How To Hire A Java Development Company [7 Proven Sources]

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In a survey made by Statista, Java ranked top 5 for the most used programming languages worldwide with more than 8 million Java developers. Its English-like syntax makes it easier to learn and practice for projects like building Android apps, software tools, web apps, and scientific applications.

So if you’re looking to hire a Java development company to take care of your app development projects and other Java solutions, this guide will tell you what to do.

Java remains in the top 5 most popular programming languages

Keep in that while there is a large-scale network of Java programmers you can find around, this network is swamped with a sizable number of bad coders that you can mistakenly hire to be part of your Java development team. In this post, you’ll learn about what to look out for when considering candidates so you can separate the wheat from the chaff.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be better equipped to understand Java solutions as well as the development process Java projects go through so you can hire the best people for the job and get the Java solution to work the way you intend it to be.

Why Choose A Java Software Development Company’s Services?

Hitting a Java development company in creating solutions allows you to build complete software that can either run on one computer or several servers or networks. Java developers can easily create web or mobile applications or run computer applications of different servers and operating systems like Windows or Linux or even cross-platform.

As Java developers earn years of experience, they get to master installing JDK, understanding CLASSPATH, and setting up PATH. With the libraries you can utilize in Java, you can create many types of software solutions, not just those mentioned earlier but ERP systems and agile solutions as well.

It allows web application development projects to take advantage of better Graphical User Interface (GUI) systems and not just the default Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) or Swing Libraries. More than that Java developers can connect several databases using the Java Database connectivity aka JDBC.

Other benefits of hiring a Java development company include:

  • Cost-effectivity: With an in-house development team, you’ll have to dedicate workstations and equipment to the Java developers who do the job. Add to that is the full-time pay arrangement and statutory benefits you’ll have to comply with. After the project is over you may not be able to utilize the manpower as much which means not being able to maximize the pay you spend for them. Whereas if you outsource the work to a Java development company, you’ll pay the Java developers only until you need them and can even negotiate the prices which makes it more cost-efficient on your end.
  • Global Talent Pool: Outsourcing the work to a Java development company allows you to tap into the worldwide pool of talented Java developers instead of being limited to local talents. As mentioned at the outset, there are millions of Java developers out there and many of the best are working under a Java development company where they get a hand in getting clients and grow in skills as they work with others on the team. Hiring a Java development company will get you access to a worldwide pool of talents and thus help you scour the best Java programmers for the job.
  • Concentrate On Tasks: With the software development taken care of by the Java Development Company you’ve hired, you as the manager or the owner of the business can focus on other tasks and components in the business that needs your attention. With the Java software development services handling the full-cycle web or mobile app development solutions, you can work on the business logic and marketing side of the business.

So what kinds of solutions can a Java development company do for you? The back-end and front-end development? Agile development? IoT? Let’s find out.

Application Services A Java Company Offers

A Java software development company offers a wide range of solutions both for startups and long-time businesses. By hiring a Java company to handle your software needs, you can be assured of high-performance custom Java development solutions that serve the purpose you intend the Java software to have whether it’s to streamline processes or support marketing or lead nurturing efforts.

Here is a list of what Java programmers in a development company can do for you:

A. Cloud-based Platforms

A Java development company can create containerized apps running on either a public or private cloud of your preference. In addition, they provide not just staffing solutions and management solutions as well to accelerate the project’s development and get it running on the preferred ecosystem.

B. Java Consulting

Working with a Java development company allows you to work with expert consultants that help find ideal solutions and provide insight on the direction your project should go, as well as precise additional functionalities and capabilities you can add to it especially if it’s for an enterprise Java solution. With it is assistance when it comes to complex decision-making phases when a level of expertise is needed to make the right decision. By consulting with experts, you’ll get the needed help from conceptualization to development until the execution and maintenance stages.

