will analyze each development company's unique qualities and benefits to ensure that every type of health and medical establishment can utilize its services.

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Top 8 Healthcare Software Development Companies to Watch in 2024

Healthcare software development companies range from their available services, which can support medical industries of varying scopes and sizes. However, a reliable developer must ensure that your internal systems operate as intended to prevent unwanted errors or delays in the workflow.

Here is our choice of the top 8 healthcare software development companies to watch for in 2024:

1. Aloa - Top Choice

Aloa - Top Choice

Aloa is an outsourcing software development company focusing on partnering clients of all industries with development experts from across the globe. Our team emphasizes healthcare by selecting developers with a strong understanding of the current needs and market trends that allow medical facilities to operate with a streamlined approach.

Aloa's approach to health and Pepcare optimization derives from our comprehensive CRM development strategies to automate and optimize the workflow within the healthcare industry. 

Each electronic medical and health record component is carefully managed through a HIPAA-compliant procedure to ensure stability across all platforms.

Notable Features of Aloa

  • Custom Software Development and CRM: Organize patient and doctor workflow with customized healthcare software explicitly designed to improve the operations within the medical facility and streamline automation.
  • International Team of Developers: Easily communicate and collaborate with professional healthcare software development companies that cater to your industry's specific needs and requirements to ensure maximum compatibility and compliance.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our sales department ensures our clients that we will match your requirements with a healthcare software development company that can fully capitalize and leverage as many resources as possible to ensure that a fully realized project is accomplished.

Aloa Pricing Plans

Our team at Aloa directly collaborates with each of our clients to determine the best strategies, partners, and price plans with all our partnered healthcare software development companies. A consultation call will be made with your company to discuss the final estimates for your project once all the specifications have been addressed.

Aloa is a fantastic option for healthcare facilities that want to partner with a dedicated software development team that understands your company professionally and personally. Each specification will be considered to ensure we can match you with the right healthtech developers that can cater to your budget, resources, time zones, work ethic, schedule, and system. 

2. LeewayHertz - Rapid Development

LeewayHertz - Rapid Development

LeewayHertz focuses on formulating and developing reliable software for the fast-paced healthcare industry. Each new technological development can significantly impact how patient care is provided; businesses need to collaborate with healthcare software development companies that can provide quick and precise results.  

A strong emphasis on utilizing both future-proof technology and software solutions that cater to maximizing the potential of each medical device is the core foundation of LeewayHertz's design. This company can produce rapid results by leveraging tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning healthcare solutions while maintaining the integrity and structure of existing healthcare systems. 

Notable features of LeewayHertz

  • Rapid Deployment: Expect quick and precise results with every software solution project while ensuring stable production and deployment with LeewayHertz's dedicated, fast, development-centric approach.
  • Advanced Technological Leverage: Improve your healthcare software system by leveraging tools such as AI, ML, Blockchain, and Internet of Things capability to vastly improve workflow efficiency.
  • Focus on Upgrading with Each Iteration: Developers at LeewayHertz understand the need for constant improvement, especially in the healthcare industry. Clients can expect a consistent evolution of development and upgrading systems for each project developed.

LeewayHertz Pricing Plans

Interested businesses can schedule a meeting with LeewayHertz directly on their website alongside a complete NDA form to ensure that your project details are safely kept at all times. 

LeewayHertz is an excellent candidate among healthcare software development companies for its rapid development approach and fast results. Clients can also comfortably leverage each project for improvement by utilizing this company's consistent upgrading paths with every project developed.

3. Atomic Object - Custom Healthcare Software Development

Atomic Object - Custom Healthcare Software Development

Atomic Object is a software development company that strives to formulate a customized approach for its clients. Each project this company works on focuses on integrating specific software solutions into existing systems to help make the integration smoother and easier for administrators and users. 

One of the main components that allows Atomic Object to differentiate itself from other healthcare software development companies is based on its software decision guide formula, which allows both it and its clients to discuss off-the-shelf solutions. Heavy considerations of an industry's resource allocation challenges and EHR integration issues are part of the ways Atomic Object can formulate a uniquely tailored software development strategy.

Notable features of Atomic Object

  • Complete Customized Development: Clients looking to implement more unique software solutions to their healthcare system can rely on Atomic Object's fully customized and tailored development approach to meet lofty goals.
  • EHR and Data Fragmentation: Categorize and optimize all personnel and patient data and critical medical records to better support and manage future software solutions and operations.
  • Off-The-Shelf Strategies: Find unique ways to integrate software while leveraging advanced technological breakthroughs using Atomic Object's off-the-shelf development strategies to make each project fresh and unique.  

Atomic Object's Pricing Plans

Healthcare industries looking to partner with Atomic Object can call or email their teams directly to schedule a personalized interview. Potential customers can also send a form detailing the type of project they want crafted for a more thorough offer.

Atomic Object is a healthcare software development company that genuinely emphasizes making your system unique to your industry. Each project is carefully constructed with a personal team of developers to ensure that the final goal can be met in a creative solution to ensure maximum stability with any pre-existing systems that hospitals, clinics, or pharmaceutical companies may use.

