7+ Best Platforms To Hire a Skilled SaaS Software Developer

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A skilled SaaS software developer is essential to ensuring that your program remains viable and easy to manage at all times. Software as a service (SaaS) enables businesses to deliver applications over the Internet without the need for complex installation processes and maintenance.

Hiring the right SaaS software developer can improve security, performance, availability, and scalability, all in a reduced-cost format. As the application grows into a larger software, it's vital that you understand the various skills necessary to search for when hiring SaaS developers. 

We at Aloa understand the necessity of partnering up with highly skilled and deeply reliable software developers who can turn your vision into reality. From cloud-based programming to full-stack development, we carefully evaluated the 7+ best platforms available on the market today for the most reliable and sought-after SaaS software developers.

By the end, you should have a clear understanding of the best skills and requirements your company needs to develop the right SaaS program. 

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Best 7+ SaaS Software Developer Options For Startups in 2023

Choosing the right SaaS software developer company or team to work with in 2023 enables startups to leverage the latest technologies. With SaaS solutions, you can potentially expand your business market and attain higher ROI potential.

Here are 7+ SaaS software companies to work with that yield amazing outcomes:

1. Aloa - Top Pick

Aloa - Top Pick

Aloa offers customized software development solutions for startups and businesses looking to leverage SaaS for their business. Our extensive partner network of SaaS software developer professionals collaborate closely with you to create output that directly meets your needs and objectives. Apart from that, we offer a dedicated team of Account Executives and Project Managers for seamless end-to-end solutions. 

Our carefully curated list of SaaS software developer experts enables us to precisely link you up with the ideal team to work with. Right from the start, we’ll guide you through the process of establishing your project scope, building out your team, and keeping things organized all throughout implementation. Leveraging our expertise and experience in the industry, you can rest assured that your SaaS project meets market demands and improves process as needed. 

Notable Features of Working with Aloa

  • Vast partner network: Our global network of SaaS software developer teams spans from hubs like Eastern Europe, India, and South America. This gives you more opportunities to work with the ideal team. 
  • Solutions for every budget: Because of our network, we can match you with a team of professionals that work within your budget constraints while still ensuring top-notch results. 
  • Industry Expertise: As a software development focused startup, we leverage the latest tools and technologies to deliver the best results when it comes to finalizing your minimum viable product (MVP). 
  • Faster time-to-market: By leveraging a global pool of experts, you can match with a team that can meet your timeline requirements for faster time-to-market and quicker realization of ROI. 

Aloa Pricing Plans

Our team at Aloa sets its focus on creating customized and curated solutions for individual client needs. Our development centric approach applies an organized and efficient process that empowers you to collaborate with us on what your final solution looks like. Because of our curated approach, reach out to our Account Executives at [email protected] to attain insight into the cost of our customized SaaS software development services. 

2. Lemon.IO - Startup-Centric Approach

Lemon.IO - Startup-Centric Approach

Lemon.IO strives to keep the hiring experience for a SaaS software developer as direct and straightforward as possible. Every aspect of the hiring process is vetted by a strict regimen that checks every skill, from technical to soft skills, that can aid in smoothing out the matching procedure. 

Clients looking to hire software developers from Lemon.IO offer a ""48-hour Miraculous Match"" alongside a dev replacement guarantee system for partners that want to change their developer. Businesses that are inexperienced with the hiring experience can hire a specialized guru dev to help guide them to the next step.

Notable Features of Working with Lemon.IO

  • Zero-risk replacement guarantee: Immediately be granted a suitable replacement as soon as the client requests without any additional payment.
  • On-the-spot support: Have each project task on track for easy assessment through email at a moment's notice.
  • 7 years average experience: Each developer has a total experience of at least 7 years on average to guarantee highly trained technical skills
  • Hand-picked developer pool: All software developers are hand-picked and managed extensively by Lemon.IO to ensure that only the most capable and reliable are in their retinue.
  • Low Hourly Burn-Rate: Lemon.IO prices their services to fit startups, ideally starting at $55 to $95 per hour.