C. Custom Java Application Development

Two companies can be competitors of the other in the same field but they will always have unique needs, especially in the inner workings of the business operations. This means each company requires a unique software solution. A Java development company will be able to identify your needs, dissect your processes, and plan for scalability to come up with a Java solution that will match your business goals and needs. Whether it’s a basic eCommerce app to a full-fledged management system like an ERP, a Java development company can create high-performance solutions that put you ahead of competitors.

D. Integrations And Java Migrations

Hiring a Java development company to work on business solutions means tapping into people who can upgrade UI, business logic, functionalities, microservices, and source code in an enhanced and high-performance system. With updated Java technology, your software solution will perform better to streamline processes and allow for a better user experience.

E. Web And Mobile Applications

By working with a Java software development service, you’ll be able to build engaging web and mobile apps with valuable utilities for the end-user to enjoy.

F. Enterprise Applications

If you are used to manually managing core opportunities, working with a Java company allows you to digitize major operations and attract new opportunities. It can provide technologies such as real-time distribution processing, BPM, BRM that give your business a competitive edge in this tech-driven market.

java can scale very well and is used in many enterprise applications

Now that you know what hiring a Java development company can do for you, let’s go over essential criteria to keep in mind when deciding which Java development company to work with.

4 Things To Look For In A Java Development Company

Here are points to look for to consider a Java development company as a potential candidate to work with:

  • Increases Efficiency And Generate Effective Results: Ask for previous projects and determine the thought process the company goes through in identifying how a custom solution should be, how it’s executed, and how blockers are treated. Determine how the outcome and how effective it is in handling business needs and solving problems.
  • Has Security Measures In Place: Even before the project starts, determine how a candidate company handles all sensitive information and how the solution will treat information like this to safeguard incoming data from clients.
  • Reliable: A candidate company should also be able to present a standard plan or an efficient workflow and schedule of a project and prove that they can follow through and deliver the project at the given time.
  • Software Functionality: A great candidate to consider are those who’ve already built custom Java solutions that integrated in-depth experience and the latest methodologies in developing the features of the project.

Steps In Hiring A Java Development Company

Step 1: Understand Your Requirements

Before finding Java development companies to consider, first, make a list of the requirements you’ll need for your Java solution. List down the purpose of the software and what features and functionalities you want it to have.

Granted, you won’t be able to know all the important capabilities your Java software should have, so along with the Java coders, you can also hire a Java consultant or a CTO to guide you through the technicalities needed in the project.

Doing so will help you save time from answering too many questions when you interview potential Java development companies to work with. By laying down as many requirements as you can think of, you’ll make it easy for them to identify what the Java software should be.

Mapping out the requirements beforehand is vital to produce a Java project that’s fully functional concerning its purpose. You can also outline specific features, long-term objectives, and user requirements to move further in the project faster.

Pick your category as well. Write down if the solution you want is on web development, Java game development, custom application development, Java system integrations, or maintenance and support.

You should also include our preferred engagement model whether it’s a dedicated Java team if you’re not sure about the scope of the project or a fixed-priced model if you are sure about the project’s timeline.

Step 2: Look For The Java Development Companies In The Right Places

Google is one of the most probable places to look for Java development companies. You can consider tech and programming blogs and delve deeper by researching the suggested companies further. (We’ll give you sources later on)

You can also look to LinkedIn, a social network site for professionals from different fields. Include local parameters in the search to make the work easier.

Step 3: List Potential Companies

To avoid forgetting Java companies with the best potential, write them down and include brief notes on why you shortlisted them. This will also make it easier for you, later on, to remember what you like about a certain Java company.

Include their portfolio information, qualifications, and Java technology expertise in the list.

Step 4: Qualifications And Expertise

After shortlisting Java development companies, you can filter them further based on expertise and other tech qualifications like Java frameworks expertise.

The basic Java programming skills you can look for are HTML, CSS, REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, jQuery. Any of the shortlisted companies must know and have experience in these areas.

There will also be additional requirements you can look for depending on the Java solution you need. For example, the methods of working with Java-based tech can differ based on if it’s a mobile Java app, a desktop application, or a web application.

