Remote Developer: Skills, Salary & Ad Templates For 2024

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The pandemic was the aha moment for the tech world in terms of remote working. It inculcated broader concepts that we were not ready to dive into before. Organizations have started leaning more towards hiring remote developers for their development needs.

Why? Simply because remote development is more feasible, productive, flexible, and cost-savvy. That’s not all – the focal point of all of this uproar is you get access to the global tech geniuses. As a tech-led company, you need to have a pool of skilled programmers at hand to keep things rolling. And hiring remote developers for your company is a brilliant idea. 

Since we are all aware of the rapid expansion of the tech world, this is not the time to dwell. So let’s get right down to the point. 

We have compiled this comprehensive guide highlighting the set of skills one should own and the expected worldwide salaries. We have also curated ad templates that will help you get a positive response from the ace remote developers in a jiffy. 

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to identify the most effective strategy for hiring a remote developer for your firm.

How Does A Remote Developer Work?

Anatomy of a coder
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A remote developer works exactly how any other developer would work, minus being physically present at your office. Also, the job responsibilities and roles are the same for a remote developer as with any other software developer who works on-site for you. 

Mentioned below are a remote developer’s job responsibilities:

  • QA testing and debugging
  • Optimizing software for speed
  • Keeping up with the new technologies
  • Writing and testing code in various languages
  • Consulting with clients, stakeholders, and engineers
  • Designing and developing computer programs and systems (back-end and front-end)

The location of any remote developer is always based on his discretion. He may choose to work from home, any co-working space, or wherever he is comfortable working. The company designates certain hours for the remote developer to work every day which are set and tracked.

Any mode of communication with a remote developer is virtual, whether it’s meetings, reporting, or interaction with the development team. This might happen through emails, conference tools, or project management tools. Zoom, Google Meet, and Trello are examples of such software. 

Must-Have Skills To Look For In An Expert Remote Developer

Hiring a full-time remote developer can be a little tricky. Especially for the businesses that are new to this norm. The first step toward hiring an expert developer, as we do at Aloa, should be to check the skill sets your applicant has. 

Have a look at our guide for the vital skills a remote developer must own. This will be your first step toward reaching out to the global talent market.

1. Having In-Depth Technical Knowledge

Having in-depth technical knowledge is what defines an excellent remote software developer. So it is crucial to look out for the technical skills your applicant possesses. To ease things further for you, here is a breakdown of some technical skills that you should validate in your candidate.

1.1 Expertise In Coding Languages

Types of programming
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Any developer having expertise in most coding languages is a hot commodity. Some of the most in-demand coding languages are:

  • C++
  • .Net
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • HTML
  • Python
  • JavaScript

Alongside that, your to-be-employee must have a preferred set of frameworks they are an expert in.

1.2 Object-Oriented Programming

There is an insatiable hunger for object-oriented programming in the tech industry. OOP is an efficient programming model since it is more manageable, cost-savvy, and easy to debug. Developers experienced in Java, C#, or Certified Information Security Managers are always a great find and keepers. 

1.3 Agile Project Management

Agile project management fow

Experience with project management methodologies like Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban, or Extreme Programming is especially important when you are looking for a remote developer for a senior-level role. These methodologies increase the effectiveness of DevOps and define the trajectory of the project, making the task easier for the product managers. 

1.4 Database Architecture

A remote programmer does not fit into its true definition if one does not know database architecture. Because a large part of development is about retrieving, processing, and storing data, expertise in database management is a must. 

SQLite is easy, fast, and lightweight that is already embedded in the application. Check the resume for experience in other databases like MySQL, NoSQL, Oracle, and MongoDB.

1.5 Operating Systems

Every device that is based on a microprocessor has an operating system. Understanding operating systems accelerates effective programming. And having a deep knowledge of OS architecture to compile and run a program within its environment becomes even more important if you are looking for a mobile app development solution.

Operating systems that one should be familiar with include:

  • Apple iOS
  • Apple macOS
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Google's Android OS
  • Linux Operating System

1.6 Cloud Computing

Cloud computing infographic
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With global revenue exceeding $494 billion, cloud computing is the future. Companies have better visibility of their data through cloud computing. Since the whole development process is online, proficiency in cloud computing tools is a must. A programmer who has extensive knowledge of Microsoft Azure, AWS, or CloudZero could make your company stay in the lead.

1.7 Version Control

Keeping up with the source code makes a remote developer proficient and up to date. Version control tools can keep a complete record of the code throughout the developmental phase. 

