2024 Product Review: Sales CRM Monday

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Sales CRM Monday and similar platforms makes it easier for teams to coordinate and organize their pipeline of potential leads in a seamless manner. Tools like Monday Sales CRM also makes it easier for sales teams to enhance their visibility among 

Aloa tracks, manages, and closes sales on a daily basis, and that is why we understand how important a good sales CRM is in keeping operations running smoothly. While we've tried and tested a handful of options, Monday Sales CRM  is by far a top pick for our fast-paced sales team. Based on our experience, we'll share our review of Monday Sales CRM in this post. 

We will look at what exactly the platform is and why having a sales CRM is crucial for businesses in today's environment. We will also dive deep into the features and tools that Monday.com offers, and examine the pros and cons of using Monday.com as well as its pricing plans for 2024. Lastly, we will review what industry experts and users are saying about the software and compare it with top alternatives like Zoho CRM and HubSpot CRM.

By the end, you’ll have a detailed breakdown of how Monday Sales CRM improves your team’s sales efforts and which features make it easier to stay ahead of the competition come 2024!

Let’s dive in!

What is CRM Monday.com? 

What is CRM Monday.com? 

CRM Monday is a comprehensive platform that sales teams can use to effectively manage their customer relationships and streamline their sales process. It provides a centralized hub for storing and organizing customer data, tracking interactions, and managing leads and deals. With Monday Sales CRM, businesses can easily access vital information about their customers, such as contact details, history of interactions, and purchase history.

Monday.com Use Cases for Sales

While Monday.com is not exclusively a sales CRM platform, it’s features and functions make it easy to customize towards customizing it for sales  needs. Here are some key use cases for sales teams using CRM Monday.com:

Business Customization

Monday Sales CRM  allows businesses to customize their platform based on specific needs and requirements. This makes it easier to streamline processes and information based on need. However, Monday.com also provides a comprehensive library of ready-made templates that users can apply. 

Using both options, sales teams can pick a ready-made template then customize individual fields as needed. Here are some business customization options that CRM Monday offers:

  • Formula Crafting
  • Content Generation
  • Deal Stage Editing
  • Multiple Pipeline Management
  • AI Enabled Email Composition 

Instant Deal Monitoring

Monday.com enables sales teams to instantly monitor their deals with real-time data analytics and reporting. Users also have the benefit of transparent updates on shared sheets. When one member updates their progress, Monday.com provides real-time updates so  that the entire team can stay informed. This level of visibility and transparency ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to deal progress.

Data Aggregation

One of the key features of CRM Monday.com is its ability to aggregate data in a centralized location. This means that sales teams no longer have to spend hours searching for important customer information or deal details. With Monday Sales CRM, all the data is stored and organized in one place, making it easy to access and analyze.

The platform allows businesses to store crucial details about their customers, such as contact information, interaction history, and purchase history. This wealth of information enables sales teams to gain valuable insights into their customers' preferences and behavior, which can be used to tailor their sales strategies and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Features

Monday.com’s sales CRM also offers a range of customer relationship features that can help businesses strengthen their relationships with clients. These features include:

  • Deal Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Contact Management
  • Communication Tracking

Customer Experience Functions

The platform also includes a range of customer experience functions that can enhance the overall satisfaction of clients. These functions include:

  • Surveys and Forms
  • Feedback Management
  • Customer Support Integration

Monday Sales CRM Tools and Features

The Monday Sales CRM offers a variety of tools and features to help sales teams streamline their processes and improve efficiency. Some of these tools and features include:

Contact Management

Monday.com’s contact management capabilities enables sales teams to organize and aggregate all customer information in one central location. With that, it’s easier to achieve efficient customer relationship management utilizing drag-and-drop functions. 

Contact Management

Additionally, the contact management capabilities of Monday.com allows users to customize existing templates with required fields or create templates from scratch using a handful of design and information options. Overall, the contact management capabilities This enhances customer support and facilitates better decision-making for more personalized interactions.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Automation features in Monday.com Sales CRM software streamline marketing processes, freeing up team members' time by reducing repetitive tasks. Different types of CRM workflow automation support various purposes within sales processes and across different channels. This functionality enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of sales cycles, ultimately improving customer segmentation and satisfaction.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Data Analytics and Reporting

Monday.com Sales CRM makes it easy to aggregate and compile data for use in analytics and reporting.  The chart widget provided by Monday's sales CRM improves data visualization. Moreover, the data analytics function supports sales performance monitoring and efficient management of customer data. It also offers email marketing features for comprehensive customer data analysis.

Lead/Pipeline Management

Pipeline management capabilities in sales CRM systems are instrumental in supporting sales activities. Monday Sales CRM enhances lead management and customer relationship management, facilitating potential customer engagement. The platform's features optimize sales process efficiency, supporting sales reps with lead management functionality.

Pre-sales to Post-sales Management

Supporting marketing processes from pre-sales to post-sales, Monday sales CRM offers diverse channels for sales cycle management and post-sales activities. It provides customer relationship building blocks and facilitates operational CRM processes throughout the entire sales cycle. The platform's features help optimize the pre-sales to post-sales management journey.