4. Oracle Cerner - Large Selection of Healthcare Industry Systems

Oracle Cerner - Large Selection of Healthcare Industry System

Oracle Cerner has been one of the industry's more tenured healthcare software development companies for years. With 40 years of experience in the development business, healthcare and information software have been their strong suits. Boasting a vast array of healthcare solutions, from clinical applications to population health management, Oracle Cerner has developers for all project needs.

This software development company caters to medical care providers, private healthcare sectors, public health, and life sciences industries. Each organization has a specific team of highly-trained developers and engineers that can help improve the overall continuum of care provided by coordinating and managing each step of the development process.

Notable Features of Oracle Cerner

  • Support for Different Healthcare Organization Types: Whether large or small, all healthcare organizations can find Oracle Cerner's expertise in the field of medical care a great benefit to improving the software solutions in your industry.
  • Update Existing Software: Prevent healthcare technologies or software systems from harming productivity and patient care quality by upgrading each component to meet today's more advanced requirements and capabilities.
  • Promote Automation and Extensibility: Improve the day-to-day operational efficiencies in the workplace by promoting automation and extensibility tools to increase the potential of better care and support for patients and medical providers. 

Oracle Cerner's Pricing Plans

Oracle Cerner offers three ways to contact its sales department for more information about its products and services. Companies can open a live chat with their team through their website, send a message directly to their sales team, or call them (available Monday to Friday from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT.)

Interested businesses looking to partner with Oracle Cerner will find an all-in-one solution center catering to companies of different shapes and sizes. Whether your medical establishment requires a large-scale adjustment to how it handles clinical and financial operations or for specific niche targets such as improving consumer experience, Oracle Cerner has got you covered.

5. RaftLabs - Application Development Specialists

RaftLabs - Application Development Specialists

RaftLabs is not one of the dedicated healthcare software development companies on this list. However, this company specializes in developing various web development and mobile applications that users can utilize, which include the health and wellness industries. Medical centers and pharmaceutical companies can use this opportunity to formulate a sophisticated application to help users navigate their system for better patient care. 

Software solutions such as a dedicated patient portal, appointment scheduling, and integration with various IoT devices can help users have a more accessible opportunity to directly coordinate with multiple healthcare systems all through their devices. Complex workflow capabilities and scalable systems also allow for better workflow and productivity among medical practitioners and healthcare providers for better management and collaboration. 

Notable Features of RaftLabs

  • Application-Driven Development: Improve patient and user experience with a formulated approach to application development that focuses on engaging your audience with your healthcare industry. 
  • Flexible Pricing Modules: Hire based on the number of developers needed for each project by controlling the number of hours required to complete the application and the option for part-time, full-time, or dedicated development team available.
  • Full-Service Coverage: Ensure a steady and reliable web design and mobile application with a RaftLabs full-service coverage covering the product development and design down to the QA and testing to guarantee that the system operates at peak capacity. 

RaftLabs Pricing Plans

RaftLabs offers a flexible and transparent payment module for their customers depending on the needs of the project and the basis on which it operates. 

  • The monthly basis option offers a part-time resource option ($2000/mo.), a full-time resource option ($4000/mo.), and a dedicated development team ($12000/mo.)
  • Resource basis option offers a minimum viable product ($10000 - $20000), a full-featured product ($20000 - $60000), and an innovative tech product option (custom price)

Healthcare industries looking to develop a stable and reliable web and mobile application to better engage with their users will find RaftLabs' full-service coverage a considerable benefit. Product application development enables more opportunities to reach other audiences. It helps improve a hospital's or clinic's day-to-day operations.

6. Glorium Technologies - Rigid Industry Compliance Standards

Glorium Technologies - Rigid Industry Compliance Standards

Glorium Technologies understands the necessities and regulations of the healthcare industry. Every client and project is managed through a rigid industry compliance standard and software development process to ensure that every step meets the requirements in a streamlined formula.

Glorium Technologies boasts several certifications from HIPAA and ISO accreditation for their multitude of healthcare-based software solutions. Interested businesses can expect services ranging from telehealth solutions, EMR and EHR software integration, remote patient monitoring, patient portals, pharmacy management, hospital management, HIE app development, and many more. 

Notable Features of Glorium Technologies

  • Complete Compliance with Industry Regulations: Every healthcare software project is managed with full compliance with all industry regulations and standards set by the FDA, HIPAA, and ISO to ensure data security for all end users.
  • Intricate Software Development Process: Thorough and transparent calendar-based approach for each step in the software development process included for each project and client to help them keep track of the project's progress at all times. 
  • High Number of Options for Software Solutions: Each software solution project comes fully equipped with a dedicated team of development specialists trained to manage each sector.

Glorium Technologies' Pricing Plans

Healthcare businesses can get in touch with Glorium Technologies by filling out a form with a complete set of requirements and goals for your project. Each form will be followed with an NDA signing to ensure your ideas are always protected once the meeting commences. 