A backend engineer can turn back the clock any time to access the earlier version without disrupting the team. Git, CVS, SVN, and Mercurial are some of the most popular tools that one should know of. 

2. Knowledge Of Remote Tools

Keeping in touch with the team is a top priority for remote development. So naturally, a good knowledge of how to use remote tools is essential for a remote developer. This is not all – keeping up with the new and updated remote collaboration and productivity tech also empowers teamwork.

Here is a list of tools that both back-end and front-end developers must be proficient in:

  • For file sharing - Dropbox, Google Drive
  • For project management and task assignment - Trello, Asana, Wrike
  • For collaboration and communication - Slack, Github, Screenhero, Sqwiggle
  • For remote development environment - Cloud 9, VS Code Remote Development

3. Soft Skills

Soft vs hard skills
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Soft skills improve the working ability of a person and can have a positive influence on the whole team. While communication remains the top skill, there are other significant soft skills to consider.

3.1 Time Management

The time management skills of any person tell about his efficiency and productivity. Remote developers strive because of intelligent time management skills. From prioritizing tasks to delegating, a remote developer with good time management skills can undertake and deliver even the most complex of projects.

3.2 Communication

In the remote world, communication is everything. When operating in different time zones, communication is a human connection. So, it is a great plus if the remote developer you want to hire has solid communication skills. The developer's fluency in the English language is critical as it is a global language for communication.

3.3 Work Ethics

Your candidate is a great find if he owns a good work ethic. For remote developers, not breaching the security code is the top work ethic to stick by. Other than that, staying true to the proper assigned schedule is also very important.

3.4 Conflict Resolution

A programmer has to think critically. That is a part of his job. Problem-solving and critical thinking go hand in hand with software development. When writing codes, remote developers are also in charge of problem-solving to achieve a solution. Make sure that the applicant has robust conflict resolution skills.

How To Find A Remote Developer - Effective Hiring Process

Hiring plans help you make the right move in the right direction. Without one, the whole hiring process can turn into a nightmare. To hire a remote developer, the first thing you could do is to step into reality. Keep grounded. This strategy will help you with a sincere evaluation of the applicant.

I. Recognize Your Requirements

You can take a jump start by defining the needs of your project. This includes what languages, frameworks, and other technical skills your project will require. Identify the complexity of your project and know what level of expert software engineer your project demands. Direct your research towards the selected lot.

II. Sourcing

If you are clueless about where to find remote workers, reach out to recruiters or post on your company’s social media accounts. If that is not fruitful, go to online portals that connect businesses with freelance professionals. As much as it sounds promising, there is a catch to it since most of the talent there is looking for part-time work. 

That is why outsourcing companies like us at Aloa are your best bet when it comes to hiring reliable remote software developers. We offer vetted remote developers that are the best match for your organizational needs, making them 100% reliable and adept for any remote project. 

III. Striking Job Post

A striking job post stands out. Your job post should be crystal clear about your demands and offerings. Make sure to mention if you are looking for an entry-level full-stack software engineer or an experienced one. If you have a screening test included in your hiring process, do mention that with other details.

IV. Conduct Interview And Assess

Interview to analyze personality. Target the soft skills of the candidate in this interview. Once you are done, arrange a technical skill interview. You can evaluate the tech knowledge and experience in this round. 

Make sure to check the activity of the candidate on stack overflow and Git account, which speaks volumes about the developer’s involvement and experience. 

V. Take-Home Coding Challenge

For us, a take-home coding assessment is the best possible way to assess your potential candidate’s tech skills. It gives you the lead in the tech recruitment process. 

Assign a small and moderately complex test that has to be completed within a specific time frame. Using a Git repository reduces friction and saves time as most developers already have an account on it.

Salaries Of Remote Developers For 2024

A renowned fact is that remote working is ideal for the software development industry. Why? Because the work can be entirely done online. By hiring remote developers, businesses tend to achieve higher goals. 

Remote developers are in demand that is why their salaries are in the top tier of the remote working space. Let’s take a look at how much remote developers around the world make.

How Much Does A Remote Developer Make In The US?

Remote developer average salary

As of August 2024, the average salary of a remote developer is $124,262/year. That is estimated to be $60/hour. The 25th percentile earns around $102,500/year and the 75th percentile $145,500/year. Note that this salary is a combination of base pay and bonuses. 

The salaries have been marked as low as $30,500/year and as high as $184,500/year.