Pros and Cons of Monday.com Sales CRM

Sales CRM Monday is an excellent tool for sales teams looking to streamline their existing processes and find new ways to scale their potential. However, it is not the only great sales CRM tool in the market. Let’s look into how Sales CRM Monday stacks up on a pro’s and con’s list compared to alternative options: 

Pros of Sales CRM Monday

As part of the benefits of using CRM Monday for sales, teams benefit from the following features and capabilities:

  • Task to calendar integrations
  • Clean and user-friendly design
  • Optimized for fast-paced sales teams
  • Each plan comes with unlimited boards for project organization
  • Automation features saves time when building, deploying, and using boards

Altogether these advantages streamlines workflows and ensures sales teams stay up to data on client and project data, without getting hitched on repetitive tasks. With that teams can easily track their progress and move forward with new deals with a click of a button.

Cons of Sale CRM Monday

On the other hand, CRM Monday plans require a minimum seat per plan and automation tasks have a limited use per month. Here’s a breakdown of some bottlenecks: 

  • Three seat minimum requirement for each CRM plan
  • Limited number of automated tasks per month, even with a paid plan
  • Some users experience data loss if not save properly when drafted

Aggregating the pros and cons of Monday.com’s Sales CRM, users can expect a handful of 

Sales CRM Monday.com Price Plans

Sales CRM Monday.com offers sales teams a scalable option when it comes to managing their sales pipelines. The platform offers four main plans to choose from, each price bracket considering the number of seats required.

  • Basic CRM ($10/seat/month): Best for small sales teams that require unlimited boards and 1 dashboard view for a specific board. 
  • Standard CRM ($14/seat/month): Ideal for mid-sized teams handling a large scale sales pipeline. Includes AI generation and email integration, as well as activity management and 250 automated tasks per month. 
  • Pro CRM ($24/seat/month): Ideal for large sales teams with a high volume of sales data to manage. Comes with email tracking and automation, analytics, and dashboard view of up to 10 boards.
  • Enterprise CRM (custom plan): Ideal for enterprise level sales purposes and includes customizable features and capabilities based on team needs. 

Reviews and Recommendations For Monday.com Sales CRM

Gathering the reviews and recommendations of Monday.com Sales CRM, the platform brings in an impressive overall rating across popular review sites. Their impressive reviews come from the platform's ability to provide sales teams with the essential tools and functions required to keep their pipeline organized and streamlined. 

  • Capterra: 4.7/5
  • G2: 4.8/5
  • Software Advice: 4.7/5
  • TrustRadius: 8.7/10 

Monday Sales CRM’s main function is to  help sales teams effectively manage their sales pipelines. With its range of price plans, Monday.com offers a scalable solution for sales teams of all sizes. The additional features and capabilities such as multiple dashboard creation and view makes it a great choice for sales teams looking to stay organized and track their progress.

Monday Sales CRM Alternatives

The great thing about CRM software solutions is that there are a handful of options available on the market. To make your search for the ideal solution easier, here are two great alternatives to try and compare in terms of features and functions. The key to choosing the ideal solution for your team is to evaluate their solutions and see how they improve or enhance your existing processes.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a popular choice for sales teams looking for a comprehensive CRM solution. With its robust features and ease of use, Zoho CRM has gained a loyal following in the market. Its tracking and automation capabilities help streamline sales processes, while its analytics feature provides valuable insights into sales performance. Additionally, Zoho CRM offers a customizable dashboard view, allowing teams to stay organized and focused on their goals.

Zoho CRM Price Plans

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

Zoho CRM Ratings

  • Capterra:4.3/5
  • G2: 4.0/5
  • Software Advice: 4.3/5
  • TrustRadius: 8.3/10

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is another top contender in the CRM software market. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and extensive range of features, HubSpot CRM enables sales teams to effectively manage their pipelines and track their progress. 

With its robust automation capabilities, HubSpot CRM helps streamline sales processes and improve efficiency. The platform also offers advanced analytics and reporting tools, providing valuable insights into sales performance and identifying areas for improvement.

HubSpot CRM Price Plans

HubSpot CRM offers a free trial period to test out their sales CRM platform. After a free trial period, you can choose from one of two pricing plans:

  • Professional (starts at $800/month): Ideal for sales teams who require a comprehensive sales and marketing software with automation and reporting functionality.
  • Enterprise (starts at $3,600/month): Best for large teams who require advanced features, scalability, and flexibility when it comes to their sales and marketing solution.

HubSpot CRM Rating

  • Capterra: 4.5/5
  • G2: 4.4/5
  • Software Advice: 4.5/5
  • TrustRadius: 8.5/10

Key Takeaway

Monday Sales CRM offers sales teams a robust, flexible, and comprehensive solution. Apart from that, Monday also offers a great balance between price and value, making it a must try for teams looking to  maximize their sales productivity. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, Monday Sales CRM allows teams to effectively manage their sales pipelines and track their progress towards achieving their goals.

Alternatives to Monday Sales CRM like Zoho CRM and HubSpot CRM also offer great features and functionalities for sales teams. Both Zoho CRM and HubSpot CRM have received positive ratings from reputable sources. Apart from ready-made options on the market, sales teams also have the option of developing custom CRM software, which enables full flexibility and customization according to their specific needs.

If you're ready to explore how customized CRM software solutions helps your team leverage their full potential, reach out to our Account Executives at [email protected]. Our team will be happy to walk you through our software development process towards creating an MVP you can use to streamline processes and enhance overall productivity for your team.

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