AI-Powered Automated Testing Tools for Software Development

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Top 12 AI-Powered Automated Testing Tools for Software Development in 2023

AI-powered automated testing tools are taking the industry by storm as an efficient and intuitive way to quickly automate tedious, manual processes associated with software development. From code completion to bug detection and test automation, these tools are designed to make the entire process of developing an app or website faster and easier than ever before.

Because of the growing demand for better, faster, and more affordable software development solutions, a number of companies have stepped up to the plate with their own unique AI-powered tools. AI-powered automation tools promise to increase developers' productivity and reduce bugs, making software development more efficient.

As a growing software outsourcing consultant startup, Aloa works with a variety of developers and businesses to help them find the best AI-powered solutions for their software development needs.

In this blog, we've compiled our top 12 picks for 2023 that will impact your development processes. We'll review their key features, benefits for startups, and updated pricing plans for the year.

Afterward, you'll have a full list of options to consider that fit perfectly with your startup's software development needs, whether for creating internal tools or supporting customer development projects.

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What is Automated Testing?

Diving into automated testing tools for software development, automation testing is the process of using software to test a product or an application's functionality. Automated testing tools are software programs that are designed to test other software programs automatically. These tools can simulate user interactions, test software functionality, and identify bugs and errors

Automated testing tools use scripts to automate the testing process, which means that they can run tests quickly and repeatedly. This helps developers to identify and fix bugs and errors more efficiently.

AI-powered automated testing tools take automated testing even further by utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning models to analyze code, detect bugs, make suggestions for improvement, and complete tasks like test generation.

Automated testing tools benefit everyone involved in software development, including developers, testers, and end-users. Developers benefit from using automated testing tools because they can identify and fix bugs and errors more efficiently, which saves time and reduces the risk of releasing faulty software.

Testers benefit from using automated testing tools because they can run tests quickly and repeatedly, which helps them to identify bugs and errors more efficiently. End-users benefit from automated testing tools because they can be confident that the software they use is reliable and works as expected.

While the end goal of automated software testing tools remains the same, to ensure that software is reliable and error-free, the tools themselves vary in features and capabilities. It's also essential to differentiate among the different types of automated testing tools:

There are four main types of automated testing tools, including:

  • Unit Testing Tools: These tools are used to test individual units or components of code.
  • Functional Testing Tools: These tools are used to test the functionality of the software.
  • Performance Testing Tools: These tools are used to test the performance of the software under different conditions.
  • Security Testing Tools: These tools are used to test the security of the software.

Now that you better understand what automated software testing is and the different types available, let's move on to our top 15 picks for AI-powered software development automation tools in 2023.

Best AI-Powered Automated Testing Tools For 2023

AI-powered automated testing tools will become, if they haven't already, a staple for any startup looking to create iterative and agile software development processes. These days, software development is not limited to whether or not your startup offers digital products or services. It also streamlines software-enabled processes, making automated testing tools increasingly important.

With that in mind applying the use of automated testing tools will enable better accuracy and faster test cycles, leading to an improved quality of your product. Here are the top picks for 2023!

Best All-Around AI Automated Testing Tools

The best all-around AI automated testing tools feature flexible and scalable solutions that enable startups to test software quickly and accurately. You'll also find that our top picks for best all-around solutions offer up great value for money in relation to the features, capabilities, and use cases they provide.

These are the 5 best all-around AI automated testing tools to consider:

1. Katalon Studio - Best For Flexibility and Scalability

Home page of Katalon
Image Source

Katalon Studio is a relatively new automated testing software that has gained popularity among software developers and programmers. Released in January 2015, its ability to support end-to-end software development has made it the optimal choice. Additionally, Katalon Studio includes flexible features that enhance key processes like authoring, execution, and insight gathering. 

Developers can also leverage multiple solutions and integrations to fully utilize the tool's capabilities. Because Katalon Studio offers versatile features, it's perfect for individuals, agencies, in-house teams, and project-based teams alike, making it a fully scalable automated testing tool.

Notable Features of Katalon Studio for Startups

  • Visual AI: Eliminates test dependency for locators and validation by replicating the human eye and brain to better catch discrepancies.
  • Comprehensive quality management platform: The tool's end-to-end testing platforms enable developers to accomplish all testing needs on one platform.
  • Eliminates siloed CI/CD test automation: Prevents siloed testing similar to what developers experience when using DIY testing platforms. 
  • Multiple platforms and solutions: Comprehensive suite of platforms and solutions allow developers to customize their testing based on need and individual process.

