How to Hire a Ruby on Rails Web Developer for Your Project

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With modern and advanced technologies constantly evolving, applying different frameworks for different scopes of software development aids in making the process seamless and adaptable. Hiring the perfect fit skilled Ruby on Rails web developer plays a pivotal role to this by helping businesses establish a reliable foundation for creating complex web-based applications.

Our team at Aloa strives to partner with the best software development teams across the globe with expertise in software engineering. Aloa understands that choosing the best Ruby on Rails web developer requires extensive scripting and programming language knowledge. Our strict vetting processes ensure that clients can interview candidates who are adept at ensuring that features and functionalities are properly programmed to handle complex data processes.

Leveraging our expertise in software development, we’ll explore in this blog why Ruby on Rails becomes a reliable programming framework for companies looking to develop high-functioning web apps. We’ll also discuss how to hire an ideal Ruby on Rails web developer, along with a sample ad template that can help streamline your hiring needs and requirements. 

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Why Hire a Ruby on Rails Web Developer?

Hiring a Ruby on Rails web developer can aid in creating complex web applications to help your business achieve its goals. Ruby on Rails is a prime example of a highly sought-after framework for creating complex web applications. Its capabilities allow developers to formulate strings of code without complicating development.

However, the choice of frameworks plays a pivotal role in ensuring diverse programs' seamless and efficient creation. Here are some reasons why hiring a Ruby on Rails developer may be beneficial:

Why Hire a Ruby on Rails Web Developer

Productivity and Efficiency

Ruby on Rails is known for its convention over the configuration principle. This means programmers and developers can focus more on writing code specific to the application rather than spending time on configuration settings. As a result, it leads to increased productivity and faster web development cycles as each process can be generated to load more complex data more efficiently than other frameworks.


Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework that allows developers to use existing modules, which helps save time and reduce development costs. The framework promotes code reusability, which can result in a more cost-effective development process. Various blueprints for different web applications are available online for free to help businesses start their development.


With web services and applications requiring a massive influx of data, developers can use the Ruby language by introducing scalable elements. This, in turn, helps businesses grow and expand their reach without succumbing to data and performance bloat. The framework's flexibility largely depends on a company's ability to hire an effective and skilled Ruby on Rails web developer.

How To Hire a Ruby on Rails Web Developer

Each Ruby on Rails web developer candidate can offer vastly differing results regarding project completion time, ease of development, and technical skills. Companies looking to hire this developer must consider various factors to ensure the tasks are accomplished within the given timeframe while meeting expectations.

Here are some considerations that all businesses should consider before selecting a Ruby on Rails web developer:

How To Hire a Ruby on Rails Web Developer

Step 1: Evaluate Experience and Expertise

Having more experience working with complex tech stacks for software development, such as Ruby on Rails, equates to a better opportunity for the development cycle to be finished more quickly. Prioritize developers with relevant experience in building web applications similar to your project and industry to maximize each hire's potential and capabilities.

Here are a few tips to apply when vetting developers:

Tips for Vetting Ruby on Rails Web Developers
  • Conduct Background Checks: Skills and past work greatly indicate a candidate's potential. However, it's critical to take note of any background checks to ensure that personal history is clean for the sake of the company.
  • Schedule Technical Interviews: Personal interviews can determine if a candidate fits well with the core foundations of a business's operations. Conducting technical interviews also allows for a proper measurement of their skills and limitations for development.
  • Request Portfolios or a Draft: Utilizing each candidate's coding knowledge on web frameworks is an objectively better way of distinguishing their capabilities. Any previous work experience relating to the project can help boost specific options to better suit what each business requires. 

Understanding other components of app development, such as different programming languages like Python and Java, syntax management, client-side server manipulation, and backend support, are all additional benefits that companies should look out for. 

Step 2: Assess Communication and Collaboration Skills

Communication between employers and developers is key to maintaining a streamlined approach to software development. A Ruby on Rails web developer may have the technical skills and knowledge to formulate extensive programs. Still, all that fails is if they cannot communicate effectively through reports or meetings. 

You can gauge communication and collaboration skills (soft skills) with these tips:

How To Assess Developer Soft Skills
  • Ask Scenario-Based Questions: Anything can happen during the software development process. Asking scenario-based questions can help showcase a potential hire's creativity and active record with problem-solving to ensure that progress remains smooth and consistent.
  • Team Collaboration Exercises: Working as a team, both with other developers and administrators, can help determine the willingness to cooperate and coordinate with other members of an organization. Coding challenges with other software engineers can help bridge the gap between each candidate.
  • Consistent Remote Work Reporting: Remote work can significantly benefit round-the-clock development. However, understanding and maintaining a constant workflow is key to ensuring that the entire project does not suffer from potential delays. 