Step 5: Understand The Industry

After filtering the shortlisted Java companies further, you can then do more research and find out which Java company has domain experience close to the software you’re looking to build. This will indicate their expertise and efficiency in building the project.

You can find out this information right on their website or if not, you can shoot them a quick message and ask them about this matter.

Find out industry-specific projects a company has worked on. It can be in the healthcare space, eCommerce, banking and finance, education, hospitality, and retail. Find out which company has the most projects in the industry you’re in.

Step 6: Checkout Their Portfolio

This information can also be found on their respective websites because this will attract potential clients for them. A company that doesn’t have a portfolio on their website can indicate that they are quite new to the field with not much experience in working with clients yet.

If you think a company with no portfolio still has good potential, you can go to programming repository sites like GitHub to check out if they have made or attributed to previous Java solutions.

Step 7: Check For References And Feedback

It’s best to choose a Java development company with an ample amount of online exposure because these are those who’ll likely get reviews from previous clients you can peer into. Companies with social proof in their output quality.

Step 8: Conduct Interviews

By now you’ve probably narrowed down the list enough to make the last step before a final hiring decision: the interview stage. In this stage, you can schedule video conference calls to be more convenient and ask the company representative questions about:

  • The design and development team
  • The product development process
  • Their workflow and division of tasks
  • Communication channels or agile solutions they use

This discussion will give you the information you need to nail a satisfying decision.

Step 9: Draft A Formal Contract And Non-Disclosure Agreement

After deciding which company to work with and discussing work and pay arrangements, it’s time to draft a contract to finalize the agreement and an NDA to safeguard the project details. To improve your efficiency as you speak to companies, you can have a ready contract template to send out to them.

The contract should include all the project details, rates, project responsibilities, and the deliverability schedule. The NDA, on the other hand, will protect your project from premature public knowledge.

7 Proven Ways How To Hire A Java Development Company

1. Aloa

Aloa's homepage

We at Aloa have handpicked the best Java developers you can hire to build your projects. Our vetting process ensures that you’ll get to work with Java programmers who aren’t just knowledgeable about the language and have ample years of experience but are also well-equipped with analytical skills to plan and troubleshoot projects.

Our company also offers the use of a project management tool so you can continuously monitor the project progress and we do technical audits to ensure our developers have their best foot forward all the time when serving you.

2. BairesDev

BairesDev homepage

BairesDev is known for creating high-quality software solutions and is always in line with its goal of innovating and crafting impactful Java software solutions.

3. TatvaSoft

tatvasoft has created enterprise solutions and erp integrations using java

Tatvasoft has made high-impact business solutions that boost business efficiency. Some of the products they create are enterprise solutions, ERP integrations, GPS-based transport solutions, CRM portal development, and more.

4. Damco

Damco homepage

Damco is renowned for object-oriented programming as well as platform-independent development. That is a cross-functional company that offers custom Java solutions.

5. Devox Software

Devox homepage

Devox Software is best for agile software development, business intelligence tools, dashboard development and integrations, and web app development.

6. Technoligent

Technoligent homepage

Technoligent offers robust and highly scalable Java solutions for both server-side and client-side needs.

7. Openxcell

Openxcell homepage

Openxcell is famous for business-centric Java web development services. They promise to provide highly in-depth Java experts that deliver the project on time and enhance their services to be high-speed, scalable, and consistent.


The hiring process of a Java development company starts by understanding the project's purpose and understanding its scope. With this, it’ll be easier to determine what kind of Java experts are needed, what soft and tech skills are required, and what industry expertise is preferred.

The best Java development company is one that can provide you with thoroughly vetted developers who are well equipped to do the job, and also adaptable enough to customize the Java solution to solve and cater to your business needs.

It can be overwhelming to think about, but as you familiarize yourself with the requirements needed and the process of how to hire a Java development company, in no time, you’ll be able to work with one that can deliver a Java solution the way you expect it to be and hopefully go beyond the limits of your expectation, something that we aim to offer here at Aloa.

If you have more questions or want to know more about our Java development services, feel free to message us at [email protected].

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