Artboard Studio Review - The Future of Product Mockups

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Artboard Studio is a new product on our radar that helps creators make beautiful product mockups with no knowledge of graphic design software. You can create professional-looking images to use on social media or in investor pitches.

The Problem

Showcasing your product (whether it be digital or physical) is an essential part of marketing your product effectively. Even the greatest products in the world can sell poorly if they are showcased poorly. Whether it be selling a physical product to consumers or showcasing a potential app to investors, you're going to need to create product mockups.

To create great product mockups, you can either

  1. Be skilled in tools such as Photoshop (very time consuming if you aren't)
  2. Pay an agency to do them for you (something like these guys, very costly)
  3. Use a tool such as Canva to make them for you (usually extremely basic with little customizability)

The Solution - Artboard Studio

From the creators themselves:

Artboard Studio is the first online graphic design application mainly focused on product mockups. Effortlessly create your product presentation images and social media promotional banners right from your browser. No downloads required, no Photoshop needed.

Ad image of Artboard

Our Thoughts

We have to agree with these guys that they have created a fantastic solution to the problem. Being developers, we have made attempts at doing product mockups ourselves and thought we were doing a good job until we saw this tool. We often used very "cookie cutter" mockup tools that simply let us upload a screenshot of our app onto a solid-colored background, the results were nowhere near what we could have achieved with Artboard Studio.

The design looks fantastic and fairly intuitive (especially compared to competitors such as Photoshop).

A display of Artboard mockups

What is insane about this product is that it works in your browser. This is not an app you download. This is insane for a number of reasons but the biggest one in my opinion (being a developer) is the technical challenge it must have been to create a product on this level only using web technologies.

The fact that it also works in browser means that the accessibility of this product will likely be higher than something as robust as Photoshop and comparable to a basic online mockup tool such as Canva. A user can go from learning about the product to using it within seconds. Currently the tool is in private beta so we can't test out how quickly, but once it is out we will likely do an update article to review implementation.

This product obviously kills it on the product side, but being a product and startup focused blog we are curious about the business side of things as well. Although it isn't directly mentioned anywhere on their site, the creators did comment on pricing/monetization in the comments section of a ProductHunt post:

Artboard Studio will be free during it's beta phase, you will have access to all of the features and content during this phase. The pricing and plans will be announced later on, based on your feedbacks :) - Human Askari (CTO & Co-Founder @ Artboard Studio)

There will be a free-forever plan!

It's going to be free during the beta phase, after that there will be a pricing plan based on your feedback. There will also be a free forever plan :) - Human Askari (CTO & Co-Founder @ Artboard Studio)

Our best guess is it will be subscription based along with the ability to purchase templates/items from a store which can be used in your mockup.

The product was created by Mockup Zone, a team that is obsessed with design, stock photos and mockups. If anybody was to succeed in this space, it would be them.

See it in action

Although in private beta for now, there is a video online to show the tool in action. We aren't sure about the pricing but our guess is that there will be free and paid tiers.

Definitely check out their site and request access if you're curious. As of writing, the product was #1 on ProductHunt with over 1.5K upvotes (if you are not familiar with ProductHunt, this is a big deal)



Artboard Studio is an amazing in browser tool to create beautiful product mockups. The team behind it live and breathe product mockups and will definitely kill it with this product. Currently in private beta. Very upvoted on ProductHunt (over 1.5K upvotes...which is crazy). Looks like there will be paid plans in the future but also a free-forever plan, however pricing is not completely solidified.

Based on the video above, it looks like anybody can take a product and look like a creative agency did a photoshoot + professional round of editing for their product. We highly recommend checking them out and requesting early access.

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