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Hotjar Review: Meaningful, Actionable Insights

Hotjar is a website analytics tool that delivers meaningful, actionable analytics without the need to crunch numbers. Read more about their unique features.

End-to-End Testing Overview

The goal of end-to-end (E2E) testing is to simulate real user experiences on your application. Read about different E2E testing strategies and tools.

Integration Testing Overview

Our overview of integration testing strategies was written to help you choose the best testing method for your system or project.

Risk Analysis 101

Risk analysis is a critical step in a software development project. Learn how to work with your team to identify risks and their impact, and mitigate their effect.

GraphQL Basics: Pros and Cons

GraphQL is a powerful tool for querying a database. Learn the basics of GraphQL and its pros & cons to decide whether GraphQL is the right choice for your application.

What is a Server?

Ever wondered what a server is, or how they work? Read our overview of the different types of servers, as well as our recommendations for good cloud server providers.

UI/UX Inspiration featuring Airtable's Setting Page

Airtable's setting page is carefully crafted to make it easy for users to customize their workspaces while drawing attention to their calls to action to entice the user to upgrade. The emphasis on referral credits entices users to upgrade their workspaces and invite more people to collaborate and use Airtable.

What is Angular?

What's the difference between Angular & AngularJS? Should you create your web app using Angular? Read our take on Angular vs. AngularJS and Angular pros & cons.

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