Glorium Technologies is an excellent option for medical establishments looking for a dedicated software development company that understands the complex requirements set for the healthcare industry. This strong emphasis on ensuring each compliance is met allows for a safer development and application release for all end users at all times. 

7. Innowise - Large Number of Developer Teams

Innowise - Large Number of Developer Teams

Innowise strives to accomplish many software development fundamentals ranging from fintech to eCommerce, healthcare, and life sciences. Although many development teams might suggest that the production quality will dip, their records have shown expertise in various fields with every project their clients assign. 

Clients of Innowise will be matched with a dedicated software engineer who can discuss all the relevant information and development processes needed to strategize and formulate the most optimal route for your healthcare software system. Their medical care system solutions include health data management, encryption and pseudonymization, laboratory management, patient and doctor portals, and many more. 

Notable Features of Innowise

  • Wide Field of Healthcare Specialists: Regardless of the healthcare software required, Innowise has catered engineer specialists who can handle specific needs for all types of medical software development solutions.
  • Mental Health Capable Solutions: Innowise believes that healthcare is more than providing a better patient care experience. Mental health software solutions are also integrated alongside project management for interested medical facilities wanting to diversify their reach.
  • Big Data Development Centers: Handle large influxes of medical data easily by utilizing Innowise's large data-capable development centers to house information in a secure and privatized cloud storage. 

Innowise Pricing Plans

Healthcare facilities interested in Innowise's services can book a call or fill out a form on their website to process their requests. Users can also send their project budget and a voice recording to better understand each specification. 

Innowise is an excellent choice for healthcare industries focusing on scaling their facilities with business analysts for multiple avenues and software solutions. Each development project has a team of experts ready to sit down and strategize with your company to ensure that your project reaches its desired outcome. 

8. Appinventiv - Digitizing Medical Software Development

Appinventiv - Digitizing Medical Software Development

Appinventiv highlights the growing necessity of digitizing medical software development to manage the current expectations of a modern audience. One of the main benefits of optimizing software solutions is optimizing the administrative process internally while improving efficiency and lowering operating costs for healthcare facilities. 

This company hosts a full suite of software modernization capabilities ranging from custom healthcare software development to mHealth application development. Each project aims to digitize various services offered by medical facilities to modernize components such as appointment scheduling, symptom checkers, patient engagement, and electronic health record management.

Notable Features of Appinventiv

  • Digitizing Dated Software: Modernize pre-existing digital health software to match current trends and requirements to ensure a long-standing and reliable system for medical personnel and patients.
  • Focus on Healthcare Providers and Medical Professionals: Improve the quality of medical care provided by healthcare providers and medical professionals by optimizing internal systems and operations within the facility for streamlined development.
  • Detailed Logic-Based Architecture: Formulate a solid architectural foundation for software development that caters to your specific healthcare industry needs. Discuss between a monolithic or microservice architecture design to build your healthcare software.

Appinventiv Pricing Plans

Healthcare industries looking to partner with Appinventiv can request a proposal including the budget range, proposal, Skype ID (for business meetings), and project description. An email will be sent once an offer for your project request is available.

Appinventiv is a fantastic option for healthcare industries that have dated software. Companies are looking to modernize their system while keeping their architecture and foundation consistent within their pre-existing system to ensure each software solution operates optimally.

How to Partner With the Best Healthcare Software Development Company in 2024

Partnering with healthcare software development companies requires careful planning and consideration to meet each project component and industry compliance. Safety and security protocols are essential to protect medical professionals' and patients' rights. 

Here are essential considerations when selecting the best healthcare software development companies in 2024:

How to Partner With the Best Healthcare Software Development Company in 2024

Advancing Diagnostic Capabilities

Medical technology advancements allow healthcare establishments to produce more reliable and precise diagnostic capabilities for their patients. Focus on selecting healthcare software development services that can leverage artificial intelligence or machine learning to optimize the quality of diagnostics and medical care for each patient. 

Industry Compliance and Security

When developing software for all healthcare industries, patient privacy and healthcare regulation standards are critical. It's essential to select a healthcare software development company that understands the requirements set by the FDA to ensure that each system process protects the patients and users of your software solutions. 

Growth and Scalability

Adapting healthcare with proper business strategies is critical in ensuring steady growth within the company. Collaborate with software developers with expertise in how to scale a product or service to improve operations and increase financial revenue for each project developed and released. 

Better Patient Experience

Every healthcare center or establishment understands that patient care and experience are both fundamental to the quality of support received. Partnering with healthcare software development companies focusing on improving the overall patient experience can help determine ways to better provide medical care while minimizing pain points during patient treatment plans. 

Staying Ahead of The Competition

Regardless of the medical industry's scope and size, staying ahead of current trends and competition allows healthcare industries to formulate new strategies for developing new software systems that align with modern standards while aligning with upcoming technologies. 

Key Takeaway

Healthcare software development companies are essential to providing better patient care while improving the workflow and productivity in the field. It's necessary to understand how each software solution can benefit the industry and how it can be used to elevate the quality of aid being provided by each project. 

If you want to learn more about health tech software developers and how they can change the medical industry, contact us at [email protected] to learn more. 

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