7+ Fantastic Sites to Hire LATAM Developers in the Americas

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Choosing to hire LATAM developers from emerging tech hubs like Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico can be incredibly rewarding for your business. As businesses start to look towards offshore and nearshore software development solutions, developers in LATAM countries offer you access to a wide range of technology skills, experience levels, and expertise to meet your needs. Moreover, those looking to hire LATAM developers also realize a cost-effective solution that helps their business grow.

Aloa's vast partner network across Latin America, Eastern Europe, and India positions our team to match your project requirements perfectly with quality software developers from any country or region. To save you time and energy, we have compiled a helpful list of the top 7 websites to hire LATAM developers and freelancers for your next project.

Our curated list of 7+ fantastic sites to hire LATAM developers for tech and software development projects will go through the unique offerings of each platform, what to expect in terms of price points, and which types of businesses benefit most from engagement.

Afterward, you'll have the ideal starting point on your journey to hire LATAM developers that fit your budget and project needs.

Let's dive in!

7+ Outstanding Sites To Hire LATAM Developers in 2023

Latin American countries are known for fronting developers with the skills to deliver quality tech solutions for businesses worldwide. There are several platforms where you can hire LATAM developers ready to join your project team. 

Here are 7+ outstanding options to consider in 2023:

1. Aloa - Top Pick

aloa top pick to hire latam developers

Aloa provides end-to-end solutions for startups and businesses looking to hire LATAM developers with the skills and expertise to take on various software development projects. Our partner network of developers from Costa Rica, Columbia, and other Latin American countries enables us to link the right team to your needs. 

With our partner network, we've taken on a diverse portfolio of software development projects across multiple fast-growing industries like PropTech, HealthTech, and SportsTech. Our specialty is providing end-to-end custom software development solutions that enable your business to stay competitive in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Notable Features of Working with Aloa:

  • Process-Oriented Approach: Our process-oriented approach to software development allows us to implement projects most efficiently and effectively. Download Our Development Process for a comprehensive insight into how we function.
  • Full Managed Nearshore Management: Work with a dedicated Account Manager for optimized nearshore team management, making collaborating easier. 
  • Well-Established Partner Network: Our well-established partner network allows us to confidently link you with the right team based on project type and business goals.
  • Ever-Growing Talent Pool: As the industry demands more, we strive to grow our talent pool every step of the way, so expect more pre-vetted options each time you work with us!

Aloa Pricing Plans

Our goal is to provide each client with tailored solutions when it comes to software development, and that includes the process we take when helping you hire LATAM developers. With that, schedule a call with our team through our website for a detailed breakdown of our pricing options and the best solutions to your software development needs. 

Aloa works with startups, businesses, and innovators from various industries and backgrounds. Our expertise in custom software development services offers a great starting point in getting your project started quickly with the benefit of managed services that ensure the best performance from your nearshore remote LATAM teams. 

2. Revelo - Dedicated Nearshore Matching Services

Revelo -- dedicated nearshore matching services from Latam

Revelo offers companies in the United States and Europe a dedicated nearshore staffing service with a simple process. Their pre-vetting, sourcing, matching, and hiring process makes it easy for those looking to hire LATAM developers to work with the right team of skilled talent. 

Those looking to hire through Revelo also benefit from end-to-end talent management solutions, including vital remote team management services such as contract and payroll management, tax and local compliance, routine follow-ups with developers, and more. 

With Revelo, businesses and startups can streamline their remote efforts to hire LATAM developers and benefit from end-to-end management solutions that save time and resources. At the same time, you'll also get peace of mind knowing you can rehire developers at no additional cost should you require a different set of talented individuals.

Notable Features of Working with Revelo:

  • End-to-end Talent Management: Revelo offers fully covered talent management services that seek to complete oversight of your hires.
  • Low-Risk Sourcing Process: Their streamlined and organized hiring process keeps things simple and easy to understand, perfect for non-technical hiring teams or founders. 
  • Multiple Tech Fields: Choose from various developer fields based on your project's requirements.
  • Talent Across LATAM: Revelo works with teams all across South America, letting you compare and source the best team in the region.
  • Tech Stack Variety: Get recommendations on the best tech stacks to use, suited specifically for your development needs. 