Lemon.IO Pricing Plans

Lemon.IO requires potential clients to first submit a form before scheduling a call. Both the form and personal call will address all the necessary requirements, such as the skills and work experience needed to ensure the most optimal SaaS software developer is matched for the client. 

Startups will find that Lemon.IO's low hourly burn rate is perfectly acceptable, with fees as low as $55 to $95 per hour. Each SaaS software developer that matches the client's description will have their rate written alongside their profile for full transparency. For customers looking for affordable yet reliable devs, Lemon.IO is an excellent option to start.

3. Northell - All-Round Design and Development

Northell - All-Round Development

Northell offers an all-round design and development approach for all things software-related. Their SaaS development team focuses on secure scalability and conversion-optimized solutions to help better suit businesses with a clear goal for long-term development. 

Each team at Northell will guide their clients in their SaaS product's consulting and development process. Some of the SaaS products that the team of developers specializes in include accounting software, project management software, communication platforms, engagement management, and more. 

Notable Features of Working with Northell

  • End-to-End Reliability: Entrust the entirety of your SaaS development from conceptualization to cloud migration and all the way to deployment.
  • Dedicated User Experience Prioritization: Secure top-quality user experience design with dedicated improvement to maximize accessibility to all users.
  • Cloud Continuum Migration: Ensure top-notch security for data sovereignty regulation while accelerating modernization through cloud continuum landing zones. 
  • SaaS Architecture Creation: Build a solid architectural foundation to guarantee smooth and responsive product navigation through SaaS product architecture development.

Northell Pricing Plans

Northell allows potential clients to get an estimation by booking a meeting directly from their website. The initial appointment will cover the overall project idea, development and design strategies, scope, and work cost.

Businesses of all sizes and scopes will find something to work with Northell. The ground-up SaaS software development allows users to personalize their applications to function with utmost precision. Full transparency and control over the project corrections provide better management and reporting for any desired adjustments.

4. Technobrains.IO - Custom Service Development

Technobrains.IO - Custom Service Development

Technobrains.IO specializes in creating custom software intended to personalize a product or application from the ground up. Regardless of the size and scope of the industry, Technobrains has the capabilities to aid businesses with interactive and scalable SaaS-based solutions. In addition, their team can re-engineer existing products to work under a completely original framework.

The team over at Technobrains understands the importance of the phrase ""time is money."" Services such as on-time sprint runs alongside structured SaaS reporting are all designed to ensure their clients that their team has a business-centered mindset as well as the technical skills needed to run an efficient SaaS-based product. 

Notable Features of Working with Technobrains.IO

  • On-time sprint run: Instant assistance for all queries and issues provides immediate problem solutions to maximize every spent as their partner. 
  • 99.6% deliverability rate: Ensure a consistent and reliable deliverability rate while building a solid customer relationship foundation.
  • Structured SaaS reporting: Detailed reports with every critical detail needed, from progress monitoring to ROI investment returns for a complete data analytics.
  • Software testing before commitment: Prevent any potential issues with Technobrains' software testing service before needing to pay for opting for SaaS.  

Technobrains.IO Pricing Plans

Technobrains does not offer a detailed price list for their developers and services. However, interested potential clients can directly contact their team at their website to schedule a personalized meeting. 

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the multitude of development experiences of Technobrains when building reliable cloud-based solutions. With expertise in modern app development processes and practical scalability targets, companies that want to grow their platform to a massive scale can take full advantage of Technobrains' services.

5. Radix - Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications

Radix - Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications

Radix is a company that prides itself as one of the industry's leading experts when it comes to complex technical software development skills. Businesses looking for a SaaS software developer with an extensive technical background can rely on their team regardless of whether your company is a startup, product-based, or an enterprise. 

Clients of Radix also have the opportunity to take full advantage of their custom enterprise SaaS product development framework, RxWeb, for use. Multi-tenant SaaS architecture ensures optimal data security while maintaining scalability and monetization at peak capacity. 