Katalon Studio Pricing Plans

  • Free: Ideal for individual freelancers or startups that require efficient testing processes on an occasional basis.
  • Premium ($354/month for 1 seat): Ideal for development teams that require more comprehensive automated testing along with workflow management, remote scheduling, and cross-environment executions.
  • Enterprise (billed monthly/price depends on the number of seats selected): Similar to premium, but allows subscriptions for multiple seats.
  • Ultimate (custom pricing): All Premium plan features along with extended support, private configuration, and data retention. Ideal for teams that require a high level of customization during testing. 

2. Mabl - Best For Ease of Use

Home page of Mabl
Image Source

Mabl is a low-code test automation tool designed to simplify and streamline the testing process for web applications. It provides a comprehensive set of features, including test authoring, execution, and reporting, making it a one-stop solution for your testing needs. With its AI capabilities, Mabl can intelligently identify and adapt to changes in your application, ensuring accurate and efficient testing.

Startups looking to enhance their ability to use agile software development processes benefit from using Mabl's SaaS platform for end-to-end testing. With the capability to integrate fully into the whole development cycle, the tool is able to effectively increase test coverage and enhance software quality. 

Notable Features of Mabl

  • AI-enables software testing: Accelerates software testing by using AI-supported test automation embedded into modern workflows. 
  • Multiple browser support: Cross-browser testing enables developers to automatically run tests through a sequence or in parallel for faster testing.
  • Easy to integrate and use: Integrates with tools like JIRA, GitLab, Jenkins, and more for seamless user experiences. 
  • Low code solution: The low code solution makes Mabl easy to use, making it easier to conduct end-to-end tests.

Mabl Pricing Plans

All Mabl plans require interested users to contact customer service for a quote on each price package.

  • Free trial: Ideal for startups looking to explore their options when it comes to purchasing an automated software testing solution.
  • Startup: Ideal for small startups and development teams who require all the basics for comprehensive automated software testing. Includes Chrome and Firefox support, CI/CD pipeline integration, and unlimited headless CI runs.
  • Growth: Ideal for scaling startups and development teams working on multiple software development projects. Includes webkit for Safari, data retention, mobile testing, and accessibility testing. 

3. Lambda Test - Best for Live Browser Testing

Home page of Lambda Test
Image Source

Lambda test is an AI-powered cloud testing platform that provides users the ability to perform live testing for public and private websites and applications on multiple platforms, including those running on different operating systems. Alongside that, Lambda users can enable full-screenshot documentation regardless of device, operating system, browser, or required resolution.

Together, Lambda's usability, solutions, and features streamline the software testing process, making it easy for developers to extract potential issues. Supportive documentation tools like analytics then enhance a team's ability to improve and establish an efficient testing process. 

Notable Features of Lambda Test

  • Live browser testing: Allows users to test a website's responsiveness and behavior across various browsers, devices, and operating systems simultaneously
  • AI-powered analytics: AI-driven analytics delivers detailed reports with insights into the test performance.
  • LT-browser and Underpass: The Underpass GUI application enables users to test locally. Combined with the LT browser for building, testing, and debugging, Lambda creates a seamless automated testing experience for users. 

Lambda Pricing Plans

The subscription price depends on the number of parallel tests per month you require. Listed below is the base price for 1 parallel test. 

  • Free: Ideal for small teams or individuals looking for a comprehensive automated software testing tool that offers great results at little to no cost.
  • Live ($15/month): Scaled option, including all free features and unlimited access to in-depth software testing solutions for better quality control and management.
  • Real Device ($25/month): Ideal for software development that requires mobile testing, native testing, app uploads, gestures and interactions, and detailed device logs. 
  • Enterprise (custom pricing): Ideal for startups and software development teams that need advanced controls and data retention, among other essential testing solutions.

4. Browser Stack - Best For Handling High-Capacity Software Testing

Home page of Browser Stack
Image Source

Browser Stack has made a name for itself as a reliable and top-notch automated software testing tool used by large businesses like NVIDIA, Shell, and Tesco, to name a few. It provides a comprehensive set of features for automated testing, including cross-browser compatibility testing, test execution, and reporting tools, debugging, and performance analytics.

BrowserStack's full suite of product features also includes secured testing environments, integration with bug tracking systems, and access to a large test suite of over 3000+ devices. This makes it an ideal tool for high-capacity software testing projects that require fast and efficient results.