Revelo Pricing Plans

Revelo does not disclose its hiring prices on its website. Those interested in exploring their platform should create a client profile and get in touch with their representatives for a full breakdown. 

Revelo is the ideal choice for businesses and startups looking to hire LATAM developers in a simple and organized manner. Accessing a broad range of talent and tech stacks throughout South America makes hiring the best team possible for your nearshore hiring initiative easier. 

3. Terminal.io - Instant Access to Local Talent

terminal.io instant access to local talent in LATAM

Terminal.io offers a deep pool of Latin American talent in software development, with over 500,000+ professionals across the LATAM market. Those looking to hire LATAM developers with Terminal.io also see a 35% savings in nearshore options compared to hiring within North America. 

Since Terminal.io also acts as a recruiting platform for top talent, you'll gain access to their list of pre-vetted skills. Through a rigorous selection process, you know you view only the top 7% of applicants from the region. 

Notable Features of Working with Terminal.io

  • Multiple Hiring Options: Those looking to explore different hiring options, whether contracted, long-term, full-time, or project-based, have the opportunity through Terminal.io.
  • Diverse Skill Sets: Hire your team based on a wide range of skills and expertise, making it easy to build a complementary team or work with well-rounded individuals.
  • Multiple Professional Rolls: Streamline your sourcing by exploring professional roles to pinpoint the skills you need for your project.

Terminal.io Pricing Plans

Terminal.io does not display its hiring price plans on its website. Since their goal is to tailor their recommendations to your hiring needs, it's best to contact their representatives through their website and schedule a consultation. 

Terminal.io is an excellent choice for businesses and startups looking to build a nearshore remote team by tapping into the diverse skill sets that come with opting to hire LATAM developers. Their broad reach across South America gives you more flexibility to work with the ideal professionals in the region. 

4. Blue Coding - South American Nearshore Solutions

Blue Coding -- South American Nearshore Solutions

Blue Coding enables you to build out your remote team and hire LATAM developers in an efficient and accessible manner. With Blue Coding, you can choose among the following hiring options:

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Managed Services
  • Custom Development

These options simplify choosing the ideal remote working set-up based on your project type and business requirements. Each service has a list of solutions, so explore them to find the ideal fit. Developers from Blue Coding can walk you through the entire development process, from discovery to maintenance, taking the pressure off your immediate teams so they can focus on other strategic business initiatives.

Notable Features of Working with Blue Coding:

  • Exclusive Teams: Blue Coding enables you to create exclusive teams tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance: You can also access dedicated quality assurance services to ensure that the product delivered meets all requirements.
  • Easy Hiring Process: Their hiring process is simple, efficient, and straightforward, enabling you to onboard new talent easily.
  • Multiple Hiring Options: Choose from various hiring options, from on-site to off-site, local, or remote teams. 

Blue Coding Pricing Plans

Blue Coding's pricing plans vary based on the services you are looking for and the level of commitment you need for your project. Prospective clients will have to reach out to Blue Coding directly for an accurate assessment of their costs.

Blue Coding is an excellent choice for businesses looking to access the LATAM market efficiently and cost-effectively. Their dedicated services are tailored to your needs, so you know that you're always working with professionals with knowledge and experience on the subject matter. 

5. Talently.Tech - LATAM Talent for Global Companies

Talently.tech LATAM Talent for Global Companies

Talently.Tech offers you access to over 7 thousand skilled developer profiles in one place, making it simple to hire LATAM developers with the ideal experience set. Their technical validation process pre-vets and screens each CV that individuals upload to the platform before they are released for hire. This ensures you view only the best options for handling your software development project.

Notable Features of Working with Talently.Tech

  • AI-Based Matching: Use the AI-based matching algorithm to get a bird's eye view of your options before scheduling a consultation. 
  • Managed Hiring Services: Avail of fully managed remote team talent management to ensure you get the best results. 
  • Tailored Solutions: Get specific solutions to meet your goals without wasting resources on unnecessary add-ons. 
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Organize your payment plans with flexible options to find a model that best fits your business plans.