Failing to cooperate with another team member poses significant problems with the project's development. With that, establish a set goal and reporting schedule and enforce mandatory updates, ensuring the development process remains consistent with the output.

Step 3: Review Remote Work Experience

Suppose your company operates with remote or distributed teams. In that case, it's crucial to consider a Ruby on Rails web developer's experience with remote work. Remote work requires a specific set of skills and discipline. It’s beneficial to look for candidates who have thrived in this kind of work setting, adept at technologies, and are familiar with collaboration tools.

Engaging in this work environment means that the developer should have the capacity to:

How to Review Developer Remote Work Experience
  • Manage Time Efficiently: Managing remote developers includes being able to organize their work, set priorities, and meet deadlines without constant supervision. Ask candidates about their time management strategies and how they ensure productivity while working remotely.
  • Collaborate Virtually: Meetings and updates on a project's development must be documented to ensure the progress remains consistent throughout each cycle. Check if candidates have experience with tools like Slack, Zoom, or Trello for easy access.
  • Stay Motivated Independently: Remote work requires self-motivation and discipline. Inquire about candidates' ability to stay focused, motivated, and on track with their tasks without direct in-person oversight.

Step 4: Ensure Availability and Work Schedule

Working on outsourced Ruby on Rails web developers can make managing schedules with teams more complicated than traditional office jobs. Requesting a schedule for each candidate's availability and work schedule can help align it with the company's time zone. 

Note that some developers are trained to operate on different time schedules, which can help companies look for a specific timeframe. Knowing when developers are available allows you to set realistic deadlines and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Step 5: Identify Any Problematic Red Flags

Developers are people, too, and each has limitations in their abilities and technical skills. Filtering out critical problematic red flags helps businesses avoid hiring candidates that can delay or cause significant issues with a project's completion. Some red flags to watch for are:

  • Timezone Discrepancies: Outsourcing your Ruby on Rails development often involves working with teams from different time zones. In that case, make sure their working hours align with your requirements before finalizing your hire. While there are ways to manage time zone differences, it’ll be ideal if your chosen team can work within your preferred times. 
  • Project Management Pitfalls: Not all teams apply the same project management methodologies, such as Agile development. Likewise, if you have a preferred management style, check to see if it aligns with how you deal with day-to-day progress check ins. 
  • Lack of Communication: Recognizing a lack of consistent communication early on tells you whether or not a developer will be able to provide the required progress reports and updates. If not, it may be more suitable to explore other options. 

With those red flags, it's best to weed out potential hires early by conducting interviews or tests to gauge their possible weaknesses.

Ad Template When Hiring a Ruby on Rails Web Developer

Hiring a Ruby on Rails web developer requires extensive scouting to ensure that each choice significantly benefits development time and resource management. Different projects require different fields of expertise, including understanding each project's business elements to work correctly with the intended framework.

Here is how to draft an ad template for a Ruby on Rails web developer for your next web application project:

What to include in your Job Ad Template

1. Write a Proper Job Description

Listing the specific requirements needed for any job is crucial. Hiring a Ruby on Rails web developer requires you to understand the skills and necessities they can provide. Filtering out various limitations and factors, such as the ability to provide the necessary resources for proper development aids for potential hires to fully capitalize on the scope of the project. 

Writing down the extensive list of expectations in full detail, such as front-end development or any additional software skills development, is essential to helping interested Ruby on Rails web developers understand the goals set. Always make sure to add enough information about the duration and size of the project scope to guarantee long-term or short-term employment.

2. Outline Responsibilities

Hiring any personnel would need to have a list of responsibilities written so that they can understand what is needed and expected from their services. Although the listing of this format can coincide with only the project development itself, additional information, such as weekly meetings or reporting schedules, should also be presented to prevent unnecessary hindrances to the development.

A basic understanding of business logic dictates that each potential hire should also be able to distinguish which format to run the software that aligns best with company goals. Ruby developers should also anticipate that web application development should be reported and processed through the proper channels to ensure consistent progress.

3. Determine Qualifications and Requirements

Requesting to submit their portfolios or provide links to any past works about Ruby on Rails development is key in choosing suitable candidates for the position. Businesses should always consider the quality and number of projects each potential hire creates in relation to the Ruby web development framework to ensure they align with the project's requirements. 

Having that said, take extra attention to any previous documentation or work from their former employers. Do not hesitate to contact the candidate's previous employers or colleagues to gather feedback on their work. More positive reviews help ensure the Ruby on Rails web developer hire fits all the marks needed before the project officially commences.  

4. Instruct How To Apply

Detailing all the requirements alongside the qualifications and links to previous works is beneficial to understanding the potential of each client. However, an often overlooked portion when hiring a Ruby on Rails web developer is the location where the job offer will be posted. Jotting down ways to contact the employer is also a sure way to guarantee candidates for a direct communication method.