Notable Features of BrowserStack

  • AI-powered features: Features like self-healing tests, visual locators, and AI analytics streamline workflow and processes without compromising on quality assurance. 
  • Website and mobile app testing: Choose your product solution based on the Device your software will run on to ensure it has optimal UX and UI. 
  • Test management and optimization: Enables users to manage any changes or revisions for easier access to the results of their tests.
  • Ease of set-up and maintenance: Spend less time setting and maintaining your testing environment and more time optimizing your software.
  • High-end security: Take advantage of secure testing environments and authentication and encryption protocols to ensure the safety of your software.

BrowserStack Pricing Plans

  • Desktop ($29/month billed annually): Ideal for startups and teams focused on testing desktop applications or websites. 
  • Desktop & Mobile ($39/month billed annually): Includes all features of the Desktop plan plus the ability to automate tests for mobile applications. Ideal for startups and teams building cross-device software.
  • Team ($150/month billed annually): Best for teams working together on projects, allowing for collaborative features such as debugging and integration with collaborative apps like JIRA and Slack.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing): Best for large software development teams or in-house enterprise-level teams looking to test and optimize multiple projects.

5. Codemagic - Best For Mobile App Projects

Home page of Codemagic
Image Source

For software development teams, programmers, and startups focused on creating mobile applications, Codemagic offers a comprehensive suite of features and solutions. Compared to other CI/CD automated testing tools, this one also offers great value for money. The tool is easy to use and makes it easy for developers and programmers to automatically test their software for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

Notable Features of Codemagic

  • Automated deployment: Set up build triggers to automatically deploy your developed application to its destination without having to manually set them each time.
  • Fully hosted and managed: Get access to features and solutions from remote locations for ease of testing. 
  • Pay as you go: Only pay for the solutions and features you use, a great choice for one-off projects or teams looking for great value for money.

Codemagic Pricing Plans

  • Pay as You Go Mac M1 and Intel ($0.095/minute): Ideal for small teams and startups looking to enhance their test case quality and efficiency.
  • Pay as You Go Linux & Windows VMs ($0.045/minute): Ideal for small teams and startups looking to enhance their test case quality and efficiency.
  • Annual Plan: Ideal for teams of any size looking for a hassle free way to manage their software testing subscription. 

Best Cloud-Based Automated Testing Software

Cloud-based automated testing software allows users to leverage cloud computing infrastructure to facilitate automated testing of software applications. These tools help developers and testers to create, execute, and manage test cases remotely, allowing for increased collaboration, scalability, and flexibility.

6. Selenium - Best For Web Automation

Home page for Selenium
Image Source

Selenium is a popular open-source automated testing framework that has been widely used by developers and testers for web application testing. It provides a suite of tools for automating web browsers across different platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Selenium is a suite of tools that enables developers and testers to automate web browsers for testing purposes. It provides a set of APIs that allow you to interact with web elements, simulate user actions, and perform various testing tasks. Selenium supports multiple programming languages, including Java, Python, C#, and Ruby, making it a versatile tool for different development environments.

Notable Features of Selenium

  • Selenium IDE: Enables testers to quickly create bug reproduction scripts and scripts to aid in automated exploratory testing. Selenium IDE is a Chrome and Firefox add-on that provides simple record-and-playback of interactions within a browser.
  • AI-powered testing: Selenium integrates with a handful of AI-powered software testing tools listed in this blog. You can insert Selenium into your testing process with these tools to accelerate your process via AI and ML-enabled capabilities.
  • Selenium WebDriver: Helps developers create robust, browser-based regression automation suites and tests, scale and distribute scripts across many environments.
  • Cross-device and browser testing: Selenium Grid enables developers to distribute and scale on multiple machines and environments all in one place. 

Selenium Pricing Plans

Selenium software is free to use; however, optimizing its capabilities does require a subscription plan with automated testing software sponsors, some of which can be found on this blog. Learn more about their sponsors here.

7. SauceLabs - Best For Continuous Testing

Home page for SauceLabs
Image Source

SauceLabs offers users the ability to conduct web-based and mobile testing at every stage of development. Their DevOps Test Toolchain includes a comprehensive set of solutions that enable developers to ship codes out faster. Additionally, the AI-enabled low-code test automation streamlines test creation and execution. 

Its support for real device testing, performance testing, headless testing, and analytics, along with its integration with AI-powered testing tools, makes it an ideal choice for developers and testers who want to automate their testing process and improve the accuracy of test results. 

Notable Features of SauceLabs

  • Real device cloud: Enables developers to securely test mobile apps securely for any iOS and Android device.
  • Insights and analytics: SauceLab Error Reporting monitors and captures errors and presents them using a high-level overview, making it easier to prioritize and analyze information.
  • Front-end performance data: Powered by ML algorithms, Sauce Performance collects performance baselines and notifies users when regressions occur.
  • Test orchestration: Sauce Orchestrate enables users to package their code for testing within SauceLabs' grid and supports multiple frameworks and languages for faster delivery on feedback loops.