Notable Features of Working with Radix

  • Maximize Scalability and Revenue Potential: Guarantee maximum scalability and monetization capabilities with their experts on SaaS product development.
  • TOGAF-Certified Enterprise Architects: Cloud-based SaaS product development platform aimed at generating more revenue than other program frameworks.
  • One-Stop Solution: Total SaaS software solutions from assessment, design, development, testing, launch, and ongoing support for a complete package.

Radix Pricing Plans

Radix offers a free quotation service from their website. Potential customers would only need to complete a form stating their technical software requirements and any additional services required to get started. 

Product-focused Software-as-a-Service businesses will find that Radix is a great choice. The focus on scalability and a high stream of revenue potential can help growing industries reach their maximum potential with the largest possible audience reach with their talented software developers.

6. Bacancy - Brand Ideation Focus

Bacancy - Brand Ideation Focus

Bacancy builds on ensuring every partnered client can achieve their maximum potential for brand identity. Every partnership made with this company is catered to garnering a significant potential for growth by utilizing agile methodology in their software solutions.

Streamlining and automating operations is the main appeal that Bacancy brings to the table. By leveraging their expertise on next-gen RPA and OpenAI tools, integrating the automation while still aligning target business goals. Every step of SaaS product development, from deployment to maintenance, is handled with care and attention.

Notable Features of Working with Bacancy

  • Client Success Manager: Have a dedicated manager ready to oversee, consult, and provide reports to streamline the development process. 
  • 15-Day Risk-Free Trial: Ensure that your chosen team of software developers is the perfect fit for your needs without needing to fully commit.
  • SaaS Integration With OpenAI: Integrate any existing SaaS product with various OpenAI tools such as GPT-4, LLaMA, and Dall.E.

Bacancy Pricing Plans

Bacancy offers clients to choose from to hire a SaaS software developer for $20/hr or $2,800/mo. Potential customers can also schedule a simple 30-minute call to discuss the various requirements and other details through their website. Scheduling a call is quickly done by clicking the link, which takes users to a calendar program where they can specifically set what time and date to set the appointment. 

Small to medium businesses, as well as large enterprises, can take full advantage of the SaaS development capabilities of Bacancy. With a 15-day risk-free trial period, users can vet out the quality and technical skills of Bacancy while also getting a dedicated Client Success Manager to oversee the production of the entire project. 

7. Turing - AI-Powered Developer Vetting

Turing - AI-Powered Developer Vetting

Turing is a platform for capable and highly technical software developers to showcase their capabilities in their industry. With a deeply programmed artificial intelligence background test, businesses can determine each developer's qualities and skills before hiring for their SaaS-based projects.

The team of developers at Turing uses custom cloud-native applications with their tailor-made SaaS design to ensure that each software works exclusively to fill the needs of their clients. Personalized solutions, application integration, data migration, and a dedicated team of UI/UX designers are all on standby to maximize the scalability potential of your software.  

Notable Features of Working with Turing

  • AI-Powered Vetting: Every single software developer has been thoroughly vetted by a meticulous system on top of a personalized interview and background check. 
  • Global Sourcing: Hire software developers from around the globe with skills and experiences that can further improve the software development process.
  • Automated On-The-Job Quality Control: Automate development progress and quality checks using Turing's integrated AI.
  • Select Your Technical Skill Requirements: Secure the exact technical skills and programming languages you need out of your developers from the get-go.

Turing Pricing Plans

Turing handles their pricing plans based on the technical requirements and set of features requested by the customer. Users can use the Turing homepage to hire developers and be sent a form with a list of programming languages and technical skills required before offering an extensive list of matched SaaS software developers.

Turing is an excellent option for businesses that prefer their outsourced developers to remain within a 4-hour time zone overlap. The extensive matching and artificial intelligent vetting allows both startups and enterprises to ensure that they will be paired with a SaaS software developer that fits the necessary criteria that were sent out.