Talently.Tech Pricing Plans

Talently.Tech offers tailored solutions to those looking to hire LATAM developers. To learn more about their pricing plans and how you can leverage their pool of developers, explore their platform of professionals and schedule a consultation to get a full understanding of how best to start the process. 

Talently.Tech jumpstarts your hiring process by providing immediate access to professional CVs and talent profiles. The platform also has a comprehensive network of software developers across the Americas, giving you access to top professionals in the region regardless of your location. 

6. WeHaveDevs - LaTam Developers For Long-term Partnerships

WeHaveDevs - LaTam Developers For Long-term Partnerships

WeHaveDevs fronts an executive team with over 25 years of experience in assisting businesses globally in their initiative to hire LATAM developers. Their affordable and high-quality IT staff augmentation services span six different LATAM countries and include 150+ regional resources. Based in Florida, their network of developers and executives knows what it takes to match skilled talent from across Latin America with companies in the United States. 

Notable Features of Working with WeHaveDevs:

  • Strategic Sourcing: Streamline your search for qualified developers through their proprietary sourcing techniques. 
  • Quick Onboarding: Once you've identified the ideal developer, you can quickly onboard this person into your project team. 
  • Quality Assurance Processes: Reap the benefits of their quality assurance processes, designed to guarantee you get the exact results you expect. 
  • Affordable Pricing Plans: Access top talent in LATAM without breaking the bank with their competitively priced services. 

WeHaveDevs Pricing Plans

WeHaveDevs offers tailored pricing plans for any budget or project size. Get in touch with their team for an accurate assessment of their costs based on the size and duration of your project.

WeHaveDevs should be top of mind for businesses looking to establish a long-term relationship with LATAM developers. 

Their in-depth understanding and experience working in South America give you access to quality talent without worrying about potential cultural differences. The team at WeHaveDevs will be there every step of the way to ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget. 

7. Talent Soy Henry - Remote Latin American Tech Talent Solutions

Talent Soy Henry - Remote Latin American Tech Talent Solutions

Talent Soy Henry makes it easy for those looking to hire LATAM developers to connect with top talent via their user profiles and portfolios. It's easy to filter, search, and connect with talented software developers across South America via their search function.

Notable Features of Working with Talent Soy Henry:

  • Free Job Posting: Create job postings and receive applications from qualified candidates within minutes. 
  • Pre-screened Candidates: You can rest assured that the profiles you view are reliable, accurate, and up to date, thanks to their pre-screening process. 
  • Easy Management Tools: Manage your projects and collaborations with various features that simplify the process. 
  • Affordable Pricing Plans: Get access to various pricing plans, from free job postings to dedicated team solutions for larger businesses.

Talent Soy Henry Pricing Plans

Talent Soy Henry offers you flexible pricing plans depending on your budget and project size. Their plans range from free job postings to dedicated teams, so you can find a model that best fits your needs and resources.

Talent Soy Henry provides an efficient way for businesses to connect with Latin American developers who align with their project goals. The platform allows employers to search through thousands of resumes quickly and easily, making it simple to find the right developer to hit the ground running.

8. CloudDevs - UX/UI Design Focused Platform

CloudDevs - UX/UI Design Focused Platform

CloudDevs is a remote hiring platform for LATAM developers, making it easy for businesses and startups to source the best Latin American developers for their projects. As you explore options to hire LATAM developers from CloudDev, you'll gain access to a wide range of talented individuals with varying backgrounds and expertise. Working through the platform, you can hire multiple individuals to build out your team based on particular business or project requirements.

CloudDevs hiring model takes on a project-based approach, wherein those who engage with their talent pool only pay for the hours spent on the project. Their going rate ranges from $40 to $70 per hour, offering a comparatively lower rate than hiring developers from countries like the United States and Western Europe. 

Notable Features of Using CloudDev:

  • Simple Hiring Model: Employers can opt to hire individuals or teams of developers for a project-based approach, saving time and money.
  • Flexible Working Hours: CloudDevs talent pool allows you to select the number of hours dedicated to the project so you can maximize efficiency.
  • UX/UI Design Focused Platform: Outsource your design needs with their focused platform on developing user experience and user interface.
  • International Network: Access to developers from across Latin America, providing you with a wider range of talent than just one area or country.