SauceLabs Pricing Plans

  • Free: Ideal for small teams and startups that require automated and live testing capabilities. The free plan comes with 2,000 credits per week to run tests on mobile devices, emulators, and browser and OS devices. 
  • Monthly ($50/month): Ideal for development teams and startups that require multiple and parallel device testing. Includes unlimited user access, making it perfect for collaborative work.
  • Annual ($600/year): Ideal for large teams that require robust parallel testing for up to 50 devices. The final annual price depends on the value of the credits selected. 
  • Enterprise (custom pricing): Best for large development or QA purposes, usually for established teams taking on a high capacity of software testing cases on a consistent basis.

8. LeapWork - Best For Visual Testing

Home page of Leapwork
Image Source

LeapWork offers users a cloud-based visual testing solution with the added benefit of having quick and efficient process management capabilities. Its visual workflow editor simplifies the process of creating automated tests while also allowing users to create test cases through simple drag-and-drop pre-built actions and building blocks.

Though simple to use, LeapWork still provides a clear overview of test cases. Adding it all up, its features and solutions work towards saving developers time and effort in conducting necessary software testing processes before releasing their product or app to the public. 

Notable Features of LeapWork

  • AI-guided QA: AI-enabled processes and solutions guide your software test every step of the way for better accuracy and efficiency.
  • Hypervisual debugging: Apply video recordings, data-level insights, and activity log to easily pinpoint where a test failed and why.
  • Pre-built components: Re-use components each time without having to rebuild them from scratch from one test to another.
  • Little to no code: The no-code automation platform for faster turnaround times and ROI.

LeapWork Pricing Plans

To access LeapWorks plans and prices, you'll have to fill in their request form.

9. TestRail - Best For Case Management 

Home Page for TestRail
Image Source

Testrail focuses on providing quality assurance and software testing teams with a comprehensive and insightful platform for test case management. The platform creates a singular place for managing test cases, test runs, and test results. TestRail also offers integrations with popular testing tools, making it easy to incorporate automated testing into the development process.

As a web-based software, TestRail enables teams to manage and organize their testing efforts. It offers a suite of tools for testing web and desktop applications, including support for AI-powered testing. With its AI-powered test execution capabilities and integrations with automated testing tools, TestRail ensures that the application works well and provides a better user experience for customers.

Notable Features of TestRail

  • Centralized case management: The web-based application allows users to place all their test case files in one location for easy access and documentation.
  • End-to-end management: Since all files are located in one secure location, teams can easily plan and execute their test cases with ease following a systematic and organized system.
  • User roles: Flexible user roles allow team leads to assign access and tasks to individuals to avoid confusion and keep things streamlined.

TestRail Pricing Plans

TestRail's plans are divided into two categories, each providing Professional and Enterprise options:

  • Professional Cloud ($408/year): Ideal for individuals or small teams that only require one user to access at a time. 
  • Enterprise Cloud ($826/year): Best for mid-sized teams who require admin permissions and version control.
  • Professional Server: ($1905/year): Best for teams with more than 10 people. Allows for five users to access at a time.
  • Enterprise Server: ($3,600/year): Best for large teams who require multiple users to access the platform. Also include advanced auditing and priority support.

10. Perfecto - Best For Real-user Simulation

Perfecto home page
Image Source

Perfecto is an AI-powered automated testing platform enabling developers to conduct test cycles with real users and devices. The platform's real-time reporting capabilities give users insights into user experiences, allowing teams to create the best applications for their target markets.

Perfecto's cloud-based service allows developers to run tests on a wide range of devices, from smartphones to tablets. Through its AI-driven device finder feature, the platform quickly and accurately identifies the best devices for testing.

Notable Features of Perfecto

  • Real-user testing: Automatically runs tests on real users or platforms in order to get an accurate picture of user experience.
  • Cloud-based service: Allows developers to run tests on a range of devices, from smartphones to tablets.
  • AI-driven device finder: Quickly and accurately identifies the best devices for testing.
  • Real-time reporting: Gives users insights into user experiences, allowing teams to create the best applications for their target markets.

Perfecto Pricing Plans

  • Live (starts at $99/month/parallel test): Ideal for teams and startups who prefer conducting manual testing processes. 
  • Automate (starts at $125./month/parallel test): Ideal for teams who want to jump into automated software testing for a few projects while still retaining manual testing options.
  • Scriptless (contact for pricing): Ideal for teams and startups who require no-code testing.
  • Enterprise (contact for pricing): Ideal for startups and teams that require higher levels of security for their test cases.