Since software developers tend to have links to their works on websites such as GitHub or Stack Overflow Jobs, these locations must be available for public viewing to maximize their reach. Contact numbers and emails connecting to an employer also ensure that applications have plenty of ways to access each offer correctly.

5. Conduct Tests and Personal Interviews

Every application should be taken seriously, especially if the company only considers a small team of Ruby on Rails web developers to fill the role. Conducting an interview alongside some tests will help gauge their potential and ability to communicate efficiently with a team. This process is best done through meetings to ensure that all goals and tasks are relayed properly.

Another consideration when creating best hiring practices is conducting tests to showcase each Ruby on Rails web developer's skills. These tests can range from problem-solving skills to specific development scenarios to showcase their ability to be flexible when handling complex, sensitive data.  

Sample Ad Template

Creating a compelling ad template for hiring a Ruby on Rails web developer is critical in ensuring that the top candidates' offers are filtered through. Doing so emphasizes crucial components such as the requirements and responsibilities. Providing further details helps streamline the process and helps make the job description more accurate and thorough.

Job Description

A proper job description briefly outlines what you are looking for and the goals of your project in hiring Ruby on Rails web developers. Keep this section brief while also providing a clear idea of what applications can expect when applying for the position. 


  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.
  • Write clean, maintainable, and efficient Ruby code.
  • Develop and maintain web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework.
  • Participate in code reviews to maintain code quality standards.
  • Troubleshoot, debug, and optimize application performance.
  • Stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Proven experience as a Ruby on Rails Developer or similar role.
  • Solid understanding of the Ruby programming language and the Rails framework in creating web pages and web applications.
  • Experience with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Completed education in computer science courses.
  • Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.
  • Familiarity with version control systems (e.g., Git).
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Experience with remote work or distributed teams is a plus.

How To Apply

If you are a passionate Ruby on Rails Web Developer looking to take your career to the next level, we would love to hear from you. Please submit the following to [[email protected]]:

  • Resume or CV: Clearly outline your relevant experience, skills, and qualifications.
  • Cover Letter: Share your motivation for applying and how your skills align with the position.
  • Portfolio or GitHub Profile: Provide links to your previous Ruby on Rails projects or code samples.
  • Availability: Let us know your availability and preferred work schedule.
  • References: Include references from previous employers or clients.

Considerations to Take When Hiring a Ruby on Rails Web Developer

Fostering a meaningful partnership with professional Ruby on Rails developer professionals extends beyond the initial interview and vetting process. Past that, you'll need to continually manage and collaborate with each developer to ensure their progress is streamlined to prevent potential hiccups in the development cycle. 

Here are a few considerations to take past the hiring process:

Considerations to Take When Hiring a Ruby on Rails Web Developer

Provide a Thorough Onboarding Process

Onboarding newly hired Ruby on Rails web developers takes time to properly train and adjust before optimal working capacity is achieved. Creating a dedicated and thorough onboarding process helps fresh hires have an easier time understanding the work environment flow and get a better feel for how the system operates.

Establish a Progress Report Plan

A constant, steady stream of communication and updates is the foundation of a good work ethic that all employees, especially web developers, should strive for. Establishing a progress report plan for each member ensures that communication remains open and any lingering issues can be addressed immediately. 

Maintain Scheduled Meetings and Collaboration Sessions

One of the best methods for keeping every member of an organization briefed on the progress of a project's development is to maintain a consistent schedule of meetings or brainstorming sessions. Collaboration and opening up conversations between each team can help address issues or challenges effectively and concisely. 

Adjust the Timeline as Needed

Not all projects can be accomplished perfectly by design teams. Specific issues can cause hindrances that will further delay away from the projected timeline. These types of events must be considered when formulating an estimated completion timeline to pave the way for easier adjustment as needed. 

Organize an Agile Form of Project Management 

Agile methodology allows for incremental development and regular feedback by breaking down the project into smaller, manageable tasks with clear priorities. This approach promotes flexibility, adaptability, and continuous improvement in all aspects of project development. 

Key Takeaway

Hiring the best Ruby on Rails web developer helps formulate a comprehensive web application that can provide a solid foundation for software development. A reliable expert in this open-source framework helps maintain flexibility and scalability for businesses. 

Those looking to hire a Ruby on Rails web developer benefit from specialized skill sets and expertise. Leveraging these professionals makes it easier to ensure your project functions as needed when it comes time to release your minimum viable product (MVP) to the market. 

Looking to work with a web developer team for your next project? Reach out to our Account Executives at [email protected] for personalized consultation. Our team will walk you through the process of vetting developers and help you link up with the best options in the industry through our partner network. 

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