8. Aglowid - Personalized Development Approach

Aglowid - Personalized Development Approach

Aglowid takes personalized SaaS apps development to heart. Each development project is carefully managed by a dedicated team for each client to ensure complete attention and focus on improving the overall product.

Aglowid offers clients a suite of dedicated product managers to oversee the entire SaaS production from start to finish. These managers collaborate with the SaaS software developers and your company to ensure that every requirement and standard set will be met with complete attention and satisfaction.

Notable Features of Working with Aglowid

  • Personal Accessibility Consultant: The consultant offers various methods to improve the overall accessibility function of your application to improve the overall user experience and user interface.
  • Full Stack Development Services: Optimize SaaS development for software, application, product, and/or consulting services using various programming languages such as Java and Python.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Model: Ensure the best value for money with a simple and direct payment scheme aimed at maximizing revenue potential.

Aglowid Pricing Plans

Hiring a SaaS software developer is as simple as possible with Aglowid. Clients are offered a choice of hourly hiring starting at $18, part-time hiring starting at $1,500, or full-time hiring starting at $3,000. Each pricing choice has a minimum requirement of a 30-day contract and will be billed monthly after that.

Aglowid is an excellent choice for startups and SMBs to fully maximize the value of their money while still receiving a wonderful SaaS development experience. With factors such as complete code ownership, cloud SaaS integration, and 24/7 time zone availability, businesses that want to start their growth can rely on Aglowid's services.

Key Skills to Look Out for in a SaaS Software Developer

Program development is just one of the aspects needed when hiring a SaaS software developer. Businesses should always strive to fill in as many required skills as possible when vetting each potential developer to help streamline the software development as much as possible while ensuring that their skills remain viable for any advancements in tools in the future.

Key Skills to Look Out for in a SaaS Software Developer

Technical Skills

Technical skills refer to the capabilities and specialty requirements needed by a SaaS software developer to effectively formulate the programs necessary by the industry. Here are some crucial technical skills to gauge each developer’s potential:

Extensive Knowledge of Programming Languages

A skilled SaaS software developer should be at least familiar with some of the more common programming languages used by web applications. Developers should be proficient with various programming languages, such as JavaScript and Python, to maximize their usability when developing software as a service product. 

Cloud Computing

Knowledge of cloud-native development and deployment is a crucial component for businesses that want scalable SaaS solutions. Cloud computing knowledge can also be tested based on the developer's ability to comprehend and utilize techniques such as data migration and data security.

Database Management

Managing the database of a SaaS product is the core critical skill of keeping the business afloat. Knowledge of database management tasks such as data organization, storage, and retrieval all determine the software's functionality and reliability. Consider this technical skill the main foundation of a SaaS software developer's skills. 

Soft Skills

Software developmental skills are not the only determinant factor when hiring a SaaS software developer. Essential soft skills are needed to ensure the working conditions are met with minimal complications or hindrances. These skills can primarily affect how the experience of working with a partnered developer will play out over time.

Problem-Solving Capabilities

A significant component of being a SaaS software developer is to have the capability to solve complex problems. This problem-solving skill showcases one's ability to handle complex technical challenges regardless of whether they are hardware or software-related.

Attention to Detail

Managing SaaS programs and mobile applications requires constant attention to detail to determine any flaws or vulnerabilities in the software. Since the entire code runs through a cloud-based platform or cloud server, data security and migration are essential to keeping the system working optimally. Having a developer with good attention to detail skills ensures that they can spot potential anomalies early.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is the key to a successful team-based project. Developing an entire software involves constant communication between designers, programmers, and company leaders. Hiring a developer with good communication skills ensures that collaboration is systematic and well-put for a clearer understanding. 

Key Takeaway

Hiring a SaaS software developer is essential in today's modern infrastructure. This type of software service helps reduce the overall cost of production. It empowers businesses to have better control over their product. However, numerous programming languages and technical skills will require a capable software developer to efficiently run the service.

If you're ready to start your SaaS application development today, contact us at [email protected] for more information on how to hire the right SaaS software developer for you. 

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