Best Open Source Automated Software Testing

Open-source automated software carries with it one huge benefit they offer up free versions to use. Additionally, those listed below integrate with other automated tools to improve the testing process. Exploring their capabilities enhances your testing process and improves the quality of your product.

11. Cypress - Best Open Source Testing Tool

Cypress home page
Image Source

Cypress is an MIT-licensed open-source front-end automated test tool designed to make end-to-end testing faster and easier. Cypress is highly scalable and allows developers to write their own tests in JavaScript within minutes.Powered by a robust test runner, Cypress can run multiple tests at once and provide detailed reports on the results. 

It also supports all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. On top of that, Cypress is capable of testing code changes in real-time and identifying issues as they occur, allowing developers to quickly address them.

Notable Features of Cypress

  • Ideal for anything that runs on a browser: The most popular testing tool for anything that runs on a browser. 
  • Visual debugging: Pinpoint any bugs in software using visual analytics that makes it easier to resolve.
  • Smart orchestration: Optimize test runs all in one place for faster feedback loops.
  • Workflow integration: Easy to integrate into your existing workflow so users don't have to revise their current processes and methods.

Cypress Pricing Plans

  • Free: Ideal for small teams who want to establish and run software tests. Allows up to 3 users and includes 500 test results.
  • Team ($75/month): Ideal for teams who expect to grow and scale their efforts. Allows for up to 10 users and includes 10,000 test results.
  • Business ($300/month): Ideal for businesses looking to improve efficiency and quality. Allows for up to 40 users and 10,000 test results.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing): Ideal for a large business with well-established processes handling a high capacity of software projects that require testing.

12. Appium - Best for UI Automation

Appium home page
Image Source

Similar to Cypress, Appium integrates with other tools on this list to enhance software test automation. Its focus is on UI automation, and it is a great choice for mobile testing.

Appium also supports both iOS and Android devices, enabling developers to test native applications across all platforms.

Notable Features of Appium

  • Cross-platform testing: Automatically runs tests on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Real device testing: Allows developers to test applications on real devices instead of emulators or simulators.
  • Test parallelism: Executes multiple tests in parallel to reduce the time it takes to complete test cycles.
  • Multiple language support: Supports a wide range of languages, such as Java, Javascript, and Ruby.

Appium Pricing Plans

Appium is completely free to use; however, optimizing its capabilities does require a subscription plan with automated testing software sponsors, some of which can be found on this blog.

7 Benefits of Using Software Test Automation Tools

Software test automation tools provide developers with a number of benefits that help them create better-performing applications. These benefits go a long way in reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. Here are seven of the top benefits that software test automation tools provide:

  • Increased Test Coverage: Automated testing can cover more areas than manual testing, helping to ensure that all aspects of an application have been thoroughly tested.
  • Increased Efficiency: When startups automate their software testing process, it eliminates the need for manual labor, meaning that tests can be completed faster and with greater accuracy.
  • Improved Reliability: Starts can see a consistent approach to testing, ensuring reliable results every time.
  • Reduced Costs: Automation reduces the need for manual labor and allows developers to quickly identify issues in an application, reducing the cost of testing and maintenance in the long run.
  • Increased Accuracy: The right software testing tools allows tests to be completed with a higher degree of accuracy, as machines are less prone to human error than manual testers.
  • Scalability: Software tests using AI powered automated tools can be quickly scaled to cover larger or more complex applications, allowing developers to respond quickly to changing market demands and customer requirements.
  • Better Insights: Most testing tools use the power of AI to compile actionable insights and analytics. This means developers and testers are given insight into the tests they have conducted, allowing them to identify and fix any issues quickly and effectively.

Exploring the benefits of AI-enabled software development automation tools can help startups automate their testing processes and increase the success rate of software development projects. Leveraging the power of automated testing tools can prove to be a great asset for businesses looking to stay competitive in 2023 and beyond.

Key Takeaway

AI-powered automated testing tools for software development fill an essential step in the cycle and streamline often tedious and time-consuming tasks. Teams and startups can benefit from freeing up resources and focus on more pressing tasks. Additionally, project investors can start seeing a faster turnaround time on their investments, making it possible to sustain and scale their businesses quickly and efficiently.

Taking a step towards working with AI-powered automated testing tools like those listed here can be a huge leap. However, taking that first step allows you to start leaping through market changes and staying ahead of the competition in a highly competitive space. Read more on the latest and greatest in software at [email protected].

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