Here is a list of the top five states that pay the highest remote developer salaries in the year 2024:

  • Nebraska, NE - 152,017 USD/year
  • Wyoming, WY - 150,507 USD/year
  • Connecticut, CT - 147,361 USD/year
  • Washington, WA - 146,499 USD/year
  • Montana, MT - 145,588 USD/year

Now let’s take a look at the top five, best-paid remote developer job titles in the US:

  • Senior Java Consultant - 163,500 USD/year
  • Senior React Engineer - 148,038 USD/year
  • Remote React Native Developer - 142,187 USD/year
  • React Developer - 137,058 USD/year
  • Full Stack Developer React Python - 128,017 USD/year

Remote Developers Job Post - Ad Templates

The number one rule when you start your quest for hiring a full-time remote developer is to create an outstanding job post. We understand that creating a worthy job post drains energy and time. That is why we have curated these ad templates just for your ease. 

Use our templates and utilize the energy we have saved you on the next step of your hiring process. Just make sure that you make adequate changes to it based on your requirements. 

A. Ad Template For Remote Full Stack Developer

Job Type: 


Job Title: 

A senior full-stack developer that can work remotely in sync with the US time zone.

Job Description: 

We are looking for a well-experienced remote full-stack developer. You will be responsible for developing web applications, working with graphic designers, QA testing, and more. You will be responsible for web development projects from scratch till completion.

Company Location: 

San Francisco, CA, USA

About Us: 

We at XXX aim to provide web-based solutions to startups and SMBs. Our company was founded in 2000 and ever since we strive to create a worthy online presence for our clients with easy-to-use web integrations.

We have been working with one of the best teams of remote software engineers until now and we feel that it is time to expand our family. At XXX, we believe in providing equal opportunities to all our employees and are fully dedicated to bringing out the goals without compromising on the well-being of our team.

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Designing APIs
  • Great communication skills
  • Proficient in team management
  • Meeting client and technical needs
  • Assuring application responsiveness
  • Fostering a project from scratch till the end
  • Developing front and back-end applications
  • Well-versed with the latest updates on relevant technology

Must-Have Qualification:

  • A minimum bachelor's degree in computer science or any relevant field
  • Expertise in front-end languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • Proficiency in back-end languages like Ruby on Rails, Python, C++, Java, PHP, and .Net
  • Good knowledge of frameworks and libraries like Flask, Django, Amber, and React.js
  • Experiences in version control systems like Git and GitHub


  • Familiarity with database techs like SQL, MySQL, or Oracle
  • Should know the functionality of cloud computing tools and services like AWS

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • Performance bonus
  • Remote work office reimbursement

B. Ad Template For Remote BlockChain Developer

Job Title: Experienced Remote Blockchain Developer Required

Job Type: Fully remote

About Us: We are a leading NFT platform and we aim to make the future of the internet attainable to mainstream onlookers. We build NFT marketplaces for our clients with our top-notch APIs and no code dashboards. 

We make it possible for businesses to establish their presence within the NFT marketplace with to-the-point guidance. Our audience is diverse and global and we expect our team should reflect that. 

Job Description: We are looking for a senior software engineer for blockchain-based product development. It requires designing, implementing, and distributing a blockchain-based network.  

Job Responsibilities:

  • Writing high-quality codes
  • Documenting development process
  • Improving web applications for scalability
  • Performing QA testing for functional delivery
  • Applying up-to-date crypto technology techniques for data protection
  • Working with blockchain managers and engineers for developing products


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information security
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in blockchain development
  • Expertise in programming languages like Golang, TypeScript, C++, Java, and Python
  • Experience in data structuring and back-end development
  • Proficient in blockchain management and data protection
  • Complete know-how of cryptocurrency and blockchain protocols
  • Experience with cloud computing server solutions
  • Knowledge of Git or GitHub
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Communication and teamwork skills are a must

Salary and Compensation:

  • $100,000/year
  • Online training
  • Bonuses
  • Remote work remuneration


With more Gen Zs coming up on the block, remote working is becoming the new norm. We do agree that managing a remote development team might be a tough nut to crack but it turns out that it is much more rewarding for your company in the longer run.

When you hire a remote developer, you are not restricting yourself from acquiring talent bounded by borders. With better workflow, flexible working hours, round-the-clock development, expanded market reach, and reduced costs, you cannot expect anything less.

This is where Aloa can help you and save you from the hassles of the tedious hiring process. We have created a large pool of hand-picked remote developers that can undertake any development task.

Get in touch with us and expect the best out of your development success by hiring remote developers at Aloa. For further assistance email us at [email protected].

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