CloudDevs Pricing Plans

CloudDev offers flexible pricing plans for businesses looking to hire LATAM developers. Their project-based approach allows employers to select the number of hours dedicated to a project without committing to a long-term agreement. Businesses can expect to pay an hourly rate between $40 - $70 USD per hour for their services.

CloudDev is the perfect solution for businesses and startups looking for cost-effective solutions while maintaining high-quality results. Their network of Latin American developers offers unique insights into the region and specialized technical expertise.

What Are Essential Skills For a Software Developer?

Choosing to hire LATAM developers to support your software development project offers numerous advantages to those looking for a high-quality yet cost-effective solution. However, as you explore your options, there are a few essential skills to remember. These essential skills will ensure your project is successful and you gain the most from your LATAM developer.

what are essential skills for a software developer

Technical Skills

Technical skills to look for when you hire LATAM developers for your software development project expertise, experience, and skill sets specific to the type of project you have in mind. Generally, your hired developers should possess the following technical skills:

  • Ability to write clean, optimized code
  • Working knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Understanding of database systems (MySQL, MongoDB)
  • Knowledge of web frameworks (React.js, Node.js, Angular.js)
  • Knowledge of programming languages (Python, C/C++, Java, etc.)
  • Experience with AI and ML tools such as TensorFlow and PyTorch
  • Solid understanding of software development processes (agile, etc.)
  • Familiarity with cloud computing platforms (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform)

The level of proficiency in these basic technical skills may vary from team to team. Still, it is essential to consider specific project requirements before settling on one option. To ensure you hire the right team accurately, check out our playbook on How To Scope a Project. Here, you'll get insight into the steps you should take in drafting your requirements and ultimately sourcing the best talent for our needs.

Soft Skills

Just as important as technical skills are the soft skills that a developer brings to the table. Soft skills enable your team to communicate effectively and efficiently in various ways, from day-to-day collaboration to successful project delivery. This includes qualities such as professionalism, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.

A few notable soft skills to look for include:

  • Strong understanding of industry standards
  • Confidence to collaborate on complex projects
  • Adaptability within a rapidly changing environment
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • Highly motivated and passionate about the task at hand
  • Ability to take the initiative and contribute meaningful ideas

Not all developers come with a perfect combination of technical and soft skills, but it is essential to understand what competencies are necessary for your project. Knowing which qualities you need in the team can help you narrow your search and ensure that you hire LATAM developers with the right expertise for the job.

Onboarding talent who possess these soft skills makes managing your outsourced team easier. Check out our Outsourcing 101 Playbook for an in-detailed look into the best ways to effectively manage your remote team for long-term success. 

Interview Questions To Ask LATAM Developers 

Asking the right interview questions can play a big part in ensuring you hire the right LATAM developers for your software development project. Here is a list of key questions to ask potential candidates:

  • What programming languages and frameworks are you familiar with?
  • Have you ever worked on projects involving AI/ML technologies such as TensorFlow or PyTorch?
  • Tell us about a project you have worked on and your most significant contribution.
  • What challenges have you faced in the past when developing software solutions? How did you go about solving them?
  • What are your thoughts on working with remote teams?
  • Are there any specific technologies/frameworks you want to learn more about?
  • How do you prefer to handle communication with your team?
  • What do you think makes a successful software development project?
  • What do you enjoy doing most when working on a project?
  • Are there any best practices you consider when developing software or managing teams?

Asking the right questions can help you understand a candidate's technical and soft skills and their compatibility with your team. With the right questions, you can ensure that the LATAM developers you hire have the skills and qualities to help your software development project succeed. 

Key Takeaway

When looking to hire LATAM developers for your software development project, there are several options for you to consider that jumpstart your search. You can easily find the perfect developers for your project with the right platforms and tools. By understanding what technical skills and soft skills to look for and asking relevant interview questions, you can be sure to source the best talent in Latin America.

To explore our tried and tested process in building your network to hire LATAM developers, read our playbook on How To Vet Developers. You can also reach out to our Account executives through our website for a consultation on starting your journey in hiring LATM developers with Aloa. 

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